Stacie Cathcart joins us to talk about the 2017 Convoy of Hope

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 4th
Its an amazing event that helps so many here in Wichita.

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Is distinction Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The Boeing 7:30 Stevens 7 morning team Macintosh Ted Woodward the three companies are seeking a contract recanted to build a new prison in Lansing. To replace the State's oldest and largest locked up there Corrections Secretary Joseph Norwood told lawmakers Thursday about the three bidders he would not disclose the names publicly but. The department of administration tells the Associated Press they are Nashville based course civic. Geo group of Boca Raton Florida and Memphis firm Lansing correctional partners. Ellis to go to the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday. Well good morning an area of high pressure is spreading across Kansas today they'll give us quite a weather with a high 81 and a light southeast wind. But a slow moving storm system heads our way by tonight. Giving us a chance of showers and thunderstorms towards morning Carlos 65. On Saturday we will be very windy warm and humid with a chance of showers and a few thunderstorms. Some would possibly heavy rain and a few of those storms could be strong I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy 65 degrees we have a northeast wind at ten miles per hour. Last Saturday afternoon police were called the palace theater in west Wichita region Kellogg. Police officer Paul cruise says an employee at the theater had located a small suspicious camera. In the box office area. Which had video of restrooms inside the theater. There have been no arrests at this time. And the palace theater staff has also fully cooperating with the investigation and detectives. One of the things we want. Communicate with bogus you see anything suspicious especially electronic device and about the scope it may notify the police immediately by calling. 91. Police say the camera was used in both the public and employee restrooms. A camera was confiscated by detectives officers from the exploited and missing child units are investigating the case. A Massachusetts woman who sent her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to kill themselves. Has been sentenced to fifteen months behind bars twenty year old Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June it. ABC's Deborah Roberts has more on the case. After three years and an emotionally charged trial that raised new questions about the power of the text a judge sentencing twenty year old Michelle Carter to fifteen months in jail. She's a bright young lady did well in school and I am satisfied that she was mindful. Hope the actions Carter found guilty of encouraging boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself through text messages and phone calls a judge delayed jail time during appeal. Two residents in the state of Washington under arrest after police were tipped off to possible child molestation. Uncovered during its Southwest Airlines flight police in San Jose California say a woman flying on Southwest Airlines from Seattle to San Jose noticed a fellow passengers sitting in front of very texting about sexually molesting children. Police say 56 year old Michael Keller was using a large phone with a big font and she Sony was tightening. The female passenger told the flight crew who told police. Now after an investigation Keller and a woman in Tacoma Washington have been arrested and are facing child molestation charges. Two young children have been identified as victims Alex Downey ABC news. Some kansans police solar power could be the next big thing to drive. Oil production we went Quist and Jeff base average enterprise believe they have created the first ever solar powered oil well. The pair started working on the solar system the next day the violation July they had a working test project completed the well produces between five and seven barrels of oil per day. Lind Quist today said they believe the solar well will be cost efficient for many low yielding wells that run on an engine. The pair also said the slower well is environmentally friendly and has built collapsed. The so allows a test project it's located thinking in count me on that area leased by the court petroleum corporation. When quest to base said their ultimate goal is replaced engine based oil wells was solar powered wells any web Kate and SS news. It is just use time now 735 police are investigating a mysterious raft of attacks in which Indian women. This is in India over. So they're waking up to find someone has topped off their hair. Russia he when it happens top official in northern who tar Pradesh state says. Police are advised people not to believe or spread rumors following the death of a 65 year old woman who was beaten by a mob. On suspicion that she was a witch responsible for the aircraft. Village committees have been ordered to quash rumors about ghosts or which is cutting off women's braids similar complaints have come from neighboring. Arianna and Delhi probably a suburbs. And police are investigating the claim some psychiatrists believe they may be due to mass hysteria will announce a nation hysteria and a you wake up and you know here here's guns can be because your. Are suffering from pattern baldness and affliction that. And something about. 736 Dow Stephen Ted this is an exciting weekend here in Wichita this is a project. It's called convoy of hope it's been going on now for several years. And it's just to terrific terrific deal we like to talk about it because it's people doing good things for other people with us this morning is our good friend Stacy camps cart. To talk about the convoy of hope you're from the Bethel like center appointee. I don't you look forward to this timeless every year yes idea I've been waiting for this moment it and didn't get dressed by your door which of the white gloves on race. Lately you now how did you know. Lesson yet you are expanding this your first of all tell us what it's it's all about I mean. All these services are going to be offered one day and people can walk up and free of charge and you're not gonna say well do you qualify for this or anything like that tell us about. Absolutely it has it's completely free and that is something that people sometimes just can't even believe that editing as