Some travel trips from the Moneytracker

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

Don Grant gives us some money-saving tips if you are planning air travel.


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I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that we are awesome and I love us. Because the morning 9713. Thirty pianist says. Congratulations you're damned for looking two tickets. To go to the women's bear. It's Friday Saturday and Sunday. Simply you're gonna have another pair ticket giveaway probably. In the 8 o'clock hour this morning was even Ted thanks Dan thanks for lifting music. Good loyal loves the Stevens head 648 now. Three big things this week basketball Kansas 83 Iowa State 7070. Citizens try to shut down fellow citizens. During police shooting discussion it would be council meeting line. And this has to lieutenant governor Salina businessman and former Tracy Mann the three big things even dead on Kate and assess. That traffic accidents. Watch out north bound to rock program thirteenth street in north round northbound rock. Thirteenth report there traffic accident tripped up they. From gay and that's that's radio I'm catching a becoming mostly sunny and warmer today with a high of seventy degrees yesterday's high was 57. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low fifteenth and Thursday mostly cloudy with a high of 72. Now fog mist 43 degrees south wind gusting to 24 miles per hour 648 Steven did done it and see if the money to record just. As I walked in the door happy Valentine's Day all in this together there. Little way so moist that there sweetheart yes apparently when he got word and a half. You really want to what are you a ball cap on really really wanna I wanna now. All right I'll tell you because he doesn't care plus he's a big shocker France a shocker shocker yeah. I gave yesterday I had a what we colored light treatment for a precancerous skin conditions on top of it. OK I get to have my head in the boy you shut me up direct lighter satellite for a third day so well nice hat. And you know about Michael must configure can lead the Woody Allen had on your butt for a death. Offense off its own shocker ass article instead. A stocks ended in positive territory Tuesday after spending much of the day in the red. The Dow was up 39 points closing at 2400648. NASDAQ Composite up 31. At 713 PSP 500 gained seven at 2616. Kiddo. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average at best performer included Cisco Systems followed by a bomber caterpillar apple as a percentage terms all of those things. Gained more than 1% financials also did well helped Celine. Stocks opted out of the red JPMorgan up mournful percent percent Goldman Sachs gaining almost one full percentage point on the S&P 500. Best performer under armor after better than expected quarterly numbers and our rob more than 15% on the day. AmerisourceBergen and trip advisor with the other big winners on the for the near stock exchange call penalties Fox News. Security now Stephen Ted Don grant CFP the money tracker. That trying to find a good travel deal yes like you putrid gonna travel Leo right yeah lower your blood might mean literally by the okay what you know we're in the process of planning a family trip overseas and I quit kissing him to be treatments are. I'll probably use a travel agent because there are so many moving. Hearts and include not just travel but some train several you know sites and restaurants that we want to experience and all of which require reservations. And often tickets purchased in advance it gets more complicated than I want to bother with however. In my initial search. I've learned quite a bit I mean for example. Piecing out flights could be much less expensive I thought it might be the other way if you buy like the package trek you know thing. But I made several Internet searches to learn the least expensive city. In the United States with a direct flight to Paris France. Well they will change from month to month but my current search showed that the cheapest was from New York City. Followed by Chicago then Philly Atlanta Miami and Dallas. However. I learned that if I just enter Wichita to Paris IC Peta PAR. Or Paris airports. I might pay dramatically more than a fight book a flight from Chicago and a pair first. Dennis separate round trip from Wichita ushered to Chicago. That that links with that. That kind of makes sense one example that seemed weird to me was that it direct flight from Atlanta to Paris. Was it more expensive than a trip that originates in Dallas goes through Atlanta. To Paris. What's amazing is that the Atlanta to Paris leg was the exact same flight that was more expensive without the Dallas leg. Go figure I'm then there's a question of whether to upgrade. Some there's some airlines offer classes of tickets there may be basic economy economy plus premier economy than the business and first classes. The stripped down versions. May or may not included checked bag. The more you pay up front the less you pay if you want to change or cancel flight. And the lower class tickets require paying extra to reserve a seat. Costs really jump. Win you want to get a bit more legroom or a male. Now I checked that if I found that if I guess I'd that I can buy economy plot C election legroom. Get a free checked bag. Didn't pay. For the seat reservation then by trip insurance for cancellation and still pay less. Then the next class of ticket that offers these perks for free. So where's the number of that crab. Agent anyway we got a question mark all of traveling and security questions don't call me. The other question you can calmly six report 2222. Okay well while it is Valentine's Day and enjoy half of course. Barbie is working down the hall with Don hall and Maury show down there and yes geez she's delightful she's just a terrific person would like to have around she is she said those stored there have been that money yeah. I try to be nice I think he ran down the hall giggling I tried to nicer because basically you're bigamy can be a good point good point but I another Valentine's day of course I've that I've. Spent hours of research and accomplish what I think are some really good balance I joked OK okay can leeway Huber is such a big part of everyone's life yeah that's funny that throughout their list email to take you take note of these maybe right now. Erica ready there's freshman that's become a woman who goes out when dawn and desperate Smart sex. It was negative balance now on the go out to date now on allies. If Sampson yeah coach it's a romantic ultimate high I resemble that remark what did the haters say to her boyfriend. I love Hewitt all my heart. I. Call a very small Ballantine. And I went right. Ought to get a better America and I love the sound effect you get these from a seven year old Hadley the media aren't you happy the other suitable for the entire family and out of the magnet school. Look one. I'm gonna get too racy when you're in a second why did the banana go out the prone. Because it couldn't get a date. Folks. They he had been there through did you get it we get there are Diego natural laws if love is blind why is lingerie so popular. That's a brain teaser. It's no more holiday jokes for you guys as were mildly amusing and today. And here he thought all right today is what is it today is library lovers day. That's that big building little books and Don I heard about costs. I've heard events raised especially for college first library you ever went to his where. Well I would have to say when I get the boulevard plaza branch there probably you'll art theater right up next to it gets right it McKinley. McKinley is where that aren't. I love ballad libraries and I love Valentine's Day Don target Tel what are you doing with the same Shelly when we're gonna we're gonna go out Saturday night we've got a big evening planned. Yeah. We went out last night in you we want the beat beat the crap out and we were his wits. Everybody else who was beating beating the crap. Whether you wanna do it after it's and it seems like you forgot. Anyway we get. Well thank you guys 6:56 now about 7 o'clock at least now there's this morning rush to accept it. That's from essentially made him. Coming up at 7 o'clock unscheduled excitement but what Saddam City Council meeting that story on the way Stephen dead on K in a sense.