Septic truck overturns in Pennsylvania backyard

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
Truck comes to rest wheels up in a swimming pool.

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David good morning Steve Macintosh had put word on Taylor says 730 here Friday. The man who owed about 400000 dollars in taxes and who was convicted of shooting and wounding. The Wichita tax agent has been sentenced to nearly fourteen years in prison Ricky worth's was sentenced Thursday found guilty in June that. Of attempted first degree murder for shooting Courtney Holloway five times and Kansas department of revenue office in north Wichita at September of 2017. The shooting happened the day that Holloway served attacks warrant at worth his home. Kansas governor Jeff Carter's campaign has set up a voting integrity telephone hotline. As his close Republican primary race the secretary of state Crisco block remains unsettled call yours campaign announced so hot. Line Thursday a spokesman said they had received countless reports so voters experiencing issues of the polls. Cold baucus the State's chief elections officer and told reporters Wednesday that he knew of no reports of irregularities outside of a long delayed. In the reporting of results from the State's most populous county because of issues with its new machines. Collier's campaign announced the new hotline as election officials confirmed that a mistake shortened collier's vote total for another county in the states results by 100 votes. The discovery of a mistake cut coal box lead to 91 votes Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Family of an unarmed black man who was shot in the back following a police chase in Kansas has sued. Alleging he was beaten by often while he lay dying. From a gunshot wound. The lawsuit filed Thursday in US district court in Kansas by the family of 24 year old. Matthew holes stems from an August 2017 incidents the began with a 911 call. Regarding a vehicle burglary in progress in Newton. A new push by Republican lawmakers to get answers about connections Department of Justice officials may have had to do so called. Trump dossier House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob good lad readying subpoenas for those connected to an unverified. And controversial dossier produced by former British by Christopher steel. House oversight chairman tray galli says he's troubled over new revelations for Obama justice official Bruce or. Had contact with steel even after the 2016 election. Gary tells Fox News at night there didn't intercept this for a date certain or there will be a subpoena issued to Democrats lovers say house Republicans are working to. Undermine the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller Russia probe. In Washington child Angel find sneeze environmental groups are celebrating that farmers are not. After a federal appeals court decision to ban a pesticide. That many say is linked to abnormal brain development each open. Kristin Schaefer with the pesticide action network says the EPA proposed banning the widely used pesticide clerk your thoughts Bakken 2015. And the ninth Circuit Court said Thursday you can't really take that back now. And that's illegal for you to decide that even can not take action you have to show the evidence. That it still states to have on the marketplace which they have to not think it is. After ruling the EPA said data used for May Columbia study on the pesticide. And an inaccessible keeping them from making scientific assessments but earth justice attorney Marisa Ordonez says that doesn't make any cents. EPA for years has said you know that the credible study. She says the evidence that it is harmful to developing brains is clear. In gasket Rosenthal Fox News. Officials in Connecticut say a man has taken stalking to a global level a Korean man's been arrested in Connecticut accused of stalking his ex girlfriend around the world. Police in Bridgeport say they arrested 61 year old quote cubed on this week after responding to a report a woman was screaming in a bank parking lot. The woman told police she had fled her home country to escape an abusive relationship with Don. And he tracked her down in Hawaii Alaska and eventually Bridgeport where she has a friend. He also apparently gained access to her banking information. He's now jailed on a stalking charge. Rich Dennison Fox News. NL forecast Macinnis are stepping neurologist and holiday good morning gentlemen good morning with temperatures starting in the 70s across south central Kansas will see a quick warmup again in the afternoon at our high today 94. Isolated thunderstorms begin forming later on today if you those could produce some heavier rainfall scattered storms in this evening -- 67 if tomorrow will be dry and 92 but rain chances increase again on Sunday afternoon. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 69 degrees and call but. 736 now Steve intended the morning here on Friday August 10 2018. Mostly sunny day across central Kansas Thursday kind of wore high around. Well 94 degrees as a high in Wichita normalized 92 for the date on this date in 1969. August 10. Leno and Rosemary labianca were murdered in mountainous Angeles home. By members of the Charles Manson cult one day after actress Sharon Tate and four other people were slain months. Charlie Manson went to prison for life stayed there until he. He died just but not too long you but it but few months he'll may be in a recently and just. Very strange little man. Who do a lot of harm in this world frankly. And then yeah that's that was the other when Nik Richie at the Tate to murder for the big because it Sharon Tate is fantastic movie star. Fantastic looking movie stars these ugly and with out of it finally tracked down