The Shocker Men's Basketball team is #3 in the nation

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 12th

The Shockers jump from #6 to #3, jumping over KU who falls from #2 to #12 in the Coaches' Poll


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case there's this morning is receiving dead at ninety Macintosh. Suspects held in Wichita as the latest homicide we've got the story until the brand. The Wichita school board fills another vacancy at Monday night's board of education meeting falls Wichita church plans on building they community development area I'm Dan O'Neill. Alabama senate election today I'm looking forward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. The biggest difference from yesterday to today is who wins not nearly as windy this afternoon are complete forecast is on the way. The Wichita school board filled another vacancy yet Monday night's meeting. With the approval from four of six board members Ernestine Crable was voted in to fill the district three vacancy on the Wichita board of education Monday night. Kagan SS news spoke with Crable who was asked what her motivation was to apply for the position on the board. Truthfully I had a little bit of conscience strike and for years in the League of Women Voters who in registering people to vote. And I've also been always urging people to run for public office we need to have good people in public office. And it was certified. That I had to. Take my own advice. Credible replaces longtime member Barbara Fuller who resigned her seat last month due to moving out of the district. Crable will begin her duties that the board's next meeting in January. Phil Noble brand K and SS news. A man moving out of my house was shot and killed in far west Wichita Saturday morning police officer Charlie Davidson says officers were called to a shooting upon me and carting and they found 31 year old man there who had gunshot wounds to his leg. And he told officers and his friend had been shot in the 2200 block of south Park Ridge. As police arrived at that scene that they could still hear gunshots from inside the house. Minute 21 year old man came out. Officers quickly begin giving commands to this individual who dropping handgun. And was taken into custody without further incident. Officers entered the residence and located. The victim a 45 year old male. Deceased from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim has been identified as a Randy Gibson of Wichita. Investigators believe Gibson live at the home with the suspect and the suspect's girlfriend 38 year old woman. And that Gibson had come to the house with two other men to move out his belongings police believe Gibson and his two friends were all shot by the suspect. Who was booked into jail for first degree murder two counts of aggravated battery and possession of a firearm by a felon. This is Wichita Oz 37 homicide of the years the city's third straight weekend with a at least one murder case. A church in west merchandise planning to develop our housing subdivision. That would include a special events venue. Central community church filed papers with the city to develop 33 acres of land to the west of their existing buildings on west maple. The Wichita eagle reports City Council member Brian fraud met with church leaders about their building plants. Up to 280 homes and senior living apartments are to be included in the development. Also included are plans for a soccer field and pawns. A chapel in shops on my call bands special events that are. Space would also be set aside for future construction that would include a school for students in kindergarten through high school. Plans are to be presented on Thursday to Wayne metropolitan area planning commission committee. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore was that he popular theme at a campaign rally. I wanna make America great again. With president draw I want America great but I'll walk America good and she can't be good. Do we go back to god. More faces accusations of sexual assault from multiple women they claim that he pursued or sexually abused them when they were girls and he was in his thirties. Last week which caused largest employers Spirit Aerosystems announced it would bring a thousand new jobs of Wichita in the coming months investing a billion dollars in the community. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K and SS news there is more to the story. The reality is not a thousand jobs probably more like more now because we know when. Spirit that jobs their supply chain and jobs and retailers that and just there's a number about a job to happen in the community and and so historically organist see her 4000 jobs. Commend our community. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen tinged in the morning shall right here on K and assess. Educate and assist units are now 8044 minutes after 8 o'clock. Moving up in the rankings the soccer men's basketball team how high can they go we'll discuss it coming up we'll their coach Marshall in sports few minutes dry windy conditions increased fire danger across Kansas that's story on the way. Sarah McKay and SS morning news for Stephen says that. We can't resist for users to even sit down 8088 minutes as data plot. This Kansas remains dry and windy in December then large parts of the state are under red flag warning or fire danger. K is in news spoke of Wichita fire Marshall Stewart devers who says it always is important for people be very careful what sources of ignition. Whether to discarded cigarette. Or an unfortunate electrical work from transformer. You lose things can lead to a very significant fire. Which the fire crews have been busy lately and the county fire crews made quick work of a fire off 147 street Easton 31 read itself Monday afternoon Davos as. Fire crews remain on alert and they continue to evaluate wind conditions every morning. We're hearing again claims of sexual harassment against president trump Fox's Kristen Fisher in Washington. Three of the sixteen women who publicly accused president