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Monday, January 15th

Guest: WPD Detective Wendy Hummel


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this duplicate this morning has received a deadly. I'm Steve thank you so. Man shot in southeast Wichita we got the story on the wheel brands. Through Wichita men plead guilty to federal gambling and income tax charges and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday flood lights go through midmorning but much colder Arctic air is going to plunge in throughout today. Our complete forecast is coming. Police say it will. A six year old man was shot in southeast Wichita Sunday night the 3800 block of east assistant. Authorities say the victim was a man on the latter taking down Christmas decorations. It was a single gunshot wound and he is in stable condition at a local hospital police say as many as five shots were fired. California man accused of making a hoax emergency call that led to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed Wichita man. Has been extradited to Kansas 25 year old Tyler barest. Made his first court appearance Friday where he was officially charged an involuntary manslaughter. Paris was also charged of one count of giving a false alarm and one count of interference was law enforcement. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett says the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified and remains on paid administrative leave. Once every review entirely committed determination will be made public I'm featured charges or. Through a press conference like I normally do. Errors is being held on a 500000 dollar bond his next court appearance is scheduled for January 25. Fire broke out in a southeast Wichita apartment Sunday in a 9 o'clock hour fire was reported in the basement of an apartment duplex in the 4800 block of these Gilbert street. In southeast Wichita. When fire crews arrived they reported heavy firing the basement additional units responded to the scene and by 940 the fire was brought under control. No injuries were reported the house for the fire and it damage estimate has not been determined. Rodney price K and assets news an investigation into illegal gambling in Wichita results in two men pleading guilty. Two federal gambling at income tax charges. On Friday 46 year old DeVon flax pled guilty to two counts of operating an illegal gambling business and one count of making a false statement on a tax return. 67 year old Danny Chapman pled guilty to operating an illegal gambling business and tax division. US attorney Tom Diehl says both men's bones along with the phones of several other Wichita residents work tapped as part of the investigation. In physically flax admitted to running several illegal poker games in Wichita. Chapman admitted in his plea to operating an online sports betting operation with a at least five people working for him. Fill all the brand Katy and SS news. A casino ferry boat went up in flames just off the Florida Gulf Coast Sunday sending dozens of passengers and crew leaping into the cold water near shore. Port Richey police chief Girardi Kenny Euro. The F Ritter both realized he had some issues that he was gonna hit a process that kind of pulled around to go back to their doctor. When he noticed the fire at any injury you did a radio for the whole point. Our offices responded through my offices jump actually jumped into water to assist the people that would jump throw the ball close on fire. No one was killed several people have or were treated for smoke inhalation chest pain and other minor injuries. Cause of the fire is under investigation. Some members of congress are demanding action after a false ballistic missile alert. Caused panic in Hawaii represented Colleen and it was a says she wants her committee to investigate how the message was accidentally sent and why it took almost forty minutes to send a follow up clarification. How'd we get that message out that. Hopefully you say we can't believe probably is very likely to be but it is the event that that would not incompetent. An emergency message went out to hundreds of thousands of cell phones early Saturday morning local time is it a ballistic missile was inbounds to an island and urged people to take shelter. The FCC is also investigating how what happened. 704 now 4 minutes at 7 o'clock we Steven and Ted on a Monday morning and we had death. Well playoffs continuing in the and passed Alex yesterday. Not basketball on Saturday and some basketball tonight and we'll talk about all that given up on parts is president trucks are racist. More controversial comments that story coming up on the case and this is morning news was Stevens did. McCain is a sport news. No wait 8 minutes past 7 o'clock. Is president preparations. The controversy and questions and some comments he said who have made it during a White House meeting on immigration. Opinions vary on the racism question California attorney general and former congressman Javier miss Serra on FOX News Sunday said it's clear to him that the president showed a racist tendency mental instability men gas city. Now bigotry. Having anyone of those in the White House is dangerous but civil rights icon Andrew Young when NBC's Meet the Press opted to say the president needs to be educated on race and doesn't help to label people. You know you don't copy you don't help someone who has an alcohol problem. But constantly colon and drove the president denies ever saying anything racist colonel Scott Fox News. So video circulating online shows a member of the Wichita police department of local basketball game shoving a student refereed. Who was working the game. The incident happened at the league game between and government gusto on Saturday. The video shows a man rushing the core after a player was hurt when the referee gets in his way he pushes her and goes on to take the injured player from the game. The Wichita police department issued the following statement that said in part that they had been made aware of the incident and would determine if any department policies have been violated. Embers still while president of the Augusta youth basketball league said that the man's behavior towards the rougher Rhee was unacceptable. And that the family of the referee was planning on pressing charges. She added that the parent has been banned from the building and likely will be BN from all the other league games as well. Any web page and SS news. The governor proposed fiscal year Tony nineteen budget is prompting some skepticism from legislative leadership here and can't just. Don Heineman is that house majority leader. Wheeler when budget director Sullivan briefly. Appropriations and ways and means committees that the budget proposal sounds great there's additional money for schools there's additional money for employee pay. A additional money in several other areas of government where we probably do need to look at additional funding but no way to pay for that extra expenditure. And it's as the budget works well for a year to open after governor backed out of office the budget is unsustainable. 