To sleep together, or apart?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
The results of a sleep study, from Moneytracker Don Grant.

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In June. In San Francisco. Seven and thirteen thirty K tennis is even in the morning now at 647. Here in the Thursday morning. Three big things he. To gamers plead not guilty in fatal slotting incidents in which he seeing. Two men dead after two semis correction Pratt county in western Kansas lie. Wichita woman dead after a pick up semi crash in Marion County. Predicting Stephen dead on Kate in that sense. And we have a traffic accident now Kate 96. And green which it. It's like dig traffic accident there. They've actually got a brave. The UK 96 close there at three way. Okay yeah so if you are usually get on their you might wanna avoid it again that's 1996 and green which road. Hey traffic accidents involving SA Siemens. Traffic updates from KMS as radio on yes Jesus sunny breezy. And hot today with a high of 98 degrees. Mostly clear tonight fueling those 72. Friday sunny breezy and hot again in the high now 88 so tomorrow's gonna look a lot like today. Now mostly cloudy 75 degrees. 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The video again and Ted golden question right there on our web page K units has revealed on account they are right I'm right there with the majority okay. US stocks slipped on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and says it expects to increase rates two more times by the end of the year. Investors bet that several huge deals are more likely to happen after a federal court. Feared AT&T'S 85 billion dollar purchase of Time Warner. The S&P 500 index fell eleven points after it closed at a four month high Tuesday the Dow. Lost 119 points the NASDAQ Composite slipped eight points. 650 now Steve until the morning on Kate NSA has time for Don grants the deputy bunny tracker he's talking about sleeping in the same room today good morning done. Well what's that got there with money I don't know he's news pepper. You know it'll listeners about how I come up with that idea is to present muddy track report every consumer and I don't want. Most are organic coming from experiences with in my practice are areas that I see that need to be addressed said. We have some information we need to you know I'm handling her well on occasion I ran across this subject that aren't quirky or just plain weird today once such subject is from an article in Forbes magazine. Called should couples would together or separately in retirement. I told yeah well at least the retirement places continents that did this as somebody with what I talk about lot. Well they begin in the article by apologizing. For presenting a subject that's not part of a traditional financial planning aspect which is what I just did it. Answered yes option. That people who sleep in separate rooms or beds are in a loveless relationship. Well that's some may be that for the most part it's all about. Now and getting more sleep. The better sleep council tells us that. Adequate sleep improved attitude smooth and promotes feelings of self esteem and competence. And that coarsely deletes their health issues including depression. Stroke. Heart disease and stress. Snorers cold rooms sleepers sleep talkers early risers in TV watchers. Pulpit repelled their mates and can ruin their chances court. Good night's sleep I don't know many people who admitted that the US National Sleep Foundation believe it or not there's such a thing. Reports that one in four couples sleeps apart and the national association of homebuilders suggest that 60% of custom build homes are designed with separate master bedroom. Apt because couples who share a bed have. 50% more disrupted sleep. And couples would be a part well if you actually be a part or considering that the experts say in the articles say that it it's important. Not to do this at the expense of intimacy. Humans need human touch. And that that is the perfect place for that. They'd say that it's important to him make time to lie together but not personally but for touch talk and intimacy. Sleep separately. But don't become just remain retirement is so much more than just about money I guess. Well. Yeah any question you can give me a call that never succeed or 2222. Today is army birthday day. Celebrate our creation of the united states army in 1775. Or from amateur troops volunteer soldiers defending colonies against British tyranny. The oldest military force in the US began before the US formally existed. There were never more than 48000 continental soldiers at one time. 48 miles. And they were taken on against thing and I'm the biggest military power in the world. Today the US soccer. Was too wordy deadly NGOs other soldier day. Today the US army consists of over one million active duty service members and additional. 800000 National Guard and reserves members so there you go it is army birthday day yeah. You know somebody who served and in the army say hey thank you grew regulations. Give me a big hug and a somebody's served in the army you do my dad die they're glad to do for the pretenders in World War II or was it to aria. Now then we'll meet does that mean he protected Colorado Springs from attack in the early 196 hall. And at mission accomplished mission account of we'll salute it would need we salute pat Woodward of war hero to the fighting finance Gloria it's. Well you're right he would he would immediately declare he probably serve. Guys it is important is that anybody you bet that structure at 655 now Steven did coming up business analyst. 7 o'clock became this this morning news is Steven did it. And had a strong storm. It Pennsylvania last night gonna tell you about that coming up seems the morning on CNN cents.