Some great news for the Shocker volleyball team

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 27th

Congratulations to Coach Lamb and the Shocker Volleyball team hosting an NCAA Regional.


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And as this morning news and Steve instead I'm hitless word Steve mackintosh has the day off it is Monday November 27. To top police are investigating two bodies found in two different location I'm writing prize that is helping researchers convert wheat straw into ethanol and KN SF meteorologist Dan Holliday. What a few more like early summer than late fall today how warm will it get our forecast is coming up. Wichita police are investigating after two bodies into different locations were found yesterday morning. Just after 11 AM officers responded to an unknown call for EMS that it residents in the 800 block of Merrill Lynch field their Seneca McLean. Upon arrival officers located a forty year old female resident of the home who was on responsive she was later pronounced dead at the scene. Officer Charlie Davidson says investigators believe this isn't a random incidents and are interviewing several parties regarding the incident. That about forty minutes later officers responded to a suspicious character call in the seventy how to block of east pageant near central and rock road. Resident called in an unfamiliar vehicle parked in the city street when officers arrived they found a 26 year old male in the vehicle who was pronounced dead at the scene. Currently no arrests have been made it. If anyone has any information regarding these cases please call crime stoppers at 2672111. Phil Noble brand KE SS news. Jurors resume deliberations today in the San Francisco murder trial and undocumented immigrants. Accused of killing Kate Stein like her death was highlighted by president trump as a reason why tougher immigration and Sanctuary City policies are needed. A federal judge blocks the trump administration from withholding money from Sanctuary Cities. The suspect in cape Stanley's murder had been deported five times before killing her and immigration officials had asked San Francisco to hold him until they could deport him again. San Francisco said no that violates court rulings and their own sanctuary policy says they released him. The Justice Department said it would withhold funding from Sanctuary Cities and Santa Clara County sued along with San Francisco. As the Stanley trial wrapped up a federal judge ruled against the trump administration. Can we detain people. Can't keep them locked up in waiting even though. They might be other ways really simple can we do that as some sort of a courtesy without violating constitutional principles of those people were being detained in the answers no. Santa Clara County supervisor Dave Cortez he says the whole issue will likely be appealed until it gets to the Supreme Court. Jack Scott Rosenthal Fox News. Researchers in Kansas and China. Are using math modeling to improve the process of converting wheat straw into the production of ethanol wheat straw the plant residue left after wheat harvest is abundant in Kansas. The straw has low commercial value but one used Ford is fuel production. The Topeka capital journal reported researchers in Kansas and China. Are using mathematical modeling to improve the process of converting wheat straw into pellets for the production of ethanol. Pellets can be more easily handled and transported to ethanol processing plants. Where ethanol extracted from them can be substituted for fossil fuels. Mathematical modeling can save both time and resources required for experimental studies. Ronnie Price K Ed SS news. Two members of congress beset by sexual assault allegations back on Capitol Hill as claims continue to swirl. Minnesota senator Al Franken returns to Capitol Hill today after being silent for days on allegations by four women of sexual misconduct. In an interview on Minnesota public radio Sunday Franken said he wants to be a better man and it's taken steps toward that. So I'm doing I'm taking responsibility. I apologize sued the women who have helped disrespect that. In that house chamber its longest serving member John Conyers of Michigan step down from his role as top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee saying he won't let allegations he faces be a distraction to his party. Colonel Scott Fox News. The economy getting a nice jolt from the start of holiday shopping retailers and economists keeping a close eye on the numbers as shoppers hit the stores for Black Friday sales experts say the Black Friday raised. Making waning warrant more people skipping the shops to stay home. And click instead in store but traffic for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday was actually down nearly 2%. Compared to the same two days last year with Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us now it's all about Cyber Monday this year is forecast to be the largest online shopping