Shockers men win on the road at East Carolina

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The Shockers get another win in the AAC, and a former shocker has a huge night in the NBA.


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Listen online antagonists as radio talk. Is this station which is talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. It SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. This morning it's six. Stevens head on him McCord at Steven mackintosh has the day off his Friday January 12. We have a bone chilling cold in south central Kansas this morning we'll have the full forecast coming up a few minutes. Yesterday's winter storm created slick conditions for which it called road officials say they will continue. A monitor conditions after putting down salt and sand through much of yesterday. Alan King went to toss director for public works utilities has a message for motorists heading out this morning. We want people to be very careful and cautious because Rhodes is. May with traffic on it and what the salt sand on it. Maybe in pretty good condition the next morning over night it could go we could see some re freezing conditions so we ask everybody to exercise caution. Officials also cautioned drivers keep safe distance between plows and trucks while crews are working to treat the roads. The man accused of making a hoax emergency call that led to the fatal police shooting an unarmed man in Wichita has been brought. Back to Kansas so we county jail records indicate 25 year old Tyler Paris was booked in the jail Thursday on suspicion. Oh involuntary manslaughter. Giving false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer. Bond was set at 500000 dollars parents have been held in the Los Angeles County Jail since his arrest December 28 in Los Angeles. Prosecutors alleged errors made a call December 28. But the big story about a shooting in kidnapping that led Wichita police stole home port 22 road and route finch shot and killed after opening his door. Matters has a history of making such hoax calls which are referred to as swapping. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. There have been four gang related drive by shootings since Tuesday police officer Charlie Davidson says. Those drive byes in which he talks took place near fourteenth and Piet 23 in Minnesota. East of 23 and grow and on south mission near Lincoln and would lawn. Which helped police officers and investigators have been investigating multiple drive byes which ever heard over the last several days. Two suspects. Were identified a nineteen year old male. And also a sixteen year old male. Officers begin doing follow up and located the suspects in the 3100 block of response then. Those arrests were made early yesterday morning near hillside in George Washington boulevard. Both suspects taken into custody for multiple counts of aggravated battery. Discharge of a firearm into an occupied dwelling felon in possession of firearm possession marijuana with intent to sell and possession of Ecstasy. A man from derby died early yesterday morning in a crash in north which it's on it happened before 1 in the morning yesterday. Thirty year old Matthew Cox was driving his Toyota Corolla on Ike to 35 under north meridian. The car veered to the right hitting the bridge pillar and catching on fire Koch's died at the scene. President Trump's going to spend this weekend at his Florida estate. He's also making a trip to the doctor. It in trump heads to the US army hospital just outside DC today for they yearly visits present or receive his annual physical at Walter Reed says white house Press Secretary Steris Andy's this will be the president's first health exam. As commander in chief and he told the press there is standing. Yeah well we'll. And in the afternoon president trample fly to West Palm Beach for a weekend. And his morrow Largo club in Miami Evan brown Fox News. The museum of world treasures been located in Wichita is old town since 2003. Chief development officer lawn Smith tells CNN's this news attendance has been increasing yearly. This year or I should say employs seventeen we got right up around 45000. Which represents about a four to 5% increase over the previous year. And we experienced that about every year about a 45% increase. Juan Smith is our guest this weekend on issues 20:18. And that Sunday morning at 8 o'clock on K and SS. A church in a suburb of Detroit riddled with bullets shot by a guy who thought he was firing at an alien spaceship. The cops know who did it and why that's because he called them to probably tell them he protected their city from an alien invasion. Would he actually shot up with Zion church in Troy Michigan. Our modern dome shaped building that I don't looks like it could be a huge flying saucer. No word on whether the guy will be charge that's because cops say and we quote. Mental health could be an issue here Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. A surgeon in Great Britain is waiting to learn his fate. After admitting to branding his patients Simon Rattle pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. After being accused of using a laser needs to cop whose initials altitude patients' livers during surgeries. A prosecutor called the case without legal precedent incredible. Rubble could detail but he sentence today. But some full patients have rallied round. 