trump of sexual misconduct spoke out during a joint press conference. The first came forward during the campaign but now they're calling on congress to launch a formal investigation. For senators are calling on president trump to resign all Democrats but. I think it's safe to say that's not something easy even remotely considering instead. The white house Press Secretary denied all the accusations and said that if voters had a problem with them. That he wouldn't be in the White House today. The drug administration is trying to block a court ruling that would require the US military to accept transgender recruits. President Charles been trying to force transgender people out of the military that keeps hitting legal hurdles. The latest one comes from a federal judge you said Monday the Defense Department has still allow transgender people to a list starting January 1. But now the Justice Department has filed for an emergency stay to that decision. And even if transgender people do enlist the Pentagon's expected to have a strict set of physical conditions that could make it hard for them to Jolene. A medical provider will have to certify they think clinically stable in their preferred gender for eighteen months in Washington chill NATO Fox News. Paganism is due time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And this morning in traffic we've got traffic accident now westbound Kellogg at Weber wrote it. Watch out for a slowdown in the area again that's westbound Kellogg at web broad. Apparently traffic is down to one lane westbound there so well avoid the area if you can traffic update from cape and it's as radio and get chambers. Though the forecast with K Unisys staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning again. Good morning with a mostly clear start today will be sunny this afternoon temperatures in the upper fifties around lunchtime with 52 later on this afternoon it'll be clear overnight our Lou 33. In windy and not his cool tomorrow with a high close to six feet. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 27 degrees northwest wind at ten miles per hour when he said we got a chilly out there. Yesterday's high temperature 67. And it's all still about. Tony here fumbles thirty degrees. The warmer than usual this time yourself. The warm dry weather continues that you heard. Jan that was out on the west side of town believe riots there and that's right soul and on the conditions are there there dry in you know. We could have. All kinds of fires we haven't had a big problem yet but I think people are being. Pretty careful and not discarding cigarettes and so forth that's right now we have another Traficant somebody on sorted out. This one reported northbound and Ike to 35 the ramp to southbound I won 35. A kind picture that okay yes I'm in the north part of town gathered to ramp from northbound 935 to southbound I want 35 at the north junction okay. And again that's in addition to Kellogg and web traffic accident there I'm. A huge cigar shaped object out in space has scientists buzzing. They assumed it and interstellar asteroid but now some researchers are wondering if it's a spacecraft from elsewhere. They say it probably isn't but it could be. That's because of its shape which would be highly unusual for a typical space rock. Experts have previously suggested that an interstellar spacecraft would most likely be cigar or needle shaped since that would minimize friction. Scientists are getting ready to turn a powerful dish telescope toward its. A lot of the research is being done by Saatchi. The search for extraterrestrial. Intelligence out more on it and were all over the list cigar shaped and a keep me updated. You wanna keep can connect. A cigar floating in space SL this speak all of a sudden I was thinking about right out of you know cork and yup subject cork or was it portraits from. Yeah that was the one you like to know her favorite shows. In that would theirs Basil was somewhat a garbage truck it was an interest in her galactic garbage truck yes. And you watch this is a high hurdles sitcoms you know 1970 yeah I watched this what about eight seconds of this thing is it not for me but. Bright kid euros today it was actually eight garbage truck just little rockets on well. The track's tricky to drive and on the street they didn't care much about the shape there whether to do any wind resistance in the garbage truck going yes. The final show but can he wrote it. What was that crazy year movie that Mel Brooks made baseball's baseball's. But the guy who's doing Bart Darth Vader had that the Helmut that was about Brookline has had this Helmand on the was observed lit up ports. Spacek and Allen was a Winnebago yeah that's truck. Others are here not it's not out of the Ohio looking for cigar into training your telescope in space. For a giant trash truck Winnebago. And that's what it metric is too because it can be you know people in the UFO listening to Steven den right now. And we could be like some good news for the death rails are bringing on this his for the death rate and that would be the amnesty in Ted look at. To Peco officials say 35 year old African elephant at the zoo there into peca has died Shannon. Died yesterday morning after she was found lying underside of the second day in a role in. When the a 5500. Pound elephant more than two tons Ted. Was first found on our side Sunday to become fire personnel Tuesday. Largest strap and tripod actually a really big. Stratton tripod that to back into the upright position right. Do director Brandon wiley said firefighters were attempting to lift the elephant again Monday morning when she took her land obviously something wrong yet zoo officials investigating to see. What caused her death now. Estimate. 