Say Hello To Grant Long

The Good Life
Saturday, April 21st
Guys opening guest in this week’s adventure in “food, wine, & fun” for your ears in winemaker Grant Long.

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This is a good line. Food lion dance all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. I'd get out there this afternoon well rainy afternoon and added the good afternoon. Well prepared for this show in this show is going to be very interesting. And and another showed a greater good and out of what prepare for the Mac and other. Chatting about the world of yours and. I was slow to get stuff but hey I'm glad to stop by you know every Saturday here on Cain SS. It's all about who want him fund for years. If you're in the studio you could have won with me or food. Whatever. You're not. Unquote driving just blows you. Very security conscious. My first guest is today at one maker extraordinaire. With a tremendous history that you probably never heard. And he doesn't seem too upset about that his name is Graham wrong. The wind and I first had to grant made it is called miscellaneous well it's MI SC period. And management magnificent. I used the diamond mountain condition of his two barrel production of this wonderful red line. And on class at Wichita State here in the first part of the the year and if I told you all the lines. One you would be thirsty. And two years ago holy (%expletive) That is a huge lineup of great ones. And then I would tell you that when we voted before they knew the cost or anything about these wines. Miscellaneous diamond mountain camp one. And nurseries and our program a minute they'll have a brief conversation with I hope I'm saying it right my Swedish is not that good yarn or stay. He's the CEO of good idea a drink. Manufacturers that are making. Not just his water you Leno bubbly is his waters. They were here and them but it's a sugar busting deal that. As some other natural ingredients and at that we're gonna pay about. And I'll talk to Joseph bodily my girlfriend from Wesley children's foundation. About a cool about the trot around the corner next Tuesday million dollar motor. And that won't be that time so grant on a native from California from Napa. Pretty much ever since he was a tight he's been in the one business. He makes magnificent lines and small qualities in markets that you probably not heard of them but should grant long welcomed the good. Thank you. Man. You know with our brief conversation in my and I coordinated with you and told you that I we're using. Diamond mountain in my class. And what that I can you we used it you're against. Fourteen club or god Smits who goes vineyard pinot these are all just find one from Napa and specific ABA that corner of the court. Technique cavern a format to speak. Robert Mondavi oh we dole from a Oakville. We martini Napa Valley just the general Napa Valley the and that one's but the one advocate on deep issue. A point thirteen Hess collection. Mound beater. Wine advocate 94. And then we finished up with 2013. Miscellaneous. Diamond mountain. One advocate on creating a quick almighty god it was it really was spectacular but then at the end of the class before. I let them turn over their tasting notes to look at and see what winemakers and and I wrote about the ones we voted. And you. Literally ends up not hand them. Had. That the majority. It was so funny I am you know for one number one club we're Gaza in two. A technique three or four Robert Mondavi to Louis martini two Olympic Iowa you guys don't like any of days. And then we get the UN all hands. And at the yellow and some people voted twice. Well and that's okay I get it. I I wish we had more time and an I which we're fit together with a colossal line. 'cause. All the research I tried to do on your one you are kind of a below the radar guy my opinion at this point. But you've done some incredibly amazing things is still a young guy and and you continue to do that can you take us back. I told you this was going to be kind of like this in your life. And and I don't care if anybody is listening but there's a lot of people listening. And start about the beginning and what got you interested in and where you've worked him why am what what led you up to do all the things you're doing now. All I would vote for it now I don't know what it was when me. Apologize I just sit. They beat you aren't prima sporting green and up about what follows point collector. Comment so cook ended up with. I would like depraved and inherited. Patrick Roy just by. Being around Baghdad low. Warranty kind of developed as a result of business as unquote business dinners and speaker outs. Business that are being added that being able to. Ball low point. The way. And in. Kalugin at a big interest mapped out by any points back communities. Beating notre winemakers and by the prime market are core corporate or read a passage to. Doing into the wind solar and pick up bottle line. Excuse gratification and get out of is Lawrence was 80% for the war with Google. So are corrupt understating stories and histories in the people behind wine person. The wind itself so. Oh story news. Doesn't bother to point maker beat her school if you want to rock. I trust they do give the world would a parent to make a barrel wanted to Gracia. Seventeen years old and before you know. It turned out to be good enough for the neighbors or. So. That. Country's slow for me and my business just ended up working you can avoid it. College. A couple of years at Berkeley before. Deciding work at vineyard in the field McKee was a cup of just a couple of jobs in the business until. Finally getting it first shot it XP there are. But first and kind of work cooperatively or could it started around and miscellaneous became convinced that. An outlet comedians and their became a a major portion of my life in the focus building the Weiner indicated. Better became meet census. Peter being a business and somewhere along the way that happen in order to be career. On the miscellaneous became net out should be an ability to. Make a repeat small. Individual bridal individual region. You know expression of wine. Beauty who couldn't speak out about it every year because it's not something that's been needed. Stores. Having to make a certain amount or certain wine every year's different every year two different two barrels. And commute the present I'd like suction outlet. It used that a couple things and I really appreciate and have impacted my journey and wine and it's like why do you need to learn about linemen when I teach one appreciation. I start so my classes with that why are you hear what makes you think. You couldn't have done this on your own. And then I turn around so we you know refuted milling about are you could look at some really. Classical paintings and go up paintings you know my kid does that and you don't meet the more you know. About something and it's so true outline. When you can when you can say that I have walked this vineyard with this one maker or I sat there overlooking this vineyard. You know with Debra map the pop up at dodger crossing and an end and watched it and in and solve a winemaking process and drink but there. It next time you open a bottle. You're you're back there. I think that's a wonderful ability. There's a reason why does survive for entered that under the corporate leaders that. Part of it obviously. The disputed two other factors but one of them and but he bottle here this story with that and when you enjoy what you are literally drink history. Then you can be attached to that history you can share and it. As far as being able to say there's a place and time you experience something more than just a warning it just makes the experience to drink in Iowa and just. So much or more amusing. At the troupe them that come. Wanna rush through some questions but on the same and I don't oppose it we gotta take a quick break them we come back. I do want you to talk about I and there AO NA IR. The website for beautiful I've never had the one before. Someday I hope and them are gonna talk about the excellent though. Granted so it's a pleasure to have you on the line with us folks don't go away will puck come back and talk more with my guest on about. I an air and more importantly miscellaneous.