800 people put their name to an on line petition calling probable gifted and well respected and take his actions caused no real calm. In London Sunday knowing Fox News. It's six. 05 with Stevenson in the morning here on K and S ass stick around our very. Cold weekend forecast is on the west. You know what makes me see it on MySpace and bad ass won't play crazy golf. With Grover yearn shields. About it yeah out some yeah I'll be in Omaha FaceBook page he shared going to make you sick now at. I am not the only guy out here that its grip but the short hairs on a regular basis. Did you ever run here this is from rationally in Waco thank you Russ and I let you go about what wonder rest of us can relate to. Now pace it. Yemen is but he's not to go down to the bar Canada and vote and orders from Bryant. They should they get taken charge ordered round vision but there's always at one gas. It has believe. Real authority has turned back. Yet never man who has ever Boller rounded is great country knows exactly what you're talking about. Data ducking and Waco let. Junior meeker. Also known as the luggage index that gap. She out works out to ducking and there's an American man tradition of bad round you get it started about run with us. That is all the data rugby and a retired postal employee. A got a page it would joke all hours. It is not unusual to see you run scent air written about what is lack Matt Lauer to strip Pluto. It is an issue in my term audit data I am part owner of the establishment and I get a employee discount. The end where two rounds into the rotation in my but he did a baker he ponies up. Abby don't count out where two rounds in and out on his motion his death grip only as want it. And bowl holds on Monday night he holds his liquor is pretty sloppy pretty quick. And they end to win a lot society. And accurate bear accountant would suggest junior maker come up to bat. We can't by name. At a soccer is dale Myers junior goes up that it ago they say get this next act. All right. It is next to apple all right if we remember netstat and native Google wallet. That you bailout Russert. We just need to implement our brand. There's an armpit of America. They're so. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KLSX. He news. Stevenson in the morning here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and SNS. Course with the winter storm yesterday we had a super busy morning on traffic alerts. See what we're doing on Friday morning dead chambers. So far things are looking all right in traffic however this and things to watch out for we've. Still below freezing it's gonna remain below freezing for quite awhile that anytime that the trucks go out. And there's some melting going on you're gonna have everything free freezing so just watch out for spots along the roads. For the most part the highways in the main streets in which are looking fairly good this morning. Side streets residential streets are libeled as though the ice pack. Act he going to be very cautious there on as a side in residential streets traffic updates from Kate and as a radio on jet came. Now as we head into the weekend let's get a look at the full forecast it's really cold this morning. To the latest from meteorologist Dana holidays again. Good morning it is a frigid start today in which it's not any clouds will gradually thicken up as we go throughout today will be in the upper teens by noon time. 23 for the high with a northeasterly wind. Cloudy tonight Tarlow near ten the theme clearing on Saturday with a high 23. Another system will come through late Sunday indicted Monday and that may be our next chance of snow and KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you Dan. Right now on what you saw we were clear sky it is nine degrees with a wind chill of negative seven. And wind and a local greens out of the north right now and it is really super cold outside. So make treat it probably doesn't it get to spend any time at all outside it is bone chilling right now. Nine degrees the wind chill minus seven. Here's your forecast heading into the weekend can SS news time is 613 was even Ted thanks for being with us here on Friday morning. In into a holiday weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. holiday coming up on Monday. A work of art by John Misha edit box yeah. The previously sold for more than 110. Million dollars at auction that is a record. On that artwork he's going to return to New York City and a new exhibition. Maintaining cost 110 million dollars and guess it's called. What is it untitled. And so I couldn't even think of anything clever and the call this usually expensive work of art he will be on view at the Brooklyn Museum. Starting late this month knowing through march. Exhibition part of touring show. One bus GAAP. Supported by the paintings owner eight Japanese art collector. It's campaigning for 1982. It depicts a face in the shape of a school. 110 million dollars for that. Ali our work was purchased by this this art collector last year for the record some it was a ten minute bidding war at Sotheby's. After a world tour untitled. Will residing in a museum it this man is building in Japan. Bus yacht died of drug overdose in 1988. At age 27. This looks like something painted. On a wall. In an Alley. Yeah later it looks like you're seeing it looks like graffiti now pretty much. And 88 decent worker graffiti but nonetheless it's pretty much what looks like it's it's decent looking 110 million bucks. Opt hey it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it you know that if a movie about Patty Hearst was that a good idea or not. 20th Century Fox film is canceling its planned movie based on Jeffrey Toobin Patricia Hearst book American heiress. But Hearst kidnapping by the Symbian he's liberation army back in 1970s. She and it sympathizes with group ended up being convicted of bank robbery. It's the spiking of the movie comes after patty herself came out with a statement condemning a project and the book. Fox will not say if the decision to cancel the movie was related to her statement he would have to think. Senators and others that now so it doesn't look like anyway right now is going to be a movie. About Patty Hearst. I mean it happened 44 years ago with. Apparently Patti there's of patty's still. Touchy about some of that subject matter Nia. It was seven years ago on this day decision by the US Supreme Court. In now. So well vs board of regents University of Oklahoma. Unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court that state law schools cannot discriminate against applicants