Shocker Landry Shamet drafted in the 1st round by the 76ers

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Friday, June 22nd
2 Jayhawks taken in the second round of the NBA Draft.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Why this is the case and this has more users Stephens says the icy Macintosh. And immigration bill failed in the house we've got the story unbelievable brand of police are investigating after a fatal shooting in northeast that we counted Wednesday night. Mayor talks about which could cause new fireworks ordinance I'm it would word those details just ahead. I'm Kayla says meteorologist Dan Holliday he's been relatively quiet severe weather season so far but thunderstorm chances through increased by late this weekend. Our forecast is on the way. Republican leaders are delaying a vote on an immigration bill that had the backing of the president of planned vote on what's described as thick and thin. This immigration bill drafted by house Republican leaders was put on hold first so rank and file Republican ski geek questions answered after that session. The decision was made by GOP leaders to hold off on a vote didn't come next week this reduced benefits or to our differences. We have blood different factions are our conference by house homeland security committee chairman Michael McCall is still optimistic Republicans will find the votes a more conservative immigration bill was defeated in the house Thursday more than forty Republicans voted no along with every Democrat on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. The state of Washington is leading several states in a lawsuit that has been filed against the trump administration this over family separations at the border. Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson said the president's executive order. Will not end family separation. It requires a judge to find that's okay to detain kids in definitely and we do not think that judge. Is going to do that. He stood with the governor and immigrant rights legal groups near facility where some of the parents were being housed. He called a separations and unconstitutional. Violation of due process and discriminatory. As the policies are only being implemented along the border with Mexico. Other states including California and Massachusetts were expected to join the suit. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. A woman is dead following a shooting in northeast Sedgwick county Wednesday night Sedgwick county sheriff's deputies were called to an address in the 3200 block of north 159 street east around 10:30 PM. Tim Myers with the Sedgwick county sheriff's office says responding deputies found the victim a 41 year old female upon arrival she was pronounced dead at the scene. Myers says two people have been detained for questioning but there are no outstanding suspects in the case and is still. Currently being investigated by our detectives and once they've concluded that investigation. And it will be presented to the news attorney's office the sheriff's department is actively investigating the circumstances that led to the shooting in the consider it suspicious. Investigators have ruled the woman step as a homicide. Still held a brand Kagan SS news. This year Wichita has new regulations regarding fireworks any fireworks shooting in excess of six feet into the air are deemed illegal within city limits. Mayor Jeff Long wells as anyone caught in violation of these laws will be fine. Now in the past we've had those tickets as high as Tony 500 dollars and I know firemen that have worked for the city for thirty years have never written a 2500 dollar ticket I'm not sure I wouldn't mind. So we've dropped that to 250 dollars. Fire chief Tammy snow says enforcement will be a priority this year. We will hire off duty police officers and that firefighters. Well Marion that in and and marked cars low profile cars and they will be the ones that will be doing the enforcement on July 3 and fourth. Firework sales and usage begin next week on Wednesday. A former police officers charged with threatening president trump the former Kentucky officer made the threats against president trump on social media at about the same time the president was in Nashville last may he's been indicted on two counts of making threats against the president 37 year old Andrew long Ryan is already in federal custody Atlanta plead not guilty in a future hearing Ryan served as a police officer and Bowling Green from June 2005. Through February 2006. But the department says he left during training and never went out on the street on his own police Seles arraf Fox News. To Kansas sheriff's deputies who were fatally shot by an inmate are described as true heroes. Wyandotte county sheriff Don asked praised deputies Teresa king and after roar. During a joint service yesterday morning in Kansas City, Kansas. Authorities say an inmate apparently overpowered the deputies a week ago today in a gated area behind the courthouse and shot them possibly was one of their