Some popular brands had trouble in 2017

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

Guest: Fox News Correspondent Tonya J. Powers


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just caused a number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning and block mrs. McCain is as well. The bed the ninety Macintosh. Winter has arrived in force across the United States we've got the story home I am wounded after firing at which often we've offered during the pursuit has been identified. I'm standing. Shots fired during a robbery in south Wichita and it would word those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday who looks like today and tomorrow may be or warmest days of the week. But not for long because some of the coldest air we've had a long time arrives for the last couple days of the year our forecast is coming up. A suspect. Hospitalized but expected to survive the after being shot in the jaw by Wichita police deputy police chief Troy will be some says a man shot and officers responding to a disturbance call. And the business on Wednesday with some place else return fire to suspect we later learn the suspect was shot once in the lower jaw officers were not struck by the gunfire in the man took often stolen vehicle. Police say he shot at another officer during the chase and swerved the car and an officer to point stop sticks. But chase ended with a crash in the suspect's apprehended he was hospitalized in fair but stable condition. The suspect was identified as he lies remark as a known felon with a criminal history. A woman who was with Martinez is also in custody. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. An armed robbery was shots fired in south Wichita. Police officer Paul crews as it happened early yesterday at the quick and easy walk shall Matt at hairy and hydraulic. Unknown suspects armed with handguns in through the laundry mat and demanded money from the employees. I'm when he was given to the suspects and that's both suspects were leaving the business. The armed security guard began to fires weapon. At the suspects were far back as they fled this the scene. The two suspects a woman and a man were dressed in all black clothing the man was wearing coveralls early Wednesday emergency personnel were called to a fire in east Wichita east of Douglas and green which. Smoke alarms do save lives our crews are dispatched who reported house fire. So 111700. East Waterman. First arriving crews found heavy fire smoke shorn from the front of the structure the homeowners were all evacuated. They were alerted by working smoke alarms that is what sets save their lives. Lieutenant Jose oh Katie says one victim who got out. Was treated for smoke inhalation then released from a hospital. The fire was caused by combustible material near an unattended space heater. Most of the northern half of the US going to be dealing with some brutal cold for the next few days. National Weather Service meteorologist mark Chenault. Are done very cold weather's gonna continue pretty much stretching from Montana Wyoming. All the way across the rest of the central and northern part of the country so across the plains midwest and it that north northeast and say well below normal. I'm a history of the week. Erie Pennsylvania digging out from under record breaking snowstorm. Which saw more than five feet of snow a power outage at Disneyland let people stranded on a rides. Disneyland is not happy his place on earth today and people are getting on social media it's complained. During how many weeks it's usually busier than Aaron Wednesday was no exception the park was packed. A power outage impacted rides mostly in to town and fantasyland. Officials blamed problems on a resort transformer. And by mid afternoon said they weren't accepting new guests. Twitter lit up one person posted a picture of the crowd and said this is horrible I don't wanna be here anymore others asked for refunds my favorites work. Even with all of the overcrowding there is still no line for the men's bathroom. And another post in all caps that read it why you playing with my emotions Disneyland. Desk at Rosenthal Fox News. Kansas senator Jerry Moran explained his vote the tax cut bill signed by president Donald Trump in an interview this week. I've been down the path of trying to balance the budget by reducing expenditures and having conversations about increasing revenues there's been no will to do that and it seems to be the only way now that. Being possible. Improved by the physical condition the countries to have a growing economy. Pay an assist news time now 8033 minutes past 8 o'clock. Little thunder hockey action on the road last night and we have a pretty decent college football bowl game lineup on tap today and we'll talk about bill coming up sports. Americans choose their most admired men and women ended may surprise you that story coming up. On the case in this as boring you these dead. CNN this morning you defeated sit down 8088. Minutes past 8 o'clock. A new report from the Kansas department of health and environment is raising concerns about the mortality rates. For African American babies are report found that the overall infant mortality rate. Of five point nine per 1000 live births in 2016. Was unchanged from the year before. But the Lawrence journal world reports. The death rate for other African American babies was fifteen point two per 1000 live births. President trump spending some time thanking first responders in Florida. President trumpet his first public appearance since Christmas Eve visited first responders the West Palm Beach fire and rescue squad. They're the president touted his first year at office is reversal of an Obama administration rule against police departments using older military equipment. Growing stock valuations reduce regulations and the recently signed tax law. He also celebrated opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil drilling. And the elimination of the obamacare individual mandate both items are in the tax law the president just signed. The president