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Friday, October 20th

Steve talks Tyson & Tonganoxie with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities . . .


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Don't wanna keep Macintosh Ted Woodward. Local officials have now confirmed that three Kansas counties are finalists for a new place and. Foods chicken processing plant the site three cloud county Montgomery county and Cedric county Montgomery County proposal citing coffee deal. State Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Heather Lansdale said Wednesday sixteen communities in Kansas pursue the project and Tyson narrowed the list to three. And is down said Tyson will be looking at the potential sites over the next month or two. Now the forecast with gay and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday a boring day and good morning it looks like one more warm but very windy day in which it's not the hi this afternoon going to be in the upper seventies with south winds up to 35 miles per hour at times this is all ahead of the strong storm system moving in from the west now we'll keep our temperature mild with warm air coming in from the south overnight Carlos 66. Thunderstorms likely tomorrow afternoon a few of those strong with a high 76. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy and 57 degrees. Republican lawmakers got one step closer to tax reform and late night session Thursday. The senate passed a Republican proposed budget in a party line vote the measure is estimated to edit one point five trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders blasted the budget for giving tax breaks to the rich and cutting the safety net for lower income Americans. At a time when millions of working families are struggling to keep their heads above water up. Its budget cuts Medicaid by a trillion dollars fifteen million Americans could lose their health insurance. Many of the allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and there not been criminal or they have fallen outside of the statute of limitations. But there isn't a case in Los Angeles that could mean trouble for Weinstein. The LAPD is confirming to ABC news hit his interviewed a potential victim of sexual assault involving Harvey Weinstein the interview was conducted on Thursday the incident allegedly happened in 2013. The LAPD easily robbery homicide division is handling the investigation. Earlier on Thursday New York police said it had referred allegations against Weinstein to other police departments in the US and overseas. Over three dozen women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct including harassment and assault. Alex down on ABC news Los Angeles. Last week the Wichita parks foundation announced a campaign called plates for parks hoping to create a Wichita flag themed license plate. Mayor Jeff Long Will says the goal for the upcoming month was to get 500 people to commit to buying one of the license plates so we can get a green light from the state. Well just one week later I can tell you the 909 individuals have responded they've signed up and commended to. 1340. Place. So we have reached our threshold so it's. Tremendous response to the west off flag plates. The fifth fifty dollar annual royalty fee for blesses please go to the which stop parks foundation. Supporting improvement in the city parks. Kansas honor flight number 54 is scheduled to return at 11:35. This morning at Eisenhower national airports and the public is invited to participate in a patriotic welcome home celebration. Beyond a flight departed Wednesday carrying a Korean war veterans and 33 Vietnam war veterans. And their guardians to Washington DC but veterans enjoyed a two night stay at the nation's capital where the group visited the World War II memorial. The Korean veterans memorial. Iwo jima memorial the navy memorial air force memorial and the Vietnam memorial. For more information about Kansas on our flights you can click the wake in the new story our web page acting in assets radio dot com. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. An estimated one in four women and one in seven men who become victims of domestic violence October is domestic violence awareness month carriage pit. Is executive director of the Wichita women's initiative network which offers help to domestic violence victims. She tells canisters used DV is a big problem locally. And Tony fifteen. The it's tough place apartment. Reported 6598. Incidences and domestic violence. And from those incidences say made 2978. Arrests. Irishman is our guest this weekend and chief Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and a sense. Pulled dancers moved one step closer to a place at the Olympic Games it's because it's now it's called dancing has a reputation. We have history that's different and the most out of school. But as president of the international poll sports federation. She says this is not just to discipline the strip. Clubs is so far remain from that it's far more acrobatic gymnastic act let it. Coach has just succeeded in having told dancing officially recognized as a sports. And she hopes the Olympics will follow. What we hoped to phase it included as pot that is amazing actually swan dive the feature and I don't see why we wouldn't say. In London cited and (%expletive) sneeze. Wednesday morning three men were the victims of auto thefts in which a top on west shade on north Beacon Hill on north Piet. In all three cases the keys were in the car and and in the theft of north Piot the keys were left in the car. With the motor