day in US history. And Los Angeles Marion wrap pretty Fox News. If your kids ever dreamed of working with the airplanes you'll want to take him to exploration plays coming up on Saturday. That's an exploration place we'll open it's completely new permanent aviation themed exhibit design build why it's a 5100 square foot exhibition. Filled with about fifty interactive's. The exhibition was in direct consultation with local aviation experts from many different fields. Throughout the exhibit you can even hear from local aviation workers who appear on screen to answer frequently asked questions. Jim both president of the museum says aviation is the key economic driver of Wichita and we need to be proud that it this year. The goal is to inspire children to pursue careers in science and technology. The exhibit opens to the public at 10 AM Saturday December 2. Anyway a K and SS news. It is 805 with Stephen Ted in the morning here on CN SS. Few minutes away from sports. A recap for the chiefs game yesterday it close when with the Buffalo Bills and the very good news for the Wichita State volleyball program those details from away as well it's all coming up sports. Few minutes. CNN SS news time 805 out of as you sign aid only nine. A media giants being acquired his deal backed by two conservative billionaires with ties to can. It's Meredith Corp. announcing it will acquire time the publisher of Sports Illustrated fortune and of course time magazine. It's part of an agreement valued at two point eight billion dollars. Meredith which publishes Better Homes and Gardens family circle and owns all recipes dot com reports the deal is expected to close and when he eighteen. The bid to buy time is backed by billionaires Charles and David Coke. The conservative Brothers put up 650 million dollars in preferred equity three unit of Coke industries however Meredith claims that you know will not have a seat on its board. Normally have influence on the editorial operations. Tom Graham Fox News. It'll plug the smallest stole us if it's pretty by the country's president then beginning next march stores that any day and how to open the customers on twos Sundays a month's. From 2019. Gazed down 21 Sunday a month and an entity 27. Sunday's again. The idea was proposed by trade unions to help shop workers spend more time with their families. But critics say thousands of jobs could be at risk in London side to donate Fox News. It is eight. Ten with Stephen said in the morning you're listening to 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. We have a stalled out vehicle northbound on I want 35 it is at the eighth and ninth street exit watch foray. Traffic slowdown in that area again it's a northbound I want 35 at eighth and the ninth traffic updates from kick in essence radio on here achievers. Thank you jab and now let's take a look at that weather forecast here on Monday morning let's check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday with the latest Dan and. Good morning the normal high temperature for this time of year in Wichita is fifty we will be well above that this afternoon at sunny windy and 73. For the high. Partly cloudy breezy overnight Barlow 52 and a few scattered showers will drift in on Tuesday it'll be windy another swarm of the high sixty. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you Dan. Right now in which it solid breeze out of the south it's partly cloudy 48. Degrees. To eight in SS weather brought you by the monarch offering five dollar select appetizers Monday through Thursday from four to 6 PM for happy hour. Full cocktail menu maybe found that monarch Wichita about Kama. Great place to hang out the monarch in the delay in oh it is 811 with Steve intent on K and SS here on this Monday morning. Sometimes they say love is blind apparently so is anger at times as well. Recently president trump got into a beef with Lavar ball. You know the guys it's the dad of three college basketball players aren't a one of the three players it was arrested in China for shoplifting. The president complained that ball should have been more grateful for what he said where his efforts to get players freed. Now and then of course every gun takes in the Internet to let their opinion be known McBride some Internet folks. Are dissing of bald. That they weren't making their anger at Lavar ball they were directing their anger at Lavar Burton. No no way the actor who was in Star Trek and roots and host and reading railroad yeah. No I. In fact one Twitter users showed a a true news mash up denouncing Burton as quote has been actor with the speed for a son. Wrong it is not Lavar Burton yes it's Lavar ball. That is let you know you don't have to have your facts right when you're on Twitter. I don't know if you just say what area on assay ya on on the right you're on whatever. Twitter FaceBook you can anything they'll let that protects any of it and everything you say. It's automatically gain said anyway yes so that people and it