"Solo: A Star Wars Story" hitting theaters today

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Friday, May 25th
A weekend movie preview on "The Blur" with Ted Woodward.

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9713. Thirty CNN fifteen of the for the Marlins beat back in time to put words of gas prices will not be keeping people home this weekend a triple play expects almost 42. Million people to get away this Memorial Day weekend with some 90% of traveling by car. Despite an increase in gas prices. Reid are probably to get a little over at opus chief oil analyst at Denton super Ghana making for the most expensive Memorial Day drive since 2014. Though them marketed kind of point in it right or a little while and cheaper prices at the pump to come forward now wherever you're going by car this weekend leave early to a federal vehicle checks you bring snacks and water and don't forget the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day. Just moments ago. Fox News a second men has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a suburban Kansas City sheriff's deputy 23 year old Brady Alan Newman cattle entered the plea Thursday to aggravating kidnapping to rape counts and aggravated criminal sodomy. Another man William Bluetooth. Was sentenced previously to more than 41 years in prison for abducting the deputy in October 2016. From the parking lot of the detention center and awaits us. As she arrived at work she wasn't in her uniform she was released in Missouri suburb of Lee's summit two hours later. No McConnell and Luke are both from suburbs on the Missouri side Ronnie Price KN OSS news. Hawaii is getting ready just in case the very active volcano erupting on the big island at. Gets even more active the. Marines have deployed to large helicopters to Hawaii's big island in case lava from now until only a flows across highways isolating certain neighborhoods. They can each carry up to fifty people at a time thousands of people have already had to evacuate but the volcano's activity level means things could get worse before they get better. Several fishers have opened up in the ground some of them have lava pouring from events across the southeast part of the island. There were at least three points were rivers of lava we're hitting the ocean. Scientists say they're monitoring new cracks that continue to widen and they warned more volcanic activity is likely. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. The New York Stock Exchange is breaking new ground with a its new leader history is being made today at the New York Stock Exchange. And Stacy Cunningham becomes the first woman to take on the role of president of the financial market and its 226 year existence. She started her career as a floor clerk at the stock exchange in 1996. And is the 67 president of the big board. Now two of the world's most well known financial exchanges are led by women Medina Friedman became CEO of NASDAQ in January 2070. In New York City colonel Scott Fox News. Six years Wichita river festival runs from June 1 to the ninth. When Reagan Smith number 45 Tim Norton is the festival's official ambassador he darts with K in SS news about the importance of volunteers. We have 200 volunteers that help out year round. Planning and being part of the logistics but then over 7000. Volunteers help move barriers put on life vests. Sell tickets do all the things that make the river festival work and it's it is a community wide we all pitching hand it to make it a celebration. Tim Norton and would stop festivals and president Mary about Jarvis are our guest this weekend on issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on Kate and as stance. Now what's the forecast with KE NSA staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning after Memorial Day plans have you out on the lake or maybe doing some outdoor grilling the weather couldn't be better it's going to feel more like July or August with temperatures soaring even higher. Clearing this morning warming up this afternoon with a high ninety to look tonight's low in the upper sixties Saturday side 9495. On Sunday I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays and. Mostly cloudy 67 degrees of northeast wind at five miles per hour. 835 now Stevenson of the morning on K as best diver entertainment news. The bowler with Ted Woodward here on Friday as we go to the memorial they were again dead. Now Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein under fire after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Could be facing charges in New York a police source telling Fox News he will turn himself in today. This development comes during simultaneous investigations by the New York police department and federal prosecutors that claims stem from many women in entertainment some of them very well known. The allegations surfaced last year amid rumors that have been around for decades. New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered in March that the New York attorney general take a closer look at the allegations and why a Manhattan DA did not pursue them. Weinstein says none of the claims are true. His attorney has said nothing about any plans for Weinstein to turn himself in tomorrow. In New York colonel Scott Fox News. And businesses are now severing ties with Morgan Freeman this after the actor accused of sexual misconduct. Two more are free and commercial gigs of pulled their campaigns featuring the actor who apologized after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct and harassment. In a statement released according to deadline visa is stepping back. A spokesman said we are aware of the allegations that have been made against mr. Freeman at this point. These so will be suspending our marketing in which the actor is featured also early Thursday Vancouver based transit system. Translate also backed away and sag after. It is reviewing a recent honor they gave to mr. Freeman saying it is our starting point to believe that courageous voices. Who come forward to report incidents of harassment the show cleanup Fox News. Dreams come true for a young fan battling cancer this thanks to a community's heart warming efforts and a superstar he. Thirteen year old core of Washington stayed in her best