Star Wars: The Last Jedi dominates the weekend box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 18th

We get a run down of some not unexpected box office results on The Blur with Ted Woodward.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Even got in the morning came back in flux Ted Woodward. While crews got a break from slightly calmer winds. On the lines of the enormous blaze threatening Santa Barbara County. Much of the rest of Southern California was. Buffeted by a powerful gusts. That increase the wildfire risk across the region. The National Weather Service forecast red flag conditions for extreme fire danger through Sunday evening for Ventura and Los Angeles county's last night. Some 8000 firefighters are deployed to the so called Thomas fire which still threatens 181000. Homes. Now the forecast risky and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning looks like we have most of the weeks to enjoy with fairly mild weather but big changes are on the way by Friday we see some indications the possibility of light snow by this weekend patchy areas of thought this morning today's high near sixteenth clear and 38 overnight Tuesday's high 59 and I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. How fog and mist and it's chilly out there 26 degrees no wind no Wendy's com again 26 degrees. A veteran Democrat lawmaker is running for Kansas secretary of State's next year. State senator Marci Francisco Lawrence has appointed a treasurer for her campaign so that she can legally accept contributions. The 67 year old Francisco is the second Democrat in the race the other seventeen year old high school senior Lucy state or of one except. Francisco was first elected to the senate in 2004. And has served on its elections committee in the past she is a former Lawrence mayor. Kansas State representatives Scott Schwab and keep dots to oh wait that are seeking the Republican nomination along with state GOP chairman Kelly Arnold. Incoming Crisco Bach is running for governor. Ronnie Price K in assets and. News and northeast Kansas managed spreading holiday cheer by giving free Christmas trees to people who need the Saint Joseph, Missouri news press reports that Rex Powell is inviting people onto his land about ten miles southwest of Lawrence to pick out the perfect tree. Visitors can then chop down the tree themselves and bring it home free of charge. Powell who has lived it Bertans hollow for decades the retired science teacher lives there with his wife and three cats he was a teacher for nearly three decades. Powell says he wants to share nature with those who visit his property. Paulus encouraging people to donate a small sum to a local animal shelter where he got his three cats Phil Noble brand K and SS news there. Zona Senator John McCain will be spending some time back home and will miss an important tax vote this week. Boxes Chad program on Capitol Hill. They're McCain is now in Arizona where he will undergo physical therapy rehabilitation. At the Mayo Clinic there he's not going to be present in Washington this week. There are at least two if not more big boats coming up including the vote Tuesday or Wednesday for tax reform. Now fox is told by multiple sources that regardless of McCain's presence or not they should be able to pass the tax bill whether he was there not a voting for or against. More good news that the gas pump for drivers. Gas prices keep falling out. Three cents over the past two weeks to 251. Very regular and that's been a dying decline over one month. And industry analyst Shelby Lundberg sees even more savings down the road. US refiners have been using their capacity of very high rates. And stocks are very very plentiful. And we're also entering the lowest demand months for gasoline of January. According to the Lundberg survey San Francisco has the highest price in the continental US at 322 per gallon Jackson Mississippi has the lowest at 214. Steve Rappaport Fox News. The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers and tax professionals. And a new email scam targeting Hotmail users. Michael DeVine is with the IRS. An email reads Internal Revenue Service email number and it has effect number canisters were processing your request soon and then and has more information what are try to get you to do is so log in to a fake Microsoft page and then and ask for your personal financial information. The IRS has received about 900 complaints on this particular scam in human receiving such an email. Should for the email to fishing. At IRS dot gov then delete the email. 833 now Steve into the morning Hong K and ask asks it's that time of the day we checked the entertainment news with. With this girl said that almost forgot today are we going to blurred busy week the name of the cut the gambler was dead rubber. We glossed pop and jazz singer Keeley Smith died at the age of 89 at. She began touring with Lee pre was banned back in the late forties course to paired up to win a Grammy. On the big hits that ol' black magic in the late fifties. I. It and number solo recordings of jazz standards over her seven decade career. You picket the Grammy nomination back in 2001 for her album ceiling sings so well on a strong voice. Pool publicist says she died of heart failure in Palm Springs over the weekend key Lee Smit has died at the age of 89. While we are we're not surprised to what ended up on the top of the box office this weekend those Star Wars film course of three view this weekend the box office. I'm Steve Rappaport the big winner was a foregone conclusion. Star Wars the last yet I source to a 220 million dollar debut that's the second best opening ever right behind its predecessor the force awakens the last yet I scoring mostly high marks from critics and moviegoers alike the only other new release didn't even come close to you I'm Alina. I'm Dallas. I don't know whether to Trace. He used the animated comedy Ferdinand grossing thirteen point three million dollars while an animated musical ends it's hat trick at the top. Camp the more money in okay let me see yeah thank you today. Coco slipping to third place with ten million wonder and Justice League roundup the top five that's fox on film. Got a good birthday today about movie producer director Steven Spielberg as well 71 that today. Won the Academy Award for best director for Schindler's List and for saving private arrive five other times you've been nominated of course. Terrific movies some of his movies