Spotlight on a KC Chiefs wide receiver

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Monday, August 6th
A Kansas City Chiefs training camp update with Mitch Holthus

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Amazon is now pulling offensive materials. From its web site. There will be no more items for sale on Amazon that feature images of a swastika or a burning cross. The decision from the retail giant comes after congressman Keith Ellison. Wrote the company founder Jeff pesos about the increased number of items being sold via the web site that included hateful imagery. Some critics had been saying that Amazon had gotten too big too regulated services. Some of the other images getting complaints were hang induces. And confederate flags Evan brown Fox News the. Oklahoma Highway Patrol says all five people on board were killed when a small passenger airplane crashed in northern Oklahoma and your pockets city on Saturday. The victims reportedly from Kansas. Officials say the plane was leading the pompous city airport travel to independence Kansas. The independents rural fire department announced on its FaceBook page Saturday that the victims of the crash were connected to the department. Departments at sycamore firefighter Nicholas Warner and his two sons were killed in the crash. Warner's father bill and his friend Tim Valentine were also killed in the crash according to the department. A small plane claimed the lives of all plane crash. Claimed the lives of all five passengers Sunday in Southern California. A twin engine Cessna 414 crashed into a parking lot in Santa Ana killing all five people on board. Steve Conte LD captain of the Orange County fire authority says it was a small miracle no one on the ground was hurt. Fortunately. Everything was away from the area the car that was hit the red car that took that. Most severe damage driver of that harsh yes it was in the store after registered checking out when the plane did crash into the state postpartum. Officials with the FAA say the pilot declared an emergency before crashing about a mile from the airport. Mike payoffs on Fox News. Two people were shot in the parking lot in the south widgets on nightclub early yesterday it happened outside club dream in the 1000 block of south hydraulic. Witnesses told Wichita police several shots were fired between two groups of people a man and woman in their twenties were hospitalized man suffered serious injuries. The woman's injuries reported as less serious police report no suspects in custody immediately after the shooting. Motorists will need to adjust their work commutes over the next several months. As repair work begins at a major northwest particular interchange. In a news release K don't spokesman Tom Hynes says they project preparing the Brad stance on two 96 bridges that the I 235 north meridian avenue junction is scheduled to begin today. Additionally concrete pavement repairs will be made on eight interchange rants on both eastbound and westbound Kennedy six. From the bigger Kansas river bridge to Seneca street. Repairs to the bridges are planned to begin immediately with the east don't care 96 bridge over I 235 produced with single lane. The bridge on the eastbound I 96 exit ramp to meridian is a single lane bridge and will require a complete closure of the exit until late October. He. The project is expected to be completed in late November will hold a brand Kagan SS news. After a plea for help president Donald Trump approved a disaster declaration for California as deadly wildfires claimed the life of another victim. Seven people now been killed by the fires raging in northern California. Fox's Marianne property reports the latest victim was utility worker for Pacific electric and gas. No word yet on exactly how they utility worker died firefighters continue to battle the car fire a round the clock which is 41% contained. One of many large wildfires that are currently burning including the so called Mendocino complex fires one of the most active fires right now burning north of San Francisco. And so far burning more than 200000 acres and causing hundreds of evacuations. That plea for aid answered with president track providing the much needed disaster declaration clearing the way for federal funding. The bulls for the State's firefighting resources also that declaration making grants and loans available for temporary housing. And repairs for the thousands of Californians whose homes have been lost or damaged. In assistant son now 804 performance benefited o'clock. About ten minutes away from our daily chat with Mitch pulls us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs talk about Chiba. With match coming up in about ten minutes an outbreak of gun violence in the city of Chicago over the weekend that story coming up. McKenna says sporting news was even exist. It's now 8088 minutes and 8 o'clock. Charlotte rain has died she played you why you send me to house mothers who have rooted. Teenage girls a long running sitcom the facts of life. During your career that encompassed many other TV roles as well as stage and film appearances she was 92. An outbreak of gun violence in the city of Chicago over the weekend. The scene outside one of Chicago's hospitals in the wake of an outbreak of gun violence this weekend. Forty people were shot in a fifteen hour period for more fatal incidents of either random or targeted shooting. When our streets it's totally unacceptable. Officials not only blame gangs but the proliferation of illegal guns we can't wait too many guns on the street. And a about this last Thursday thousands took to the streets of Chicago to protest the gun violence plaguing the city people are dying every day. And with saying enough is enough Mike Kantor Fox News president trumps legal team plans to put up a fight gives special counsel Robert Mueller. Issues are subpoena in the Russia probe. President fronts attorney Jay secular low says the president still hasn't ruled out an interview with Robert Mueller. The secular says it's a special council issues a subpoena the presence legal team will take action telling ABC's this week. About what's called a motion to quash that will be argued the district court. Then it would go to the Court of Appeals then it would go to the supreme court judge states. The president tweeted about the Russian probe over the weekend calling it a one sided witch hunt. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. In a magazine interview Megan McCain an opening up about how she's coping since her father's cancer diagnosis. Shaken McCain talked about her father Senator John McCain in the article with Glamour Magazine saying she's quote scared of America without him. She also says diagnosis of brain cancer has caused her to approach life as her father is unafraid. It's been a little more than a year since Senator McCain who is 81 was diagnosed with Cleo blessed alma and aggressive and typically lethal form of cancer Megan McCain says she travels back and forth from New York to corn delay Arizona our father has been since December. She says former vice president Joseph Biden a longtime family friend checks in on her frequently he lost his son boat took Leo blessed Emma Tonya Jack powers Fox News. K and his just due time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock here on Monday morning's. And right now we're getting word from the we're getting word from the Kansas turnpike that they've got beat. AK tag exit lane closed at Kellogg and that Kellogg. So the exit from the Kansas turnpike to. Kellogg and east of Wichita State at the tapes tag lane closed the other exit lanes are open. Traffic updates from Kate and as as a radio on gas chambers. OK let's take a look at the forecast now with meteorologist Dan Holliday gets boring day and the. Good morning some showers and a few thunderstorms to our north and west of spreading in some clouds whose move out. And we heat up this afternoon or high 99 with gusty southwest winds. A round of showers and a few thunderstorms possible overnight or loose 73. Good morning showers and storms on Tuesday that was warm with a high near ninety I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now cloudy we have variable wind at 22 gusting up to 22 miles per hour fairly won in a couple of different directions 77. Degrees now. At a news found yourself wanting to have that you don't think you look good in one well no would have meant Jackson let him show you how good you can look in the right hand. At the clock tower in the Leino hat and Jack's 601. West Douglas will have a sunny hot day across Kansas and widgets as high temperature was 97. Normal line 92 and it says you heard just then. We're gonna have a pretty much the same today. A judge in Hawaii has stripped an apartment in Oahu of its residents because they like to. Strip. Who the judges sided with the property manager of a rattle hole known as freedom house. Who said the new artists made a pass to themselves by holding loud parties on practicing naked yoga. And disturbing the peace. You'd think naked yoga it would be nice and quiet should be you know. One of the new neighbors says fellow residents are retaliating because they don't like people with alternative lifestyles. Because a news San complained to the owners about the homes condition. A lot of shaking is not all leather furniture while sitting behind or this is my religion have a right to be nude. I am not offensive. You know but to do their only apparently part now Reid and house polite you freak them out the new free for some people. All those pesky notice when you do but you know earlier in Honolulu the weather's very conducive to. It wanted to having a tunnel closed certain parts killings numbered 812 Nell was decent today. It's time for a Kansas City Chiefs training camp. Mr. Mitchell does good points there. I hit you well good morning it was one thing you know Gregory also a lot of thing one thing not for the boot order that is relevant here. And I don't know if my network yeah you can Wear about a lot of things were about bill. Not to have a farmer stands not yeah overall however instead. You're going to be here are there going to be your Mercury news early members ducked or that your. Good they can farmers real count on them and down on agriculture whoever our culture and go to their credit those week. Under the best. That you what they do what they've just taken it up a notch with the in new technology wise. Meantime is everything in agriculture and reputed gun alone dot com. She's training camp up in Saint Joseph, Missouri and of course that give us say doesn't. Summation of the weekend out of things go in St. Joe. Incredible weakened from a standpoint of dependent and there are a lot of spirit to accounting in the a lot of books look in the show that over here night 6000. On Saturday. And then 4500 on Sunday nights here and saying joke and there was this we get a crowd the stadium that would have been closed that would restore government. Brought it him her real bitter anymore. Attend private tutors that the nine years have we been here pretty much shattered to date attendance record. Very nice people are intrigued by this team they wanna see what's going on. This Purdue and her and there's a lot of things is the home wanna watch Oprah has both there yet in camp yesterday. No picks they were working on situations. It and there are a lot of them are down a long and well and when all of those that we get them in scoring on the scored three straight times. One with him and run from kind of a zone read unity in it Kelsey on one and confederate fill another. But it was just better to defeat some rhythm coming up if you want to get a kind of you're going to hear a little bit. With that first preceding game looming Thursday night but the other incurred excited that you. They're they're bringing it every there. It's already legal Thursday night there's just going to be held I think Perot again more prepared or the doctor's orders. It's regarded as the Blogosphere with this is the extra credit practiced the expert. It is the most we've got to be in Paris. In that string. Oh all season. Has won the season's start they don't spend parliament has an all out of the game very. And there's more credit practices the rest of the camp and not by the expert. So this is there's an important stretch SP you can handle. Our pick and handle and you put on a show all weekend. We talked recorded the dog days. But it repeated the cheated. I repeat it he caught a touchdown rhetoric from the big crowd right. He stood there and it gave them will they have the minute this standing Bakalar control. Being on the football all the while. I'm not sure I know Macintosh it Rebecca which don't work that not seen that already there. In my car maker bit. I ran him