began the day as he spent yesterday at trump international golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida rich Edson Fox News. A quarter of Americans cannot name a man or woman they admire here. But those who do voted on the Tony seventeen winners Donald Trump wins the presidency but Barack Obama retains that title. America's most admired man thanks so probably Gallup organization's poll says Obama's numbers down this year but he beat president trump by three percentage points that's how we roll and the most admired woman. After a few weeks taking self sees in the woods I thought it would be. Still Hillary Clinton whose shoulders out Michelle Obama followed by Oprah senator Elizabeth Warren and Angola Merkel. Rounding out the most admired man the poked the reverend Billy Graham Senator John McCain and then to. Well SpaceX founder Elon Musk must even eclipse is Bernie Sanders. Raised. Hey this has used time now eight to attend ten and it's been updated like the Stevenson has this a couple of trouble spots on which our roadways right now eighth in the main. Eight and Maine a traffic accident reported there they'll also have the report of a three vehicle traffic accident northbound I won 35 south of hydraulic. Traficant came in SS brought to budget province Charles Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman in the east every street mall and on money crossfire dot com. Your home for complete car care to forecast which came in a serious step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good. Earning with a cloudy and cold start to today. We will have some sunshine later on this afternoon getting to 39 for the high clouds moved back in tonight Harlow nineteen. Sunny and forty on Friday before another Arctic air mass moves in dropping a set the mid teens by Friday night. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now. Partly cloudy we have a south wind today miles per hour 21 degrees and a wind chill is the eleventh. Eleven now with Steven and Ted as we look back on the year Tony seventeen. We get four days left in the air we're looking back on play seventy and what's been going on and then talk about it some brands of some non commercial brands have had some problems with us Fox News radio's Tonya. Who would who had to problems this year some of the better known brands. Well I would probably have to be kept on that's maybe at one that jumped everybody's mind. If although this year it seems like it's it's taken in years to get through it though it is happened back in April and people may have forgotten about it. That this would be Kendall Jenner add debt to featured her she was involved there and say they'd protest. And then. According to some who didn't like they add you know try to solve a complex social issue. Went in a tent at the apple they go and negative don't overwhelm websites that some repercussions from that gap. Okay we'll have a look pop to Johns. Giants. These elder in the exe unit charged matter make some ways he blamed. The protesting NFL players for the want in his speech has failed. Unclear that happened during a conference call with shareholders just last month as a matter fact. He said you know he would that the NFL has hurt them other layers sponsor of the NFL. He that we are disappointed in affiliate leadership did not resolve this talking about the new players and now when this came out. The statement may company shares plummet. Which definitely not only did make those shareholders on the comfort comfort ethnic armed. His later apologized for remarks he is also out as the company's most recognizable face as well so it had you know. More than one area of repercussions for top jobs. Said problems is Starbucks and any. Other not compare it. To the rest cities. You know I mean there's a general you know issue over the Christmas cup every year they'll wake up call it. There's always a big to do about that I've. Deal not understood why Tom put it. Every year like November we hear about the yeah about the cup that really wasn't in town that not as big as somebody adamant that what the other one is getting a lot of attention was the add back on. October oh doesn't this in a million. Did the one where you'll probably remember what I describe it began with a black woman missing her brown shirt Q and to. Reveal a white woman underneath. I didn't see alias and an entitlement programs her shirt and it's been at least a moment so it. It got a lot of backlash because it implied for a lot of people that black and should clintons themselves and become White Hall all to come. So distant not that well a lot of people and I doubt I apologize that thing that they missed the mark which you know was their ad campaign in this honestly you know to. Don't is known for has definitely in the last few years become known for. Putting real looking women in Herat. And had got a lot of positive feedback from women. Because their product seem Tuesday. Are there at seeing display here's our product in now. Does it it was one of those either product and you'll be a better person you know I think it was either product your family you are. Com and this release spoke to a lot of women that did acting like they're real. In Afghanistan and sort of departure from bad that not only eight minutes. Obviously but is the way it was taken was something part entirely different and what it and it. Yeah it's amazing to me the that the brand to its vessel by use that. The you know shaving cream and I use it never seems to make much difference I still look to saint. I ask okay what would argue picky about it happening honestly like product and I get abruptly they don't really have. Think about that. Now Tonya I think I do I ain't got these products I started using human 1969. And I'm still used the same one so there. Can't put them on price hike is for the brand people I'd be a bit of a challenge and let's take you so much for being with us we appreciate your time this morning Fox News radio's on you. Pizza Papa John's and other friends and had some major sales of only seventy to get involvement. No