St. Patrick’s Day Live with Aly Rosen and her book “Bring It!”

The Good Life
Saturday, March 17th
Guy is live from Insight Real Estate Group in the historic Delano district for the 12th Annual St. Patrick’s day parade. First up is Ali Rosen with her new book “Bring It! – Tried and True Recipes for Potlucks and Casual Entertaining.”

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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. One name gorgeous day out I figure out where the box. Sitting next to me they're not true and why because we're did not lose beautiful cloudless sky just north and a little west of the clock. The delay in a district because it's picking up right now you can hear the background is the delay you know. Beautiful Saint Patrick's Day parade demo of the good life. What a great party you've got to put on it's really something and everybody's having a ball when it. Choice location to watch the parade go by well you know we ordered up a beautiful calm day with millions cents a and then. But the need to reward that's it that's something I've got a great show today again and it's really buy into the program my premier. Coming up in just a second Alley Rosen joins us this book is so cool it's called bring it tried and true recipe for pot let him casually dating. There's so many great recipes in here Purdue like what we doing so made the problem if I got some great Saint Patrick's Day information. Sadiq like him councilwoman for district do good beyond. Later Alex went to the Jonas it's a lot slumbering right here and in view in which the offbeat brewing capital of all of campus now. And he also Revere tells about the put together for you did wells those three guys in my office team. We're with Alex and put together what we call around about Rick that sort of special brew in the spent time in his breweries and that. Helped him kind of creep does the flavoring in the and that the the overall. Feel. And we've got to be here today in the lord answered point five deepen that we can't we can't fill the cup specimen well. You know that's always a good sign. When you treat Dan thanks and you got a lot to do you got a lot of people that it ain't so we'll bid you farewell and I hope. The rest that they have as much fun as this morning as did think he got the extra command and supporting us and thanks for supporting the way notes that perhaps victory. What a great lately it anymore about that was councilwoman Cindy would she gets here she's in the parade went right back where she's coming over but first joining me now. By phone. From the beautiful northeast Sally Rosen if you. You know if the entertained if you go to places where you're expected to bring a dish. This is the book for you it's called bring it Al Rosen has. Shifted on to write a book let's face it she's the founder and host the potluck with Sally Rosen. It's a television show it's got a website dedicated to sharing the best and brightest and food products. Pop up here in New York City lives and it's videos appeared on Huffington Post edible and people and guess what. She's nice that the Jonas is beautiful Alley while the number 211. It. Well I wish you were here it is I don't know how the weather is in New York today but man here and a flat land it's really a beauty. Yeah out of it and your pocketbook parade in the buying it at that Ron Weasley actually occurred. Whether somebody great things going on here because of the NCAA turnoff firmament basketball tournament. And it downtown but the Alley I I had so much fun. When I just hard look at the online to find out some information about you and I found your Alter egos that the body builder. And I thought that's really guilty and then of course I realize. It was issue but it. And they're in mind. And it just not right. And folks if you do a Google search for Alley Rosen don't go with the body go. You can look at walker got a bug bit. Alex got. Great FaceBook presence could put residence. I'm gonna talk about the book before we do Alec counseled about you your journey and food of what led duke to write the school. Think you while I'm going from pop up like Europe with a lot of other good thing. That my grandmother married my mom and me from doing like kind of cute. Who influences that I think with my whole life and I started my career actually is acting and I just couldn't let go of that for love the food out. I started her in my own childhood about them in the American. You know a lot of like is kept from the thing I'd do it in her view. Check the reference tour than cookbook authors but you know violent Cuba in Philly but cooking though. This is my chance to answer my own recipes then threw everything I have learned from getting talked to. Shackled line and then also you know from growing up in the thousands. Of new England and Padma in all over the country so it really. Just don't want lettered entertaining trying to make it easy as possible for people without that being kind of that like. That story is that I think we'll have an hour had you to work a lot you know it. It didn't have to feel like a casserole dish full as Ian eagle could be. Something great to potluck about the idea behind the book like cooking have been making them look really impressive but are actually quite. To me. Well you know I have found that. It's so fun to be a part of a potluck whether your date the host or whether you're. Bringing something to one because it's an opportunity to see what other people or make him pulled fairly rescues whatever and learned some really cool stuff. What are some tips that you offer in the book about. Putting on your own. Why firstly the earth is to get yourself a little bit organize you know everybody want it. Bergen their friends that they like the fan at all it's free what do you want that actually. That I. Happening on unmanned and then everybody kind of bring the same thing they don't know what it brings. So but we started to think hey you know you and bring. You my bringing up that you Yuma and bringing it is there and that way. You don't have the right Brett. This thing I think is really important to keep in mind is just to make sure. That brings something known but that's. It was it you know three people doesn't that figure out how to work if people need rich if they need. Countered they cut something and put it this together. I'm so did he mean the biggest issue that people had a they're trying to over comity