Some broken pottery may change the historical perspective on winemaking

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

Researchers found pieces of broken pottery used for wine-making in the country of Georgia that may be as much as 80 centuries old. 


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All right so you know the UN and the dependant on the right decision. Midnight. Then you literally. Now 713 thirty K and fast as we are student at the morning 745 things work. Joining us in here on a Tuesday morning November 14. Now three big things he. And other claim of past sexual misconduct by Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore seeing allegations of the Kansas agency charged with protecting children. He's hiking how it operates slot. And stands his brother in south Wichita. Very big things even dead on K innocence. Southbound I 235. Years through a boulevard. We've got me stalled out vehicle lots of perfect entry that into traffic slowdown we also have eight traffic accident this is. On the ramp from Lincoln's two northbound at. What 35 traffic updates we get into its radio and get fevers. Cloudy today with a high of 57 degrees. Monday's high was 54 is not much difference. 40% chance for rain tonight overnight low 49 Wednesday. It's sunny with a high of 61 degrees guess the forecast calls for sunshine tomorrow. Now fog and mist 55 degrees they've got a south wind at eight miles per hour. Did you know that 4050%. Of your body heat is lost to the top and ahead of see the great selection of warm winter hats for men and women and had meant Jackson at the clock tower into Leino. And Jack 601 west Douglas it's open. Six days a week at man Jack's. 747. Now Steven did several broken pieces of pottery. Are changing opinions on the history of wine making when you think of great traditions and winemaking what areas come to mind France Spain California and what about the nation of Georgia. Eight shards of pottery from there are now the earliest known evidence for the origins of today's winemaking industry using domesticated grapes dating back 8000 years the findings were released Monday by the National Academy of Sciences that's not the oldest evidence of an alcoholic beverage using gravestone. China has that beat by a thousand years but they used wild grapes mixed with priced beer it's good to pinch. Coming in third army any time in 2011 archaeologist discovered remnants of a 6000 year old winery there and Kevin battle Fox News consumer and health. Old goods companies led the stock market higher on Wall Street Monday offsetting losses by industrial and energy stocks. The Standard and Poor's 500 index rose two points the Dow gained seventeen the NASDAQ Composite added six points. Store chains feeling the upheaval in retail are making strategic alliances and that can mean picking sides. Kohl's shoppers can find Amazon devices at some stores. And return items they bought from the online retailer. Nike has made some of its sneakers available through Amazon. The owner of Sears is selling canned more branded appliances on Amazon and some markets. And best buy is teaming up with Amazon for voice shopping. So why go it's ten girls are everywhere fight noted you know get my new refrigerator. On Amazon and a computer delivered to my house. And install it for me. And probably getting to that day I get a box Jackson here just check here we'll have somebody come up. A bipartisan analysis prepared by congressional unit. Concludes at the senate Republican tax overhaul actually would increase taxes. Or some thirteen point eight million moderate income American households all. This is according to the assessment released Monday by congress joint committee on taxation. Study came out as a senate's tax writing committee began wading through the measure. Working toward the first major revamp of the tax system in some thirty years there though a lot of us a lot of well exemptions deductions and handles build. The pieces in there for just about everybody. And so if they do it again after removes some of these deductions and many people are still saying you know. And I wanna tax break but I'm not sure wanna add another trillion and a half of debt. So it's just it's going to be easy to do you know it's not going to be real real difficult and politically. President wants open to vote on by Christmas LC LC. Federal government began its new budget year over the October deficit of 63 point two billion dollars up sharply from a year ago. Treasury Department reported Monday that the October deficit was 37 point 9% higher. Than the 45 point eight billion dollar deficit recorded in October of 26 team that's a monthly deficit right. That's the way this country works now out here does. 715 now would Stephenson you know one of the stories that. We're covering it has to do with. Kansas agency charged with protecting children in hiding how it operates. And I am I gonna get into whether the sister an opportunity did you happen to seat. In the Wichita eagle on Sunday. This is story about a house state agencies pretty much most of them. A pretty good at not telling the public anything at all that surprise you know it it does in a way density is Kansas City Star looked into. And apparently just about every state agency has a way that they can keep the public from knowing anything. It there's not a lot of transparency. That's why we have to have an open records act and even then every time you try to invoke it get pushed back they were sandy that you a lot of and just ignore it right. I'm saying wanna that's our idea I think it's because I didn't know any time you any time we try to get information I'll use push back. Yup from you get permits apparently over every state agency has the same response we believe in transparency. Now they say don't say that a whole lot but they have no idea what it is. Well as they want you to know others have been elevated we kept. I'm tribal factions. I think if you're spending taxpayers' money out of them just about drilling into. And it but that's not get much traction those people who we elected to go to to Peter just. With what you know what we're doing that. But some be some sort of secret that's kind of the way he used to operate the old Soviet Union at. And it well those people tried to keep their jobs due to. That phone abilities the 751 now Steven did a growing company in west Wichita bill Roy editor of the which dubbed business journal this morning this guy is really transparent. But. The. I've tried I've morning Stephen Ted. Dare cast a metal products expanding again it's adding a 5000 square foot warehouse with campus at twenty to 37 southwest street president and CEO patty color. Says the warehouse will be used to store completed products ready for shipment. But in construction as the general contractor there's a commercial building permit valued at 350000. Dollars for the work. Work to renovate the north entrance of the interest bank arena now complete just in time for the Foo Fighters concert last night. The work to double the size of entrance he began back in April. They added three more sets of double doors that the stairwell to the main concourse. There's also a new plans on the north end of the arena. And Microsoft appears to be on hiring spree in US business schools. Median starting salaries and bonuses for MBA graduates of Microsoft headquarters. Or just over 160000. Dollars for finance managers product marketing managers in business program and strategy managers. The company laid off thousands of people in the past few years but they say that doesn't impact the demand for MBA graduates. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due role to. And making it just a little easier to get into and out of interest banker real. I tried that north and north thing entrance but that's it he today is operating room leaders today. Well there's somebody you don't hear about very often those dozer out those people those nurses are on the front line of you know again they're the ones suit. Really have a tough when things you know when you know what it's a band they're the ones who were there. And you know I've ever been to get into. An emergency room here in town like on a Friday night about eleven locker Saturday night about midnight I am you know some person. That's quite a zoo things get a little. It kind of cruising it is today is also world diabetes day. And has two forms you know the first is juvenile type one diabetes a second. Adult on sept onset type two diabetes. And it's growing problem for children and adults and we hear about this quite a bit and I and units is a lot of it has to do with the obesity. Lack of activity proper diet. I have relatives frankly close relatives who are diabetic and had been diabetic and they're pretty much control. They controlled with that diet. And not a lot of medication in England that. It is a problem Big Brother it is you that absolutely so we will bring attention to world diabetes day. 755 down Stephen Ted thanks gentlemen coming up here at 8 o'clock eight assists views of top of the hour. Amanda stabbed his brother in south Wichita that story and more news David's dad coming up on an SS.