Shocker men win, move on in the Maui Invitational

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st

The Shockers start cold, but beat California and move on to face Marquette.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS yeah. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Watch this is the case and it says sporting news receiving dead if I keep Macintosh. Fire forces evacuation of a Justin nursing home we've got the story. Plans for a Tyson chicken lighting candles remain on hold on Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a cold front is sweeping across Wichita and south central Kansas this morning. But changes are on the way for Thanksgiving we'll talk about what that means if you're traveling coming up. Tyson Foods says his plans were chicken plant in Kansas are on hold a splendid moves forward with its Tennessee's project. We'll Springdale Arkansas based company announced Monday it would. Build a 300 million dollar chicken production complex in Tennessee. That's expected great more than 15100 jobs when it begins operation in 2019. But Tyson spokesman said Monday the company has still interest in Kansas and will continue to consider potential sites in the state for expansion. Tyson withdrew their support amid public opposition over a plant in Tonga an oxy. The company then began looking elsewhere and officials and Sedgwick and cloud county as well as coffee bill then pursued the project Dan O'Neill came and SS news. It's a fighter forced evacuation of the homestead assisted living center in Augusta Monday a sprinkler run often contain the fire. Thirty residents were evacuated by staff for about an hour before they were allowed to return to the facility. Kate is and you spoke with the justice department of public safety major race market. The building was evacuated much ma'am we did an excellent job. On getting him out and getting killed. There were no injuries authorities determined that the fire began as a grass fire outside the facility. Police are looking for a masked gunman who rounded Jimmy John's restaurants. Near 21 street north and maize road in west Wichita. And officers arrived they make contact with the twenty year old male employee reported an unknown suspect had entered the business. Brandished a firearm and pointed it out employees. The suspect demanded money and money was taken by the suspect who then fled to business. Officer Charlie Davidson says about 16100 dollars a ticket suspect is a white heavyset male in his thirties. The Kansas Department of Labor pay into the Wichita area unemployment rate at 3.4. Percent in October. Down from 4% in September and below the statewide jobless rate of three point 6%. Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell tells K and SS news. And we're not finished yet amazingly we know there are some jobs in the art for and we're working on right now gonna drive the unemployment rate even lower. While will commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen Ted show here on K in SS. One airman is dead another injured after an air force training jet crash the crash happened about fourteen miles northwest of Laughlin air force base near the Aniston Reza or on the Texas Mexico border late Monday afternoon one airman died at the scene the other rush to Al bared their regional medical center in Del Rio, Texas 47 flying training wing vice commander colonel Michel Pryor says quote when a tragedy like this occurs every member of the US armed forces feels it a T 38 talent is a twin engine high altitude supersonic jet trainer used to prepare pilots for Frontline fighter and bomber aircraft. It has an exceptional safety record according to the air force the T 38 as a crew of two a student and an instructor. It's unclear which survived the accident identities have not been announced pending notification of family. Kevin battled Fox News the White House has been promising to get its tax cut plan and signed into law before Christmas. But foxes Alison barber reports the hurdles are mounting for the plan. Majority leader Mitch McConnell says he plans to take the bill to the senate floor. After Thanksgiving the question is keen he'd find the votes to actually. Pass it Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee passed their version of tax reform late last week every Democrat on the committee. Voted against it and right now there are quite a few skeptical Republicans the main concern is a provision that repeals obamacare is individual mandate it's a provision the cynic bill has. The virgin pass in the house did not subject. The White House now seems unsure about keeping. Some fiscal conservatives are also saying they they're worried about how much the cuts may add to the national debt. Kagan SS news I'm now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. And we've got that shocker men and women were in action yesterday. Will tell you how they did coming up sports. CBS morning news show host. Charlie Rose apologizes for behavior with women that story coming up on the canisters sporting news that Stephen dead. They're okay and is this morning news receive a dead now 8077. Minutes after 8 o'clock. CBS morning show host Charlie Rose says he's deeply embarrassed. And apologizes for his behavior. The Washington Post reports eight women who work with rose accuse a 75 year old of groping them. Walking naked in front of them and telling one that he dreamed about her swimming nude. CBS has suspended rose and PBS has halted distribution of his nightly interview show. A Heisman football trophy favorite. Will not start next weekend as punishment for his behavior after lewd behavior during last Saturday's win over Kansas Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield will start next Saturday. On the bench for the big deal to him I don't know especially for our team because it's a kind of leader he is and this is the last on the biggest door and no one feels. He also will not start this game but he will play. Suitors head coach Lincoln Riley their announcing the punishment for many feel this after may feel taunted and that