Seeing Santa, by appointment only

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 20th

Macy's in New York for the first time ever is requiring an online appointment to be scheduled for a sit down with Santa.


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Hey Ed SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is decay in as this morning news was even dead ninety Macintosh. 41 degrees now. The teenage boy is injured in a weekend hunting accident in Reno county. The Reno county sheriff's office says the accident happened early Sunday morning and a field a couple of miles south pretty curry in the southern part of the county. 37 year old Jean Carlos Saul Carlo was hunting in the field with his eleven year old son and nine year old nephew. Investigators say Al Kallis won his twelve gauge shotgun round to shoot edit flying bird. When his son walked a little ahead of him and was hit in the face with pellets from the shotgun blast. The boy was taken to a Wichita hospital where he was treated for minor injuries Phil global brand KM assets news. Charles Manson the mastermind behind the killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others has died. Fox is Casey Stegall. Reports on the mergers that made him famous he had complete control over his followers when I stand on them not seek to. It gets dark. And that was never more clear than what happened during a two night Rampage in 1969. On August 8 for followers killed for Manson. First pregnant actress Sharon Tate and five others on the front door the word pig written in Tate's blood. The next night a businessman and his wife was almost unbelievable for little more like a slaughterhouse that what followed was a trial that gripped the nation. Manson and his followers faced first degree murder charges a jury convicted all of them. And to receive the death penalty for the murders but that was changed to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty Manson was 83. It's shaping up as a super busy travel week. A record number of nearly 51 million Americans expected to travel fifty miles or more during Thanksgiving week says Jennifer hall of Tripoli cancers. Even look at Brett either start or kicking up just the hair there. We're still the third lowest since 2008 in gas prices I think that's. A tremendous contribution to why people are getting on the road but. There's that huge increase in air travel to it but I percent increase this year so a lot of people are are taking flight and maybe taking longer trips this year you know. Nearly four million Americans will be flying this weekend another 45 million will be traveling by car. Some Kansas police departments do not identify officers involved in fatal shootings and body camera footage from the incidents may never become public. Kansas City Star reports say grieving families can wait years to get answers about relatives who have been killed. And we stay transparency laws can allow law enforcement agencies to avoid public scrutiny. And Kansas is less open than other states including neighboring Missouri. In 2014. Kansas became the last state in the nation to open affidavit spelling out the details behind arrests though judges and some counties still sealed them. Authorities defend keeping records closed by citing the need for thorough investigations. Or to protect officers. Rodney price K and SS news. Hudgens and man has died in a crash that happened as he was being chased by a sheriff's deputy. The Friday night crash still play five year old Angel month deal investigators say Monty was driving a minivan on a rural road about halfway between Hutchinson Nickerson. When he lost control and side swiped at three. I would patrol says Monty was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. KN SA. You time now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. Stormy week nights they've done KM. 713 thirty K in this year's team into the morning now. 61010 minutes spent 6 o'clock. Our earlier this morning the NN vehicle fire this would say yep car on fire. Kansas turnpike down but we're seventh street south. It happens. The less than an hour ago so I might still see a bit of a yes. Could see any traffic I have been net area but death at the moment it looks like the fire is out and they're under control there but this. Just watch for bit of a slowdown in the area 47 street down in turn by. Traffic updates from Kate and as as radio I'm here at chambers says out of court Kenneth mcginnis says staff meteorologist Dan the holidays good morning Dan. Good morning with a few clouds across south central Kansas to start today we'll be near sixty at lunchtime and windy in 65 this afternoon at southwest winds that gusted to 35 miles per hour. This clouds drift in tonight's Barlow 44. Cooler on Tuesday with a height 56 and ten assists meteorologist Dan holidays. Partly cloudy skies 36 degrees south wind at twelve miles per hour. It is Monday November Tony is Tony seventeen and does sunshine return to Kansas over the weekend. Which vows high temperature yesterday was 59 degrees very nice afternoon normal high is 54. On this date in 1981. A tornado struck concourse beat at the brand new Hartsfield international airport in Atlanta. Ripped an engine off a DC eight and damaged twenty other jets and eighteen. 