Some changes ahead for the Oscars

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 9th
The Academy decides to add a "popular movie" award.

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CNN is there. The search continues for missing Iowa college student multi service. It's now been three weeks since twenty year old Molly tidbits was last seen in Brooklyn Iowa sparking a statewide hunt for clues calls for tips and reward that crimes suffer serious disorder to 313. Thousand dollars a record two of its ads posted to FaceBook or video of Molly at a high school faith event for years ago. Talking about prayer. Millions of people across Iowa amend the nation praying for Molly's safe return investigators have the latest briefing scheduled for tomorrow. Jeff from and also Fox News. Kansas governor Jeff collier is not backing down he's in a close Republican primary race for governor with opponent Crisco bock. Good luck is leading by only 191 votes but collier says there are other ballots that also need to be counted. We're going to be waiting to see how this all comes together. And we're hopeful. And it's behind us we're very optimistic that those votes will continue to come in on our side. A 39 year old mother reports a child victim being sexually battered by a suspect after a medical examination of the child. The Tony five year old male suspect was arrested late Tuesday afternoon near Lincoln in Emporia himself Wichita. A suspect in the victim were both interviewed by investigators from the exploited and missing child unit the man was booked into jail on a charge of rape a child thirteen and under. A man from Lawrence Kansas where who molested a girl beginning when she was seven years old was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years six. Eight year old Clinton lane was sentenced Tuesday for aggravated indecent liberties with the child. For crimes that occurred in 2015 and sixteen. Before plea deal he faced four charges including rape. Prosecutor Alice Walker red letters from the victim and her mother. Who both said they wanted him to serve a long sentence to pay for the pain he caused. By innings attorney said his client was remorseful. He registered as a sex offender following the guilty plea Dan O'Neil hey NSS news. The Republican congressman is charged with insider trading and fraud and he says he's gonna fight back congressman Chris Collins a Republican from upstate New York accused of passing on information to his son at a company they were invested in inmate. May be about to lose money because of drug the company developed didn't perform well in a medical trial but Colin says the charges that have been levied against me. Are meritless Kellen staying on the ballot for the upcoming mid term election I look forward to being fully vindicated. And exonerate the indictment charges Collins his son and the father of his son's fiancee with conspiracy fraud and making false statements to the FBI. All three have pleaded not guilty chill NATO Fox News. A Stanford university's farmer convicted of rape whose trial outcome became a national story and forced the recall election of a judge who sentenced him. Has been denied a new trial. An appeals courting California says Brock turner cannot have a new trial and that his conviction stands. After turner salted and intoxicated woman outside of a frat party at Stanford a couple of years ago. The victim wrote an impact statement that went viral. The judge in his case Aron per ski sentenced turner to six months in jail even though prosecutors asked for six years. He was out in three months and Santa Clara County voters recalled judge per ski. Turner's lawyer had argued he deserved a new trial because he wanted sexual contact while fully clothed the victim however was not fully clothed. The appeals court ruling means turner also needs to remain registered as a sex offender. And just get Rosenthal fox. Snooze and all of its forecast with Candace as staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning mostly clear in Wichita as we get today started sunny up to 92 for the hi this afternoon and it. There we could see if you pop up thunderstorms but most of those should be to our east. Tonight's low near seventy scattered storms develop tomorrow is a system moves are way Friday's high of 94 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 69 degrees we have a south wind at five miles per hour. 835 now Stevens in the morning here on Kate in a sense that means it's time for entertainment usable early Ted are dead. Now split between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I'm getting nasty. Mrs. Angelina Jolie Pitt would like to go back to being a news. According to court documents Jolie Pitts lawyers teaming up with Brad Pitt's legal team in order for the divorce to be all settled by the end of 2018. But the couple still reportedly has some things to iron out Jolie Pitts court filings saying Brad Pitt quote. Has paid no meaningful child support since the two separated and she's trying to get a court order. To get retroactive. Payments from him a source who wishes to remain anonymous telling USA today Pitt has paid support. Lawyers were Pitt and Jolie didn't respond to requests for comment Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Lindsay Lohan under fire for saying the meat to movement makes women look we. In an interview with British newspaper the times disgusting Amaechi movement actress Lindsay Lohan is suggested ladies speaking out about sexual misconduct makes them appear frank child explaining quote I'm going to really hate myself for saying this but I think by winning speaking against all these things in makes them look week when they are very strong women only thirty year old says she's supportive from women she adds some come forward for the attention some readers understand her opinion critics are slamming the star's remarks calling them unnecessary others defending survivor street in speaking out about an abuser takes a great deal of strength blowing and sparked controversy again last fall depending which he used film producer Harvey Weinstein and Christine good when Fox News. The former friends star making his way back to TV and the new show takes a stab at unifying Gasol. I'm joking you know in the NBC's turn it to Television Critics Association press tour. And the network is making must see TV all over again bringing back former friends star David Schwimmer to appear on will and grace is new love interest for Debra Messing character. To amber will play out with the messing grace on the succumb revival back October 4 and it's like making an appearance in the celebrated revival Alec Baldwin Chelsea handler and Mary McCormack stuff. Friends and will and grace forgiveness for NBC's powerful must see lineup in the nineties through the early 2000. And BC is given a green light to the legal drama adversaries during the good wife and mom archy Punjabi. According to the rapids senators on his success so LA attorney who leaves their comfortable coastal bubble. To practice on America's heartland her home state of Wisconsin. She's forced to confront preconceived stereotypes and realizes there's more than ninety us than divides us. That's tucked him on facts. Seven. Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher could be doing a lot more of this end. That is when eighteen number two comes the country superstar any tweeted video talking toward dates for her album cry pretty. Two out in September explaining why she doesn't hit the road until May. Nice and Isiah and I are absolutely over the news and excited to be I think you know little fish to work fine. Son Isaiah is three million blue Fox News killer fish and and treatment. Are replete blunt but I play Carrie Underwood as a tool work. Will be coming to in trust bank arena and Wichita Kansas in September but they're not September this year September 29 to eat. And already booked it. And thirteen months from now. Ego. Circle that on your calendar that you don't Sonia. Carrie Underwood Conyers September 2019. Pinks health woes continue though she is absent from the stage right now plant. Pink has postponed a fourth show in Australia but she's on the mend and promising to be back onstage Saturday after suffering from a stomach virus. Her beautiful trauma world tour his first concert in Sydney scheduled for last Friday it was canceled on doctor's orders. Somehow pink battled through the Saturday night's show promoter live nation saying the singer was admitted to a hospital on Sunday. Suffering from dehydration. Was discharge only to be readmitted after being diagnosed with the gastric buyers hours before her Monday concert was supposed to start pink was discharged from the hospital the next day that Tuesday night's concert still had to be canceled pink says that Thursday's will be the fourth and last cancellation. I think fox is Jacqueline Karl but that report. A cheater in a very popular video game likely going to face a judge is soon. The lawsuit against the Delaware team for broadcasting cheats on social media. In the highly popular game port and I will go line a federal judge sided with North Carolina based epic games to student a fourteen year old. Epic it filed multiple lawsuits regarding the cheating but this one has gained attention due to that teens mother arguing that the games license wasn't valid. Because the teenager can't enter into contract. The judge ruled that epic has a plausible claim for copyright infringement and other legal issues according to The Herald sun in and dig them Fox News. Do you things to note of this day actor Bernie Mac passed away ten years ago today. Only 59. Age. And it pretty stressful career in TV and the movies. And a passed away the age of fifty he was having some trouble with the inflammation in his tissues and attacked his lungs and and cardiac arrest and happily ten years ago on this day doll he has it in movies. That I really love called bad Santa. And then we made last. Ago Bernie Mac died ten years ago today. It was eighty years ago today the movie four daughters came out in Wichita movie theaters. Four daughters got into the lane sisters got three of the lanes is LC Priscilla Rosemary and Lola Lane. Big back in the thirties scaled age Claude Raines John Garfield. Is an interesting moving into a musical. I'm directed by Michael Kurtz sees just a few years before he didn't cast a blanket. So well decorated movie as well it got nominated for best picture got nominated for best director. John Garfield got nominated for best supporting actor on his two Oscar nominations in his career. That loss that's pictured you can't take it with Frank Capra. Four daughters celebrating its eightieth anniversary today to move out. He was born 100 years ago on this day the late director Robert Aldrich Bob Aldrich was born 100 years ago on this day. And a nice long career in Hollywood as a director. Probably most known for whatever happened to baby Jane and and hush hush sweet Charlotte. Also after that did fly at the Phoenix dirty dozen and the longest yard. There really doesn't do the interesting career interesting guy Bob Aldrich the director he was born 100 years ago. On this evening. And the bad ratings for the Oscars awards show in recent years well exceed the makings of big changes. She can't mean motion picture arts and sciences are making tree big changes to the Oscars telecast in response to dropping ratings the academy is adding a new category to honor popular films. The promising to keep the telecast the three hours last year went to four and reached an all time low of 26 point five million viewers. The lowest since 2008. Finally it's moving the telecast earlier February 9. Starting in 22 money eligibility requirements for the popular film category. Will be on its way Hollywood community though not reacting positively to the move. Rob Lowe tweeting the film business passed away today with the announcement of the popular film Oscar show plea now Fox News. Soon the interesting. And then we'll debate will be discussing this. We go forward the guy that's what the academy says are going to do in June. Try to juice up the Oscars a little bit entertainment news in the blurs proxy by our good friends at pizza Johns in derby. They are doing a great job serving up tasty pizza day after day Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Just check him out I went there on Monday night I certainly enjoyed myself right there on tape fifteen at 208 south Baltimore pizza jobs in these. 844 even dead even or for the Wichita business journal updates Vanderbilt life. Thought about something new for a YMCA plan for government through the day on the lake Stevens had the morning on May NFL.