down. A spot short your request that the most important game I don't know if every day's retreated. Or what Machida. Oh man I'm restless com it's all about you know coming out here and I haven't found which above us compete in. Each and every day I guess like good DBs you know bomb with the addition of Emerson is is fine you know don't wanna ones is fine. You know so mammy we love football and we look compete you know Lego we are one of database. And we L one make it to the loop may have where we are so one arm also gave it to together better at Santa. I'm just say that I did a back flip Bobble ports and Estes Park Colorado in 1966. And ergo not well now. And we're doing everywhere your people's children are your don't know just a cowboy hat. In Butte road 23 miles an hour over Europe and any curve and are ever never all homes ulcer and use where kidney now are always. Use your outlook looked put it this way if you're KeySpan. They're regard where every thirty current credit paper thank you not I heard or greater for a bronco he managed if it's nice to have him on your indoor. He has used one of those guys. It puts fear in the line but defensive coordinators everywhere around the league. I was gonna ask you to useful context on his role in the chiefs arsenal going into the season. As much as they can find for him to do. In the typical bring about getting Sammy Watkins is now does that have to do every. There. These still in April wants to use him on our return. It's twenty touchdowns in his first two years as acute. It is what or return touchdown reply or return them a free kick return against we aforementioned Broncos earth donkeys. It is three rushing touchdowns in the remain are receiving touchdowns the Andy Reid has a thousand ways to use him a thousand more ways you want to use him. But we don't wanna Wear him down but you've got some other places now you can go to. Give the football to make some export required outside the feeder or you can mine. The cheaters. You better run and around and exert. These were the press governorship he's not a big guy though and you gotta make sure he didn't get and you know it on pop some time you know I'm saying it. Note non votes in that city words that are on the other singers were watt and and what this quarterback record or homes you'll just you're gonna run parameters struck at the and I read expired 758. We not a high point guard meaning of our destructed down the field. Sometimes I gotta gotta go get a rebound rate it's this isn't program leap you're you're you're what the brick it go up under that. What will figure it'd get a rebound and respect there that's what you get with Watkins and I read into that which you're you're he has worn down the last year. It's December because you're so much. And because he's smaller in stature and take some hits. Yes you gotta be careful not the word completely out. Now that's where building that depth comes in and you wanna make sure you can have those players fresh when it comes to those final four or five weeks of the season. And that's what getting Watkins is there we want to question only at 39 pitches were. Rams 33 were for first downs and eight were for touchdowns. If he you're just those 39 catches but he speaker's bureau where are ordered that the those started under very won not only the production Watson could have. The putter it's it's 39 pitches he'll both from an upper house. And that 39 catches or or the ones that aren't reap those beauty it even more prep. In mid don't understand a terrifying it is to play they'll. You talked about this stretch of pads. They're in pads five out of six days and some guys that you kind of seeing who can Hamlin who can't. What does it to where does it come at some players get ground down by that and can't keep up some of the others what are some of the process goes in of that. Well it's. Anybody that's where Obama look planned it and while when her son play while way to introduce mr. minaret regular football. It. There's what happened but he becomes the ruling. Could continue to do is try to do hardest worker you ever done but then go out. You know OS northwest article on parents and do it for the next spot that there your work out. And how many guys salute concentration not order I don't wither under the physical nature. But mostly don't wither ought mentally remote because you just where they are now I was concentration there aren't into my assignments. The notes are real problem and that happens a lot some guys. Some guys just Witherspoon does exploration and told her identity merchants. You reflect our of our booming. Others recoil. The up. The blue metal aspect of the game wife when I started with the how does that playbook for the chief to actually have a physical playbook. Well it's all now and I've is that we've told digital okay well and so yeah a nine. Anglers with Indy. I mean there are literally like generated 400. And people think at all about our ops that runs the most complicated these are record ever retrieved. In the COLT may not be years intricate it's not like you are not any guide wire correctly. There period cowboy Bill Clinton. But these arguments are very very intricate or the defense if you can't beat you don't have the mental capacity of quick for a sudden. It's sort of a work. You creeks there's a lot thrown out shoot the securities a lot of lot of imagination and speaker. While another great daily visit with Mitt told this are always what we're going to do it again tomorrow morning. Tomorrow Dominic Carter about the offensive Gartner. Has had a little discussion and made mean. The most of anybody among the guys are you don't talk about a lot that's coming tomorrow wouldn't believe me ask you this is it somebody online recently in the field. About another way it. You are known blew all. Our. Partners in particular. Other alerts only and not. American and credit bureaus though where one on the way I want for medical operas or now and good America good slow cooking meat. I've got some graded people up with the slow cook and I'll. Well I can't play them under way we are slated ripper program about it well. Awesome thank you sir that is our me Jake daily chat with me told us play by play voice of the chiefs. Courtesy of American ad credits eight when did you doubt you did for the Hannity morning minutes John says he loves made in America. Stevens head of the morning on K and assess how.