Splurging With Mark Douglas

The Good Life
Saturday, May 26th
Mark Douglass of Douglass Wealth Management joins Guy to talk about the annual VIP Splurge party.

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Welcome back to the good life boy that Congo by too fast the second half of an embargo by even faster joining me now is Mark Douglas he's with Douglas wealth management. Is a great guy who has been involved with the splurge night VIP party that starts what has become. The Wichita opens most fun event and certainly some of the most sought after tickets Marquardt and the good thank you tell us little about this. Splurge like I know that I've been the last couple years. This is a huge fun event on the eighteenth hole. So sitting on the eighteenth green Kress cute so what gorge despite that. This is the ninth annual. Two yacht party which are open. Starts Friday gene's 15630. To nine birdie was an after party at crest Q it's a blast. What I like is even if you're not a big golf enthusiast. You might be after this goes sit now back on the veranda of the air conditioned pavilion and watch in the some of these top players come tee and into the green and shoot and you know magnificent shot really is kind of fun. So I'll let you know secret I'm not a golfer. But I love this tournament are about Ben. Involved with for over twenty years and sport united in our nine year for. But it's just a blast to watch the players. 36% of the masters players. We were a lot mark from the event. I am I your there thus far about it's it's 75 dollars and you can purchase tickets today and you should. What do you get for that other than this great opportunity people in an air conditioned pavilion. Sitting in the in the peak at least week there on the eighteenth. We got beverage service from exclusive. We've got to. Crawl those. You know Joseph Norton fantastic job we've got some of them running jumper just on the putting contest. He had a whole upper ball dropped open at our charity this year which is right mind had. And an opportunity to Wear and 1000 dollar Bradley when they're shopping. Experience. War in wine pairing dinner for eight. From Roberts. So just a fun night. Just a beautifully. Well you probably had a talk a little bit about raised my head I imagine there's some people who haven't heard of that. Wait aren't bad it is dealing with victims of human trafficking. They offer a place to get away from break out of that cycle. Of abuse and they have a cottage industry cronies seats in the job until you've been to self confidence. Registered some incredible work in an area that has. Unfortunately been too long. Ignored which scholars plot dribble all I have been here dictum human trafficking it's unbelievable. Not only good cause but a fun event again. The Wichita open is right around the corner June 14 to June 24 the things that are going on associated with this weeklong fund our Magnum of pressure for your golf and business but more importantly. The splurge night VIP fund June 15. Get your tickets now you go to which dot open dot com and crews up splurge night you'll read about it and then you can add texture cart pro 75 bucks. Isn't worth every penny it's it's a student I'll be there remarkably there and a lot of our one bodies will be there it's a fun night. Thanks guys appreciate it up and market look forward deceive their nuts and thanks a bunch if they're all right we'll take a quick break come back it's time for the one of the week. And really cool. Now back sparkling wine from Argentina don't go away.