710 downton in his last 7 o'clock Steven kid in the morning on campus this time for the UK and sand storm trackers report guest. With Kansas today meteorologist we announcement and and good morning Leon. Good morning radio print and my wife asked me a question call me and asked that question a while ago Kia and her question was. You know where might ice scraper T is what you flipped him. If he had the car hit the car in the garage and during the night but she's gonna build dead court today. And get about 6 o'clock and she could have a good episode windshield by them. She could but actually played at this as a political. Blow out of here pretty fast I think by about 11 o'clock or so there really were done with this nose. But the problem is. You're gonna have. Extraordinarily cold temperatures today very strong literally went Arctic air is going to be pushing and every hour our temperature will continue to drop through the day so yeah this morning until I wouldn't or so much at Geist great rivalry budget or non tight this year we'll driving very slowly we had rain overnight on. Thirty degrees right now so that rain is now a blaze of light or its reading as we speak we've got that snow falling on and I've got to traced to. Maybe as much as two inches per accumulation amount geared south central Kansas clinic which 'cause going to be in that. Did enter last category but it's gonna be falling on scary slick conditions for the Rhode Island and temperatures. For daytime I we are here I shall be in the twenties but by lunch time we should be sub zero with a wind chills tonight a wind chills. Get this between fifteen to twenty below zero. Well okay. That means I'm not going to go out and take up the trash in my underwear it. Keep it not only is that probably good for your help that your neighbors reading a really good news is tomorrow it's gonna normally. How should be so whopping sixty. I don't I don't think when children get about I eighty home like by tomorrow we got just a brutal cold shot the next couple days we receive free will cease freezing temperatures I witnessed the event were awesome race spec for yachts it's pretty ugly for a couple of three days here but then after that not too bad. But he's a limited run today you are braver man ever match and I think I'm gonna wimp out. You had been attempts at your smarter. And that that is frosty. OK so the glory C a high today I think it's going to be yet down around fifteen or sixteen degrees portal that. I'd like I tell you I think each hour we're gonna see those temperatures dropping by 5 o'clock we should be doubted the load double digits but we killed will be probably. By ten below by the time you're driving home tonight fifteen to twenty below tonight for overnight lows that we shall value tomorrow morning when you add up to dork in expose placed frostbite within twenty or thirty minutes. Thank you first hearings that cheery for. That. It short and that's so sweet of you to. Particularly on our right to 713 Steve today that isn't storm tracker three forecast of Kansas today meteorologist announcement. But again at how well they wish to track yeah we going to be traffic here what they probably get idea that I did I don't daylight westbound Kellogg Oliver we've got a roll over traffic accident. But so yap. At the highways are in terrible shape right now of course. We were reining in the overnight hours any pre treatment that was put down anything at the which Doug road crews edited the highly. Brokers from the state and the county road crews anything they did a pre treat this isn't. Didn't do a whole lot of good has everything to wash off. So everything's very slippery and slushy out there right now eighty plenty of reports of slide offs this morning. We've already got a crash on eastbound Kellogg right around central business district and the highways that right now. Everything is very slow. And that's actually good things probably keep it a lot more accidents from happening and this is of course a holiday so the volume of traffic may be somewhat less but still doesn't look like it's an adults and oil and hundreds of others lineup out there aren't enough to lots of traffic moving very slowly and fourteen Stephenson is a Monday mortgage holiday that there we've talked. Detective Wendy humble from crime stoppers to give us a thought witnessed today and chairman assay crime that she's looking at possible. A crime result cracked opera update with detective Wendy noble good morning it's all of this morning and it. O'Leary there. Oh okay yeah we get to now. The defraud the for the full line froze up seat. Because and then oh. Okay can you share a crime stoppers in a case where this is more and please. So we're featuring this week is that it happened back at the very end of last year December 23 time in the overnight hours. We had a aspect maybe there were you go home and video. That one out of the city down under lock Bartlett street. You could see him a lot of the dark colored. And and then three and you get bitten by smashing windows and went inside business. Then broke into one on machine. More crap to get called. But he kept several subway. And then now. And the next day. That same aspect walked into the metric yet or non stop Annika. And you're looking at what those play I pony in to get out of early. Oh see me editor of the sort was able to track they called police. And then they hand. Items that were taken from about eight city not all of our. While I. And it can't in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart outlet. So