The Senate and House are close to a compromise tax bill

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Thursday, December 14th

Guest: Fox News Correspondent John Decker live from the White House


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Is this station Wichita. First we're live team coverage of breaking news kid SS we should toss number one news talk bad weather station. 10 in the morning to you Macintosh that would. He aviation plans to add new jet engine work through it stronger steel plant in Cali county. Company spokesman Rick Kennedy says starting in January he. GE's seek F 348. He says the new work will stabilize the employee count of the plant which employs about 700 and funny people. Now the forecast with UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan holidays get worn down. Good morning we become mostly cloudy across south central Kansas as a system is passing from the Rockies into the plains. And a few sprinkles are possible especially just two or north this afternoon into this evening and today's high 49 clearing and 28 overnight. 52 tomorrow and by Saturday night and Sunday we could see some light rain is a system moves through and I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 37 degrees with a north wind at ten. Miles per hour. A man was the victim of a carjacking north of downtown Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Tuesday at 23 year old man park his car and hotel parking lot at ninth into the peak yet. As he's going to work you've approached by a man who put a knife to his throat demanding no man's car the suspect drove away in that car. The next break in the case came about three hours later when officers were called to investigate a suspicious character in southwest which it's on YouTube clip and orient. The reference to this officers make contact with 28 year old male. The mail was found to be in possession of property belonging. To our victim from earlier carjacking. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail for aggravated highway robbery. However the carjacking victims a stolen car still missing it's a blue 2013 Honda Civic license plate 958. HCF. The new leader at the Kansas department for children and families has promised a thorough review of the State's Foster care system. But the bigger capital drummer reports secretary geno Meyer humble was hired December 1 to lead the agency. She met this week with a legislative task force study weaknesses in the State's Foster care system. Force members say the agency needs to improve how attracts children who left their assigned Foster homes without permission. The agency says its searching for nearly eighty children considered absent without leave. Wire Hubbell says the agency has quote. Really great staff attending to this leave she also emphasized improving public transparency. Adding that she'll review internal land contract in operations. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. Americans may notice a difference in their paychecks starting early next year if congress approves the Republican tax cut plan. The IRS says taxpayers could begin seeing less money withheld as early as February. The IRS says it's taking the initial steps to prepare guidance on withholding for the eighteen. The bill to provide generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest. While middle and low income families would get less voters in a major election chose none of the bottom. Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says that more than 22000. People voted for writing candidates in Tuesday's highly contested Alabama senate election. That number higher than the nearly 21000 votes they gave Democrat Doug Jones the victory over Republican Roy Moore. A billboard in Dothan urged voters to right in the name of former senator and current attorney general Jeff Sessions. A Birmingham man told Fox News he would write in Luther strange demand more defeated in the GOP primary. And several others wrote in the name of University of Alabama football coach nick Sabin. My cancer Fox News. The letter from the US attorney's office now confirmed the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into over. This over accusations of corporate espionage. The federal judge overseeing the litigation between Hoover and Wayne though Google's self driving car unit. Unsealed a letter sent to the court by the US attorney's office. When most suing her for stealing trade secrets one of the star witnesses in all of this Richard Jacobs. Sent a letter that Hoover would use devices that a race messages to keep their discussions secret. And it Hoover had a spy team whose goal was to acquire trade secrets. Jacobs was Hoover's former manager of global intelligence and he said he was unfairly fired a percent Jacobs was trying to extort money from them but saddled with him for millions of dollars. Hoover's alleged to have acquired the trade secrets from Anthony eleven Dow ski. He worked at Google before starting his own company which were later purchased. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. 