Kansas university for the team's poor performance. The Heisman candidate did apologize shortly after the game. As is in the first time mayfield has found himself in trouble arrested for public intoxication during the off season but receiving no suspension or benching for that arrest. Menopause on how Fox News south Carolina's first execution in more than six years. Will not go forward as planned Bobby Wayne stone was scheduled to die December 1 for the 1996 murder of a sheriff's deputy but South Carolina supply a Pinto Barbara tall expired four years ago and governor Henry McMaster says they can't get more. Reason we don't have the droves despite efforts intense efforts to get them. Is because the companies that may come to distributors to distribute them and the pharmacist who may have to compound them. They'll want to be identified and it. NASA wants lawmakers to break the stalemate by passing a shield built to keep the providers of execution drugs secret Steve Rappaport Fox News Kagan is excuse time now 8099. Minutes past 8 o'clock. And this morning continue avoiding Harry had McLean. One person seriously injured in a traffic accident there just continued to avoid that intersection let's get a stalled have vehicle southbound. I won 35. It is that at 37. Street north of there by the north junction. Watch for a slow down traffic update on tape and has asked rusty budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown and market and Waterman. In the east ferry street mall and online at Carl's tired dot com. Home of the 3495. Oil changed and now the forecast risque and assist at the urologist Dan Holliday get more and end. Good morning cloud cover thickened up overnight across south central Kansas we expect a cold front to move through and clearing skies this afternoon are high 56. Winds will shift to the northeast behind the front gusting up to 35 miles per hour. Tonight's going to be much colder are Luke 23. Sunny 48 for the high winds stay for back in the upper sixties on Thanksgiving I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy 45 degrees of north wind at thirteen miles per hour pay and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the urban green you. Located at 579 west Douglas in his story delay you know the monarch. Coming up on 811 now with Stephen 10 in the morning yesterday's high temperatures sixty more normal high for the date 54 and again as you just heard there. Mean you know that just heads up on that it did and Brooke repeating the forecast a little bit tonight get down to 23. So. And accordingly yeah it'll get a little cold hand. So how long have you been married. Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip the duke of Edinburgh. Celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary at a special party and Windsor Castle. Surrounded by their children and grandchildren their plant them not. Wanting an anniversary they got married seven the years ago at best mr. Andy. Lau. Earlier the queen presented the duke with a rare honor as an anniversary present. A touching and gestures seen as her recognition. Of the devotion Phillip has shown through the decades supporting her publicly and privately. She appointed Philip ray Knight grand cross of the royal Victorian order. Philip is 96 years old apparently that isn't a big honor. And public as a middle that he can Wear on his illness has acted businesses to what everybody just calls and felt. Could be the creed that we may maybe the queen in the or or the duke and a they do Qaeda a bit but it sounds good. An atheist group is suing to stop and and an annual blessing of the animals at a New Jersey shelter. American Atheists ink it's our right incorporated claims in a federal lawsuit. The Bergen County animal shelters blessing of the animals by a Roman Catholic priest. Violates the first and fourth amendment's. Childress run by the county's department of health services and receives money from the states. So because of that. Dan the old us. Thing about separation of church and state but by the way I I agree with but there sometimes it just. It it's taken it'll too far yeah estimation this could be one of them. A rare poster for the 1931 horror film Dracula. Sold for 525800. Dollars at auction house Dallas based heritage auctions says. That seems to be the highest amount to a movie poster has garnered at auction. Heritage says the poster which features the image of actor but we'll negotiate. As Dracula is one of only two known to be left it of that particular version just two of them. Was put up for sale by the family of longtime cinematographer and photographer George. Who owned it since the 1950s. And yet the sense says his dad loved horror films and had childhood memories of seeing Dracula. When it was released. A little ago Q&A goes way back at you at the white and 31 yet. And when you first came out in the movies of story of Dracula which has been done. Again and again and again and again is well yeah he sees me fascinated. A couple of those. Those early ones yeah now while I'm actually kind of surprised any of those posters. Well yeah how is it just two of surviving so now. Half million dollars. At 814 Steve's at one of our news stories this morning evolving as city manager Bob Layton saying. As you talk to the police she's about cutting back on the use of cameras to write traffic tickets is primarily in the old town area right and a we did a poll mrs. Stevenson polled want but. Three to one yet London saying that you know we don't likeness. It's it's too much of an intrusion on people's privacy. My feeling is it to a limited problem with the if you're down there in your your behaving properly everything will be okay I'm sure yeah and the current law we have a place down there that is. Over the past few years has been very very various central. To this community and in the old town and now that the Leino areas these places with the restaurants an ambulance and and there's such popular places yeah we meet need to make sure that that are safe for every human being goes down there. No matter what time a day or night. Yeah the