81 in the states now that's expensive. And the state in 1789. A few years before that. New Jersey became the first state to ratify the bill of rights. And in 1976 on the state. The boxing drama rocky. Rocky united artists release starring Sylvester Stallone premiered in New York. Rocky Balboa. Of a rocky Santa Claus may be coming to town but you made a reservation to see him. At Macy's flagship store on 34 street in New York a chance to sit on saint Nick's lap. Is by appointment only this year for the first time ever by appointment. Only starting today people can go online to sign up for this time slot. From thirty minutes to five days in advance. No walk ins allowed. Macy's shares in the arrangement is intended to cut down on wait times. And make it easier to see the man in the red suit. Hand them exists and is a popular guy so the wait times. To media have been him have been quite long in previous years especially. On our busiest days. So to make sure everybody gets a little time with CNET and in Nell says they can judge query is on the o'clock and just very well and I kept up. In kicking down as you'd like in that movie at the AM on Christmas story. Iraq and boot right on the face and push it down a slide that's really get a little organizer rules think nick aprilia. Or turkeys are getting a red carpet treatment they've been. Reportedly staying at a five star hotel near the White House for rooms could cut between 203000. Dollars in nights. The hill web sites as a national Turkey federation is picking up the bill. It's been a tradition since the late 1940s or who ever is president at the time. To give the birds up pardon. You can't let us in a statement that US president Donald Trump will pardoned the national Thanksgiving Turkey in a ceremony and White House's Rose Garden. Set to take place tomorrow. After the ceremony that Turkey will join last year's pardoned a Turkey at Virginia Tech. In a double as the rest exhibit where students and veterinarians. Care. So instead of becoming some of these meal. The White House Turkey is still out their days in comfortable stability and I suppose it. I wonder what happened at a retired Turkey whether or not it. I think about it gets pardoned one year but what if they just took it up the next yet a Turkey Turkey at the at the elected a lot of personality. Would think. And went. Stephen Ted which Toppert dot com poll by the way Thanksgiving is three days away it's there it's can you believe that yeah already eaten while. I believe Stephen did which Toppert dot com poll on our web site he and his his radio that time the question. Are you traveling for Thanksgiving. You know the the answers kind of surprised me okay no 63%. Yes more than a hundred miles just 19%. Yes that's yes less than a hundred miles 19%. So I'm gonna go across town to my daughter's house I would be in the top on the right yes less than a hundred miles. Is that yes that's traveling. Now just got to trust. Case here pastor is pastor McLaughlin yes I guess now. 614 now Steven and Ted yeah. Just I mean I don't know what I qualify I'm going to Clearwater Aaliyah and that's that's a travel and I suppose that's sure it is yes. It is and a any event over the weekend where. And coach last week that one of my headlights of my moment bus trip he was out. And in. Eight Friday said it's a Saturday morning. Was able to get that in this animosity here in which to on get it get changed out and thank you guys for Gannett but Meehan. And it was you know they're quick and done bank. In your job but there. In India can to get if you. Driver L pop by sooner or later policeman's report over police officer right. And give your pointing at me got to go fix it anyway so but to get some time chilling arena together and about forty bucks to do one of those. And I can recall as a kid working in the service station record changer. Here is your life where you. And then maybe ten minutes at most because you had a cannon. Realign a little bit with some screws in this that it would you know tuneup for the year down drowned her. A whole thing cost. Two and a half bucks equipped. At that but I think I'm different faith staggered Everett the money's different everything's different and a but too well in it I think that's one of those projects that are trying to do myself usually I'll. Generally take them on anymore and his I've. Known a lot of good yes but at the interesting story out of Reno county where the but eleven year old twelve year old boy. Sheila yeah nice day and I'm saying is a team as you Tina Angela. And when he I thought the copies at eleven a at any rate this does mean you're cute name I think really can get in you've eaten you don't say yeah. Is substantively I get a collect my granddaddy taught my Brothers and he really not. On a pheasant under something like it yeah you don't ever used a line and nobody gets out ahead of the line ever now. In fact a lot and easily like one shooter out on point. But this somehow the kid got ahead of again. And you can cash. In eagle putt you gotta. Take this stuff. Gotta make sure that everybody