friend Catherine we're stoked to see Taylor swift's upcoming concert in Seattle but when Cora was diagnosed with stage two hodgkin's lymphoma her doctors advised her to stay away from crown -- same chemotherapy treatments would compromise her immune system local news got wind of her story and on the date of the concert the teenagers were given a VIP ride by firefighters to a private entrance where they were able to meet and hang out with a superstar before she took the stage an evening which almost didn't happen transformed into one memory the best friends will never forget increasing good when Fox News. The well let's take a look at the debut of a short film. From FaceBook in this is trying to shed light on Facebook's efforts to combat they knew him in an eleven minute video called. Facing facts FaceBook employees detail their fight against miss information with images reps say they work with third party experts trained in visual verification to scrap metadata from photos to find out where that image was taken and cross reference that against the context in which images being used but when it comes to posts data specialists have to target what's false without suppressing free speech we. Have to get this right if we're going to regain people's trust the clip comes following accusations of censorship and backlash over the spread of misleading information. On Krista and good when Fox News. Of their employees time Torre love connection the clock celebrity profile on candy how. Bravo post is going to season two of hosting the new version of love connection on fox he's says the gig has taught him a lot so far are mostly about other people. I learned that I like to meddle in other people's business ahead here Bob first dates and really get in there and I remember every. And the sucker who thinks that true love this is gonna happen like that every time a couple want someone like. I appreciate their wedding. There are stories told on the news that from couple's first meetings which can't reveal a lot about first deep behavior so. Price me is the amount of times you blew laid her first day they don't trust for their day they're on their holiday don't give the person a chance. You know we live in a world where people like to slide so quickly in the judge people's looks. So quickly and job he only did get to know each other and you might find something inside that he never would have realized there. Ashland Oregon. Fox is. My favorite TV show of all time in saint elsewhere. And it was thirty years ago tonight big finale saint elsewhere was on NBC. Still one of the more talked about series finale of all time. Which we learned that. The entire series took place in the autistic mind one of its characters and elsewhere. Into in thirty years ago tonight we also had a thirty years ago today the release of a couple movies in Wichita kicked off. Memorial Day weekend they're all sequels. Thirty years ago today the release of Crocodile Dundee to. We really need truck and then in the news now well over the original course is a big hit well and so was this sequel. It did very well it grossed 109. Million dollars in the domestic box office second highest grossing film that here for Paramount's. Only behind coming to America. It's a big movie Crocodile Dundee two I believe I did go see that in the theater. Not very prophecies. It was also the same day the release of Rambo three and came around. Action adventure film. Depicting fictional events during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. And Sylvester Stallone. As Rambo no winners cursing himself in the middle of all that and the 1990 Guinness book of world records deemed Rambo three the most violent film ever made at that time. With 221. Acts of violence at least seventy explosions and more than 108 characters killed on screen. Those records since then slipped a really good plot you'll well you out there you go. The film got nominated for eight raspberry awards. Including worst screenplay and worst according they're the worst picture worst director. And Sylvester Stallone one Iran as easy as worst actor and then a year in Rambo three SI ha. All right let's finish up with some of the late night laughs let's check in with Conan O'Brien on CBS's. If this is the Disney World announced that they are finally serving alcohol at every restaurant in the magic kingdom. Okay. Parents will say these giant teacup is being too fast and give Vick whatever and on the right here. I was that was the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon there have taken it was him let's get a preview of the movies heading into the weekend here on memorial. Fox. I'm Michelle we never like Kansas. Native Ron Howard Helm soloist Star Wars story hits theaters in this origins story Hans solo meets his future co pilot to botnet. And encounters Orlando Cao received years before joining then. Now we're in trouble their perception that if I don't stars Alden Ehrenreich and solo with Donald Glover taking on a younger Linda Allison. Growth of parties are fanning Nicole Kidman's star in this fantasy sci fact. Sent an early punk rock air London as an alien touring the galaxy breaks away from a group and meets too young and happy this is a good story and in the and in usual move out panic starts even another movie Mary Shelley which tells the story. A very meetings poet Percy Shelly and the love affair that resulted in very grating Frankenstein house and theaters she's going. In darkness schema throws that at least armor SARS is a blind musician who hears a murder committed. In the apartment upstairs rehearse their options are down a dark Kathleen S fox NFL on fox. There you go there's your movies heading into the weekend entertainment news in the blurs brought to our good friends at pizza Johns in very. I want you got things to do here on this holiday weekend watching it on down to cape fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. And check in their pursuit tasty pizza they're open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM a pizza at Johns and our age forty Ford out there for editor Phil Roy of the woods style business journal talking about. Promoting a local interest in aviation careers that governor outs. Steve and Ted in the morning on tape and asks asks.