"Skyscraper" fails to top the box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 16th
The Rock's new movie loses at the weekend box office to "Hotel Transylvania 3"

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That policy and get him going 97 and thirteen thirty CSS defense consultants that's what we're. At 830 here. The Monday morning. The family of a victim into Friday house fire in Wichita has confirmed several media outlets that the woman has died. 64 year old Peggy Brooks. Died of injuries suffered in the blaze in the 11100 what can resume early authorities continue to investigate what caused that fire. Cedric county sheriff's office as a truck belonging to a 67 year old man killed last week has been found a sheriff's office now investigating the death of the truck's owner as a homicide. Lieutenant Tim Myers says John GAAP these pickup. Have been missing since it was since he was found dead in his home July 7 miers did not indicate where the 1997 dodge truck which found. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact Cedric county sheriff's investigations or crime stoppers at 2672111. The man accused of stabbing nine people in Idaho most of them children. At a three year old's birthday party is back in court today it's a case that could result in the death penalty. Timmy can I was initially charged with nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of felony injury to a child. But he was later charged with first degree murder after the three year old girl whose birthday party he attacked die from her stab wounds. Five other children were hurt along with three adults last week when the judge asked Skinner if he understood it was going on if he understood that he is being charged with tanner said he did not understand any event. Prosecutors said at the time that he been aggressive and threatening in jail. He is a long criminal history mostly for drug and weapons possession. And he served prison time in Tennessee and Kentucky the children and adults he staff were refugees that investigators had said it's not believe it was a hate crime. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. The campaign has begun to confirm president trump Supreme Court pick Bret Bret capital. Judge capital needs 51 votes to become the supreme court's next associate justice and his future rests in the hands of just a handful of senators. Republicans Lisa Murkowski Susan Collins and Rand Paul. Our as of yet undecided on whether to support Cavanaugh the White House needs every Republican vote to wish were confirmation. Meanwhile pressure is being applied to Democrats Heidi hi camp. Joseph mentioned Joseph Donnelly and Doug Jones hi camp mansion and Donnelly are each up for reelection in states that voted for president trump. In 2016. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. Sort of the men accused of killing a semi pro football player in Wichita last summer has been sentenced to life plus thirteen months in prison a jury convicted Richie Randall junior Wichita in Maine a first degree premeditated murder a criminal discharge of a firearm. And the death of nineteen year old Timothy golden. Called what's found shot to death in his apartment in July 2070. He was a tidy and for the Kansas cougars a semi pro team based in which top investigators say Randall and two other men to carry Sanders and Larry Tripplett. Fired more than a dozen rounds and Goldman's apartment. Randall won't be eligible for parole until he spends at least fifty years in prison. Sanders and Triplett had not yet been tried in the case Rodney price KN OSS news. And now look at the forecast with innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning a few isolated thunderstorms are going to be possible just about anywhere today some folks will see no rain at all. Others may get some brief heavy rain would any storm that develops are hi this afternoon close to ninety. Isolated thunderstorms will continue through this evening the overnight low 73 and again if you pop up storms Tuesday with a high of ninety I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan the holidays a mostly cloudy at least when it felt miles per hour 75 degrees it Kate an SS. Monday morning July 16 time for entertainment news. The color with Ted robbery and he talked about giving back right it. I Adam Levine sweeten the pot for people who opt to help out others in their community. Adam Levine jumps from the small screen to smaller screen with sugar and eighth episode reality series based on stand. Current five music video for the song chips. The series will get star Blake Shelton Snoop Dogg Kelly Clarkson and more each episode. A new artists will surprise fans who have given back to the community. By crashing their special events to give exclusive pop up performances that came back in extraordinary style much like the boys did. In their music video only they are specifically crashing way. The series premieres August 15. The shelf we know Fox News. Let's get a close up about a new game shows the fox celebrity profile on the Red Sox starter Jamie Foxx who currently joined her dad on the game show beaches down when it comes your dad's career path of acting singing and more she says she's already following in his footsteps. Parity you know do acting I do modeling and this DJ Ing it section you think for me and I've always had the flood for music so it feels different. Natural on beaches and that you not only show how they work together but what this mother daughter dynamic is really light. Bit deeper relate electing to every light in to see my god and that light as you know I thought there and yet he gets dragged on guys I just like everybody else. And when it comes to advice from her dad for her career I think just always is. Bringing your energy and you're 18100% of the time obviously we shouldn't really long days and he taught me. That