automatically tell you wrong no matter what it is say so doesn't matter. Social media and social media but that Ron Howard's dad has passed away. 89 years old. Ron taking to Twitter to praise his dad the weight balance is Hollywood and bases and as an actor with his personal integrity. The elder Howard's acting career spanned several decades. You know on back to the 1950s when he was in several of Ron Howard's films and I'm as well. Not in the fifty about it fit into afterwards. Including Apollo thirteen a beautiful mind and splash yet rants Howard would occasionally show up and in some bronze movies and small role you know what it's brother Clint Howard that's right. Rants passed away at the age 89. Last night miss universe was crowned a new miss universe daddy are we representing South Africa. Wins the miss universe trauma. Demi Leah no Peters was named the honor last night at the ceremony in Las Vegas. Runner up miss Colombia off. Laura Gonzalez. Third place miss Jamaica they were there were 92 women from around the world taking part. In the miss universe competition miss south. Africa coming out on top. I'm I have seen the pictures yet battled looked at Pepsi. They're all stunningly beautiful women aren't married so you know what that's all worlds are pretty much call is now the but the odds of fifty years ago on this day The Beatles released their new album called magical mystery tour. That's right United States by Capitol Records. Some people not a big fan of that album icon like it I liked it. I love the title song. And fool on the hill is one of my favorite Beatles song that's also from magical mystery tour an you know. It's it's up and down a little bit not great across the board has got some good stuff. And came up The Beatles album magical mystery tour released in the US fifty years ago on this day. On Norwegian reindeer herder. Says there's been some trouble I saw this story overnight. This is this is a weird this is not yeah this is little strange and ended the title of the story is called reindeer killed in Norway and a the gas. Look further. More than 100 of these reindeer have been killed in three days. By freight trains right. It's the worst encounter between reindeer and railroad cars was just over the weekend 65 reindeer plowed into in one instance he says more than 100 reindeer have been killed since last week. Summing that he calls unprecedented. The company that operates the trains now reducing speeds in that area where the reindeer have been killed. There must be a reason eighties when it's warmer temperatures and rain gear and go on further so who knows but the but that's that's a lot of reindeer to buy out trained by the some probably some of these fast moving freight trains. It is 816 was the intent on K and SS you've heard a fake news but what about fake olive oil. Officials in Greece say it's definitely thing prosecutors have charged seven people for fraudulently selling large quantities of the fake stuff. A family of four and three of their kin are charged with a number of crimes related to the making of bogus olive oil. And their marketing it as being the extra virgin variety. And it is. Prosecutors say they took sunflower oil in and it puts some dye into it so it would look like extra virgin olive oil come on now gas. A least they crack down on the more fake olive oil. Well maybe it's one of the things you should not buy today but many Americans will be buying lots of stuff today here on Cyber Monday. Wanna make sure your investment is protected if that's your payment data let's find out more from a the CEO of securing her consulting and former commissioner on cyber security for President Obama. Doctor Erik Cole joining us today in a doctor is a big day for folks online and you wanna make sure you're safe when doing so. It could be. That they. Are. And does the fact that there are so many people doing their online shopping today make that even more rife for potential criminals. Absolutely there's one a lot of people they are audited in this but the person that. Why did people go on court about what it was targeted at the end that's what about the barber. They want it won't I won't eat what it wanted to do what you can spot ball bad at the shopping outdoors it was tragic that the Obama. So doctor final online today how can I protect myself. At least as much as possible if you wanna do some online shopping. What about their. It's a student in Orange. You do that real world at. All. I. Warned you or won't should give it a bit. All wanted to know why they're what we all want in that dog out. More people. So what it is you go to Google. Yeah. Or what people don't. Want. Q what the legal and what you want equal. And what that is what it was good to be true it would. What would what that optimize their business. We've seen this before but especially on a day when so many Americans are our. May that they know or going to be going to those sites it's it's a pretty easy targets sometimes I guess you're saying. Just