Sharing Christmas cheer with Shocker Volleyball Head Coach Chris Lamb.

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

Special Guest: Shocker Volleyball Head Coach Chris Lamb


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 48 o'clock this is the case and this is sporting news feed of dead nineteenth I can staunch. Man dies in collapse of French but French Indo layer we got the story from. A probable cause affidavit was released on Wednesday that he details against two people charged in the murder of three year old DeVon brewer at a south Wichita home. Congress working to avoiding government shut down. I'm can look forward to those details just ahead. I can't SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the winter solstice officially arrives at 10:28 this morning and just in time. The strong Arctic air mass moves then we'll talk about what to expect today in our forecast coming up. Police are looking forward to male suspect after the robbery of a fresco convenience store thirteenth and Oliver you know preach what you thought happened around five what. This morning witnesses say a young male was armed with a handgun were regular but he and a scarf over his face to suspect ran from the scene. Car plowing into a crowd and a major Australian city police say the incident was intentional act. Australian media reports up to nineteen people have been injured as an SUV drove into a crowded pedestrian area outside of Melbourne slender street train station. Witnesses on the scene say pedestrians were physically thrown by the impacts. They were in Wichita courage saint. Come qualities we're we're we're sort groups throwing into the air and that was colliding noise squeeze duck. No horse I looked at things. The driver of the SUV has been arrested as well as another suspect in the incident. The surrounding area in the Melbourne central business district shut down as authorities investigate. Mike cancer Fox News. A Tony nine year old man died after being trapped in the collapsed trench at 53 and web in Bel Air. Crews recover his body from the trench around 4:15 PM since recanted division fire chief Keith Wilson says the recovery was extremely difficult music. Don't was. Located approximately fourteen sit down. Inside the trench we have extreme. Difficulty. Trying to locate the victim we we. Had an idea where he was bad but deed to the condition of the soil it was a very muddy clay soils so it took a very long time force to be able to get to him. Officials with Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA are investigating. A probable cause affidavit released yesterday details the case against a woman and her boyfriend. Both of whom have been charged with murder in the death of three year old Evan brewer at a south Wichita home. Evans remains were found September 2 inside the Wichita house where his mother once lived the affidavit says that while property's owner was cleaning in the utility room of the home. He tried to remove the carpet covered platform had tool boxes stacked on top of it. When you remove the tools and carpet he found a large block of concrete on Caster wheels. Using the sledge hammer he were to break the block fearing at Amber's body could be inside which turned out to be the case. The affidavit goes on to say the evans' body was too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death and other items found the concrete structure with evans' body. Belong to but Diana Miller. Evidence also includes video a physical abuse against Devin. Amy web KN SS news. The federal government may be on the verge of shutting down Friday at midnight Melissa lawmakers can come up with a budget plan to keep it going. Foxes Alison barber has details. Republican leaders and the White House say a shutdown is absolutely not going to happen. Behind the scenes they'll rank and file Republicans do not seem as optimistic. You talk congressman Chris Stewart told one of our producers that the continuing resolution was never going to be as easy as party leaders expected. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi right to Democrats urging a no vote on the CRE says in port Democrats want to see funding for veterans. Ping Sheng. And support for the DREAM Act which would clear up why the legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrant. The house rules committee meets again today in the hopes of coming up with a compromise deal. Firefighters are still battling to Thomas fire burning through Southern California. The dry weather making it difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand on the flames Brendan Ripley a fire behavior analyst says dry conditions are a big factor. If we do not receive any rainfall. By the end of the year by the first of January this'll be the driest march. To December period on record. The Thomas fire has left two people dead. And destroyed at least 750. Homes Kansas bureau of investigation is revamping its crime data system which debuted in 1983 to two feet. Capital journal reports the agency BM and revamping process this past fall is expected to lasting 22 point one in time for new federal guidelines on indictment reporting. The system provides a specified data like the total number offenses reported by each agency the research analyst bill read says the Kansas bureau of investigations. Routinely get more complex questions from lawmakers and others to 440 law enforcement agencies in Kansas don't necessarily report. Statistics the same way which can affect the way this system provides information. The first half of the new database is expected to be online by fiscal year 2019 and it's cost will be funded by more than 570000. Dollar US Department of Justice bureau grant. Kansas information network Steve polling house 804 now 4 minutes spent 8 o'clock. Late night basketball Kansas State wildcats last night we'll have results and another late night for Kansas basketball jayhawks play late tonight. We'll preview that one saw coming up sports and few minutes OK case days looking for advice on. A drop