of the top blockbuster films of all time jaws ET Jurassic Park all achieve box office records. And pretty prolific move later this Steven Spielberg 71 today speaking of Stephen Spielberg he's teaming up with Tom Hanks again. A lot of women have broken the glass ceiling down through history you know through almost every sentry. But this was a big big shattering of glass ceiling for a for a women and and women's rights and feminism in 1971. And that that that shot symbolize. As for his process in choosing projects Spielberg says his films aren't collect data limit myself to something I feel very strongly and confident in I'd rather do something I'm not confident in at all. Because. I think here's my fuel and it really helps me be a better filmmaker if I'm not complete confidence in the subject matter into what we're all about. Ashley court again Fox News. Finally you are Ted Leo mine just exploring new opportunities right right. Shirt rolled entertainment makes like interest and at Sheridan happy birthday Steven Spielberg even steal. Elton John is going to receive an all star tribute next month. Musicians are lining up to celebrate out John and I'm still standing. I Grammy slid in New York theater at Madison Square Garden. Miley Cyrus cache of Miranda Lambert John Legend and little big Jenner among the stars set to perform. At the event presented by the recording academy CBS the early cancers. Demo also perform the concert thanks Lex and hits throughout his career other slated to appear Chris Martin's Sam Smith. And Keith Urban with additional performers to be announced the concert January 30 is two days after the sixteenth annual Grammy Awards and will be aired at a later date. Michelle Perino Fox News. Here on this some December 18 we do have a yeah I do have a death. Anniversary and a birthday a look at twenty years ago today Steve at. Comedian Chris Farley passed away found dead in his apartment Chicago cocaine and morphine overdose. Funny guy Chris Farley he was only 33. Has to wait twenty years ago today. Yeah. The character on Saturday night libraries. But policies of for motivational guy yes it. That is Matt Foley that is the motivational speaker and act in front of air down by the river that was a funny bit and funny bit now enjoy that Carly yeah. Died too soon twenty years ago today. We still have love somebody pretty talented still let us actress Cicely Tyson. Is 93. Today. Looking out. It's course she's been nominated for Oscar nominated for Golden Globes won a couple of Emmys for the autobiography of miss Jane Pittman. You know oversee played pretty much a character that is old is she is now. You know and of course that was 45 yeah just about. She's been nominated for moved thirteen Emmy Awards over the years winning if you she won a Tony award for trip to bountiful. And does he's one of and when the new recipients of the presidential medal of freedom the nation's highest civilian honor while. It was Hillary sounder yes about a boy and dog that was one of those she got messy and nominated for Oscar they'll give as good yeah she's really good Cicely Tyson. Happy birthday today she is 93. Years old. Last night stand up and I know you had your family activities and surprise you did not stay home and watch the lives of production of a Christmas story on fox last night. Complete with a musical score but that was good did not checked in and and a there's some of the action on fox last night of course when the old man receives aid the late last fall and the breaks into song it. Critical lamb at the lamp. He's. It's. It's. May lead June oh are. Me. I want to own major law. I have. I wasn't made Joseph. Pretty much the same song we sing blue in the Marconi a few months ago is all right but let me girl Portland on major over. Ago. I made all it's an addict help and the action from the but live version of the Christmas story that was on the fox last night. And we do mark a major Christmas anniversary today and Steve it was 125. Years ago on this day. Sunday in the year 1892. The ballet the nutcracker. Publicly premiered in Saint Petersburg Russia right it was on a double bill. It was only a double bill with a with an opera and yeah can you imagine. Sitting in your seat sitting through an entire ballet and then entire opera on one day all I had a lot of people did back then I'd be dosing yet. The nutcracker. Now immensely ubiquitous it's everywhere very popular it was a mixed reactions. When it debuted. Some people thought it was naive and some some like that. The of course the music is great naslund has endured that is. Nutcracker suite type costs remains popular ballet itself. This kind of and until it was kind of revived in the late 1960s. And now it's hugely popular performed everywhere and I ballet companies mostly in North America of course most popular right here. Many major American ballet companies generate 40% of their annual ticket revenues because they do in the program. I'm not sure my granddaughters that in to the net they mean and get him up there and it's see it's performed in Wichita everything here yes it's ever is that they know. Field and on track record that made it's premier. 125. Years ago on this day in Saint Petersburg. And of course it's been parity to many countless times including the Simpsons. It'll Simpson's nutcracker. Yeah my Christmas time. I got into and out. Christmas crowd does a lot of my time yet to new president needs to move Iraq and that the path to the press has in his head. How. Weis is saying to sue Simmons now the new entity he needs to move them. Subject but right sets up so high but that's not jumped up looked like let's use it felt like we buckled up prisoners even as. Very good last year they'd known agreement dog. And all right Mary go into cracker at its premiere 125 years ago on his diet and that will do it for this edition of the blurred entertainment news on this Monday morning to blur brought to you via. Our good friends at pizza Johns in any other open for another great week conservative people. Tasty pizza here right before Christmas are open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Right there on K fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. I can use of the eagle pizza bowl on right now we'll homeland. It's pretty tasty we log on pizza John gender mean 843 Stephens and coming up stuff as a civil updates. GM is pulled on him product a new Silverado pickup gets real about fast. All the way seems intent on CNN's Samson.