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Friday, December 1st

Special Guest: Business Strategist Bobby Albert


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news and CNN SS which could cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. The Boeing 7 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news was Stevens said that I'm Steve Macintosh. Murder suspects captured after police James in north Wichita we've got the story but judge ruled Wichita officer shooting level that with the TSB. What's reasonable. I can't NSF meteorologist Dan Holliday if you have about George George you need to take care you'll certainly want to take advantage of the next few days because big changes are coming next week with the colder pattern on the way our forecast in minutes. The chase ended with a driver crashing into another car knocking down a utility pole officer Charlie Davidson says today's. Again near 25 of our Kansas Thursday morning. And ended about thirty minutes later a 24 and market. After the suspect vehicle had struck the black pitcher be chic traveling north the vehicle then struck a guide wire guideline connected to the power poles here. Causing damage to the power lines and also the power poles which it has cost some on traffic lights go out in this area so we outs you have what star energy are here now. The 27 year old female driver of one of the cars taken to a hospital with minor injuries and eighteen year old male. Was not injured police say he is a suspect in the murder earlier this summer. In the 500 block of south we're pleased he was arrested on felony warrant on an unrelated incidents. An eleven year old girl is home safe after reporting that she had been followed by a man and woman in a white SUV. The incident happened Thursday afternoon at the crescent lakes addition near the park at Westchester and wood stone in Andover. The police are asking if anyone has any information to please contact the Andover police department and you can read the full police release. In the news story that came in SS radio dot com. Senior US officials say president Donald Trump is considering ousting secretary of state Rex Tillerson. And replacing him with CIA director and former Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo. Following less than a year on the job for Tillerson. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn't deny that's what trump has been thinking of doing that. She suggested that no move was imminent saying the president until portion plan to work together to close out the year. A judge had dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Wichita saying police officer's actions in the fatal shooting of an Iraq War veteran. With post traumatic stress disorder were reasonable. Wichita eagle reports police fatally shot 26 year old Chris Randolph in front of his family and 2014. When he came toward officers with a knife and after a taser did not stop him and when members say they were attempting to get Randolph taken to a hospital. So he could be treated for a mental health crisis. Family's lawsuit says officers to not follow proper procedure on dealing with metal health crisis when approaching Randolph who had PT SD. So every county district court judge Bruce brown ruled Wednesday at the officer's actions were reasonable. And says police procedure on dealing with mental health crisis allows officers to use their discretion. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. On Capitol Hill Republicans are hoping to finish tax reform by the end of this week Republicans say failure is not an option on tax reform South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham says the consequences of blowing this opportunity. Would be devastating. Are based fractures people put up for signs people can write checks. The party will collapse of its own way Steve and then we'll have. Every argument defeat assault and an end. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is hammering Republicans for what he calls a lack of outreach the way this tax bill is being rammed through is exactly why the American. Why the American people believe our politics is so broken on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel. Fox News vice president Mike Pence spoke with the Christian broadcast network about tax reform. The vice president says he and president trump believes that tax reform will not add to the deficit. We're not only not concede deficits from these tax cuts but. Oh when they're all fully implement what we think you're gonna see not only incomes rise in this country our economy grow richer obstinacy the federal government. Have even more resources. To provide for our military to meet the obligations that we've. Made the senate is expected to vote on the tax reform bill by the end of the week. Can't assist his son now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. And the Wichita State volleyball team hosting their first ever. NCAA volleyball tournament regional that that's coming up they'll talk about the sports. The salvation army's bell ringers are out in force in Sedgwick county that story coming up. Okay and as this morning news was even dead. More people were an analyst yeah. The Genesis story Stephen 90707. 