own guns. The Kansas 'cause the fear in space center in Hutchinson recently received a grant of 650000. Dollars from NASA. To build replicas of mission control nerve center of the US space flight. Senator president and CEO Jim rebar tells K Unisys news. There were 43. Applicants and only three were given awards so we're very excited and honored to have been chosen in this project. It is a great one for us it's going to allow our teen to create curriculum as well as traveling exhibit senator around mission control. Re bars are against this weekend and it utility ET and Sunday morning at eight on K and a sense. Can't assess as time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. NBA draft last night and the shocker is the jayhawks certainly sounds interesting things in disgust we'll have them. Sports coming up just a few minutes longtime columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer side. That story coming up on the tape and assess sporting news receive contestants. The Kansas sporting news Stevens is now 808. 8 minutes past 8 o'clock. Longtime columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer. Has died. Of cancer. In a Tony thirteen Fox News special alike that matters Krauthammer discusses how he was able to regain some normalcy after an accident that left him paralyzed. I think the physical part was getting. Learning to do everything again. I have a great capacity for rationing your memory. So it seems very sure it was long but it would seem very issue. Krauthammer was 68 years old. In West Virginia they voted to legalize the sale of raw milk. The celebration. Backfired proponents of raw milk maintain its perfectly safe to drink. So then why do West Virginia lawmakers. Who drank some after passing a bill legalizing. The unpasteurized. Dairy beverage suddenly fall ill. What are the lawmakers who voted for the bill says it's not the milk. It's the flu to blame but the State's health and human resources department isn't so sure and is investigating. Gary Baumgarten Fox News let's yeah. It's unpasteurized gallons. We've been hearing about a beer shortage in Russia as soccer fans converge like a great hosting the World Cup now a similar situation is growing in the united kingdom of. Justice soccer fans here settling in to watch the World Cup's. Let met British trade organization the carbon dioxide shall teach. Potentially leading they have. And other drinks acting phase reporting had the two men supplies saying they simply called spotlight Richard Simmons at the British beer and pub association calls the timing unfortunate. But he did fans expected to drink fourteen million pints in two weeks. But sprinkle in Britain. People near the World Cup was coming I'm not talking despondent about the shortage blamed on outages and production sites in London Simon noted Fox News. Taylor says use time now eight and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. In Wichita this morning the gasoline prices right around 256. To 57 in most places. They have seen some areas where we get this into 55 gasoline so prices continuing to just that trickled down bit by bit to 55. Market and do we also took when he first. And a 167. Earth 127 east. Traffic update from Kate in SS radio on jet chambers and now the forecast heading into the weekend it would stay in his senate staff meteorologist Dan Holliday and good morning Dan. Good morning we're seeing some cloud cover rotator run an area of low pressure toward north and east. We become partly cloudy warm this afternoon getting to 89 for the Hyde. Around of showers and thunderstorms will likely move our way from the west this evening or lose 66. And a few morning storms possible Saturday tomorrow's high 88. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy skies 65 degrees north wind at nine miles per hour Edelman received and how about that made news. Really nice this morning especially compared to what it has been many mornings over the bed first part of the June. And it stinks and moderating a little bit to sports gala that. Orlando airport is first to require facial scans for all passengers. But she's radios Evan brown with a for Miami this morning good morning Evan. Good morning I'm not sure exactly what what this means it I'm not sure what they scanning my face is telling in my mind hurts when disarmed a. And we can't tell you act Customs and Border Protection and using some new technology they've been testing it at Orlando international airport as well as. As well as LA action and they decided to make it permanently installed at Pitt Orlando. Or international arrivals left to clear customs they can now walk up to a kiosk in get their base scan potentially. Read by computer. To verify their identity and clear that their customers a lot more quickly at some passengers. I've led big gone through the testing basis. So that they arrived on a flight from London and they they worry able to clear customs essentially in second. As opposed to waiting 1020 minutes too long it would take. And the idea as to speed