Shocker men to face Tulane for the first time in team history

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Wednesday, February 21st

A Shocker basketball preview, WSU hosting Tulane


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Is distinction which should talk turns to first where lie. Team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case this is sporting news receiving 1090 Macintosh. Evangelist Billy Graham has died that we've got the story. Derby police investigating a possible murder suicide I'm Ted Woodward. Those details just ahead. Customs police chief is honored with the lead medal of our. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. The storm that moved through yesterday is giving us some slick roads this morning but by this afternoon round to another storm on the way our forecast coming up. He was often referred to as America's preacher the reverend Billy Graham has died. He preached to more people than anyone in world history followed Jesus let him leave Jewell an evangelist who touched tens of millions. Called by some the Protestant Pope. There are problems that thin and Arabic that cannot be solved. Outside the person about look keep it right. Graham became a confidant of presidents helping them with their problems. He spoke at seven and alterations. Graham lived his life with a sense of humility and integrity that endeared him to millions worldwide but you'll remember. Nothing but isolate tonight except one thing don't you remember. God. Loves. You Bret Baier Fox News. Students from the Florida high school where seventeen people were killed in last week's shooting. Will be marching near the State Capitol in Tallahassee today hoping to convince legislators make strides dealing with firearm availability. Teenagers from Florida Stoneman Douglas high are in Tallahassee and watched as Florida's House of Representatives. On party lines chose not to take up the so called assault weapons ban 73 to 36. Okay. Student Cheryl Aqua Raleigh. Others like Ashley Santoro kept more positive. Knocking on lawmakers doors. I get ugly that'll change right away but I still think this is great progress probably the first time in a very long time that we had is progress. Already in Miami Evan brown Fox News a storm complete with thunder and lightning sleet came through south central Kansas affecting the Tuesday morning commute. Alan King which does director for public works and utilities says city crews started putting assaults and makes on the main roadways late Monday night. Mobilizing all five frozen a dump all five dozen trucks in disservice. We didn't experience some flash freezing on some of the elevated roadways. And so it was a good thing that we did have some salt and sand down. Unfortunately at around 3 to 5 o'clock depending on where you were. A lot of precipitation came down fairly heavy and wash some of that treatment off the road so we essentially started over and some of the areas of the city. Takes about eight hours for city crews to apply treatment to all of which are those primary roadways. Police in derby are investigating the deaths of 2 men on Monday evening police responded to a home in the 600 block of Tanglewood court checking on the welfare of a resident. Officers found two adult men dead from gunshot wounds derby police chief Robert Lee says the shooting appears to be a murder suicide. That is certainly something we're considering at same time we wanted to keep all of our options open. And we'll certainly investigate any leads that are out there any leads that we receive. Chief Li says they did not find any signs of forced entry into the home he believes the two men knew each other. The search continues for five year old Lucas Hernandez missing since last Saturday from his home. In southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says anyone with information can call a special tip line at 3834661. We understand it is frustrating for the public to want to do more. However the community can best help us by sharing information. On their social media pages. And providing tips to us. These tips are invaluable to our investigation. We have upwards to a hundred personnel. Assigned work in this case at any given time. Lucas was last seen wearing blacks where it's White Sox and degree sure with a bear on it. Heston police chief Doug she rader was among a dozen law enforcement officers from across the country honored with a medal of sour. Chief Doug Lee shredder charged into the building without any back up whatsoever. He closed end on the shooter dodging bullets and firing back until he stopped. The killer cold. President trump recognizing chief trader and eleven others and a ceremony Tuesday at the White House he was recognized for his response to the report of an active shooter. At the excel industries' plant and tested in February 2015. He tells tales are news he doesn't consider himself a hero someone doing his job. We set out to do the right thing every day software and that day has little to no choice. Metal Valerie is behind us on our awarded to law enforcement. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news another guilty plea and special counsel Robert Mueller is Russia investigation. Let's do lawyer Alexander's one pleading guilty delighted special counsel does skaters teased and vendors like his father in law as a Russian oligarchs suing over the com dossier of admitted to concealing contacts that would trump campaign aide Rick gates. Two months before the presidential election. Gates on his business partner former come campaign chairman Paul Mann a port. Have been indicted on money laundering charges by the special counsel but White House principal deputy press Secretary Rice shot tells Fox News. This has to do with an attorney representing a one of the individuals has already been indicted has nothing to do with actions related to this president. In Washington soundly until Fox News K and assess huge time now 8044 bit expensive o'clock. College men's basketball action tonight. Wichita State at home Kansas State at home we'll have previews coming up in sports the NRA is up and arms after someone vandalized a billboard. That story coming up on the case and as a sporting news was Stevens as the. 987 and thirteen thirty K and S heiress. 