Some rain in the forecast for south-central Kansas

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
Steve talks with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities about the drought conditions and the rain in the forecast.

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9713. Thirty K and says Stevens in the mornings back into should revert now. At 630. Grass fires continue to burn in many areas of Kansas. Yeah. On Wednesday Reno county crews were battling a grass fire near lake cable road southwest of Hutchinson. Buttons and fire chief Stephen viertel's Qaeda send news they've battled for structural fires and around fifteen grass fires so far this week. Crews have been busy out last night alone every single fire apparatus in Reno county was all around fighting fires everybody's right now on about three hours of sleep in the last two days. And it just it's taken this poll. She's Mears says that current dry conditions and high winds have made finding and getting fires under control more difficult. Dan O'Neill take an SS news. Wichita police are looking for a man who resisted battered and fled from authorities Monday night officers responded to the report of an east Wichita. Stolen GMC Yukon from Davis more. And officer located the stolen car on east upon me near the Kansas turnpike saw the suspect pumping gas and getting in the car. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the officer made contact with the suspect who began resisting arrest refusing to comply and injuring the officer in the mouth. The suspect then jumped into the passenger seat of a blue Pontiac G six. And fled from Massey. Another officer did locate the Pontiac G six party in all her shortly after it flat and traffic pursuit ensued. Which was discontinued due to excessive speeds and residential neighborhoods. Police department is asking the public's help in locating forty year old Brandon Paxson. Person of interest in the case there's a picture of Paxson accompanying the story on our web site KM SS radio dot com. Confirmation hearings continue force secretary of state designate Mike Pompeo. Kentucky senator Rand Paul remains the lone Republican holdout on the senate foreign relations committee to oppose CIA director Mike Pompeo is confirmation to be the next secretary of state. But despite that opposition Paul says he is open to meet with Pompeo after receiving a phone call from the president. Colorado Republican senator of Cory Gardner who also sits on the foreign relations committee tells Fox News that night. I think we can work with Rand Paul I hope that says that those conversations continued to gain his support Pompeo is also facing criticism from Democrats on the committee elect New Jersey senator Bob Menendez for failing to be forthcoming about his meeting when North Korean leader Kim Jung soon. In Washington some Angel Fox News. Former First Lady Barbara Bush will lie in repose in her Houston church this Friday. Private funeral is scheduled for Saturday. Her family were calls a young girl who met her husband at sixteen the only man she ever cast. A mother who kept them together after the death of her three year old daughter. And the woman who reminded them you have to look for the joy in life so yeah. But you don't stop and her husband former president George H. W. Bush held her hand for hours the day she died and was at her side until the end. The 92 year old had struggled with health issues in recent years on Sunday her family announced she wasn't seeking further medical treatment. Her son of former president George W. Bush says she had no fear of death in Washington Caroline Shively Fox News. Now the forecast with gay and assessed at meteorologist Dan holidays a boring day and good morning may wanna grab the jacket on the way out the door a chilly start today than sunny upper fifties around lunchtime 63 for the hi this afternoon with light northeast winds. Clear tonight Harlow 41 and breezy and 65 on Friday and a good chance of rain forest moving in early Saturday morning. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 34 degrees we have a west wind at eight miles per hour. 633 now Stephen Ted in the morning police have arrested a motorist. Who stripped naked and danced in the street following a multi vehicle crash west of Detroit rollicking police say the man plowed his pick up into another vehicle. Tuesday in defecting to several vehicles got of the truck took office closing. But this is Ghazi Karloff. So demand remark to police that he was fine after throwing off his clothing and a lot of demand tried to run away but was content handcuffed by officers. Police were not immediately sure what causes ticket drivers erratic behavior. When pursue was hospitalized from the crash that involved at least five vehicles. No serious injuries reported. Felt like you mean you lol just been in his Colbert a crisis and a gas suspect drugs aren't drugs or alcohol or maybe both. A fifteen year old Ontario Canada girl who scored an invitation to prince aryan Megan Markel wedding. Says she's now being approached by designers who want to pressure for the big event. Would like to get an invitation that when you tipped it before we go to. The big Prince Harry in Macon Markel letting. Based Dickinson says the whole experience is like a dream. He's looking forward to getting dressed up for the big day. She heard the coveted spot for her charity work as the founder of couples for cancer. Which last year won her Diana award. Named after prince Harry's mother and she's one of seven young people affiliated with the prize who've been chosen to watch the nuptials. From the grounds of Windsor Castle may nineteenth. Pedals for cancer makes blankets for cancer patients. And veterans living with posttraumatic stress disorder. The wedding who play is undoubtedly one of the biggest things to happen to Dickinson she says is even bigger than prong it's pretty big deal. Think. I'm sure my wife of like you that we get an invitation to probably have to go and no I a and I wouldn't know anyone there would mean in front or at. He gets a secret area close. And they know pinch me if I'd we have talked about a fifty cent hot dogs last night. At the ballgame you prince area close there's no way anybody getting on and yeah 330 yards a printer. Now. Of this is