and they don't get enough information. And then to add a little -- that the that you start out by the open than you can from people who make everything right a lot more. Well even if if you include in the required RSVP. Pay what what what what's what are your favorite things what do you bring it number gonna counsel role with the chicken and broccoli okay did you write that with the experts have called. That's as I was gonna react how fortunate enough about the I think you know deacon collective important. Would you would you put the book together first off the book is pretty intensive it's got a lot of rest beat a lot of fun information. But it had to be hard because when I can think of probably. Fifteen things that we take to pop what type deals and divided in the categories it and it had to be heart paring it down. Yeah I mean this film and many things that you think taken everything interference and everything he has been classic you know but for being with -- that have. You know what do that this is that hold up it would that this is that if Biden. To happen it out happy for them you know they don't necessarily have a four night you know what everything. But look at practice. You know as though it was really narrowing it down and I can't sit on my family you know both my siblings with a New York for needy. And their significant other than every parent and I we have dinner and they keeping the thumbs up for the fans out there are a lasting that was good it. It's not free. That just you know it didn't make in the book so it was really kind of labor of family love those. Carrying out in the future we had the great recipes connect with the people have a lot option but there's nothing in the I think you wouldn't want. I'd love it I'm. You know I think one of the best parties that have ever hosted and have them a couple of times as everybody likes small plates and opportunity it's not a Philip a plate and sit down and eat dinner it's grades and there's a lot of really cool appetizer recipes in the book. How about some tips and some of the rescue that you like to do if it's going to be a bunch of small plates for big group. Yeah I think it is if you're gonna have a lot of softly in the process grieving commitment that don't even try to keep them things have to try you know that's I think. We think that people make particularly at Portland after yet. Is that the decree thing you know if you're having multiple courses that if it's great if you like going back or they. And offered by the time insisting with cheese and the other thing. In the thick of hot yet it it's it's kind of sad note you wanted to uphold it that the recipe for safety that pepper hot streak. And they all I have items that are there I can pick them up like there's an encumbered. They are you in me and they look so pretty there count one place finishes. That the pair and cheese isn't on diet those that like you know me and people love. And all that is that there have been like thirty minutes or black category me and their degrees at another one hurt Doubleday which ramp that no little more Hitler labor intensive by. Harry I think is. You know like I don't mind but you know to a diplomat there. The other kind of that crap please error internal and have to eat. Well he added you you brought up a point that I think no matter what the venue or. The style of the party of which you're bringing it potluck dish or the part of your posting. You wanna kind of be sensitive to food safety issues and of like transporting double legs you know today that yeah and they they hold up really well what are some tips for food safety good that you might offered in the book. Why really important to like look at that that's what you are scary thing you know a cooler is great for both. Quote this is and I think a lot of people forget that you know anything that inflated the whole package if you look at the cooler. You know the most important thing is obviously you don't want to over undercut your food but if you heating things back up. You don't want to get over her while it. Hitting an insulated you marijuana under it a little thing. But I think that are old and made common sense than just think ahead you know you're going to an outdoor picnic. You know it's hot outside you may be don't predict that maybe bring something like this apparently cheap on that I think subtle thing they get a little cook like. And that's fine that he didn't get that great you just. Eating you really want to make sure that we you're dealing with fruit that you had a lot of meat issues that happen in the book. That are. You know totally room temperature dishes I mustered they have men. There's no injured be it the re at the temperature but you don't want to have sitting out for too long especially in the sun you're having you know. After the parade if you wanna sit outside and I'll leave it right. You know I've made an investment not long ago Coleman factory it is here you know they make coolers and camping gear on flat. And they'd make rectangle. Coolers that are about looks column nine inches deep. 24 inches long and eighteen inches wide so you get and they stack them flatly it. So I bought three or more of those in for transporting coal or hot goods. And if you do and coal. I have these little flat. Preacher things that it you know it's got that freezer Joseph Lieberman they get apartment like pick up about a inch and you put that the bottom. And that anything you wanna keep colds and on top of that for political cubicle well and you can yeah take that live off the conservative right out of there too lenient. Yeah I think that finding you know buying them that had that happen people that think like I don't want by and other pain or whatever but they need. All the that it really cheap here he did get a cooler in Munich that the cooler as that you get some of those. I'm you know packed the early in the freezer and then yet you don't have a refrigerator handy at least you have that as a backup succeed war. About it. And yet take a quick break we'll come back let's talk a bit more about some of the recipes tactics and techniques that you put the book. Folks will be giveaway copy not there at this break we'll be the next when the book it's called bring it. Tried and true recipe for potluck in Atlanta dating. I'm telling you could open the book beautiful photography. And you can go where we don't let we can have that for dinner. I've got.