Say Hello To Sierra Scott

The Good Life
Saturday, July 15th

Sierra Scott, Ms. Woman USA is Guys guest in the wrap up segment of this weeks adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears. Sierra talks about competing in the Ms. Woman USA pageant and how she plans to wear the crown. Guy and Sierra also enjoy Guy's choice for "Wine Of the Week!"


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Enough. There you'll welcome back for the program in studio with me you know you've got my phone but it is my girlfriends here Scott I let that. A lot in your girls are well you are girl and you are my friend okay. I guess that we could say that parents that is my boy friend who that's a much for human Monica for that I don't know maybe it yeah I had a friend there happens to be a boy that's right but he's mr. woman the united state yeah and I am now that he didn't like. One of the week and called me again just a quick reminders doctor Constantin frank constant is over the today. It's a Jacob liquor exchange it's a magnificent riesling from. From New York Finger Lakes and it would be marvelous. With Indian currency impact. I'm an apartment forensic bobs and if they can get them I think be marvelous with nothing at all Austin nice cold glass by the swimming pool on. Deck vote yes in Redding and beat I think that would be the perfect spot. Just have to have a big cooler Syria have enough exit because it is relatively low and out art. I about the language is really it. Congratulations thank you you've heard that before. Yeah at the airport that was really use that use the you know you'd be happy with just you know top European dance whatever. I and several of your supporters here in the flat Atlantans knew that you would be a lot better than you. Note you know you get there and I'm just gonna tell you. When you get to that level those women are incredible their CEOs at companies. There they've started their own 501 C three charity organizations. They run it amazing. Organizations on top of being you know. Mothers and having children and I mean you look at these women and for us as the least qualified trust. Looked around the room and these were incredible place so how many contestants were there and in the ms. division total there fort. So yeah and you took the first I now and I I was shocked because my first runner up all weeklong she's missing him from his Nevada. I was to shore that she had it there was no doubt in my mind. And so when he crowning actually happen and I didn't listen carefully is that we're gonna announce the name of the first runner up and we don't announcement. I didn't listen apart. I'm I'm just happy to be up there to be honest with you and so they had missed a putt miss Nevada I had after I say congratulations. I'm so happy for you and she said no. You're wanna wind OK actually I mean I didn't expect it I really did not. Well. There's a lot of things that went into why you won. But the fact that you wind. It was a challenge and it was O astle. I am reluctant to say this but you were probably one of the older out by far of women there. Absolutely the closest to me was 42 and I'm 53. So the youngest. In my division ones I think it was thirty. And so technically I could if closely almost been her mother I mean if you think about that. And so yeah that that's quite an expect a lot to happen. Honestly and I thought I'm competing it's thirty girl I'm good with that their parents would suit their if so it's easier when you're thirty than it is when you're fifty theory they were just jealous well and important that they would show that if they work now you know I'm going to be honest with you and a lot of people to have a misconception patents and yes there was one girl and I'm not gonna tell you west who was there to win and that's all you want to do and that's fine I understand that. But I would tease the 99% of them. We're not that way at all there. They wouldn't be where they are today I mean again their CEOs of companies and their leaders and their communities. They were all genuine and supportive and you know there is it a good quote. That I saw while I was there there was on a teacher it is said girls compete women empower. And it is really that's where I felt in that division they were all trying to empower each other and support each other so. It wasn't that competitive that you hear about toddlers and tear is kind of thing. I I thought until it was not as. I know that if I was a judge. You got the pretty part you've got the personality got all that you but the questions. Had to be. A big factor and enough well there it's but it ended and and in this leads to your platform and what you intend to do with this 'cause I think that was to me. Your question what would you do if you won a lottery right there are so many great answer for that what did you write my head. I would just tell you because it is much different to be on the judging side where you ask the questions. Then when the questions are coming UP and you have been doing I don't oh yeah and the thing is I wasn't prepared it's it's very tough to think that quickly I would take my mind when and fifteen directions that quickly I'm a dorsett distance it is an end. I that's just what came out so I didn't planet I had never rehearsed that question for sure. But the funny part was and they all laughed is when I got asked. He's won the lottery what's forcing US AY a RD display and it's. I'd that's fine art and a notebook and I've written down everything that I would do when I'm in the lottery. And the first by things actually I have put down that that by charities. That I would and that's the truth. So that was an easy question okay so. Now you're back in town. You do so much here all the time anyway and everybody knows all of the events you supporter of it they really don't. Everybody knows the event that they attending use a minority. But they've they've they may miss out unless they follow up FaceBook or even then. What do you envision how many days on the road. Where do you wanna go where's the pageant officials gonna send you. With this is. Part of the reason I chose the pageant I did they are very community service based so whatever you do has to have a community service aspect to it it charity or some sort of functional hospital the children's hospital cancer ward. So most of the things I'll be doing will be charity based across the country in addition to other. The parents so. Just giving example one of the things one is I get to go to New York Fashion Week and I will walk the runway. At New York Fashion Week I'm really excited about that. But while I'm there cousin who beat her solid week we will also visit hospitals. Children's wards cancer. Organizations. So we'll be doing a number of things while we're there so. The highlights will be boat you know would be to pulled because it was so fun to visit with children. And then to walk. The runway is going to be huge. So it is not a shooter. I think they provide issues and that's the scary part I've actually been especially with Bonnie bank and they Wear issues I think I where she's at high heels. That's nothing compared with that big they're a mountainous seven inch heels so the whole thing that I'm thinking about already is. Just don't let me fall so don't I don't let me face plant beats on banners they got what they just throw out your I don't know how well. It's a backlit got yep go there right I. It'll be fun well and that's just one of the many things went there we Aetna. I'm I am day that CB there's 365. Time at 359. So I'm counting down everyday. I wanna take full advantage of this it's gonna go fast and so now. I wanna do something every single day for. Well and you know. The deal what that is. There in the plot yes users is something even duo. Well you know and and I'm kind of. Adapt the platforms somewhat but show your scars was really. My main message I want you can get across a lot of people pick and I think it's worthy causes like cancer war. Whatever disease maybe their family has been afflicted with but I wanted to take a positive spin on it I've had in cancer genome. And so I knew that the judges are gonna see those scars when I want onstage when you're in a sense suit or an evening gown they shot. And so I I want to go with a more positive spin to it that we all scholars whether they be emotional or physical or whatever they are mental. And I thought what a great platform to say you know. Because I think a lot of us get through it trying to perfect meat and hide that scholars. That's what makes it's unique and different and her dream and all the things that make you. I'll tell you on behalf of a grateful which is tough. Congratulations. We're proud that your are you live here and and we know that you'll not only do that title well this will be news today but. Hopefully you keep saying there's no place like oh absolutely I could we I was on sixteen days and I can help with the past fifth at the heiress got. This world do it mr. ms. woman USA have a great weekend. And thanks for doing the good luck with the Unix that's right here and it's.