The Shockers get a win, but it wasn't easy

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 20th

The Shockers were a heavy favorite at home vs Arkansas State, but were down by 6 at the half.


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Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Watch this just okay this is sporting news feed of dead if I keep back into on. The diversity council had an extensive discussion of possible new player works ordinance Tuesday. Entrance public comment from president but council took no actions. They're Jeff Long Will systematic calls for more evaluation from staff. We know there are folks is one of being. Celebrating. Let's see if we can accommodate them and still do a better job of enforcing because what we're doing today is a work. What we're doing today is not working. So we've got to change something. Step members will look at the matter further and present to council with new proposal sometime early next year. Wichita police are asking for the public's help in trying to locate a man wanted for questioning. In two recent bank robberies police are seeking the public's assistance and attempting to locate 31 year old Matt Coleman junior. Coleman is wanted for questioning in connection to two recent bank robberies in Wichita. The first robbery occurred on Wednesday December 13 that the fidelity bank in the thirteen hundred block of north what lawn. The second robbery occurred on Tuesday at the wheat state credit union in the 14100 block of south will want. Coleman is described as a black male five foot nine inches tall 230 pounds and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information on Coleman is asked to contact the FBI 911 at the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Or crime stoppers at 2674111. There's a photo of the suspect with a new story on our website at KMS us radio dot com. Phil global brand K get SS news the senate has approved the GOP tax reform bill by a 51 to 48 vote. The house is expected to vote on the bill today. What's in the final Republican tax reform bill. The compromise legislation has seven tax brackets with most income earners paying a lower rates including the highest earners. The corporate tax rate to 721%. Rather than the 20% in the house and senate versions. The standard deduction nearly doubles the tax brackets is standard deductions sunset at the end of 20/20 five the corporate tax rate is permanent. The tax you for bill also repeals a federal mandate requiring people to buy health insurance keeping the provision in the senate passed bill. In Washington racial Sutherland Fox News. At least twelve people are dead after a tour bus carrying a Royal Caribbean cruise passengers crashed in Mexico the bus was heading to Mayan ruins in eastern Mexico when it flipped over on a highway early Tuesday seven Americans were injured according to local officials. Royal Caribbean Cruises confirming passengers from two of its ships were on the bus the Miami based company says they're doing all they can for their guests including assisting with medical care and transportation the State Department and the US embassy in Mexico closely monitoring the situation the cause of the accident is under investigation. Steve Rappaport Fox News. Kansas is now experiencing regional influenza activity. With the increase flu cases in most regions of the state. Outbreaks in long term care facilities have been reported to the Kansas department of health and environment. Four outbreaks have been identified so far during that 4017 what the eighteenth season. Andy Worthington is with Katie HE. Are starting to see an increase straight up and went and hand says it. Not too surprising that comment here typically influenza season peaks and mark between December and February enchantment now it is expected to start seeing more influence that the higher the year. Katie AT urges people get vaccinated. To protect themselves and their family members from the flu. While flu vaccine can vary and elbowed marched it is the best way to prevent flu illness and. Are influenced will include fever cough sore throat and just general muscle aches so any combination of those that fever it really is that inane than them that you're inexperienced with Quayle. Untreated influenza can result in related complications. Such as pneumonia. Kate has just in time 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. Conditions in traffic this morning once again foggy. Visibility could be an issue out there. Be careful this morning traffic update from take an SS radio I'm jet chambers. I'm really radio week nights. I'm okay. It's 97 to thirteen thirty K and as fans we yard. Stephen did the boy now 610 to 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning out in traffic well. Certainly get some more fogged up there fought him minister boarded this. At this time doesn't seem quite as bad as yesterday visibility still could be an issue. Luckily it's not freezing today though. That fog and freezing and anything. Fog and visibility issues this morning traffic updates from state and it's it's radio. I'm kids' team that now look at that forecast McCain is a stampede of all just Dan Holliday good morning they have the good. Morning we have an area of high pressure toward north low pressure towards south and that is what I keep cloud cover around for much of today. Temperatures in the upper forties