The search for Wichita's new Fire Chief comes to an end

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

Guest: Wichita City Manager Robert Layton


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371530. K and as it should we or even get in the morning at 745 now free. Big things. House passes tax reform would fly in the Senate's cease fire destroys the warehouse in Houston a lot. Miami's no name to which it does for me achieve. Your teeth that is three things it was David dead on UK and assess. And this morning. You're in the which time Harriet still got some fog in the area watch for visibility problems. This morning to gasoline prices in Wichita where around 244. Starts to come down a little bit south. Lower prices at they're just got a call from draft record mean Venus yet to be headed towards Oklahoma me being on the Kansas turnpike. And it's operator on the Kansas turnpike at 2:35. This morning. And down you've heard it's that the 22 traffic updates from taken as as radio on Dynegy Amber's head becoming mostly sunny and breezy today and warmer. With a high of 79 degrees increasing cloudiness tonight the overnight low 45. Saturday sunny windy and cooler tomorrow's night 54. Now we applaud you missed 58 degrees south wind at twenty miles per hour. Kate and assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the urban review located at 579 west Douglas in historic. Delay you know with the monarchy. 746. Now Stevens did. We'll get an up close on Wall Street Thursday the Dow closed up 187. Points NASDAQ up 87 standard and forwards up 21. Seven point six now Stephen T and we have a new fire chief the interim chief has been named. Achieve and that is scorched. Tammy still who's been with the department four time all three decades. And what does this morning's Wichita city manager Bob blatant get more answer. Good morning Steve our year to you went for a nationwide search you'll end up right here in our backyard and. Yeah and creative and that's what. What well what really does is validate. Emmys qualifications. We have candidates from all over the country and you really stacked up well against them. Well and a how long exist frost been gone for several months has yet. To Lydia look flathead and how you do your interviews or whatever but what do you look for. When you're trying to hire a yet a fire chief the police chief someone like yet. Well first thing I'd use I asked if it was in your award winning radio show. If peace candidate viewed him as you watch them. You were a bit beat up. Man okay one might get a talk about UT's admittedly it's. It's different for every position. Look at ought to look at experience. Am talk a lot about her approach to management. As you can imagine. A fire department it is really interest you organization. A lot of tradition. And it's paramilitary. Organization that's important. Someone understands. How to. Work fire seeing him in that traditional approach. Tire management but at the same time recognize that employees today wanna be more involved in the talking about their work conditions and a so you get escalated. Also collaborative in her decision making a process so. It's a really unique set of skills porcelain be so. You know and a firefighters I know frankly personally they don't agree on anything until until we alarm goes off than all caught in the same direction at same time. They're searching for entering group of people. Yeah very much so quick you know it's interesting they're also providing the service that's rated number log and all the arsonist Serb. The area are are part arm gets top mark from all our citizens you it over 90% satisfactory. You know little about the city manager satisfaction radio Nepal under its I think in Harper's in the single digit. We can put you on are all here to find out yet that thanks guys are really appreciated. The us did Tammy snow I know having having talked to refute time she actually was a teacher at North High School. And back in the day I tell you what if you can do that in a public school each he already knows about disaster management right. Agree or teach. All right so you excited about it it you know we don't know what if it means anything really but it of course it does that this is the first female. It's fire chief we've had over the years and and it means something. Allen saint I don't think that did to that was a consideration her gender at all in this thing year. The desert and the play. No not at all it's it's the ability as a candidate. To do the job right intent he was almost all in. Cheered the best vision for where this department should go. You know I told you that our citizens. Parse. Satisfied highly satisfied with the service they get in yet. She wants to take it to the next level you want to just be recognized as one of the best are armed country. I mean. She's talking about encouraging innovation. And and get more collaborative decision so I think people gonna see. Even more improvement is fired or going or. All right well in spite of some of your negative comments about Steven test. Thank you for being with us us both in Israel. Did you do you think you misinterpreted I didn't see anything. I. I just what the record straight. Perfectly acceptable you know I have my family in this they don't you yeah yeah and matter they do it. By the way I went by her collar and tickets to Chicago or. Obviously they are not doing at the W glad that I just think it's good they won't be worth anything but it. Mr. Clayton thank you should always nice to have you is this a city metro which does city manager Bob late this morning. Likes to get his little Dick OK okay and then we're big guys we can take it right. Stephen Ted which stopped perch dot com poll today the last question. Should the which of the top police department use cameras to spot traffic offenses. 43% said yes if you don't want to take it don't break the law 77%. Said no Big Brother is watching us. Today our question is senior manager Bob Layton. Good job bad job else cinco that's on our web page Canas has got to get up I do I'm just. Little money is expect actually our actual question is are you traveling for Thanksgiving. With Bob Layton now are you Trout lake for Thanksgiving you're traveling for Thanksgiving no or yes more than a hundred miles or yes less than 100 miles. It's Stephen temperature shoppers dot com poll is right their webpage and take in assess radio dot com. I used come on 752 with Stephen yeah and it's time for which the business journal update. I hop and I am bill Roy this morning okay companies and employees are having to make decisions about health care insurance even as congress continues to health care debate. It appears that more companies are electing to change their health care coverage to self funded plans. The plans are not for everyone but might ease the impact of the changing health care system. Paul's Culligan was facing a big health care coverage increased from 2016 to 2070. They did some research and found that it made more sense to switch to a self funded plan. Company was able to cut each year over year increase in half. And there they expect cost it decreases going into the second year employees have lower deductibles and out of pocket expenses. This week's top 25 list two of them. The areas charitable trusts and foundations ranked by 2016 area grants paid and the area's largest official buildings. A ranked by total square footage. In a 9% decrease in overall office vacancy rates this year compared to 2016 I guess that's good news sells local breaking. It doesn't say only I guess we have to check out the business journal and I got to find out what's the what is the number one as the epic center of the biggest square footer I think could be. Locals making business use everyday on keynote session which dubbed as mr. vodka the Wichita business journal and Steve Macintosh into. Against seven of course where a huge building right here this is a massive I'm sure we're number one building. Today is national take a hike day. And I don't mean that in a derogatory to take hike right. It's. We've got all the stuff. Trail system national trail system 60000 miles of trails in the US in all fifty states. So there's a lot of great places to take a hike or go for a walk today is just that a lot of mark around. Not that alleged bike path is great but let me and yet you've been talking this week about the foliage. Right to anybody know a lot of those leaves the fallen there are still some nice trees there aren't out there many. Now you're you're parents of an account until labor there for a pretty good treatment there are some nice sold treason in that old neighborhood yes you go for a Nike can burn up 400. 500 calories do net. Even if you walk slow. And except that you don't beat him but anyway it is a national. Take a hike day all right take up on 7:55. Stephenson added 8 o'clock top of the hour. McCain is this morning news the Stevenson we're gonna talk more about what you talk first female buyers to even hit the morning on Kagan SS. The Wichita eagle readers' choice awards have been announced and Angelos is at 2017. Favorite in four categories favorite Italian restaurant favorite salad favorite date night plates and paper locally owned restaurant. Come savor the aroma and taste home style Italian cooking and that makes Angelos number war Google Angelos Italian restaurant. It's the real deal open Tuesday through Sunday for dine in carry out and taken baked Angelos a Wichita tradition for three generations.