on the basis of race. That decision by the US Supreme Court came down seventeen. Years ago today. If you up. Notable birthdays today. Actress Catherine McGregor is 93 now as she played the she played kind of the busy bodies lady in the town on Little House on the Prairie now right yeah. The other old mrs. Olson missed the yeah yeah the shopkeepers wife a he was pretty good in that role yet 93 today and my guest one of my favorite performers the amazing Preston is 83 years old today amazing crest and loved it when you know David Letterman would have press and on about three or four times a year yet and I love that that was a good segments but the nobody else has stressed and on which kind of makes me. Little angry. I'd love to see all of the Seacrest in that that come to your feet and come to what you taught book let's book the amazing pressed him. Before he moves on and whatever his next stages that are right here it's the present I think one of crest in steals is that. He should when he does personal gigs like an an an auditorium or whatever GG as them hide the paycheck somewhere on site. At at at and says it that the you know if you if you can't locate it. Then nailed that the gig is is free for the night apparently I think he's only failed doing at once I think. And I cannot forget the reason he said there's some kind of reason he wasn't able to divine where the paycheck was. Usually no more often than not they they hide it somewhere on site and he's able to figure out where it is. The amazing press and maybe that's why he doesn't do appearances any beloved dad he's 83 today. And we had a couple of and a Wichita connection asked actress Kirstie Alley celebrating a birthday today 67. She's from which it saw. Of course is gone Hollywood and film and TV work yep he's the Alley is 67 today as isn't. Rush Limbaugh. Yeah rush everyday or right here on tape and assess the Rush Limbaugh program from 11 AM 2 PM every week day. So you Kirstie Alley and Rush Limbaugh were born on the very same day yeah share further both 67. Today. There you go. There's your other your birthday is here on this on this Friday morning it is a 618 with Steve instead on Kate and. SS. And let's find out what's going on sports. Let's start out college men's basketball we had a couple late game last night for the fifth ranked shoppers Wichita State. Visiting east Carolina first meeting ever between U soccer's and the pirates soccer's. First 45 minutes little cold shooting but after that Wichita State had no trouble dispatching with east Carolina. Not up to the task last night Mike Kennedy involved hole had to call the game but the shocker is on 103 point seven KE YNN. It wasn't certain what might be dark with covered background. And it's there are yards with a lot fascinated dirt on the circles under the basket gave up what I did. Yeah Courtney. I'm like real reverse layup that. Evidently okay. Now Murano in fact led the soccer's merger with fourteen points. Another huge night for Landry sham at the soccer point guard eleven points and a career high eleven assists. Double double for Landry she damage soccer's when it big 9560. Over east Carolina. The shoppers pick up their tenth road win in a row one of the longest streak in the nation on the road and soccer's 16 general overall. And the Wichita State's right back at it tomorrow night. Tulsa. First time these teams have met as conference opponents in 22 years since it's also left the Missouri Valley Conference. Soccer's and it's also tomorrow night Mike Kennedy involve a whole have live pregame coverage at 5:30 PM game tip off at 630 tomorrow night. On 103 point seven KE YNN and after the game only taking your phone calls up on the soccer locker room so tomorrow night at twin peaks in east Wichita. When he first and rock. Speaking of the soccer's how about former Wichita State point guard Fred van fleet last night. And his career night in the NBA as the Toronto Raptors were hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers. Big match up last night in Toronto at home. Easily over the cavs won at 33 denying being not. Mainly coming off the bench for the raptors as the sixth man of Fred been bullied the former soccer with a huge night. It's a quarter too late to. For a Bentley six of eight from three point range last night a career high 22. Points for Fred. CNET huge win for Toronto over Cleveland. Toronto has won thirteen of the last fourteen on its home court they are tied for the third best record in the NBA. College men's basketball tomorrow it'll Lawrence features the other two division one teams in the State's twelfth ranked Kansas hosting Kansas State. K state has lost its last eleven trips into Lawrence. And right now these teams I can use thirteen and three overall K state solvent for. That was. Tips off at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning so live pregame coverage for the jayhawks at 9:30 tomorrow morning the game tips off at 11 AM on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM. 975. FM. The soccer women are on the road it tomorrow night tomorrow afternoon at two lane. These strain on the call at 415. Tomorrow afternoon right here on 97 and thirteen 38 and SS. Snap that one tomorrow night we'll have Butler community college men's basketball the grizzlies posting Colby. In El Prado tomorrow night Dennis Higgins with coverage of the Butler grizzlies beginning at 715 tomorrow night and that's here on Kate and SS. Back to back home games for the Wichita thunder hockey team downtown in trust bank arena 7 o'clock tonight 7 o'clock tomorrow night thunder hosting. Do you talk grizzlies on home ice which it's not tied for second right now in the mountain division. Still a big weekend and a big win for the Sox last night. That's sports with Stephen Ted Kate in advance success it is 622. We Stephen Ted in the morning. 97 and thirteen 38 and as ask. Should keep it here insightful comments from Fox News commentator Todd stars on the way. Even 10 in the morning on KMS ass.