be aware and beyond be aware of what's he'll what you're doing today when you're when you're hitting the the Internet. What what. Yeah. A lot Wharton's wolf just as odd that shouldn't need. I don't register at odd ball the war on cheat on what why what happened opposite a lot of people are all court. They water the swap books that yeah. I'm not what they orbit. All right good tips to make sure that your. Completely safe perceived as you can be here on Cyber Monday thank you very much it's doctor Erik Cole. CEO of secure anchor consulting he's also former commissioner on cyber security for President Obama. Thank you very much for your time today doctor Erik Cole which some words of advice. How to make sure your protected here on Cyber Monday. It is 820 with Stephen said here on Tait and SS. And let's see what's going on in the world of sports yesterday at pro football action right here on Candace says sports Kansas City Chiefs. Boasting the Buffalo Bills. Kind of a rough days maybe for both teams although only one would end up with a loss that was the chiefs at home. Just could not get the offense going yesterday against the bills. They tight games chiefs of course and gain tech clothes she you have your chances. Just not able to capitalize here's a little bit of a rundown from the voice of the chiefs Mitch Colton. It's the chiefs also had two opportunities down 1610 with the ball. And they could not convert a fourth and four. And then to drop the ball back to a quick three and out and then Alex Smith threw an interception. On the final drive a pass intended for Terry kill us look there is white with the interception in the Buffalo Bills win by a score of sixteen. To ten over the Kansas City Chiefs and the chiefs now. After a five and oh start. Are six and five on the year. Still in first place though but only by a game over the chargers and the raiders so that Caesars. Barely holding on a first place now and take another loss at home 1610 bills when it yesterday. Great news for the Wichita State volleyball program last night the NCAA tournament selection show. Revealed Wichita State is the number sixteen. National seed it. And for the first time ever the shoppers get to host an NCAA volleyball regional this will be echo arena. First round games on a first round matches on Friday and then they round of 32 on Saturday of the winner of this regional will advance to the sweet sixteen. The shocker general read heard it will meet in the opening round on Friday the other pairing is pretty interesting. Kansas and Missouri who'll now ask the big great volleyball coming up this weekend ARCO Arena shocker hosting the first time ever. They'll be along discussion about it tonight should be good discussion about it on the WSU volleyball coaches show with head coach Chris slam that's at 8 o'clock tonight. Right here on Kate and SS it's back it's back to back to back coach's show night started out. At 6 o'clock it's WSU basketball coaches show with Edmonds coach Gregg Marshall 6 o'clock. Women's coach Keith Adams at 7 o'clock and then coach lamb talking volleyball at 8 o'clock all right here on KMS that's. And all broadcasting live it AJ sports grill at the Alley at thirteenth and green which go join the shocker coaches. For dinner tonight talking all things shocker athletics and listen right here on K and SS. Speaking of Wichita State wins basketball soccer lady's pick up their first win of the season yesterday if finishing up a Thanksgiving tournament. In Albuquerque. As the soccer's beat cal Irvine easily 7653. First win for the shock there's under their new head coach Keith Adams range he was so hard with a season high 23 points in the win yesterday. Has this shocker ladies pick up the wind coach Adams. And though little note for shocker women's basketball was forty years ago today that. Beth at had a legendary 37 point game for the shots against Northwest Missouri State that the time was the highest. Scoring output ever by a shocker women's basketball player by Beth at her 37 point forty years ago today. And will hockey action downtown which it saw yesterday. In trust bank arena first meeting ever between the Wichita thunder in the Kalamazoo wings that. And went the way of the thunder for one goalie Jill rumble was 38 saves. And it. Dyson Stevenson of the thunder Hattig Gordy Howe hat trick parent. The Gordy now down jab please explain to listeners when he Gordy Howe hat trick is that would be when a player gets a goal and assist. And gets into a fight. In the same game in the same game yes old Dyson Stevenson got that done the thunder gets the win the which it talked tied for the top record in the league Wichita is one for its last five stolen another win off to a fantastic start. That's sports with Stephen Ted KM SS 824. Which Stevens said in the morning on 987. And thirteen thirty Kate end as best traffic and weather coming up and who knew about the potential Russian elections interference. The Sean Hannity morning minutes is next.