by lunchtime fifty twos this afternoon. Cloudy and breezy tonight Harlow 43. Been breezy tomorrow with a high near fifty before a strong cold front moves through during the afternoon and K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Currently fog mist 47 degrees for the northeast wind at six miles per hour. Mostly cloudy day across Kansas Houston which does high temperature yesterday was 57 degrees. And Ohio State forty twos so we're still friends and above normal but. Forecast looks like we could be down that down to earth soon today is Wednesday. December 20 five days till Christmas. And start to feel it start to feel with. People not working people you know. Just little things atoms start to feel that the Christmas cheer coming our way by the way as far as Christmas cheer is concerned. Just two hours from now will entertain. Wichita. Eagle column a semi retired body thing. Alcohol can have shares from Christmas here of this today always astute and funny OB 8:10 this morning yesterday we had a Tammy snow the fire chief and other. She was she was good which gap tee she was it very good and talk about get the family together her family and popping up some popcorn watching movies yeah Christmas memories that was I enjoyed debt dead. That said. A lot of development at 8:10 this morning would Bonnie bank. It's December 20 on the state in 1946. The Frank Capra film it's a wonderful life. Sony team Stewart and Donna Reed had a preview showing for charity in New York a day before its official premiere of you know the story. But it's a wonderful life it was not not a big hit. And a few in not too many years gets a bit remember seeing as a child I'm a Abbott I can't remember seeing. Point Lisa would have seemed to reveal TV so 1940 sickens me even release before which more. But at some point NBC I think got the rights to that and began to she'll. Every year. And and I was hooked the first Thomas sought I've. After watching every year just after an all lines of what happened next right but it's it's a yeah it's a terrific terrific film. It's become in on what the top of the list of many people's. Holiday classics you know it's it's interesting. I I've seen it's a wonderful life. I'm probably one of the few people who have only watched it once and now. I and I thought it was a good movie I just don't yet never watched just as you're here you're just back from the war where he'd been a a war hero flying police bombing missions in Europe. As a pilot and even war hero. He came after the war ended in his book I read a book if you. You months ago that he they filmed that. That'll wipe front to different cars are all real Sarah playing yet and it's going everything it was about a 115 degrees. I remember shooting that. And in Southern California and it was really warm on the set don't look that way you swagger or bad for all college and it's slowly. But we tend I Ochoa capitation but this time you we both start talking like try to talk like gibberish door on a weekend. But my favorite actors little time in police in Little Rock of arrested a twelve year old boy. Yeah accused of firing a handgun at workers during an attempted robbery at a fast food restaurant. Police say no one was hurt when the boy opened fire Monday night at a Burger King in southwestern Little Rock according to a police report the employees told officers. They thought the boy was joking when he demanded cash. But they pulled out a handgun and opened fire. Police say the boy ran away but came back to the restaurant later that night to turn himself in. Twelve years old charges in juvenile with aggravated robbery we don't see in that young. Very often on our in a watch page. WPD and then turned himself in himself in later him but I figured out in other. Produce about this year a giant chunk of central Idaho with a dazzling night sky has become the nation's first international dark sky a reserve. Cool the international dark sky association designated the 14100 square mile central I don't oh. Dark sky reserve the sparsely populated areas nights guys. Are so pristine that it urged all your dust enter stellar dust clouds are visible in the Milky Way. Tonight Iraq. Researchers say 80% of all Americans live in areas where light pollution blots out the night sky the Forest Service has supported the designation as part of its mandate to. I'm preserve natural inching equality now. Its interest again Shelly and I were talking about this night Lester the night before. Ended just a something on TV there was of them a nice guy with the stars or whatnot and it triggered Shelley the C remember last time we were down and leaders like that's my sister in law. She lives she and Mike lives on ranch or. But Mike Mike is best way to deliver that that's a little far moved out in the country that are on the capital side in New Mexico. And at night means you can see the stars that are fifty miles from Albuquerque. There are no lights to do impeded and go to a place like that and you could see. It's like you can reach out and touch them but that's what they're trying to do here with this. Dark I think that's an interesting idea like that a lot like the lot now back to the subject of armed robbers. Police believe this could be the guy. Who is rob what fidelity bank and and it would yesterday of which state credit union got a mug shot this guy on a Wednesday. And I'm sure somebody out there well I'm not sure