Spirit Aerosystems delivers 737 fuselage #10,000

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 15th
Boeing in Wichita, then Spirit has been building the 737 since the 1960's.

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See more racial equality are linked to see. More women standouts and and some. And you are expected. 97 and thirteen thirty KE NN says Stephen Taylor in the morning thanks for tuning is in here on late Thursday morning. Right in the middle. Of February on the 5745. Now lost three big things. You federal tax law could boost Kansas tax revenue by a half billion dollars seeing. Second suspect arrested in Wichita homicide. Police looking forward to more suspects line. High school shooting leaves seventeen did in Florida. Predicting Stephen dead on K innocence. Still got an injury traffic accident westbound Kellogg at Washington they closed the right lane there. And that's closed you can expect delays avoided if you can. And westbound until August and Washington's traffic updates and Kate and has asked brought to budget Robin Charles Goodyear tire it's downtown in markets and Waterman. He's very street mole and online and crossfire dot com home of the 3495. We'll change journal you've been enjoying the weather defense. Players know that goes we're gonna and one poor Dana bash. Another change mostly cloudy and warm today with a high of 75 degrees Wednesday's high yesterday's high was 72. Mostly cloudy and cooler tonight the overnight low 23 down to 23 tonight. Now Friday partly sunny breezy and cooler. Tomorrow's high only. 39 degrees snow hospitality. Sixteen degrees we have the southwest wind and it's gusting to 22 miles per hour. Find the comfort of a hat and express your personality. Go to had been Jackson find your own style seemed like people from around the nation that make captain Jack they're destinations. The 10 o'clock o'clock hour delay in 0601 missed Douglas. Evidence yet. 747. Out Steve intend on K and assessed at their Ash Wednesday yesterday yes. In people traditionally get their ashes on the on the forehead and at the beginning of lent formally and here we are. Taking off for lent and dead and beat. It was right after Good Friday and Easter you know what they the eastern on its April 1 April 1 is on paper offers me. Time that's happened and since 19451. Last time Easter was on April 1 thing. Stephen tidbit shoppers dot com poll this is exciting survey that says it sweeping the nation to talk a web page. Cain SS radio dot com what is your level of interest in the Winter Olympics we gave you four choices. And I follow the success of team USA and catch the highlights 11%. I watched live coverage every day 22%. I'll watch any vet or tune if nothing else is on 30%. And who cares about the Olympics. 37%. Say it's there's a lot of a lot of people who don't care but also. As you pointed out earlier there's a lot of let me look at those people who have so I'm sorry you're consuming at least some depth at least some interest for about two out of three. So. You know. Traffic deaths on US roads fell slightly and funny seventeen after two straight years of big increases. But a leading safety organization that compiled the numbers says it's no cause for celebration. The National Safety Council. Today estimated that 40100. People were killed in traffic crashes last year. Down just under 1%. From the Tony sixteen total. And a group the group said it's too early to tell over the of the small decline meets a downward trend after two years spike in deaths. It was blamed largely on people driving more miles as the economy improved as it was increased distracted driving. And I've did tip it's just seems to me that distracted driving is as a big problem. I don't know what they sit when you're at that the police department where he would look into that when you went and checked it than that with the police every day that they're. There are not and a traffic much blisters it out there right. From time to time they'll talk about that. Victim. I just wonder how many with the traffic officers out there how many. Distracted driving. Mileage option. This electricity constantly UC constantly hear your car yesterday it's it's it's everywhere. Yesterday the day before on the way home around the noon hour in a way home going grass down the police were just they were out. They were up cars and I saw two or three motorcycle police office what they're that's what the rest cycle cup whether finally got to where they can handle it you know has it been terrible there for him. And so you know you may see about today so keep a form just obeyed the law you'll be okay right. Investors saw some new hints that inflation is increasing Wednesday but they still said banks technology firms and consumer focused companies climbing. The S&P 500 index rose over 35 points at two good jumper recipe. Dal added 253. And at the NASDAQ Composite climbed to 100 in thirty points so another thing today on Wall Street coming back. And billionaire Warren Buffett anytime Warren