Severe weather with large hail, high winds in western Kansas

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
Brief tornado touchdown in Cheyenne County.

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Each second at thirteen 38 and as best teams in the morning Steve vacuums on fed delivered it at 630. Storms brought heavy rain and large hail to parts of western Kansas used a food baseball sized hail falling on Oakley in Logan county. And heavy rains have caused flooding and Scott city and Scott chaotic. Scott county emergency management director Tim stack line reported the storm they're dropped two point one inches of rain on the city. So the storm caused a flooding on several streets usually in cell vehicles but no injuries. The Wichita City Council has authorized the submission of its action plan to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The fit here at the plan will cover the period from July 1 2018. Through June 30 2090. It provides a basis and strategy for the use of federal funds allocated to the city by. For supporting services for the homeless housing solutions as well as benefiting low to moderate income families. Also on Tuesday the council voted to immense city code which pertains to alcohol consumption and parking areas. This comes after promoters for events in the downtown area requested a process for the consumption of alcohol. In public parking garages parking lots and parking facilities within a certain area. The amendments would allow the City Council to approve an application for alcohol consumption for events which occur in those parking areas. Bottom by central on the north hillside Al east Kellogg on the south and civic on the west Rodney prize came in assets news. Three people died after three vehicle traffic accident and Anderson county north of Garnett in southeast Kansas Tuesday afternoon. A northbound car crossed the center lane and struck a southbound tar balls were hit by a southbound pickup truck. I would patrol identifies the dead is 56 year old Richard money of Richmond Kansas 47 year old Max Arthur Jackson. And 57 year old Sean gill of Garnett. Calling it a hypocritical and self serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. The trump administration is withdrawing the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and UN ambassador Nikki Haley announced the decision from the State Department. Pompeo says some of the worst offending countries are sitting on the council like China Cuba and Venezuela. Ambassador Haley says the council successively mysteries Israel passing more resolutions against Israel but against North Korea Iran and Syria combines. If the Human Rights Council is gonna attack countries that upholds human rights and shield countries that he's human rights. That America should not provide it with any credibility. Daly says the US will rejoin the council reports democratic senator Chris to his calls to withdraw a serious mistake. And that the USD to show up and work with allies to isolate that actors at State Department Richardson Fox News more people are reported sick from cut Millen. The Centers for Disease Control saying there's ten more people with cases of Salmonella linked to cut Mellon bringing the total to seven date with 34 people hospitalized no deaths have been reported the agency says it you have it and you don't remember where you got the Mellon throw out or return it for a refund and Allen had been distributed to Costello Kroger Wal-Mart and whole foods stores Lisa listen to air on Fox News. The city government is apologizing for slavery. The City Council in Charleston, South Carolina to the voice votes denouncing slavery promising to be tolerant and to open up an office of racial reconciliation. The vote to place on Tuesday June 19. And it was no coincidence the date is known as June 18 which celebrates the end to slavery but also comes a few years after a white man opened fire in a black church in Charleston leaving nine dead. The vote also had a great deal of symbolism taken by a majority white council that meets in a building that was constructed by slaves can Duffy Fox News. Cedric county is planning to auction off land it owns of the Wichita Greyhound park. No dog races of run the park for more than ten years in the county commission says it's time to sell the coastal land is not being used the buildings are deteriorating. The county owns the land the developer Phil Ruffin leases the park itself and buildings on the property. Police could have to be you would have to be part of the sale. Now look at the forecast with king and is a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Well good morning we got some much needed precipitation and some cooler temperatures to settle in for the rest of the week. Scattered showers and a few storms wind down this morning then clearing this afternoon with a high 88. Tonight partly cloudy our lows 66. And a breezy day tomorrow or Thursday's high 83 and I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Halladay doubles they cloudy skies 65 degrees and have a southwest wind. At seven miles per hour. A 46 year old woman strangled a rabid bobcat. Knew little after the animal attacked her front yard in northeast Georgia. He gave Phillips apart county went outside June 7 to take a picture of the bobcats lunged at her. She then grabs the cat by its throat and didn't let go like now. Phillips as she grew up in the country where her father in law was once a trapper bobcats. As a result she knew something about the sanity whose views don't market. Phillips as she was afraid of calling for help because her five year old granddaughter was in house. The woman is being treated for rabies and recovering from a broken finger. And several bite and claw wounds to her hands arms chest and legs. Apparently the bobcat got in its licks before that it. Sounds like she was pretty banged up I get to put. My huge it's. He got she got older than she would not let go he likes. That's a tough granny you're right there. Guess it you know engaged involved and Jason often attacker. As she headed you