80 wait now 8 minutes past 8 o'clock. The police swat team was activated Monday afternoon after a man was shot himself Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson. Says a fifty year old man showed up at a gas station asking for help he had gunshot wounds to his chest and arm. The victim had been shot by a noun a 49 year old male after an argument over food. Officers followed a blood trail to our residents in the seventeen are blocked itself hydraulic. The Wichita police department special weapons and tactics team was activated to check the residence for the suspect. Do the violent actions but what was reported. However the suspect was not at that location and remains on the loose victim is expected to survive. The NRA is up in arms after someone vandalized a billboard. Someone spray paint in a message on a billboard in Louisville, Kentucky saying kill the NRA. The National Rifle Association taking the message seriously posting on its FaceBook page. This is a wake up call they're coming after us the group asking its members to spread the word. The company that owns the billboard says the message is an act of vandalism not a paid advertisement. They're covering it out Jill NATO Fox News in China I cracked. Down on strippers. At funerals funerals that look more like gentlemen clubs. Strippers hired to perform at funerals to ease the pain of mourners at least that's the claim. The Chinese Government not happy about the practice. Cracking down now on what he calls obscene pornographic and vulgar performances at funerals. Even setting up a hotline for offended grieving people took call. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Wow that's. First time ever heard brick house played at a funeral elf but little unusual strange they tend 10 minutes after 8 o'clock. And get data be very careful on the road ways also on the sidewalks in the parking lots we've got. Some very slippery conditions that iron that it yeah that's right just another day to be very very cautious on the roads traffic on K and SS has brought to budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown at market and Waterman east every street mall and on line a Carl star dot com. Home of the 3495 oil change. And now the forecast with K and this is staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning it dammit. Good morning would overnight temperatures falling into the mid teens we're going to have some slick spots on side streets sidewalks and the lesser traveled roads but it will stay drive for a good part of the day another system is coming in by this evening between 5 and 6 o'clock. We'll see precipitation move in from the south they'll start in the form of snow potentially one to two inches in some parts of south central Kansas though mixed with freezing rain overnight or Lou 25. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy fourteen degrees been sixteen for a couple of hours down we're down to fourteen. And also wind at thirteen miles per hour that gives us say windchill of zero. Today is Wednesday February 21 funny eighteen and it was on the state in 1972. President Richard M Nixon began his historic visit to China. As he and his wife passed arrived in Beijing. And this this this is up analysis is in foreign policy we've never seen anything like this because it took Richard Nixon and a young veteran. From Southern California. Who ran for congress to I think 46 was the first year he ran and he ran on a very. Anti Communist. Right. Platform. He went after the the sitting congresswoman there and I think he called her the pink ladies. And he was a staunch anti Communist right through the fifth out. And then right there and in through the sixties as well. And then you know here we have him making overtures to China. And also just the Soviet Union it was a little unusual as this guy was such an about you know anti Communist. Apparently wanted to. It was better for world. Safety and peace of at least Qatar and at that time China was a very closed. Only one country. Facility is putting even more Abbott magma and then they didn't allow cameras and you know asked to come in and things like that all of a sudden partners. President Nixon in China was amazing drinking a toast to build the whole thing and they went to the great wall. There's photograph there. All right it's 813 now with Stephen to edit the California teen has been sent to. Six months in prison for smuggling a Bengal tiger cubs from Mexico into the United States. The defense attorney for eighteen year old Luis Valencia told the court Tuesday in San Diego before his sentencing that escalated. Have a lapse in judgment and one of the endangered tigers a pact. But. Prosecutors argue that to Valencia cell phone data showed. He was running an animal smuggling business now you now and he was boasting about getting thousands. For monkeys jaguars have lions. The six week old cub was found on the passenger side floor in Valencia's car in August at a San Diego border checkpoint. Apparently. Luis is not Smart enough to know that. Border officers will check for the they're pretty but it mining and it is eggs on the floor court. Tigers are endangered it's illegal to import them without a permit and the tiger cub now lives at the San Diego zoo's safari parks on hey now that's pretty pretty pretty plush surroundings there. Well that young tiger baby and Florida. Is all on the cusp of removing a statue of a confederate general. At the US capitol and replacing it with one of an African American woman. States House of Representatives approved the bill yesterday and the governor is expected to sign it it would remove a statue of general Edmund Kirby Smith. And put up one of Mary McLeod a few and in its place she founded a school that would eventually become historically. Black Matthew and kookmin university in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her statue is would be the first African American woman in Statuary Hall. Congress allows each state to statues there Florida's other one. Is again I named John gory whose inventions. Led to modern day air conditioning. So. All right I can't argue with that especially as the Florida as a floor more now. I think you're right that's an upstate a lot of eyes widely support that guy but not the confederate general and it's probably. You know that's this that's a good move by Florida do this the precedent was in 92 states got to name their first yep but they're Tuesday Tuesday Kansas. For a long time. We had two people live of course it is bound of the state Ingles us one on the it was a click. George Glick in these these are people from like the long first days of statehood died after the civil or sixties. And a while back we did we get ice an hour there at the that I am Kansas became the first state ever say we like to swap out our statues and then nobody complained so we didn't. We put the Dwight. Emilia Earhart might. Swap out would be which aired via kansas' second statute they haven't done yet very well known candidates been talking about it several years you know I was thinking about Bob Dole of it or she's. He still weather's been Bob Dole at some point on the other hand you just put politicians in there or do you like to say somebody from. Navy Atrix like. You're totally would have no trouble with. I can I can Emilia air RIC that's pretty I think leading Brady two pretty solid representatives great representatives vote for the state of Kansas. In that etc. ultimately do you get Emilia are art in there trying to think where that is looking is that right there in in congress to head near the house. I it's been awhile since I was in there and ornament out there is this there's a hallway Paula statuary and some of them there and there are some of them that are in place called the crypt. I don't digs enough room in the statue in the hallway for all hundred. 