political issues and so forth and maybe they were a little insensitive about the ads labor. They were put now there's an answer repercussions and that happens a lot of times with people who. Can't have anything against it. Really make their feelings known in the way except stop buying the brands that are promoted like that are the dope maybe in the wrong area are you boycotting anybody. Pardon me are you boycotting anybody right now I can't tell you are now I have used Brill cream in years. The fact that this through those people. Now they may look to Greece you know that'll fill out 815 now we see even ten and boycotting pizza. I you. For what reason on false advertising by what. As everyone of those ads people pick up a slice of pizza and they can barely even lifted because they're so much cheese holding them back. When's the last time we got a piece of pizza pizza had cheese falling off. You know and it's decades and it's interesting because. The first people I don't you know that that pizza used in the ad does not want to get your in your box I think the first piece I ever ate in a public place I was teenager. Was probably the Pizza Hut on West Street. It makes a lot of people and win and Larry a man murdered and taken that I remember that cheese while in use and it yeah nobody was so it was two stringed apnea all the that you don't do that anymore now. But they you do on the ads. All right false advertising. At the district attorney involved in this. Police say a hunter's trip hole hit a snag in Las Vegas after security screeners. Found a dead cougar in his luggage. No crime was now a dead cougar you know like a Mountain Lion. No crime was committed because a man had a hunting tag content. The police lieutenant David Gordon says Transportation Security Administration agents killed the man at McCarron international airport to confirm the validity. Of the Utah hunting today. Terrence looking at a different definition tutors there are so I'll. And they're so it's a different story all to get an airport spokesman says the man ended up shipping the cougar carcass although not on the airplane that. Gordon says it's not a crime to transport legally possess a game on an airline flight and he says airlines can't refuse to transport certain items. Which apparently in this case they did well what if this is a carry on or something was trying to check yet. It it's a pretty big you would think it would be a fairly large and nobody's of maybe like 4050 pounds or more it's a pretty good sized animal at this stuff and some sorting bank H here. Interest and you put gate while you know pure cotton western Kansas a new pick up a couple of pots and get on the plane died setting it. He be in trouble he has a possibly new luggage 817 make it 818. Stephen dead on the morning it is sports that would Ted Woodward and death. It's that time of the year. Football. Bowl games right to accomplishment well now there's 39. Most of them so far have been put these lanes. It's not a very good teams playing not very good day but we're finally getting that time of the year where we. Decent bowl matchup coming our way including tonight couple of top fifteen teams going at it. It's in San Antonio tonight the Valero Alamo Bowl number thirteen Stanford against number fifteen TCU. Horned frogs are favored by a field goal they have a record ten and three Stanford is nine and four. Listen to the Alamo Bowl tonight 8 o'clock it's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM in fact there are four bowl games today. Three of them have ranked vs ranked matchups so. Finally getting some. Decent bowl games come and play here in the next few days. It will pro football news for you to Kansas City Chiefs announcing that they are going to start their rookie backup quarterback Patrick my homes this weekend. For the regular season finale Sunday at Denver. Broncos are also starting their back up quarterback Paxton lynch. Game between achieves the Broncos basically has no meaning that it has to be played so. Pricey a lot of backups until he's the future there yep you know she's fans who might get a nice long look at Patrick my homes. And of course he can listen to the chiefs game Sunday afternoon right here on Afghanistan. It tomorrow at this time. Mitchell this yes tomorrow our weekly visit with me told us but I played with the chiefs. Tomorrow morning. At. At 815 to make sure you tune in for that. We'll hockey action last night the Wichita thunder on the road losing seven to three at Allen and it was down four nothing early and could not recover. And loss drops Wichita on down into fourth place in the mountain division in the standings which on alum meet three more times for the new year. Little luck. She snooze for how about a birthday for the chiefs to valid until one of the great chiefs wide receivers of all time. They could chiefs' receivers very familiar I don't know he's one of the good ones Carlos Carstens 59. Years old today. It was the second leading receiver in the NFL in 1983 well you know made a couple pro bowls he just couple months ago he was inducted into the chiefs. All of Spain in the ring of honor. Still number five all time in receiving yards in chiefs history with more than 6000 happy birthday to did Carlos Carson. 59. Today. And in the NBA last night Sacramento Kings beat the Cleveland Cavaliers one on 995. A big day for frank Mason the rookie out of K you got his first career start in the NBA last night for the kings and and wind up four point couple rebounds kings have won the three of their last five. And it was seven years ago on this day the soccer football team got on a train and a and for Fresno a train on their way to play in a New Year's Day bowl game out in the raisin bowl in Fresno in its future trade now. And help soccer football team. Brand New Year's Day bow wow seven years ago arrays and ball at sports with Stephen Ted K in SSE 21 now keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. Investigating trump is an abuse of the criminal justice system. That's coming out statement at the morning on CNN assess.