but maybe somebody out there right now no person is the 31 year old Mack calls and junior. I mean. It would appear to me that he's he's 31 years old been around for awhile WP need seems to know is. And by the public interest anybody gives managers on this robbery division numbers 2684518. If you remember that. You see this guy knows him 91 wants a nice debacle GAAP similar remember that on crime stoppers number three please remember to 6712 and eleven but. They get today and they must be really really churches you know. That this is at least somebody wanna talk to right. If not the person. Because they don't just talking to with a blue police chief yesterday. And they're very careful about you know people's rights and so forth and not putting something out there that proves to be fall also their they're pretty sure this guy. There's as much as getting hit a web page but the story. It is tennis has radio that count. 617 now Steve into the morning and Ted Woodward in a report lead of sports and I did. Looks like he might have a repeat of last game in the interest game last night at the Coca redirect the men's basketball. Let's doctors dictate pretty close it certainly doesn't corporate little trend go out right now the suggesting that this didn't you Greg marshals entire tenure Wichita State it's never given up fifty points in the first half. Until the last four games. What's going on three times in the last four games now the opponent has scored at least fifty in the first half and his team has been noted for defense three years now this team. As we work to do defensively. They they are vulnerable vulnerable. They are in some respects excellent and it that's exactly what happened last night Arkansas puts Arkansas State puts fifteen points on the scoreboard in the first half. Soccer's trailed going into the locker room even have a second half comeback to get a win in the game the shoppers were favored by 29 and a half points going in that game last night. He did not materialize is that tied the game shocks had to scrap back if they wanted to win it. And it was the transfer from Hutchinson community college the Wichita native some on. You heard the game on 103 point seventy Eli and if that Pratt Kelly back itself wide open air and a quarter. Then. In the wide open it's seven points. What did not state leads by seven but most. At that sounds like leadership to me from the guy who's pretty young. Immediately junior did you junior transferred from Hutchinson community know that you guys have that kind of control of the definitive yeah he he was doing a lot. Of the offense Landry Shannon had a big second half. Team effort chopper down by nine they connect to win by nine shots eighty arkansas' 89 Arkansas State eighty final score. After the game shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. But I'm glad we are nine and two. What more to go before the holidays all you fans and people who wanted to close games you were. Article and all else a caricature as staff and afterwards yeah. Well stocks and eleven frank Wichita State picks up the win some Monty named Jones finishes 27 points. Soccer when they're 44 consecutive nonconference game at ARCO Arena. Streak going back about seven years. Get the win one more homey on Friday. Kansas State goes out west for a game tonight visiting WSU. Washington State. Kansas State is nine and two on the season and the wildcats are nine and a half point favorite going up against the cougars and games being played in Spokane a so last nonconference game of the season for Kansas State that'll tip off at 10 o'clock tonight. And Natalie nationally televised on ESPN too late night Kansas State wildcats tonight. Shocker women are on a three game winning streak and played their last nonconference game of the season tonight going up south go to take on Jack rabbits of South Dakota State. Team that has won nine games already this season Steve strain we'll have live coverage of the soccer women beginning at 645 tonight that's right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K and SS. Birthday today a former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon celebrating a birthday today he is 52. And hockey action last night downtown which he taught in trust bank arena 4300 fans on hand. But the thunder loses fortitude their first meeting this year here in Wichita against the Tulsa Oilers which pause. Five game home winning streak is snapped. Which caused lost five out of six overall. Sports with Stephen Ted Kate and as so like cases got a pretty good team this year and a nine and soon into it that. Great era and they're favored Obama. Favored on the road denied that Washington State's seed they get ten and two in the nonconference or big twelve play begins that I did six to anyone else. Peter for Fox News commentator Todd stars. He's gonna talk about a gay themed. Nativity scene today. Tires aren't as in Dolly now are gay apparel or another meeting another two Joseph's it's on those however are very fired our quick break. One day and as asks very fired off is a precious copy of the Wichita area because. Very prior coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita hop and you can get very fired call via your office just like Steven dead. Like going 26737. Facility ones or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Six footer on Stevenson of the morning on tape and the best chance.