100 statue some of them earn a place called the crypt which I think is somewhere. On a lower floor nearby well my history tells me that. General Smith. Was a terrific and a soldier very very good soldier but on the other hand maybe this time is now. And it. Should they statues be a pre why not mean is that you know public is always changing and grinding it change yeah. And when I put some new folks in there and let their stance she's the the statue idea sickened and eight to 7818. Now with Steve intended. Time before two dead deliberately got shocker basketball tonight incorporated. And and. Can be given night the get a good chancellor is only too long games blocked it out but he's as old as yeah the season that you are saying by. Tonight thirteenth ranked Wichita State hosting two lane this is a Coke arena tonight. The shocker is RE 21 point favorite going into this 12 lane has lost five in a row the shocker is only four game winning streak right now this the first meeting ever. Between the green wave and the shock here's. In men's basketball this will be the only time they're scheduled to meet. In the regular season. Let's get a let's get a preview of the game they shocker is of course a big senior class and shocker head coach Gregg Marshall wants them to. Thrive it down the stretch. I don't even have to try to motivate him yesterday yes it look. You used it's it's your time now you seniors this is your time this is when you take no for an you've heard me yell and scream and motivated him. All are now and the Knute Rockne deal is done. You've got to do it now yourself for use. Because this year this is your legacy six to view will be known you'll be known that showed great shocker but more importantly you'll be no it's what you did your senior year. And I think they've bought into that so. I'm excited about do the wins this past week I'm excited about what's upcoming it's going to be another we get two more weeks of the regular season four more games. Doctors in two lane tonight Mike Kennedy and Dave dull will be on the air with pregame coverage at 5:30 PM. The game will tip off at 630 tonight that the Coke arena listen to that live on 103 point seven KE YN. And after the game I'll be joined along with Jeff lutes and we will take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show. Broadcasting live at twin peaks in the east which he thought when he first and rock. Knew there at the soccer game tonight. Men's basketball lax and at home for Kansas State tonight the wildcats hosting taxes. Two weeks ago OK state went on the road and beat the longhorns. And tonight is the rematch in Manhattan Kansas State has won three of its last four Texas has dropped three of four. He states still holding on that fourth place spot. In the Big 12 Conference wildcats are favored by three points tonight at home little tip off at 8 o'clock this evening in Manhattan nationally televised on ESP NU. Talking K you basketball tonight K you basketball hawk talk with head coach Bill Self 6 o'clock this evening that's on Sports Radio thing at 81240 AM at 975. FM. They hawks getting ready for the first place showdown this weekend at Texas Tech should be some good talk with coach self tonight. You go men's basketball action tonight two big one on the road for Butler community college visiting fifteenth ranked coffee bill a team that is on an eleven game winning streak right now. Butler's playing very well the grizzlies won five out of six Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 715 tonight. Right here on 987 and thirteen thirty case in ans yes. Hockey action. Last night downtown in trust bank arena which it hogs four game winning streak comes to an end Colorado beat the thunder 53. Good news from Wichita is the teams' rematch tonight another chance for the thunder to knock off the first place Colorado Eagles. Under ending up a five game homestand tonight 7 o'clock downtown at in trust bank arena. High school boys basketball congratulations to keep enough karma all senior night win last night comeback win over east my nephew Mitchell would word. Twenty points for the crusaders last night on his senior night along with his on his senior teammates nice comeback win at. And a we will baseball news for you of course Eric Hosmer signed a big contract with the San Diego Padres former Kansas City Royals and he's taking one of his royals teammates with him in a way. The Padres signing first baseman Eric cost for to an eight year 144. Million dollar deal. Hosmer who Helm team USA to gold in the World Baseball Classic last year the console in stadium a pet co park left to part ways with number 35 that's retired by San Diego on Randy junk man Jones. Instead he'll Wear the number thirty for the Padres to honor his former Kansas City Royals teammate Donald inter. Basically told him I don't mean a lot to me if and I can Wear number thirty in. Just continue. Your Donna's legacy and her killed in January of last year and a car crash in his native Dominican Republic and a volatile Fox News. And a happy shocker basketball birthday today and Sean old theory it was 32 today. Where he was a sophomore on Wichita State sweet sixteen team back in 2006. He was the the shocker is Big Three point shooter on that team when coach turgeon a shocker. Went to the sweet sixteen happy birthday Shaun oh Garry has 32 with. Today as sports we Stephen says hey congratulations to your nephew Mitch he's just had a terrific career there. At this case and and it has been on the run. Apparently play basketball when his he's third in the city league in scoring. And another nine last night's all right let the crusaders they continue to. 822 now keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. CNN coverage of the trop tax plan John's gonna take a whack at that. That's coming up Steven did in the morning on Kate and Ashley asks.