in enrollment numbers that story coming up on the Taylor says sporting news for Stephen dead. Okay and is this morning news receive it and now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Kansas State University is hiring consultants to help reverse declining enrollment. The university says it won't pay Huron consulting services 550000. Dollars to help the school reconsider its enrollment plan. In October the Kansas board of regents announced that Kansas State recorded the largest percentage drop in enrollment this fall. Of the State's six regents universities. The university in Manhattan had 22796. Students this fall that's a drop of 984. Students or. Four point 14% from the previous fall. Tis the season for thieves who cruised neighborhoods and steal Christmas gifts. The have been left by delivery drivers on doorsteps but a man in the state of Washington has come up with a an explosive way of combating this problem. He's being aware that next package you steal from someone's porch could be a blank box the blank box the brainchild. A Tacoma Washington is Jeremy Beryl. It's booby trap with a twelve gauge shotgun blank and when you lift it it goes off. Bureau came up with the idea after one too many of his Amazon packages was taken from his porch while he was at work. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. Memphis Tennessee is taking some unusual steps to get rid of a couple of confederate statues. Memphis by law couldn't get rid of two confederate statues in two of its parks so the City Council decided to sell ballparks are thousand dollars each to a local nonprofit. That nonprofit getting to work removing the statues soon after the deal was may. All. Crowds at the health sciences are cheering when a statue of confederate general Nathan Bedford forest was hoisted down from its perch by crane. Also going a statue of confederate president Jefferson Davis meant this mayor Jim Strickland. These that she's no longer represent. Julio. As a modern. Diversity. Till NATO Fox News 810 down 10 minutes after 8 o'clock Stephen dent in the morning and if you're traveling southbound 9035. He might run into a bit of a traffic slowdown approaching zoo boulevard to vehicle traffic accident there are so watch for the slowdown. Traffic update from Kate and SS radio I'm yet genders and now the forecast with K and it says staff meteorologist. And the holiday good morning Dan good morning cloud cover slipping into south central Kansas once again today we should get to 52 early on before the strong Arctic air mass makes its way in by about noon time. Well of gusty northwest wind this afternoon and up to thirty miles per hour. Windy and cold tonight are Lou 26. Breezy tomorrow with a high only 37. On KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now. Augen missed 43 degrees a south wind at seven miles per hour. Steve until the morning on Qaeda says it's 811 now on this week. As the week before Christmas we have been having some fairly prominent people and our community church Christmas cheer. Memories thoughts feelings switches. And and so forth that's really celebrities today possibly the biggest ball. The way Wichita State University volleyball coach Chris slams those sport it's an honor to have you with essar. Here's our barometer if year that I'm not through with it needs it every year or. So. The first cell congratulations on you when your fine coaching at Wichita State I mean the girls do some other but I don't think coach is basically. The person who's responsible for all the successes. Right you'd probably yeah. Now a lot of the credit to the kids that are great group this year. Just perfect what a wonderful students that were included. Others deserve credit limit. Now okay. Couple of Indonesia where did you grow up are you where you from actress. Parents are very pretty that's the easiest way to say it is very if you follow the Golden Gate Bridge or a one hour there is so. You can render at Sonoma County known for wall. Oh great that. Boudreau has terms and plums and they're mainly Apple's. When I grew up. About an hour north services to over sixteen minutes off the coast. So another words your from the wine country and you're rich. But. If you're sick sort of electric report that Eric. Who'd grown up in California wherever but what can you share with is that one or two or memories Christmas memories openness and the need about Christmas you'd like to share today. Well articulate it at the moderate what if whenever it was you know that there was no until it moved to Lake Tahoe up as school. They're they're a little bit and first of hairstyle snow on Christmas Day in and loudly about the next time. And I was coaching at university into something in particular doesn't pick award put it in other. They're they're high desert they're actually very cold winner. Thus spoke all of Christmas. Diddy bitter. For the second time violence on. A pretty much not that remarkable like Christmas. I guess I think back. Not so much as one of executed their annual bit older than everybody I would try to come and home for the quality. You know football instead of the park and stuff like that mr. Miller bumper just shot my opinion in law. I course it did you have any Christmas family traditions when you were growing up. But I can't summer months it's what is such an Italian. Family. Usually ended up with McCain surely. By house and just salute. In my actually took. To do it as well anybody's. Children all the kids you know down the basement. Playing games and he's absolutely crazy that that was my appeal. I have an Italian heritage did did you ever have the fish at Christmas time the east of the additions to the Oregonian that. Now I noted that about me I've finished. A little bit of that going around. A senator Bos all the districts ought to do about that actually. Made friends and cousins and ought to but I never made it but it. If you ever. If you want whatever they all went looking to blood letting them I've never tried that I was always somewhere around June and they've