running. Being signed said weeks take me that makes it pretty easy for a current thief to use the vehicle yes these are already in at 637 Stephen dead on KN SS how many. Times have we talked about death. On I mean every every winter we talk about that is cold weather don't leave your current. I kind of an all time you go to PDA and you bring back that would count my apartment I looked through the crime sheets every day and there's there's usually one per day were the at least the keys are in the car a rough around 11. Once in awhile cars running especially once we get towards the cold weather happen more often. Well now happen on Wednesday. A Halloween display in North Las Vegas that depicted tombstones. Of Las Vegas shooting victims has been taken down. The Las Vegas review journal reports the display was of a cemetery with 58 and stones one for each of the victims killed in the shooting. Guide that Mel who has lived in the neighborhood for a decade said he thought the display was intended as a tribute to the victims. Another neighbor. Alina trail said she was unsettled. By the display. A set of rusty keys for a locker on the Titanic to belong to a cabin Steward who survived the disaster is up for sale. And they're expected to bring up to 80000 dollars it along to Sydney Daniels an eighteen year old third class Steward. Who is the last surviving crew member of the luxury liners doomed maiden voyage. They are the only known examples for concurrent lockers on the ship and were four F deck where third class passengers resided. They're being sold at auction in England to sort of rusty key from the locker. All the text and it. 638 Dow Stephen Ted on Kate in SS I for our commodities update with Tom Butler of what the commodities more time. Good morning. Steve Thursday that life can't computer to get a futures traded mixed in mostly lower late rally pushed defeat look at the positive Clinton near the session highs. Like cattle clothes still on the negative side. The only district has been reported has been mostly part one can condemn a dollar from last week volume has been there buried life. This afternoon as a relief to the monthly catalog and import. Expectations for a price that you people report. The trading him close and warm actually called yesterday but December and made a new high for the month of October on the closed yesterday December Lott scandal to hit slower 116 if he. November Peters said the higher 150 twos 77. In December of Leno fifty cent higher at sixty port 25. After the record important those negative the past three trading session they've managed to close politics yesterday Tuesday morning weekly export sales for the greens were dead. But it still wasn't behind year ago levels at the moment December Casey we took the media empire with 33 quarter December corn damp quarter capacity at 348 and three quarter. November soybeans up three and a quarter cent and 989 and three quarter. He's a look at all the swing 30% lower if you won 16 December 05 dollars and ten cents or 1218480. December 26 and a quarter point 12566. And three quarter. December dollar index slipped sixteen cents at 9328. In December Belgium's future 87 point 123000. To one. A commodity trading like marketing advisor contact Oprah commodities on the program whipped by using. 866202. Dom. Tom we're gonna say it's if this is going to be interesting over the next couple months is Tyson decides where they're gonna put that chicken plant. If they would located him wherever they located. Bald they've relied on chickens locally produced. And other words or will they have to have. A lot of can be imported from other parts of the state are apart are the states to be processed there. What I understood what they will absolutely be in this. Proposal passed on an oxy. That they were going to be building their own chicken elders to re doing chickens. Okay well that would mean contract chicken farm to go in the area. Along with all the burdens such you know would come throw mud increased Greifeld what they would need to and plus you know the employment of 1516100. People. About 16100 people and not I'm not sure those are the top wages but. But I don't. I don't think there is lower as some little prayer has made its sales and don't want the big things they would make a comment about upon the boxing they didn't want low wage yeah personnel but I don't think it's that low was what to try to make it failed to speak. But it's gonna really be geared davidians you know get our facility whether Senator Kennedy southeast Kansas or north central piece of what. Without Einar environmental impact is there much if. I wrote the so they have been blown out of proportion but yeah takes some F instances Tyson as they have problems with. Yeah it's not going to be you know. Completely and permanently. To the situation where you can't have any effect but. We have got two point anymore where you know regulations are constrict. Their vehicle lessons with two degree would not get significant. All right so they do you put yourself that down as a vote in favor of an imminent ice plant here. Pretty much so. Very much so and I think. The community blog about he had themselves for the service by not taking a little bit did you think those people for. Not having the foresight. Neitzel. An instinctual everybody there's two sides to every story. Oh sure we'll hear the other Hampshire. Thank you down Tom littler of littler commodities now 642 Stephen Ted in coming up we've got Don grants the FB the money tracker. He has the stock market stories for it's done red coming up stevens' testimony on Kate in a sense.