played by the rules. That plenty of blame to go around here because it carry away heat of the battle this mean gun safety you always know exactly what's in front a year posted the gun before you fire. No matter quite well and Andy did the uses folks at the did the little voice in it but seriously got a couple right pellets in the face that was it but. Could have been a lot worse in. That coming up on 618 Steve intent here as I said on a Monday morning time for leadoff sports which he had chambers is going to get them. How can I say this nicely I don't think I can't I can't say. Nicely. Can't see keys to the fullest think Marino. They're better at it awful. It's yeah or else you're not gonna beat any teams in the in the NFL. Not yet been against them. Does Mitch put it the sweet nectar in the end zone at Kansas City never tasted that district picked it because it's a terrible game for the chiefs. In New York against the previously won an eight giants. The giants intercepted Alex Smith twice that set up their first nine points. And that was enough to send it to overtime. Is she so we kicked three field goals. So. The end of regulation tied it nine and in the overtime chiefs' offense and defense both failed in overtime it won a coin toss didn't score. And then the giants got the ball turnaround they. Get to the media and I didn't get the end zone with a kick the field goal that's all you need to win so New York wins it twelve to nine. What happened yourself coach Andy Reid. And not too happy with house. Things rather they've got good talent that American coaches and small margin between when listen closely we found that you have three turnovers and now that's my response to a mixture of those things don't happen. Make sure we take their business penalties turnovers can't do that against him like the giants they capitalized on. Yes so basically. The the nine points in. Regulation and the giants scored basically off turnovers. A touchdown and a field goal they miss the next appointments. The difference in the point total there and so left. Then missed extra point was the only thing that she simply gained by the way because that would have meant that meant that the giants would want it today in regulation however. Daryn over time. A big penalty. Well. Could have been it was a pass interference penalty that got waved off because again made an amazing catch but that's an up the game winning field goal for the giants. So yeah. It was a 12109. The giants when things go bad legal Batman guy is is lying flat on his back gap in catches the ball. Okay. And so they they lose right there yet but. He's flat on his back but even if he hadn't caught that ball that penalty would have been right there putting but it went right here and if there they don't same thing it feels like there GAAP. Bad defense all around there. And without work. But at the thought that six games left yet at six victories that it keeps you get to. The group they'll vote that brought it out they are still first in the US. They are still in first place so. The current iPhone four yes that's all we can say is that they're still in first place. Alex does state women's basketball team begins the first of four straight road games with a trip to Knoxville Tennessee. They'll take on the lady vols tonight you can hear play by play coverage right here on K and SS. Voice to the shocker shoppers women's basketball team Steve strain that's a tip off tonight at 6 o'clock. The lady shocker still looking for the season's first win that. Shocker men's basketball team in Hawaii today for their opening game in the Maui invitational. Shoppers' purses California pregame start at 3 o'clock. That's over on 103 point 78 EY and that. If they win they play the winner of Marquette and VCU. If they lose they believe the loser of Marquette beats the U. What else we have. Soccer volleyball team. Just amazing there ranked number 21 and they earned their first American athletic conference title. They beat second place SMU. In three straight sets. Or shoppers are eighteen and no they're still undefeated in the 88 seat and they clinched it so they clinched the Americans automatic bid the NCAA tournament. Will be making there and eleventh NCAA tournament appearance next up for the shark volleyball team a match at Memphis on Wednesday. C. That takes care they shocker is that can take a look tonight over on KF HKU football walked off with head coach David Beatty at 6 o'clock. And then at 7 o'clock Monday Night Football the Atlanta Falcons at the Seattle Seahawks. K state plays basketball. There hosting northern Arizona and night tip off at 7 o'clock. And what stuff under over the weekend split. A road series vs the Allen Americans. A win on Saturday. Ernie sorry you lose on Saturday and they win yesterday. So not too bad work. Wichita thunder who were still in first place in the east he HL mountain division at sports Stephens and the morning. Six what do you do now keep it here for Fox News coveted top star ends tonight about the garden city Kansas basketball player in trouble over. Well shooting hoops during the National Anthem. That's coming up Stevens head of the morning on Kate and as tests.