here security's going to be really tight right. Every day in the United States consumers throw up nearly a pound of food each according to new research. In a surprising finding the report also showed a link between quality of diet and food waste. The healthier a person's diet right a more food they threw in the trash yeah Allah oh really okay that's. How's that war between 20072014. US consumers waited nearly 150000. Tons of food current day. That's nearly a pound per person. That equates to about 30% of the average daily calories consumed for every American. The study published in the journal lost one. Also found thirty million acres of land and four point two trillion gallons of water are wasted on food that goes and eaten each year. And yet only hear stuff like enemy she knew it would scratch your head and things about it and tell people are starving. That is just not that there the food in the right hands if you go to restaurants you get. Tons of stuff on your plate you don't. Want really need in order helping seem to be getting bigger and bigger which is ridiculous and they charge you more and more that stuff you can't finish it. So they get sent back. Straight into the garbage. So really an athlete and a researchers also found higher quality diets were linked to higher levels of waste. Of the 22 food groups studied fruits and vegetables were wasted the most ha according yet accounted for 39% of the total waste. That was followed by dairy it's 70% in meat and mixed meat dishes at 14% so. The better your that the more you lace. Well maybe get serious true because I don't. My diet probably terrible and I don't see a lot of food laced I don't either you we want to make. I eat a wife and I do not from our own oil and where like you we keep from families with like two kids. And not a whole lot of money coming in to announce it all the time and it you did not waste known pretty much everything gets eaten not where I came from I think. I can't remember ever. Seeing left over to my mother's house the now withdrawn. And very seldom and our house. When both of felony. I'm the same wine tasting food. Seven and make it 630 you know I've by ice cream I eat it Detroit abiding songs are you Needham. Posters people cupcakes director of the seat that I don't know original reason that both throwing. Now to my healthy diet Peta says commodities up they would tablet muffler a plethora of bodies boy Tom. Good morning. Wouldn't like cattle feeder cattle closed positive after sprinting into insider trading despite department closed for the get a complex only gave a lot of cattlemen and live for the week by the afternoon the government would catalog and reported to a clock killing dogs yesterday opened right up close and triple digit gain. Yesterday I was for the hogs were the highest we've seen them over a month. On the ground yesterday June can't include some good hire. Well god 2700. Look pretty decent at 14057. Jay Leno could vote of 770 need to do to. The food and clothes baby yesterday repeal would go out evidence flows straight and seven sessions the corn and wheat futures are liquid slight lead to new lows for the blue. As we all are part of trying get a positive close to a quarter when. Reportedly. Country development is going backward. More signs and showed up but clearly trying to pass freezing temperatures. Even here in central clearances at the moment a delight he he went 13 quarters cent iPod program they have like court that I have completely 91 and a quarter. Delightful leaving the courtroom but there is predicted to revamp. They crude oil Monday night and cited 6946. We're looking at the U golden dollar reporting lower at thirteen fifteen to thirty agenda and Pete two good record imports slowed them 707. Dollar index and change and 89 dirty sport engine that is teachers to have keyboards were 2400720. Commodity trading Buick marketing advisor because that of the commodity on the phone on the web by using. Six foot due to come. Tallied on his been worried about my allergies says the night to I didn't know I had but I guess I. And develop them. Over the all these years that is south wind blowing in the Kansas all the dust and that at the allergies but. Last night away at the ball game idexx stating the wind is blowing from the north about fifty miles an hour. Cold is to obese and I'm not concerned about my allergies and more alert about pneumonia. But I. On the original event allergies I didn't think I am really in the last several years and like I've developed them do. It and has been go to appeared lately book that you are. You can hear them because they're typical road trip could have major cold light of. Yeah it was a little tough out ballpark but they suffered. It looks like amused look at and it deer to it looks like we could seal in moisture in south central Kansas coming up here Friday night and Saturday when they about debt. Well I think it's compared to cover what debit card and bell and all the admitted into quite a big deal quite a big dip. And it looks like it will be a lot left. And what they've been promising just over a week ago and it's not going to all the areas that they had been promising to. Unfortunately I'm pretty relieved a little bit on the high enterprise side not be as much help as we need to. You mean your little skeptical about the forecast so far. And. Skeptical you know when you know address out. It's hard to break at hand I don't see this is going to be maybe even just started to have political because it looks like the other road so they're looking for can't stay up to this news. We need we did some rain some nice gentle Kansas rain for a day or two may be human nature to the net and and the week later do it again and then we're restarting didn't achieve that we're. Wait way behind our rainfall are normally. Somebody wrote Mr. Big government in its April. It's not spokesman third 10 degrees this morning yeah most we have an April shower or not get none of this. Yeah this is the double robins cardinals out there that are there and exposed tonight Soledad. Yesterday as Ron had your mops on who's to monitor. Her restraint and stick out. Thank you sir 641 now Stephen did keep an air. Or Don Ramsey of the money tractors. Taking negatives positives don's all the way Stevenson the morning on Kate and assess.