that bonds. Of course have been there. Helter skelter is invincibility doses book on that. And it details about a cat and can't remember exactly. How they tracked him down the terrorists are excellent staged operas so now until. They were all they did this cult that was living at this movie ranch in LA they shot movies aren't the kind of taken that over. And and that's I think that's how they I can't remember exactly. Split. Once again more violence the end of a violent decade to 1960s. Well this is this this following story really stinks and it. Authorities in Pennsylvania trying to figure out how a loaded a separate truck. Overturn all right there and landed it wheels up in someone's backyard pool a separate truck as I understand is one of those big trucks but the go to septic tanks and but the big pose a catalog nasty stuff right instead pool right now swimming pool who. The head of the cut honest or to volunteer fire company says no one was hurt. In the accident but Larry Frankfurt says he has and has a bruise and nostrils. Of anyone who has had to smell will result of the crash says. You just can't you if you just did you use your imagination to get a sense of the unpleasant spell that would result in the company should have diesel fuel oil and human sewage. And pool Villa Lorena. Crews were able to remove the sewage before pulling the truck from the pulpit. Who's going to ever be able to swim in that pool again. Excluded are there enough chlorine in the world to clean that thing up north religious Phyllis meant she caddie shack that's Ian Kennedy Center. Where. Is the baby Ruth yeah out there is a baby Ruth bar. I bowl not. I know the story of someone. I'll just put it this round I can tell the story because it might embarrass him because he lives in this city. And as someone who isn't as a small child actually did did indeed Allah and floated one on now. You know throw the pool will head Nabisco now rightly so. It was three years old and he knows periods. And his Bob knows there's food public and a bachelor's in getting it any further okay. Wacky Jack Burns down and it's that it. This is that I don't believe that the banks are still standing any on the wacky shaggy old join and ground senate is there by thirty personal side. Backe Shaq usually the attractions are you broke through this one of the newer attractions adjoining land back in the day and wrote these cars are tracking you wrote through there and all these weird it's dark and weird things he channel bonding with just zigzag around it was wacky okay now. I enjoy it I got to think in the I think those cars would seat for if the lines really crowded they would try to cram in their four time you know you always hope that you know you when your body to get paired up with maybe. Couple of nicely and yet now. But usually not usually get paired up a couple of guys guys. Four guys are taken mr. and all right one of these money and course to join and down there the park has been pretty much empty for many years Eden. The Nelson family owned it for awhile stand Nelson in his. His family owned it I remember standing in down there and decorous it was a lot of fun things today that rollercoaster. Was made out of wood in you didn't know whether you went up that version hill that was in last night it might collapse or fall all swayed Italy and lead your life in your own hands and you as part of its charm had the carousel which has been days being restored and and he's gonna be a debit Annika is. Haven't talked to Marty Miller and while whether they they get that thing up and order or not. We gonna have a building and everything forum there and what else did you have had a great beach swimming pool Nydia. Or you mention one the other while ago that was fun with the little kids would. When I would take him up to the top of that that big slide Gallagher any snags getting my act yeah you just pop and again they sags I don't know what that that was that was a fun. They have a log bribery towards the end be out and that was one of the rising entry late in the process and above the guards were tremendous ally of the book classic. So yeah that was of great for years and years and generations would have it was a it was a fun place to go back and it today announced just a piece of property downturn Neeson John property don't know what to do with a net and is said to people of offered to buy a bit. But he gonna do it. And it. The wacky Jerry is long gone don't act each act. Burned down today and Wichita. We lead the world in abandoned amusement parks only go acted brothers' kitty Lansing when I was young woman must not abandon its. There's something else there now but that is out of its them all now kitty and was over on every street. That's right but when I'm Seattle I'm talking about abandoned amusement parks that are still certain. Well okay what the other wild west while Wesson there's another line you know lose another one. I don't know west 54 there was Frontier Airlines frontier lamp when I was a kid I guess they're still want one structure left from yeah there's one. Brick build brick building at that data we got thirty. We gotta be known for something right it abandoned well what about the the the water park fantasy. Now he jumped there's nothing left from fantasies now well I don't think it. Now we lead the country and abandon. The port. Hey it's time for our per fire coffee break. On Genesis prairie fire coffee's a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And Indian prairie fire coffee you're office. Just like us by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. I access 742 now seem to have them or hate Gilroy headed for the Wichita business journal is on the way go tells about the local sports business that's coming up even dead on K and SS.