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Steve & Ted
Monday, November 20th

Guest: Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell


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Gas prices up the past two weeks according to fairly Lundberg a Bloomberg survey. They average. Read them in the pets. Juli is still an average to 61 for regular in this is eleven cents ranks. Over the past month. The highest and lowest prices for regular gasoline are San Francisco with highest at 331 a gallon Jackson Mississippi the low end at 222. Now what's the forecast with gay innocent staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning to and the good morning you couldn't ask for a better weather leading into Thanksgiving a lot of folks have a short workweek and it doesn't look like we'll see any major storm systems affecting us all weeklong sunny and breezy today with a high 65. A few clouds 44 overnight been windy and cooler Tuesday with a high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 37 degrees we've got a south wind at fourteen miles per hour. Police are investigating after officers found a teenager dead inside a Kansas City, Kansas business. Officers were called the business Saturday morning to check on a person who had been shot arriving officers found the teen had been shot at least once already dead. Police have not released a teen's name or other details. About that shooting. Kansas says it's unemployment rate dropped to three point 6% in October. The State Department of Labor reports that these seasonally adjusted unemployment rate last month was lower than September's three point 8%. And four point 3% for October 2016. Monthly unemployment rates have stayed below 4% since March. But the number of private sector nonfarm jobs was 4700. Lower in October than in October 2016. A drop of four tenths of a percentage point. It was the seventh straight month with lower private sector job numbers then and 2016. Kansas also lost 17100 private sector jobs from September to October a decline of 110 of a point. Labor Department officials said that retailers hired fewer seasonal workers than anticipated. Ronnie Price K and SS and. News that Tony seventeen Kansas election is officially in the books now counties finished finalizing their results last week. This was the first election since local races were moved to the fall and voter turnout was up in many areas Shawnee county saw a turnout a turnout of around. 19%. Jump of about five percentage points compared to recent local elections. Election commissioner Andrew Howell says when the local elections were held in the spring they came soon after federal voting which may have led to voter fatigue and lower turnout. I think some of us are worn out with the ads with the emotional event of a presidential election so I do think given some time helps. Johnson Douglas and by a dog counties also had higher voter turnout Cedric county turned out was flat compared to the last local election but saw jumps in areas with contested races. Authorities have identified a body found in the Texas Panhandle. As a Kansas man who was reported missing earlier this month. The body of 39 year old Luis Eduardo Moreno of liberal was found Wednesday along a county road north of highway 54 in charming Downey. Miranda was reported missing on November 2. The Sherman county sheriff's office in Texas Rangers are investigating Marino's death as a homicide according Amarillo TV IITV. A cause of death will be released pending results of an autopsy in you lab and SS news. A Florida church has a message for those who might do its congregation harm the river at Tampa Bay church now has a signed posted for the stark warning quote we are heavily armed on quote the sign goes on to assure any would be attackers that their place of worship. Is not a gun free zone the posting is garnering plenty of attention on social media column in the Texas church massacre where 26 people were killed. The gunman and that mass shooting you may recall which chased from the scene by an armed good samaritan the mass killer was later found dead in his car. Tom Graham Fox News. 734 now Stephen 10 in the morning today is the Monday November 20 Tony 73 days until Halloween with. And on this date in this 1789. New Jersey became the first state to ratify the bill of rights and on this date in 1976. The boxing drama Iraqi the united artists release starring Sylvester Stallone career in New York. Rocky Artie now. RR. Yeah rocky and I was really a big fan of rocky at this. I don't know the story was really get it just kind of wish the boxing look at players. Yeah outnumbered us now is president. They could've done a better job that it's really get a Santa Claus may be coming to town but you'll need a reservation to see him at Macy's flagship store on 34 street in New York. A chance to settle saint Nick's lap is by appointment only this year for the first time ever. Starting today people can go online to sign up for a time slot from thirty minutes to five days in advance. No walk ins are allowed Macy's says the new arrangement is intended to cut down on wait times. And make it easier to see the man in the red suit. Company says sand is a popular guy sold the wait times to meet him have been quite long in previous years especially