7 minutes past 7 o'clock on the first day of December a Friday morning. The salvation army's red kettles can be seen outside retailers throughout Cedric county as always during the Christmas season which our commander. Major Joseph we've heard tales came in as an excuse holiday fund raising support Salvation Army programs throughout the year Yemeni estimates on how many lives are touched by the Salvation Army. In Cedric Kennedy. But I can tell you last year 53300. People received emergency assistance and that could be anything from a food basket. To assistance with utility treatment except. Major readers are against this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K in SS. The number of kids in Foster care is on the rise. For the fourth year in a row of the Department of Health and Human Services says substance abuse by parents is a major factor in the increase of kids in Foster care the HHS says it counted 437500. Children as of September 30 when he sixteen parental substance abuse a factor in 34% of the 2016 cases where are childless or move my home up from 32%. A year earlier about 92000 children removed from homes because at least one parent had a drug abuse issue the 524000. Children in 2002. Least Seles Sarah Fox News a Canadian lawmaker is arguing that legalizing marijuana could lead to communism. For our northern neighbors. It sounds like a scene from the 1936. Cult classic reefer madness I want and children our Lola run or a conservative member of the Alberta legislature. Says marijuana use has a direct historical connection to the use of opium in seventeenth century China. Or argues that China's opium wars led to the Communist cultural revolution. It's a road he says he's not willing to travel. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News reap tremendous gain is it news. Now seven cents a minutes and 7 o'clock. 183. West and Kellogg over my daughter to get a traffic accident injury traffic accidents Iowa. Watch for slow down their you know 183 and Kellogg traffic updates from cape and it's as radio I'm just chambers right now that he has and storm tracked its report cast. But Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith have been good morning Leon that morning. How I tell you what my mood improved yesterday is dramatically in the afternoon with the good old song coming out. What that warm that at least the sun was out in I think people's demeanor. An illusion just shifted and it ended in a Christmas year. I think so I. At this makes all the difference Italy get that sunshine and you know light winds are really what a nice and we hit it seven yesterday which is. Close to ten degrees above normal. That's. It's like that talk about abnormal other than just talking about. This weekend. I don't know about you maybe outdoor barbecue plans or chemical Rollins. It is December 1 and we are talking about high today into the low sixties across most of the state and every day this weekend it gets even warmer. And then. Well and as I try not to get the I got a bit of let's talk at least it was. So lots candidate the week it was beautiful place or tomorrow as well I'd I'd say 6062. Tomorrow. Mid sixties on Saudi private think he picked every Monday we are sneaking up on seventy degree if you can believe that. Please keep in mind an all big semis at nearly forty. Victory. And then. It hit the 49. Actually 48 been alive so huge nosedive back in normal. 120 degrees above normal time Monday rolls around I'd. What the united cutie very strong cold front is going to push through here and it got to return us to December and the arena April right now so we are going to be backing. 47 Debra got forecast for Tuesday the problem is it is so dry and I just don't even do that cold front much of rain horse no chance that it. Now. All right well thank you and looks like a great weekend shape an end. To start off December. As always thanks bay the serve the KS and storm trackers are forecast with Kansas State year old just announcement than right now partly cloudy. 35 degrees we've got to south wind at nine. Miles per hour 1983 the average temperature in 1983. Average temperature in Wichita for the month of December. Was sixteen point four degrees. Making that the coldest December on record for the year capital and the second coldest month ever now coldest month on record was January of 1940. But an average of sixteen point two degrees all month long in December even with a cold front coming and I never went anywhere near that and it close to that it's 712 was Stephen did talk about the the Weinstein affect all these charges of misconduct sexual misconduct and so forth. Well good to have any impact on the way we do Christmas parties on this better holiday parties. We're gonna find out organs covered business strategy is Bobby Albert this morning good morning sir nice to have you whether it's. Well good morning. You Bobbie it's then we have a Christmas party here it's it's just yes staff. It's a luncheon nothing nobody drinks and evening nobody gets crazy but there are other people not quite like that. Tell us about what's going on. Well they've been a growing problem that in inappropriate behavior Christmas RB then there's a group of companies completely eliminated. Their Christmas party there's another group that that Al Al all. At that are already. And and of course there letter in case you're ever in the order like they always. But what are your child may suggest is. Leader of the organizations sensed that our own. The Melbourne lives what's appropriate and what's what is inappropriate in that particular culture. Ed. You know. What I'm talking about here is corporate responsibility. To proactively communicate what to Colbert and but Christmas party what's not and also challenged him only is it bound reliance. Personal responsibility. Ask so what's appropriate what's not at a Christmas party and they needed look for the only takes place. You are vice president of the challenger gray and Christmas a Chicago based human resource consulting company correct. Is that correct. Armed. Lola you're talking to me. Yes I do all of tourism and since the news release series against quotas it I gives its quoting Andrew challenger I'm the department mistake there. That. The media and give your promotion act that's a here. Is well important bit. Apparently bodies they're saying though that it challenger gray Christmas I've heard the firm dates 11% of employers will not all holiday party poll. Well it you know well I I'm view is that the kind of media pattern here at bat. About 25 years ago. He that are Christmas party at our company are also inappropriate behavior. And I didn't see you know inappropriate sexual behavior but I saw people because we had at all say things India saying. There's like. You know really a ball. All of their for her and you know about it. And so. And also