council forests to put you at a mini police station down there in old town right and as far as I'm concerned. You're on camera when you're down read pretty much feel like you're on camera everywhere you go right. I nurtured their such thing as privacy anymore anymore at all via the San as far as giving out tickets is concerned. I draw the line at automation in the sort automated tickets these were human beings watching these cameras and on and writing well not only writing them and they wouldn't write him. They would tell the officers in the area and in this car did Disco pulled him over. So it wasn't any automation and really a problem. And if you're thinking about this. Tyson chicken processing plant that Bayless. Not over with and just their story today is saying that they're gonna head with the Tennessee project similar. But that Kansas is now. Find disheartening I guess man maybe not I'm not sure I'm surprised by any of this Charlie Rose uses a bit in CBS for a long long time. And it does their morning show on TV. As now he's apologizing saying you know he's fessed up there at eight women have come out in this guy. As it was behave like a pervert the past and you know these as you know on story. These allegations out there I don't think I'm surprised any no I don't you know who's next door and it's like. Another one bites it does who's next on this thing didn't notion of now the corporate mile high. I was watching a little but the network TV coverage and I don't know which network heroes and we got fox up not only in them. But. I noticed that in their TV coverage. They selected for Charlie Rose some of the most unflattering photos. That I've ever seen him. I mean and every autumn he he looks like he's. He's dropped he looks like his eyes are apple Clooney's yeah he's Leary's new you know they they went they found the worst the worst ones. They could possibly lied to. To illustrate Carol heroes but you know. People's Elliott forty she's been missed BA flight. That one or two times that I've actually been may be ones. Twice that I've been interviewed on TV of one of the mine remember. Or ice and ice it afterwards I'm never going to do these local TV interview again it was about some because thing. But they come up and the focus right on your face. And it's it's like they want to look up your nose so yet ready to close up shop that is so unflattering to every human being. And as a guy who operate two cameras in the camera guys local TV they left to do that. It had reported it I guess they think that's really cool look at it you know. The man in the control but anyway I imagine HD television. And a friend and me and are today and if I've got the very photogenic to begin with right could you please. Back over point. Oh yeah better dust. Just a little little personal playing eighteen now Stephen dead and it's says sports time and get chambers and tell us about. The basketball. We had expected really great game in the white last night that they when I was listening on the radio. As last evening I gave up four. Yeah I gave up on second half well. For any all the about twelve minutes it wasn't really that great game built which star state came out cold at Maui invitational. Got behind early they went into the locker room trailing California by nine. Was. (%expletive) turn to death. Yet at some point in the second half they decided they needed to get it done you heard it over on one with three point seven KEY and might Kennedy with a call. Throughout this line Morris center. It got what I look. And that was kind of a turning point right there. To act yet really helped out sacked more big. In that come back and eat on the night had point five points later Shannon added 23 number six Wichita State. They beat California in 92 to 82. And it didn't seem like that he sees them victory and a well I was down what eighteen. They were down by quite a bit at one point yet as a the sharks earned a spot in today's semi finals against Marquette. Pre game coverage begins at 1130 this afternoon on one of three point seven KEY and what's the state women. He gave a really good challenge to the number twelve team in the nation the lady volunteers in Tennessee last night. You heard that game on right here on 97 a thirteen 38 and has asked. The strain with golf. In. These. Cute. Well. And at three point opportunity for and he. Could not this. But the shoppers at halftime only trailed by one in this game. In the fourth quarter of the game they matched the vols with twenty points apiece. As about a ten minutes that segment of that game where the lady vols outscored the shoppers nine to eighteen that was about the difference there. The lady vols win at 68 to 56. So a loss for the shocker she still hasn't picked up a win on this season but they looked pretty good against the number two team in the nation that's Tennessee yeah that's Tennessee yes. So it doesn't get that mind it really yet you really have to they they look pretty good in that outing. Next up for the witch that state women the UNM Thanksgiving classic. Tournament shocker taking on host New Mexico at Friday night at 8 o'clock. The wildcats got to win last night it was pretty routine win for the K state men's basketball team. An eighty to 58 win over northern Arizona it was part of the home or campus schedule of the Las Vegas invitational. Now the actual Las Vegas part of that death. Tournament begins they play Arizona State on Thursday. And so when for the wildcats last night. The number three or number four depending on which poll you look at Kate you men. Hosting Texas southern tonight that's their first on campus game of the coo Paul Miami invitational. Pre game started that when at 6 o'clock. That's tonight over on KFH 12:40 AM 975 FM and tonight right here on Kate and as as its. Butler grizzly basketball. And it's the grizzlies hosting Crowley pregame start at 715. Dennis Higgins with the call. That is sports and Stephenson in my day 21 now keep it here for the handed the morning admitted the president the basketball players at the tweets. Stevens head of the morning on case NSA us.