been able to make us. Did you ever have an uncle who slept with the fishes. And done about. It because they'll. L hey. Let's go it's pretty get a Christmas favorite Christmas all our Christmas movie that did it to its. Did you rig others. Because it made it down to one classic response on our little drummer boy and rupees. Over the counterfeit Stevie can adequately integrate count Wednesday. All right revoke the red raider we liked. You come courtiers in the I don't think it's neutral. That. I bet there. Lake Tahoe moved well as of yet it reduced to the surfer and a little bit. Yeah that's pretty that's beautiful up there. That's the best we had a white Christmas one year were my dad had really bad camera that was our. The Euro hit a what do. You have Christmas traditions it is now that you don't know now only what what you do for Christmas usually airs at some different every year. Well I don't know whether it is I was stuck with their boat. The director goes like like our observer what should have their own product Christmas morning as well. Although there which probably doesn't. When in doubt either had not to Shannon's side of the fairway or by his side about Las Vegas area. I. Mom dad and sister Linda Allison. If there's if there's a lamb family tradition and out. Hit the road on the road trips. They don't visit one of these is that like to be homer. Of the IP that he has by tradition right now has a trip that better or. The year on mom and dad make you stay at the MGM grand. Don't they have handled it. I desperately as they ring it and I put up that but yeah yeah yeah it. They come to meals if you gamble. Australia. A elicited richt is well yeah it's it's it's all jokes all baloney listened thank you so much for being with us and a we appreciate the work you've been doing out there which tested with a volleyball team you you've just done a really great job thank written. There is a pleasure every year we thank you for checking endless here on Christmas week coach. Thank you withdraw all our best to you and your family that's which does state volleyball coach Chris and I am sharing some Christmas cheer I'm not sure Tamar is Friday I'm not sure we're gonna have. I don't ever question for a very prominent local celebrity. Wooten. Might happy surprise Roger Cornish Brad surprises of know now that that date Wendell. But I. I hope that a boy can dream and the 88 to you like dead if I had to be at an uncle who slept with a midget out. I liked it he enjoyed that 188 that are watching they did it it would seem that Ed. Sports that would dead what we're talking about some basketball that I write it. Now we have some late night basketball action last night at Kansas State wildcats they were on the road in Spokane a visiting Washington State. In this game was weird look like Derek K state would cruise to an easy win in a seventeen point lead in the first half. But by the second half Headley was gone and they were down by eight points. But Kansas State would have the last lap in this one case statement on 8100 run in the final two and a half minutes very brown was hugely in the late going unit up. 23 points for the wildcats. K state beats Washington State 6865. In Spokane last night so Kansas State finished up. The nonconference portion of its schedule at tendency to. Think that record in the Christmas break. Tonight we had a late night game featuring the thirteenth ranked Kansas Jayhawks Kate EU is also on the West Coast out in Sacramento. Taking on the Stanford Cardinal tonight this would be the third game already this season the KUS played in NBA arena. Stanford is led by head coach Jerry pasts who played at KU jayhawks are sixteen point favorite going into this one tonight. That you with a record of nine in two we'll finish up its nonconference portion of the schedule tonight. And the finish of a busy pre Christmas week for the jayhawks who played three games now in six days. Live pregame coverage in case you begins at 830 tonight be able to pop at 10 o'clock this evening. Stay up late tonight with the jayhawks listen to a live on Sports Radio Kate at 81240 AM 975. FM. In BA basketball last night for the Toronto Raptors in Charlotte Toronto beat the hornets won 29111. Red van believed former Wichita State shocker coming off the bench for the raptors made a couple of three pointers. He also had four rebounds he also had six assists and eight points do. Four wins and are now for the raptors and the ten of their last eleven red hot Toronto. And Fred van bleak is certainly a big part of that helped now Toronto is one of the top five teams in the NBA right now. And a few birthdays today to pass along to you Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Danny stuff feeds 29 today he was the royals' opening day starter earlier this season. Happy birthday to our co worker over KFH Jeff lutes. Luzon and afternoons on Kaye updates on the drive sports show every day jet is 3500. Job region is helping me out those cohost of the soccer locker room showed during some games to take and is broadcasting that. Now longtime employee the eagle yeah he's doing my radio works for us and we work like Jeff who lives to have him around. And happy birthday this week yesterday was the seventieth birthday of Duane Allman linked one local man about town. Dwyane is that Wayne's daughter Brooke is married to my brother and so when you are donors my sister in volume related to wane at all that that's a good question in itself. Yet. I'm a gap I'll say yes you know because it's nice to knowing tell. He's one of those west senator and yet you know the Tillman family almost family out there you you're ultimately beyond your men right vision. The upper crust you guys are all amazing. Anybody who made more than 101000 a year was upper crust when. Happy birthday this week to LA and in a soma and seven. And that's sports was even ten K in essence each 11 they'll keep it here for an anti morning minute trying to fix Iranian nuclear deal. And everybody coming up Steven Ted in the morning on K and SS.