during that time period where guns are heard there was a lot of talk about people beauty. A drinking too much alcohol and dropping. Out and having a car accident killing somebody. And there's there's all big issues about legal liability. Company and so we got out Al all. But one thing we always lead participation rate. Started dropping dropping dropping so we've made it today. What we did that we changed and having a Christmas lunch. And it was pothole. And the participation. Level just outlaw it because. Everybody was another great. And a lot of analysts here and that was the Lish. Now. Well listening and maybe you can hold our party here because our our food sometimes a little layman. F that's the only reason I stick around no really we have a great party your rear ending like you said you. Understand you better leader of the of the company that really that the it comes from the come from the bosses offices say how how we're gonna do that party right. Well it is it really is. You know one of the plane all leaders. Get product in all your wall that he that he that he. Really push or promote equal give me results gave me results in the result and the company is they have this one being. Around Christmas. Like what we call first party it will keep are always. And they'll be it always is really what the that these. Culture. Engaging employees only 33% of the company that really in this. Is that there Ortiz would make on the war. They're really date for years and why are going to a Christmas party formed because they've really lie on the war every day. And they're truly engage in her company. And and win when you have a cultural. The people are probably. Dan it's really. So. Bonnie thanks for the advice will be demonized a great Holiday -- know we appreciate talking with us this morning. And his business strategist Bobbie we're talking about those holiday parties coming up. And maybe I think he's a good point there is there have been times at parties over the years where and there's a little bit much to budge booze involved in and people. You know the next Stacy that I really do to acted rightly state that for the boss. How'd I get this lamp shade on my head snapped at 718 now Stephen daddy sports time. With the dead chambers this morning with sports Desmond got volleyball and basketball talk about and the court to get. Chiefs football as we get right here and that's already at 713 thirty. The Wichita State women's basketball team plane a matinee at noon today there coasting western Illinois Charles took the arena. That game is Wichita State's annual schoolhouse rocks with the shocks. Area elementary schools have all been invited to it and that. It's a busy day for the staff there Charles took arena because after that game to be an issue is hosting. Heard for the first time hosting the NCAA volleyball tournament regional. In the first match KU faces Missouri that's a border showdown right there they do vs Missouri and it's right here in which it's on that match is going to be followed by WSU. Vs the big south champion Radford the shocker they're making their eleventh NCAA tournament appearance. The winners of each match will of course face off tomorrow and it took arena at 7 PM. And the winner of that match will go on to the sweet sixteen so great yeah NCAA tournament action volleyball right here in Wichita today. Number eight Wichita State men's basketball travels to Waco Texas the plate number sixteen Baylor tomorrow both teams are five and one. It's the first half of a home and home series Baylor making the trip to Wichita on next season. The last time these teams played. 2007. It was Gregg marshall's second game has suffered head coach. It was also his first loss in the soccer head coach. And it loss that we've got to want revenge today he's gonna Waterman. Which cost state vs Baylor Mike Kennedy and Bobble difficult tomorrow pregame start at noon at. On 103 point seven KEY and K you basketball tomorrow that's on TFH the number two jayhawks in my hand in the face Syracuse. Its who Paul Miami invitational. On the air at 3 PM tipoff at 430. Over on camping at 12:40 AM 975 FM. One of those two teams will be losing for the first time this season both are. Six and oh. Butler basketball tomorrow afternoon that's right here on cape and has asked about the grizzlies looking to snap a four game losing streak on the road at Dodge City. Grizzlies vs the content keys to doors tomorrow afternoon pregame start. 245 on KM SS Dennis Higgins with itself. NCAA football this weekend conference championship games over on TF page we've got pac twelve championship game tonight. Stanford vs UN's USC. Higher on the air at 6 PM kickoff at seven. Tomorrow the big twelve championship game Oklahoma vs TCU the pregame sort of that 1 is 11 o'clock and and tomorrow night it's BA CC championship game. Might any vs Clemson and that is an at 7 o'clock. And of course on Sunday to Kansas City Chiefs on the road vs the New York Jets the chiefs. On a three game losing streak and they are still clinging on clinging on the first place in the AFC west. Four and seven jets have lost two straight and five of their last six Jason jets Sunday Mitchell this with the call pre game start at 11 o'clock. 97 and thirteen 38 and as ass that's sports on Stephen. In the morning and go get an hour for ballot in one hour from now fifteen Mitch all of those will be weather's been his live. Kansas City Chiefs update right here we Stephen Ted a 9713. Thirty K in necessities. Seventh when he won here and it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on K you know assess. Prairie fire call for use of freshest coffee the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. You can get prairie fire coffee you're office just like us at Steven dead by calling 267. 37 simply bought or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Seven footage you know give their for Rush Limbaugh morning update the Democrats are threatening to government shutdown look. Over illegal immigration. The content in the morning on Kate in a sense.