it up to make it faster to make in more quick experience so that people. Can get through these lines electric current I think that's one week the week all comp you know understand Natalie. Travel by air how long lines in BP airport. So this is one way to alleviating one of those kind of outlined in the Swiss or international arrivals. If it worked. Only yen and at Customs and Border Protection is. You know confident in this system it could be deployed and every every airport in the US that takes on international arrivals so. That's a pretty big deal and if it works even more so than that it could be something TSA would be interested in. Two to work with the scanning at security outlining down. In the arrive you know when when you arrive at the airport take to go out on your. So how does this computer here this is an avid. Databank of photos of bad guys or it just went flat. That's kind of that's kind of debt so to death and who you are. As a computer can recognize your face. And understand that you are who you're saying you are. I need to know what you're faced looks like attached to your names so it'd storing data about you either in the form of a photograph or some kind of digital measuring. Of your facial structures and features. For a lot of people that's a privacy concerns because. How would you know if the world is going to depend on facial recognition algorithms. How is it that someone can now are out it is possible that someone could steal the data about MySpace and somehow manipulate data into pulling computers in the thinking there would be. And that as a privacy concern for people you can opt out of this system that just means you. Oh run through the customs line my east it would take you awhile while everyone else using facial recognition that line itself might be short. You know I recognize it and it's a good idea because it it'll speed things up that's a great but you know I'm just. Is my need is money computer pictured him look as bad as my driver's license pictures I'll probably. But Kelly again and I airbrushed nevermind all right so sick and this is on the way ever are they starting to try it or what. Well it's it's been in trial and Orlando they've decided to make it the these standard operation in Orlando for international arrivals and I don't have also been testing it in LAX so. At as the system proves itself more and more I think you'll see it installed else. Where we share I think you haven't appreciated Fox News radio's Evan brown a Miami. The Orlando airport first to require facial scans for all passengers this guy unity coming on international flights or Orlando is a that's the airport for Disney World right net cup Cinderella. Yes. Facial scanning. Sydney said it's painless Ted would you like to have your face scanned by some sort of a computer is you know. When you feel sorry for the computer what if I made a funny face like this. Well they not know it's mile. They think is it not be allowed to do that if I made a really funny face for the thing was Bucky Walters. Who knows who knows it held its interest in the technology that. That is available and is being tested now is just amazing some time if I have that technology in the movies for years only. Of a Massachusetts couple wants to know who shooting hunting arrows at their house. A current CEO and Loretta shall funny. C three arrows with razor tips have struck on or near their wished her home since Friday when the first Errol remained stuck in their garage roof because they are physically unable to climb up and pulled it out. There in the seventies and apparently don't have a ladder to get out there now. They found a second arrow on their rear deck Saturday more a third Eros stuck in the backyard Sunday mound and we'll relish of show land fee. Shall Fannie says she's concerned because young relatives. Often visit their rights and run around the garden of there'll comes exactly. The couple reported the mysterious arrows to police who took one away as evidence. Lieutenant John Murtha call the situation audit. And says police have not received any other reports of straight arrows. One would think that and realizing the range. Of the flight of an arrow is not that great. And maybe just kind of estimating what direction they're coming from you gotta be able to find where that's coming from somebody neighborhood shooting there yeah maybe some some kid doesn't realize it. He can be dangerous to do legal that you're shooting blindly into somebody's backyard. They're dog can be out there right tibia and yet they've got to stop this anyway. Arrows I shot an arrow and shot an arrow into the air filter is a Norma where. Here at that global standard political do them on collapse amnesties heard bowling ability and a it's 818 now Steven dead here on kaine is says its fourth time we did liberty. Couple big things talked about personal the NBA draft and also we got a great big old golf. Tournament going on out nearly on the NBA draft last night in Brooklyn nets and for the first time a long time we've heard