Buffett doesn't make you pay attention well and had a rich and a lot of money. Buffett's company revealed a new investment in Tebow pharmaceuticals. And trimmed its holdings in oil refiner Phillips 66 by selling 35 million shares back to the company for 3.3 billion dollars. Phillips 66 seat that's where you make your money. Oil and and drugs oil and current. You know we like all the money is man. Okay say we just a shocker basketball tonight just real quick you can you will be a gonna shock locker room tonight right now at this after the game and look for you reported that always have a good time what do you do that again we had a twin peaks 21 and rock. And we'll will be on the air about 830 tonight. Okay so like come on up to the after the game twin peaks and enjoyed a shocker locker and child should be good and it shocker look at for revenge and thanks. As a plane but temple stocks taking on the temple owls tonight at 751 now Steve and tea and a big production number four. Spirit Aerosystems editor bill Roy of what style business journalist with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve content yet. So big milestone for the Boeing 730 sevens Spirit Aerosystems delivering 737 fuselage number. 101000. Spirit Wichita builds about 70% of every 737 Boeing sells. Production on the 737 of course they dates back to the 1960s so. Before spirit was created which Utah's Boeing commercial airplanes that the work. The spirit spokesperson says the company will hold a special event in the coming weeks to commemorate the treatment. What about doctor she shaker tequila was one of the investors in the Wichita tech company that's filed for chapter seven bankruptcy protection. To keels investments added up to about a half million dollars. According to the bankruptcy filing and tequila is president of cancer center of Kansas he told business journal that he learned about you molest some of the experience. Says if you don't know about a company do not invest in it. And the Kansas healthcare sector in 2017 generated 25 billion dollars in sales. A new study from the Kansas hospital association says a sector in Kansas. Also accounted for about fourteen billion dollars in income. Hospitals employ more than 86000 people in the state. In all the Kansas health care industry employs 222500. People. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and it would to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. And many if not most about all those people are now I've encountered have always been a motivated people who do their do their best it. Take care of us and I salute to health care industry. Surely sure the cost is gone through the roof all but I am. And we wish there is something to do about that but those folks are on the on the firing line out they're taking care does not edit and somebody. Physician's assistant assist me this week in doing so I'm Antonia. Usually there are good good friend of mine they do a good job so. And it did usually the people who have that a constant patient care whether it's a nurse or war as saying doctors assistant or whatever. They're the ones that are the most important and what we appreciate the. They are the one who run right directly it's all right to beat that today is national Wisconsin day. Have a little problem will this have recognizes the badgers state. Rich in copper lead forest and fertile farmland. Wisconsin became the thirtieth state in in 1634 French explorer. Chrome nickel today was the first European to reach Wisconsin while seeking northwest passage to China must have been a mistake because Wisconsin. Wisconsin became a state on May 29. 1848. So all and why is I guess would be wise today Wisconsin's what I think and I've tried to research and creatures I guess it's just because. This is today that Raj all nickel today. A rabid Wisconsin. So they traced it back today. The badgers date. That may have a couple a couple of different Kansas days the site haven't read it several negatives even Ted you know. They're you know Wisconsin is definitely one of my top fifty states you like it. There are a couple of times and effective a friend of mine and a high school buddy got Mary dip there in Madison. Several years ago when his dad rented a bus. And took about thirty of us up there to go to the 700 miles of their ago though that while a terrible weekend but I haven't that it was an October. And it was around Lodi Wisconsin and it was courts. That is a view of lot of beautiful places up there geysers and yet they got Green Bay which can be able to Pakistan here. It it. The tundra is throw frozen tundra tundra thank you gentlemen now all 755 coming up in the. 8 o'clock hour was even Ted the latest on that school shooting in Florida Ted's preview of shocker basketball tonight against temple entertainment uses a blur with Ted. And Olympics update with Fox News radio assignment a hole and on the way. And tickets to the twentieth annual women's there all coming up in the right here Stephen dead continues on tape and assess.