735 now Stephen did in the morning on K units as sunny breezy day across Kansas Wednesday which does high temperature yesterday was 66 degrees and a normal high for the date forty on our our our feet. 735 students dead cat and a congressman but I had now with they possible tax overhaul. And the president's been talking about that in his speech about it that Fox News radio's Jon Decker with a from the White House this morning good morning John. Craig good morning we are you don't put your Purdue and mileage it looks like this. As he's gotten in a good chance to pass something here before Christmas right. I think so I think that's the direction network headed the particular piece of legislation will be taken up by the house and that that it. Our next week early next week. And the plan as war then descended to the president or his signature before you leave now before he goes down to. Spend the Christmas holiday impulse beach Florida and that would happen before the end of next week. What is president's trumps inn about due to parts of but he doesn't like parts but he does like. What is he saying anything specific about the the parts that are there. Yet you know the president did not really go a lot into details over the course of his speech but we do know certain things. For sure the individual tax rate were the top urging Americans will decline from around 39% to 37%. The corporate income tax rate will go down from 35%. 221%. And they'll be. In addition to that that tax cut for middle income Americans the president really helping. He advantages of this is so one point four trillion dollar tax cut over eight years pretty significant effect is the biggest tech that. In the history of our country. Now the conservatives were doing what just kind of slowing over that developed. It is that kind of a standing army that's a lot of money and we're gonna come from. At a very good point you know there are some deficit hawk in the the Republican rank and Bob corporate credit he is one of them and he is one of the only. Republican senators who did not vote for this that it bill when it came up just last week I don't know whether it'll be on board this compromise. Piece of legislation and as you know the margin. That Republicans are playing with his very narrow. They only hold of 52 of 48. Margin in the senate and of course that number going to go down by one in the new year because Doug Jones who just won a special election. In Alabama mobile take his seat. Remarkable that go down 51 Republicans have 49 so that's one of the reasons why the president would like is done this year. Abdullah that's a that's a big reason because of BP guys you've got to do I got the votes if you if you have the votes and upright. But the going to be last minute defectors among other problem Republicans on this thing here they all on the same page. Well there are Republicans that are on the fence. Pot Corcoran mentioned Susan Collins of Maine is another one but some of those Republicans who have expressed reservations in the past. Seem to be on board. This piece of legislation including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Rand Paul of Kentucky though. This is. Perhaps spoke last best chance the Republicans. The past. What would be the biggest legislative achievement for president trump in his first year. And I believe that it will get done the president will sign it before leaving town next week. It's just been kind of though like the old days of Lyndon Johnson know aura on TV this if you give me that it's I guess that's where it's always done right. It's always liked that a lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors with these negotiators. You're absolutely right so for those members that are on the Fed's. Not the kind of he'll make that take place behind closed doors that's the way these things get done it happened you Vera call. During the Affordable Care Act at a Democrat Scott. Obamacare passed and to a certain extent it's what Republicans are doing right now. To test this tax reform legislation. On all of many years and I can remember one time in during the Reagan years we get that. The tax code over all the little bit of that this is this is monumental if this happens it doesn't happen very often in the United States of America and as it. Though it does it by you know also keep in mind and I don't know if he's your listeners are aware of this but the corporate tax rate that would be a permanent tax. From 35 to 41%. He individual tax rate cut. That's temporary that is set to expire in thing here though. Congress needs to revisit this issue otherwise we're gonna go back up to the rate that we're paying right now. They yeah corporate tax rate over the years has been as it is higher than other. Countries but there have been waged have been little loopholes in there that the corporations benevolent. To get around them most of them I wonder if they've taken any of those loopholes out of the gone down to 21%. Well they've occurred businesses to back a park their money overseas. Apple is one of them. They've provided an incentive for them to bring. That. Quarter of cash back home to America that they can invest in their companies and and hire new workers. Obviously there's nothing that would prevent them from let's say buying back their company stock in instead of investing in their companies. That being said this is something the president believes will encourage. American companies. He'd be on an even footing with their counterparts around the world and put them at a competitive advantage. When they're competing with those companies around the world. They John thanks for being with us we appreciate your time and your victories this morning Fox News radio Jon Decker. Helping us out a little bit more understanding about what's going on that tax overhaul that you know looks like it could be passed by Christmas. Keep you posted on what's going on to that 741 now Stephen dead. He's been here for editor bill Lloyd which does it feel he's gonna he's going to be talking about. Two area firms that are joining forces. Stevens in the morning on K and SS.