35 year old African open I think they boast that I don't think. They built we live longer than a little longer than in net. We've got you know and I got to tell you. I have not been in to the zoo. Are Cedric county zoo since they opened the new open I haven't either. Now or we a couple of worst couple slated anywhere that. Yeah I mean it now whether it's going to be cannon cannon not good for that kind of thing here the next few weeks months. Yeah that's one of my that's on my bucket list for this this this the coming spree meant to the new the new elephant exhibit. At the central counties are. Thirteen shopping days left till Christmas and it says he's got settlement and I've got. I've gotten most evident coarse unkempt I'm kind of limited this year the Carlyle Santa Claus for a lot of stuff. But on the other stuff. I don't have my wife to go with. She's right still. She's recovering from double knee replacement right so early and so it's yeah I've been out in dagger here shouldering the burden of shoring what we used to do by the way it's about time. Over the years is chilly night we dip buying an evening. In early December right the two of us. We'd go out have dinner and and just spent a couple of hours just go around the store. Don't actually need yet to get a guy cared about 90% earshot you get kids statement Arab and basically get most of it done in 1 evening. That desolation. That's not gonna happen this time around. The wife is somewhat in mobilized. We are trying milieu better get whether we're trying to plan for eliminations this weekend. Try to take my family out there was there some and I see how that works out and she may go along and maybe do wheelchair when it looks great. Mean I'll bet we've got to. We've got a couple ones I don't think have ever been you'll nominations. We're gonna bring that we're gonna see what happens that'll children's area back there is integrates amazing it's amazing all right we're coming up on 818 now. Stevens in the morning and it's sports I would get what we're in today we are talking about. Basketball and the national rankings. There are the new little weekly polls coming out yesterday and boy the shots are right up there. The new associated press and USA today coaches polls coming out undefeated Villanova is now the number one team in the nation moving up three spots. Right behind him moving up the spot to number two is nine in one Michigan State. And then this doctor's Wichita State ranked number three in the nation in both polls this week up three spots from last week shocked the record of eight and won this. Powerless shocker is that doing this week with their new number three ranking let's get a rundown of the shocker week from Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. You know they get Wednesday off the coach has to get Wednesday off he's gonna go to Tacoma to watch Eric Stephenson in a big big game on Wednesday come back Thursday and but you know there's the big guys are really buckled into their their focused on finals right now they're really excited about. Getting finals done so that they can concentrate for one solid month and a finger fastball. Marshall talking there with Mike Kennedy last night in the WSU basketball coaching show. At at eight days of the hour right here on and assess Kansas coming off back to back losses dropping out of the top. Number out of the number two spot actually take you down to twelfth in the coaches poll thirteenth in the eight people with a record of seven and two. Last night we did have a pro football action on Monday Night Football in Miami huge underdogs at home to dolphins hosting the first place red hot New England Patriots. Let's take you to the second play of the second half getting the start at defensive tackle the dolphins Jordan Phillips. Who went to circle high school. Because you heard it last night and their faith. The gun Brothers money. Two yard line second got to make it took them. You sit. Phillips at the lives of ten. Quarterback Brady and no place died right there pretty goes down you've got to pitch he's been sent. Phillips was granted and make you blow penalties smoked the left side of the offensive minded town where he had no chance of it before either. The circle thunderbird Jordan Phillips with a sack on Tom Brady last night. Back to back games now for Philips recording at least one sack the dolphins pull off the upset be patriots last night 27 to twenty. Snapping new England's eight game winning streak. We'll talk some college ansari two pro football tonight right here on CNN assess the weekly chiefs kingdom show. Play by play voice kids that he keeps me told us as at 7 o'clock tonight right here on your home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Chiefs surviving a last week winning a game to stay in first place now they do it again this Saturday night. But airlines stadium once again with first place on the line hosting the Los Angeles chargers. The a lot of discussion tonight she's been in show. Good stuff what makes this evening at 7 o'clock you're famous sets. Thirty years ago today. Wichita State men's basketball team beat Grambling nine B 380 at Leavitt arena thanks to Paul deferral which in his 63. Pointers. Always on that night pocket cues from outside he had some big daddy nights the shots one of his best six praise. Against Grambling thirty years ago today and if you wanna see some hoops action in Wichita tonight you can check out Friends University. The friends men and women are hosting Kansas Wesleyan befriends women are tied for first in the conference and they are ranked number 21 in the nation. Sports was even Ted KM SN it's like a long time ago that helped me Ted did refresh my memory bit that she'd start off the year by beating New England. At New England. Way back on it act Thursday night. To the Thursday after Labor Day and every got everybody's attention OK maybe these guys are pretty good she's got off to a great start and we long got off to a very slow start to the season. Course the fortunes of reversed a little bit they're both still playoff bound as of now. She's trying to hold on to a playoff spot new England's obviously very close to wrapping one up again and eight when he won keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes CNN admits a mistake in reporting. That story coming up Steven took the morning on Kate and as ass.