Some facts and myths about Thanksgiving

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 22nd

Ted with a mini history lesson about the Thanksgiving holiday.


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I can't thank you and Aaron need you outside Jimmy Jack. Even teacher that is coming your mind I wish I wanted to make it. And you. 746. Amnesty was dead in the morning news Austin in 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Two big east trying to make another deal in Kansas we'll have those details from editor bill Roy a local business update from Wichita business journal coming out now it's time three big things green. The Wichita State men's basketball team taking on Notre Dame tonight championship game of the Maui invitational both teams undefeated and ranked in the top twelve. It's news. The US navy plane has crashed in the Philippines C three people remain missing lie and today 51 million Americans expected to be on the moon it is the day before Thanksgiving. Busiest travel days of the year three big things with Stephen Ted 987 and thirteen 38 and as a. So far this morning we've actually seen. You're in the which star roadways anyways. Looked like there was less traffic out there at the moment now we are starting to see some heavier traffic especially Canaan think turner and hillside right now. Traffic heavy in that area and they really starting to pick up but right around Kellogg has the cinecast sycamore Texas as well. Traffic updates from. Dad we take a look at that Thanksgiving weather forecast looking for a high today of 48 degrees under sunny skies. Clear tonight not as cold overnight low down 33. Looking ahead for Thanksgiving much warmer tomorrow with a high near seventy and by Friday at up to 72. But it's very cold right now currently widgets on mostly cloudy and 24. Degrees we will double that primarily to higher at 48. They did you know that just about half of your body heat is lost through the top of your head thaci the great selection of warm weather hats warm winter. Hats for men and women that hat man Jackson that's the clock tower and Elaine helped open six days a week. One of which has caused great stores hat man Jack's 601. West Douglas. 748 was Stephen Ted KN OSS. Thanksgiving. The story of the first Thanksgiving most Americans have been taught it one way. In some respects not all that is entirely accurate. I guess you couldn't blame school textbooks. Being a bridge to soften some things out of context. Manger just plain false. Children's books somehow distill the story little bit into a more pleasant version perhaps. Or of course you've got Thanksgiving TV specials that. In influenced pop culture and get. Put ideas and people's heads are things that a 100% accurate anyway. Some some details about Thanksgiving. Remain unclear in people's minds of the timeline is a little bit relative. The mayflower did to bring the pilgrims to North America from Plymouth England in the years 1620. They did to disembark at what is now Plymouth Massachusetts set up colony. In the year 1621. At the following year they did celebrate a successful harvest there was a three day gathering that was attended by members. Of the wamp an old tribe. It's kind of from this that we all derives at least the origin of Thanksgiving as we know what right. But it really well it it was not an annual deal or no the it was not until basically the 1830 years that the event was called. Banks at that even that first and it was even called Thanksgiving. By new englanders who were looking back on it some 200 years later and kind of wanting it to resemble their version of the holiday. Retirements two centuries had passed. The holiday itself wasn't made official until 1863. During the civil war when president Abraham Lincoln declared it. And thank you for civil war victories in Vicksburg and Gettysburg. And the trying to give the nation at least something to. Yeah forward to you would have hoped for right I'll beyond that and then there was a woman to that it was a very big. Campaigner for Thanksgiving and Lincoln that kind of latched onto some of those things do beyond that claiming that it was the first Thanksgiving isn't quite right either. Both native American and European societies have been holding festivals celebrating successful harvest for centuries so it was the first but now giving it. Maybe on this continent some sort of origin it does them. Prevalent opposing viewpoints at first Thanksgiving stemmed from the massacre of the peak while people in 1637. That. Culmination of the peak ought war. It is true that the day of Thanksgiving was noted in the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colony after bat. But it's not yet really accurate to say that it was the basis for our yet modern Thanksgiving. And Plymouth was already a village with clear fields and the spring when the tiller was found it. Which some may not know if that it was of a fairly good place to settle yeah even though the economy in the wrong time of the year. Late fall it was available because every single native person who had been living there was a dead they've been wiped out by the play and which is why the colonists. Now the place and there was nobody around that time. And is moved and yes some us on Thanksgiving history and we'll talk some more about Thanksgiving. Religious freedom. Native Americans. Squads though. Turkey pie there are more topics to be discussed we go on today but first let's check again. With two big corporations that are still try and it shake hands and make that deal. Let's find out what's going on with the editor bill raw day with a local business update from the Wichita business journal mr. Roy yeah. Mr. blurred that westar energy and Great Plains Energy trying to make another deal shareholders have approved Merck proposed merger of the two companies. About 90% of voting shareholders in the green light to the revised merger. The first attempt was rejected by Kansas regulators this time stock for stock merger would create a fifteen million dollar company. Which does slightly and our airport getting busier ridership up two and a half percent and October's on nearly 144000. Passengers. Flying in and out of the airport Eisenhower's six tenths of a percent ahead of last year's pace. But it's one and a half. Half percent off the page 2008 when he airports had a pastor record. In Johnson Controls announced this week that is laying off workers at its headquarters in Milwaukee but those cuts will not extend the companies which atop facilities are Milwaukee does mr. report to Johnson Controls plan to eliminate and reduce functions at its headquarters they did not say how many employees would be impacted. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess and that would two top business journal dot com which published journal I'm bill. I'm bill here we are the day before Thanksgiving I'm kind of picturing you dressed as Myles standish at work today is. I have my buckled shoes on and say the hell you're buckled accessories ready to go. That big hat out. It's hard to get through airport security where now that these days what no kitten I guess now I it is this is this a normal workday at the business journal or is everyone knew you know taken of the weird day off today. Well some people are taken the day off those those who are here of course are constantly writing rewriting and editing and opening up the business that is. So. We're gonna we're gonna do it at least for part of the day anyway we may have some folks go homer later. Even on Thanksgiving Day the business news never ends at strikes there's always something going on. Yes and and don't slip and any gravy. It's that thing if that things get crazy your company parties there. That's right they can get a little crazy out here gravy you could be flying out and actor a whole lot. A lot's not blood at. Andy and does do you have any what what what is your Thanksgiving agenda. You don't have to tell me you know you could lie out of. Over the through the trees and over the woods or whatever you say to grandma's house. Out so well grandma lives the look yeah. Exactly. Up there in Johnson County just sent thick woods of counting counting not mission woods but at. The that it out and up cigarette off fantastic well let's look this time years. That's right well let's get back to get big plans for the Palin Beaulieu family. Ali Al my folks video I've been I'm bringing you pie. Nice and I'm bringing is the the did the dried sweet Indian corn. Boo and I am bringing coking coal. Very that's my contribution to my family's Thanksgiving you know mr. Pitt this divers. Any tip that comes my way stays at my house. It's it's such a precious commodity it does not get shares which by the high. Sawyer Kansas OK all from midnight tonight and so area. It's a chocolate peanut butter pie cool though now they get that moved out packages that might drop right back at this. Well we'll just drop it in a bullet talk dig in one hour from now about that then. This really just that's the way to our business journal editor bill royal opera 1000000001 hour from now owned and another local business update. 756 with Stephen said here on CN SSE use travel day we'll have details coming up with Stevenson.