know this is rabid animal like that's gonna attack sometimes. Not what they would usually is probably run and hide that she knew it was ravaged and on anyway at a five year old granddaughter in taos will interest. All right there which toggle and a hand now you heard the story there with them. With Rodney price which the City Council taking steps now to improve the north junction. Situation and it helped to finance consultant. If this thing going along I was in it through there. Yesterday. My wife and I were running some parents were in the northeast part of handling of the west partisan out the year come down 96 and you through this loop and you deal the stuff than. Adam but this is left at 4 o'clock in the traffic with murder. My assets amid 4 o'clock in the afternoon it's gets ramped up with the punches up there every morning and every candidate should there right now probably. Then I get going westbound on 96 and I died this might turn to keep going on 96 west that I am. Anyway interest and get up its path in Asia that we got out there and drive hybrid off. But this that was kind of surprising to us when we go Butler is perfect black joy of your driving her out. The day. That the other unit. I supposed to something that intersection that meeting of the highways up there elected don't outlets. Well great yeah and Aventis and once they get started it'll be viewed through the rest of the century and yearlong construction project could improve the north junction could be the ability. It in four more weeks in west Kellogg and he's Kellogg it could be. Life takes you. And it's an rather wait for Samantha prior one amid what it takes a dog along. Just because they need to keep people employed for several years but. And other incentives if they if they finish here and there incentives to do it. But apparently they you know of why does seem like in Dallas and Kansas City these projects get done quickly. Seems like here it just takes for amber. Can't explain it I can't explain we don't don't know maybe Arianna. Got a bargain for you the super six gold tour card. You can play eighteen holes of golf and each of the six area golf courses for only 49 dollars today. And that's just over eight dollars per round that's a great deal of about cherry oaks cottonwood hills Wellington Aniston. Parry trails and against a country club some great courses on that list and purge now go to which atop perks. Dot com or. 638 now Stevens hit the stake look at our candidates has commodities update with mr. Tom Loeffler of effort commodities devoid Tom. Good morning Steve. And yeah I into the meat and the commitment we have suddenly and so live cattle to cattle futures contract after training camp or no room for the week and an obsession. We want to give them like a prize bull was moved from cattle futures. I think we can't compete in the Goldstone report. Yesterday and Holmstrom did include some dignity that you could close all the flood cattle up a dollar and 251. Exported to him on the news clips 65 cents to 14952. Why the norm to a dollar 85 lower 8187. And the lows for the couldn't move damn good chance by the open acorn employees in future. Can be as panic selling over to a common since yesterday trade group for only focused on the nation instead of the China US trade situation at the moment. In the bottom picking beans and technical buying lifted the grain and accomplish yesterday afternoon session lows despite the fact we still closed they needed. Overnight loans little by going back into the from a positive side at the moment to white completely fix me up since either way 89 and I have. Some record opinion vampire 377. We absolutely independent record 912 and three quarter. August crude oil trading at fourteen so tired sixteen Bible to work August gold and two dollars and sixty cents at 12176. Dollars. But it isn't completely into a quarter point 12772. And three quarter. The tip a dollar index slipped six cents at nine point 79. To timber bedrooms kitchens a 102 point. Trading at 2400817. Commodity trading right marketing advisory contact corporate commodity on the program on the web by using. It took so long term job. Tom I'm just looking at the pin is just weather center radar here and there's a little cold shower. Then that might be just knock it on you northern against it does look like raining right now. No we're not doing that and we haven't really mean things. That's probably about 3:30 this morning and that was just so briefed on the helmet yeah didn't have opinions there and so. They didn't win the ramparts of the statewide this came up short. Those in which though we haven't had much but this looks like you're on my radar screen. He's a cold shower out there. What did you think rimmed in and we're using it would not familiar. Looks like at least I guess this has done absolutely committed to another part. That's true that's it could be another part of its the right which like their frigid statement that you're getting pretty good rain this morning and up around Bihac in Reno county and he did over RE PO. What are we doing wrong and said William Butler kinda what are we doing wrong thing. I don't know a lot I just. They approved period did not only do things correctly didn't give taken. Willis is a big area of showers is in its shrinking all the time looks like I mean you can see it as you look at did the radars insisted collapsing. This morning as it moved to the east northeast at. Well lately it's raining here. Maybe it's over there and I guess we'll see what happens next. Let's keep our fingers crossed I was out though west of town yesterday notional feels nice and all the cutting I don't know we feel it's all double off of looks like just double up there now. Yeah look at the most liberal group we didn't have very at all this year. All right thank you there that's the case is just bodies update with mr. Tom Loeffler of left or commodities it. 642 now Stevens added coming up we've got done grant. She can't keep the money factory's gonna talk about paying for that wedding it adds auto racing that the morning on CNN cents.