Say Hello To Gulshon Kumar And Join The Battle Against Plastic

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Saturday, June 16th
Guy's guest for this segment is Gulshon Kumar. Gulshaun is one of the the creators or the 100 percent reuseable, recycleable, and BPA free aluminum bottle. 

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That's him welcome back bottles lemonade that was Edward and our credit we gotta make you before you get outside and play today. Start thinking about when you're gonna do to cut back the use of plastic you've seen all of the sound bites and photo bytes of how do you ocean is getting ruined by plastic button. You know it's yep everybody recycled yeah maybe but the recycling rate probably not a good news should be. Well you guys gotten the West Coast not have a core and my guess Sean Kumar came up with a plan goes on welcome to the program. Oh wow. This is an interesting thing that you guys have done. It's news there is such a couple other people dabbling in this. But you guys have done so much more than. And medical product you're behind if 100%. Let's talk talk about how you you guys got together and start the company. Right. Or use our silicone apparently you know all this is the adoration. Actually. From the same kind of shoddy. Also look into medical centers are on the Bay Area regards a couple of them. That's how it is not a touch them. And to the Carlyle. Well at. But you know when I look at some of the facts. Associated with plastics. The estimate is by 2050 there's going to be more plastic than fish in the world oceans. Scary you ran away only. Realized. That's not a lot of way. You know here and it did the home. You know is a cracker we can occur. And there were. The Philippines and Korea who read heard or our local park and might not. Return to the regular. You know I mean. A lot of us are guilty of using plastic Austin drink water. And I think it's so weird when you think back when I was a kid and while before you were born. The water fountains were where you know water. Or you know there just wasn't that plastic bottles in the convenience. Part of it is a good idea that we should drink more water. But. What are you you know any number 4 PM percentage of plastic bottle to get recycled verses. Go into the landfill or worship of the ocean abuse in those numbers. I interpret art and you know thank you start out the auto. The waters. In their. You know in the 1960s it's something that's kind of Christiane errant. It scared because correct that's been our purpose for the current. It great your dealer to an extra and should be true and people that personal about toy and turn 20%. They're the other. Every percent and a command over the ocean is very alarming. Saturday. The African Americans over a 106 in. Your article you're so it actually. You know only 20% of 150 quote every person. Actor had a pretty quickly. He amazing gum well let's talk about how. You edit you guys decided. To do something about it tell us about your product this is a really nifty look in reusable. 100% recyclable BP A free aluminum bottle filled with gripped her part water Dallas. Right. In orbit is. Change the call. And drink water right. Currently hold color of our division so we are out there share our order. And global aluminum packets like they're in the minor though we're trying to have Google laying. That's our protector. You ought to go to OK there is kind of wanted to market. The secretary of opulence in the code. There's upon not secret. So that it will right knee Carter couldn't put the reusable bottle. They're with their fair competitor cart point. So people can move her card that it could simply classic. Buried. Well it comes it comes in two sizes sixty point nine fluid ounces and 25 mounts. The end that the the interesting part I think is one you put high quality water and so when you buy them you're giving product inside the container but the re usability thing. Is almost. Counter intuitive to it and it in a retail. Setting because. Folks won't be having to buy more of your water there gonna re use their bottles and but it seems to be working. Right government can point you are at stake there. I would Atlantic is. Product and a pilot and amateur I'd. Rather reality. There's so other black people look the ball. Great. I would say that there so hook the kind of what gets people and we're gonna. Another reason Dick pay much cooler the ball at that moment of being the cool water. Much longer. Very bad about that one is another the portability of the bottle it's much skinnier than. Where apple but he took that in your back you're holding your. And that's another what you upon another. The current and so to Wear it people and that it is. Still out there on Google and go to the violence that's why it was hard in each which. Go to Beijing because people are really cracks in the carpet already eaten on the understand. And the Detroit went so alert to people. Though it should be gone. Like. You guys are obviously. Working primarily in the West Coast for now but the product is available at Amazon. Kirk. And it's called tap water one word PA TH water and it's worth looking up and I think. The cool part about it is it and I heard somebody else talk about the former brought this up. Who the rate of aluminum site going recycling is better than plastic. And so much credit. So only an inch an hour. And if. It's great spectacle so I mean there's want to respect so. It can be interpret to conduct the next sixty days. Unlike plastic where there's a tourniquet around cycle you go without their car. Why people he did. So that perhaps. The most. Particle. Recycled air and also. It saves on terms 100 moved to recycle rather than them. It's a great idea I think that when you see pictures of this massive garbage patch in the Pacific. I just can't imagine I've seen pictures from people who have sailed through it on the way to hawaiians like. So through it for the whole day it's so yeah. What was it was literally the original and their current and past water. As a platform to raise awareness and work the local there's. And that's where. Character creature so her educate people currently yup. Trick your career already bringing. In the and. And number two independent car. I've ever experienced in dispute global car. Under remarks to people crappy usability and Tibet or. I like it and and you guys have sponsored have been part of of cleanup operations on coastal regions of things like that. Yeah last month between groups here. They're going to there is co worker cricket and they can't market Bernard you can beaches clean or we or we're only talking much in addition. To keep up with there repeats. Well I think one of the other important things about that I read about you guys doing is getting into the school system and and teaching kids at a young age. About reuse and recycle verses throwing stuff away and that. What a great way to do that is. I. Do predict there. You don't actually reluctantly. At least be. In the school so big international global. The quality of the product and all. You. We're using. There recruitment carpet or these issues are kind of getting. Talking about right now in school so that's why. The party for the party is amazing because it will reluctant or you're about to go carts beer and that's what are. The Chinese newspaper in August. Well it's good stuff and groups are attractive plant product. I think it's a great idea and you certainly can't go wrong with the idea reused and recycled version throwing. Plastic away and give in the ocean thanks so much goes on for being a part of a program. And you know excellent but it is well. App or water and I looked at WW. Are on Amazon. And I can't. Police they retire. You've been a great job drink tap water dot com take a look in the you can sign up become a brand ambassador and get involved yeah. Great stuff thanks in have a great weekend. Ambassador they haven't really don't. They care. All right so we got a cup warm up to what tea I hope. If you're a father that it is you have the opportunity to relax and chill out on Sunday and we're gonna go see Diana Krall talking about reflects the peninsula now. And it's fun I didn't see exceed the paper today deceived the knees and Britain or Wednesday if you rip had written anything about. All the many different buff Mazen things but I will tell you that the Wichita merry out Stew and as spectacular about the they always do a good job. They've gone even deeper and having a great selection of killer stuff this Sunday go to which Mary out dot com. Take a look at the brunt of well that's it the music's plan that mean that I should get a loan from around here. I'm glad you do did today altitude and everyday and don't forget good life got dot com. Your source for information and links to everything we've talked about the past with some of them in the future. On behalf of Maxwell power. My studio doctor of electronics. And yours truly happy problem they have moved the unit.