you know even when you're tired even when you've done it at take a hundred times you know still bringing that energy and that vibrancy everything that you daylight really to show. NASCAR and Fox News that's right did you bring your A game every time that's right I hear any game. Hey let's go to the movies. Skyscrapers. Starring the rock. And it didn't do integrate the box office this week. I might be out stuff do you think of building the pearl was the most advanced super tall structure in the world. It's very breathtaking achievement. No one really knows what would happen if things go wrong the green Johnson skyscraper was no match for Sony's animated feature coming in at number three make this. We always. That's right hotel Transylvania three a summer vacation landed in the number one slot this week do you think and profit. Monsters I just. They have no idea what's about to happen. The third installment of the franchise clocked a global start of 100 million dollars coming in at number two and its second weekend and man on the Wallace the pole run Evangeline Lilly led flick earned a 133. Million dollars domestically in fourth place Incredibles two after five weeks. And in the fifth slot Jurassic world fallen kingdom. That's fox on film. Do you days of notes on this day singer Jo Stafford passed away ten years ago today at the age of ninety. Yeah not very well remember these days. Boy what a beautiful voice a life Newark Karen of the fifties like this on you belong to me. Song in 1950s. And number one on the music charts beautiful song. In fact by 1955. Jo Stafford and achieve more worldwide record sales than any other female artist ever. Jones act she was massive light. So Stafford passed only ten years ago today. A movie anniversaries today it was 25 years ago on this day it came out in Wichita movie theaters free Willy. He never this one I do I'd ever solid idea. I don't have been a while but I saudis about the efforts to save it and capture orca whales and means that it's free Michael Jackson had a song on the soundtrack. And real life did kind of imitate the movie in the idea of the star of the film was important name fecal. Lose it lose who has an attraction an amusement park in Mexico City this movie came out there's all this to do about Willie. That was actually a letter writing the letter writing campaign to pre KOK yeah so they actually tried to do that they. They kind of train Kate noted perhaps live in the wild they they got they go out into the wild in the north Atlantic. And the trouble was. He told. This that it had in the brain. Reliance humans aboard a companionship and for both yes. So I never really got the hang of living in the wild with other orcas and eventually passed with pneumonia walk. But it did you know. It's an obvious success writes the life of captivity was it was better for the eagle apparently had been living out one. Andy that's a little bit of it either on the movie free Willy came out 25 years ago Saturday sixty years ago on his day to release it which it's not theaters the movie the fly. Are seen this lucky yeah I science fiction horror film that surprises surprises among those in the cast. And a screenplay by author James Lavelle. Fly. But they had a huge twenty pound added that slot back. In. Apparently Vincent Price and they were cracking up so much during the Netflix 48 they are all crack at this guy is at that little voice that he did. Yeah the plot and that that's a movie that kind of re energized Vincent price's career and coming. That in full time into the horror realm for several years to them the flying. It came out sixty years ago today and we mark today is the birthday a couple of Wichita movie theaters. It was seven years ago today that the tower theater opened at central and Oliver and central and all of them. Had a capacity of 886. Seats open its doors at 6 PM 70 years ago today central and Oliver. In your house this movie theater for many years and that it wasn't. But the doctor red birds for many years ago and I think a little yell bingo place it was a failures and it was a flower shop for awhile and and the GM of late in its life and eventually was torn now. Hours he had just a little bit of just little bit north central Oliver's tower up pretty much where that Burger King is now. I'm and a central and Oliver the tower theater opened seventy years ago today. And we mark even older birthday for theater that's still around. The uptown theater. Opened at Douglas and hillside nine B years ago today. That was a the course of movie theater for many many years look this is still now the ground up. Yes there is no it doesn't operate as a dinner theater anymore that they do host events and events its venues it's more of a venue now well that's current. Incarnations. Uptown theater opened nine years ago today with. Only opened up big time. First movie shown there was Al Jolson in the jazz singer. First talkie. So good you know I think maybe in diver and one of our first dates there was somebody broke into my car was parked in the back. It took only my late stage in decades. Cassini bad for the first. Can't be happy about that they'll have a place cost a quarter million dollars to build in 1928 dollars it was. Big time 11 o'clock 15100 seats and three manual organs. In the places they continent that uptown theater. I'll tell us the ninetieth birthday today. In east which taught Douglas hillside that's entertainment is in the Blair brought to you Larry good friends at pizza Johns in derby. They're open for another big week of business Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Right there off K fifteen it 208 cell Baltimore it is super tasty pizza John didn't need 843 Stephen did coming up. And your bill that would stop business journal says. Boeing's refueling tanker six and others were just that's governor Stevenson in the morning on Kate and SS.