a Wichita State shocker his name called in the first round. Ripped it 26 pick in the 2000. NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers select. Have landry's ship it becomes the first shocker in 33. Years to be taken in the first round last guys did that was Xavier McDaniel we commend Seattle SuperSonics. And the Yemen will become the sixth shocker in the last six years to make these NBA debut. And early in the second around the Kansas Jayhawks got into the game and heard their first. Alumnus colder. With the 34 pick in the 2008 CN BA draft the Atlanta Hawks elects to Bob's sake Graham from the university of pants. Graham was a part of that pick though the hawks traded that pick to the Charlotte hornets through the month they Grammy ends up with Charlotte. Later on in the second round of the Los Angeles Lakers to end jayhawks beat Mikhail number 47. Overall pick. You know NBA draft recap of last night means golf it's the 29 annual stop here in town for the Web.Com. Tour some of the great golfers in the nation's. And are in town from Wichita. The Wichita open supporting Wichita on fumes that Christie country club. First round action yesterday sought to co leaders atop the leaderboard at five under par 65 at. Sebastian Kaplan 28 year old from Denmark been colts 28 year old from Dallas. Both atop the leaderboard Coles is a two time winner on the Web.Com tour Kaplan. You know his name he won the Wichita open for years ago yeah he's at the top the leaderboard after the first round second round is already under way today they teed off about an hour. Twenty minutes ago. No B on the course 156. Golfers will be on the course for another long day of golf at a press view trying to make the cut heading into the weekend. Of course the weekend is when we have our great radio coverage of the Wichita open right here on Cain and assess with. Mike Kennedy in. 29 years and they and their team to a fantastic job. It was fantastic coverage they'll be a third round coverage tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock and final round coverage on Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. And it's all right here on 987 and. Thirteen thirty K and SS coming up this weekend. Major League Baseball Kansas City Royals will be in Houston this weekend taking on the first place defending World Series champion Houston Astros. Quite a contrast here the Astros have won thirteen of their last fourteen and are surging right now. The royals are scuffling on a nine game losing streak going into this series games tonight tomorrow Sunday after tomorrow the tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon in Houston. Almost games live royals Astros on Sports Radio TFH 12:40 AM 975 FM. Wichita wing nuts are on a roll right now they won three to two last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium over the Sioux Falls canaries. The wing nuts are on a six game winning streak right now and they're even closer to first place now only three and a half games back in the south division. We met this weekend are in North Dakota taking on the Fargo Moorhead redhawks beginning week on the road to the wing nuts. And we got a good. Kansas birth sports birthday today Bobby Douglas is 71. Years old today. Eldorado Kansas born in Manhattan raised NL Laredo played at a great college career at KU as a quarterback. Let the jayhawks to the 1969. Orange Bowl. What do they it was sixth ranked Kansas against third ranked undefeated Penn State. And you don't let Penn State won that game fifteen to fourteen that. Only got to tell you what that I'm here ACLU KU history. Jack Mitchell ugly news coach's name he recruited the top kids in there were topped Kansas gave them that they. They were did Bobby Douglas the bubbly Douglas or in jail a good start reagans are on there believe me you did John Mosher from which west was immensely. And Bobby Douglas is a great big left handed kid and I guess he threw a pass left handed the spiral funny. And it just almost knocked guys and so he can really throw you accidentally yet he's he's he's he's still around this cat's birthday today seventy longevity want Bobby and I and he was drafted in the NFL played the Chicago Bears you know and he was a run and fool for the mayor's slow him heap. Piled up a tiny yardage in I think 1972. And that wrapped. That was most rushing yards by a quarterback in one season and that record stood for 34. Years. Bobby Douglas. You've got 63 and a flooding into any debate rob old Kansas chips grew up in Belgrade area. Happy birthday Bobby Douglas is 71. Today at sports the Stevens head and SS daytime for our prairie fire coverage break on an SS. You know prairie fire copies of precious copy of the Wichita area. Because very tired coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired golf reader office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. 823 Stevens hit you've been here for the media Hannity morning that it coming out trump is keeping his promises. See the bed in the morning on Kate and a sense.