doctor copper demand and some of the stolen items but the prospects standing we've got a picture. We are putting out. We got quite a few people have called in all ready. But you have the picture on eight. The individual and we're still looking for any information. And that our commander or information about the crime and now. You need a little more information about. And again and you said you had some two pretty good day images forest right. It means that the pictures that or take it simple program that. Different locations two different and real rocket and I think that's probably got a lot to do got it right. All right and so if there's contact you being go to your web page you're kind of cult do 672111. Right. That's right or you can download the app right on your mark on it called. Religion the real convenient way to make it up. Yeah I Wendy thanks for being with we appreciate this morning detective. When the animal crime stoppers update their innocence about crime to 672111. Again the website and check the air there archives he could find something there that. You know you know something you could trigger a memory maybe you. Maybe you know something about a crime and you can help them out. Crime stoppers update and again on number 2672 on 111 today is Monday January 15 as he sits is actually Martin Luther King junior's actual birthday. So but every now and then that the that federal holiday actually falls on his birthday this year is that east. As we have a lot of people. Some government offices no mailed the day is on board closings today. But people are taken the streets slight laugh out there on this date in 1974. The TV sitcom happy days premiered on ABC. We're said brought us the funds among others. Had a certain are but Ted's favorite hero at a at Saturday's all right 718 now Stephen dead either news sports time. Gentiva from the sports desk this morning. And we're talking about them we'll start off with football playoff or are under way going strong that's right. Playoffs continue in the NFL. Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC title game for the first time in nineteen years where they beat the second seeded Pittsburgh Steelers. A 45 to 42. Of pretty good game there on Saturday the New England Patriots defeated Tennessee 35 to point fourteen if that sets up the AFC championship game Jacksonville vs New England kicks off at 2 o'clock you'll be able to hear that game over on KE NH. Case kingdom connected with Stefan digs for a 61 yard touchdown pass on the game's final play in the Minnesota Vikings stunned that. The New Orleans Saints 2924. In Minneapolis here's. Genome after the game he says it's. Just Canada. And I mean. Just as well as through I am a huge chaotic it really rarely ends well. There it is fast though that the but that's pretty crowded and then caught it ran it into the end zone area will keep the equipment and don't think obligated not really 29 to 24. But the but the on Saturday the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons 1510 and so this stage is set the NFC championship game. Minnesota vs Philadelphia. And in game 530 kicked off and I'll be sending over on eight at eighths. Back on Saturday Connor frank camp and Landry Shannon. Both had a really good day sixteen points each and number five Wichita State shoppers turned back holes that 7269. That was a Saturday night you heard that name over on 103 point seventy. I think the wind drops enough with Kelly. It traffic stats through all knotted it up it's not that you can't refer you now. Yeah good concentration by last weekend that they could have shot after the time that I injured and but a good decision by Rashard Kelly good reports that shot out from the post but instead he kicked it back out to link him. So the shocker is enough fifteen into five and when the American athletic conference. And their next game well that's Wednesday night vs SMU. You can hear all about that tonight right here on Kate and as as it's the WSU basketball coaches show that coach Gregg Marshall that's on the air at 6 PM followed at 7 o'clock. By the which dusting women's basketball coaching show. With head coach Keith Adams which a state women coming off the 64 to 56 road win over Tulane on Saturday afternoon and Louisiana. Next up the lady shoppers a game vs S and EU tomorrow night at Charles who arena. Saturday the big border showdown KU vs K state at Allen fieldhouse in Lawrence. When came right down to the wire the jayhawks just barely out of fasting the wildcats and they get. The 73 to seventeen win the win gives Kate you its third straight win he pushed the jayhawks to a fourteen and three. 143 record on the year four and one in league play. K state plays again tomorrow night error yeah they played in tomorrow night hosting number 90 yeah you. So that when that be interesting number two jayhawks haven't even quicker turnaround. As they play tonight and they play the number two team in the NCAA they played the West Virginia Mountaineers on the road. Gonna be tough when you can hear that went on the air tonight regained start at 630. On Kate at age twelve. 40 AM 975. FM. It was not a good weekend for the Wichita thunder they dropped two games to Utah grizzlies losing Friday and Saturday. This week is a break for the thunder it's the EC HL all star break actually. The only thunder player representing the mountain division in Indianapolis is goaltender Shane starts. It's a deserved honor needs twelve. Wins this season only taking four losses net includes those two this weekend. Start has a two point 69 goals against average save percentage point 92. Good stats there. The thunder not in action again until Saturday. When they host the Colorado Eagles that's sports on Stephen tell in the morning cars for charity ride and custom car shows this Friday through Sunday. At century two convention center in Wichita and I've got a pair of tickets the value of 24 dollars for one of our Lister to divide DOC the show. The and it's Friday Saturday and part of the day Sunday. And you can and a it's its entry to that's coming up beginning Friday the cars for charity rod and custom show if you like to go only down 86913. Thirty. 86913. 3722. Now Peabody for Rush Limbaugh morning update policies five point guys comment. Traffic and weather coming up Stevens in the morning on Kate and as things.