on our busiest days. Sonia the time limit innocent as the buzzer goes off the kid will be kicked down that shoot toward the bottom of the mountain just like in the movie right. Now. An appointment deceased at 736 now Steven Ted it is Monday morning time for Monday's with the mayor which dummy -- -- fly well with us this morning good morning sir. Are you excited about Thanksgiving this week. I'd love the holidays Thanksgiving on my favorite we get that a lot of time with Cambodian. And everyone over and a good time but I this year my sister and also be even better. So you don't really have to do any good show up in and eat a lot of food and so I'm in charge of making the match. Really. How do you did you do the old Spanish seeing cruncher thing there are united and automatic appeal. Appeal the oil com. My special recipes Mexican mob. Eggs mixing them up since scientific. Secret ingredient what what are they are. What's your favorite part of that yields to Turkey that is addressing it to but. I am that her. I smoked Turkey. We don't smoked Turkey instead. Well listen I know you've got to you've got a City Council meeting tomorrow right. That's a pretty simple meaning that consent agenda so it's ram and a Monday saying. Let's approve some laps and ride away. Contracts. It'll. Water main then fire hydrant Mets were all of the you know real important stuff. Are you good are you considering some industrial revenue bonds I thought I saw that on the agenda for this week. Have time maybe. We don't mean or grouping but it wouldn't believe it just at our church forum okay. There and I noticed there's been all. Yeah okay well there's like there's four of them today here total not quite a lot of money either mr. 170 million dollars or something like that. Is this is so I'll take equity out some. I'm not sure mom. Now. Is this you yes that's seems like a big total for me for one setting but. Is this any indication of anything is an indication of growth there or anything like that. Well it's an indication of company investing in Wichita yeah. And and that's what we're trying to incur an embarrassment I mean art. And you've seen all indicators that. Our some employment rate is increasing. Our our jobs are increasing and and were released certain as the Adam you know we we have a big celebration. Honoring one of our opposite order of the year. Aerospace and so. We're just seeing some are rightly so you know a nice turnaround and things happening here in Wichita. The last week on Friday Kansas probably repairing the Kansas unemployment rate. For October at three point 6% compared to three point eight in September. I got to dig a little deeper in Wichita is MS say now that which type image say is Cedric Butler Harvey Kingman and Sumner counties are okay. But it's a Wichita area in October and our unemployment rate was 3.4 percent were finally below the statewide rate. And that compares to 4% in September. And four point 6% yet last year at this time that looks like a downward trend at least as far as the unemployment figures considering. Mom and we're not finished yet amazingly we knew that are jobs in the pipeline or work on right now and and drive them or break even lower. Unemployment rate lower in. You know our our. Mission right now recruit talent which were actively out they're trying to recruit Allen. He haven't talked to make a way I'm I'm I'm already in the market. Right you can't recruit me. So mark. Favorite. Well I don't remember Brian Brian remind you we have that big water station are all. I've been out count for weeks sought. I mixed my agent as we are looking Padilla and the UN run one now optimization. Water optimization. What do what does that mean exactly. Ground where we're trying to look at the way news. Al beacon program. Operate our our water utilities and and so we've been looking. You know them. In a variety of different. Opportunities for a while we call featuring the republic right. Partnership old case that. It's let's on the weekend that the public private partnership tomorrow okay inning else. Them. Acknowledge it more invited or. Opened fire on aren't as maybe people just bring down due to this city hall and in my heart I. Know. I. Yeah they give you a nice pumpkin pie with some whipped cream on top and that means that would sway your vote in the next they comes up right. No well. Listen we're negative public document for thanks giving it to you and your family. All our best from Steven to invoke you'd Unionists as we well appreciate what you do and trees curtain. And and four. Oh wonderful thanks for hello. All right they consider 741 now Stephen did that's Mondays with the mayor which the mayor Jeff Long well every Monday here with Steven dead here on K and assess. It's a 7:42 here on Monday morning it's time for our prairie fire coffee break. Copy Ebert on K and assessed now prairie fire coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because Perry prior coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. You can get prairie fire coffee to our office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. 742 now Stevens head and it editor bill that would stop business journal standing by more jobs for local aircraft maker. Bills until about that coming up Steven says the morning on three and a sense.