there's no precedent and that is needed and we're gonna do you groceries and kids zone and backpacks full of school supplies and she used immunizations. Sports physicals well child physicals. I mean lions' job and career services. What's entertainment I mean you name it we've got an and it's offering lets kids. Oh it sounds pretty thank you would probably enjoy that it's where we're gonna have bouncy houses and snow cones and our carnival games for kids to play and a the parents will just be able to set relax and that kids and let their kids rank racy. All right but is turning some of anatomy of can I get to kids only thing. Well we may have your picture at different case that we may we went out like you man you wanna have a geezer. Weaver does it ouster you are at about the life center which is at 3700 block of south meridian net Alan go to start and this is our fifth year can you can't leave it. Yeah out and and this year we decided to open up a second cy. Our second side will be Mike Adams park at 135. And thirteenth street and how do you mood how are you going to operate that day will you be. Going back and forth to both places and well it's kind of personal that I and how has definitely absolutely. Here's the great thing is we have so many incredible volunteers and team leaders in site directors and everything like that. Listen Bethel this is your number five for them and so I I think they pretty much got this down and there I believe that itinerant pretty sweetly so. Guess like you're gonna find meaning academic Adams park this year have you been near a from the start of this. And I have I have I've only been the director for the past three years lol okay. So what what do that you're the ball and the year after and you like to do things for the people that what motivated to get involved absolutely like is that we would do. That's not a small scaled it. Mae and week by what a great thing to do to be able on and add to really gather churches and businesses and city government. And all these leaders. And all across our city and to do something great for our community and I was all in that was something I was passion about is really helping. Those people that are struggling get the resources that they need. Now you each one of your the they're talking points here is prayer yes tell me about that he's talented people at time of the if they wanna pray you get a space there for them out of work. Absolutely. When they are finished eating all of their services and they pat luncheon you know got everything that they need. They'll go through our connections tan and we have a team Meredith says hey you know what. Would you like for us to pray for you don't have to say yes they're still gonna get all the services and if they saying no we give them their groceries and them on their way that sometimes people. Just want somebody to sit across from them face to face and just know that somebody cares about it and really listens to what's. I'm ally but it G-Unit to be really upfront about this is not something your pushing off on people's any of you you're here you gotta listen to us to prop you know give the give the word whatever although absolutely. Four we open or open a candidate to the lord's help on this thing. Right right and we see high numbers here in Wichita people who are very open to it you know they are open to someone just giving them an encouraging word. And Justine are trying to net trying to see them just right in Iraq when people you think you're gonna. Be involved in this well are you ready for this number wash your. We're expecting 101000 wild about the life center site and board to 5000. That make Adam and war and how does that compare to like how things started five years ago right fight years ago. We had a little over 6000 and so we are growing now. Growing by about a thousand or so plus every year and so it's time for us to go to a second title and we conservative better and faster. The started talking with Stephen Ted about a couple years ago and it just made it his balloon I mean let's be honest I think that is really what happened. Well listen it's it's a great thing that you do on and we salute you because. Again you're not asking people write pieces they come up in the public to roll up and Rolls Royce and wearing Spezza looked like that guy a monopoly in need still a matter. That's exactly right the only thing I had to do is you know that they want their kids to receive backpacks make sure that you bring your kids. And did you have to have those to get the services for the chill. Okay see images taken backpack you know an advocate exactly. That BellSouth like a great time and again we appreciate what you do and Stacy and then you think it would that next year. Where play not a we've already got our date cents a we are ready to come back bigger and better next year we're talking off the report stories that well at least here in September. Right I only get about a three or four we break it and that's that we're back at it again you know and something else we should say you have a number of merchants and people around town. Who are providing these services and we got through camp makes animal. But we just like say thanks to holds vote. Absolutely absolutely Wal-Mart foundation is a big sponsor of ours volunteer Kansas is another went. We cannot do without all the businesses and the partnerships and the foundation they've got behind what we're doing and they truly. They are paying their money behind it making a difference inside of. Which top something that Steven Ted will never do I've been waiting for that check. Yeah never say never. You have a long ways Stacey hey listen thanks as always for being the states he can't guard it's a convoy of alt. And it starts at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning right yeah as a battle life center on south birdie and an advocate Adams park. At thirteenth and I want 35. The annual now. Com we'll hope Wichita. It's time for separate fire coffee break on K units desperate prior copy is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh. Right here in Wichita and you can get free. Prairie fire coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling 267. 3771. All lined. At prairie fire coffee dot com and Brett. I 742 now Stevenson coming up bill Roy of the Wichita business journal recognizing outstanding efforts in local health care. She attended the morning on Kate in a sense.