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Thursday, December 14th

A Star Wars update today on The Blur


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This is news station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on us. 830 now seated in the mornings. He's Macintosh said foot birdie at GE aviation plans to add new jet engine work which brother feel plant in Cali county. Company spokesman Rick Kennedy says starting in January G ease the CF. 84 a 348. Will be built at the plant halfway between Winfield and 720. People. Now the forecast with K and as your staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning to. And good morning we become mostly cloudy across south central Kansas says the system is passing from the Rockies into the plains. And a few sprinkles are possible especially just two or north this afternoon in this evening and today's high 49 clearing and 28 overnight 52 tomorrow and by Saturday night and Sunday we could see some light rain is a system moves through. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now. Mostly cloudy and 37 degrees with a north wind at ten miles per hour. A man was a victim of a carjacking north of downtown Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson hasn't happened. One to 23 year old man park his car in the 316 hotel parking lot at ninety to pick up. As it was going to work he was approached by a man who put a knife to his throat. Demanding the man's car and the suspect drove away in the car. The next break in the case came about three hours later when officers were called to investigate a suspicious character. In southwest Wichita near you put an orient. Your reference to this officers make contact was 28 year old male. The mail was found to be in possession of property belonging. To our victim from earlier carjacking. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail for aggravated highway robbery. However the carjacking victims a stolen car. Remains missing it's a blue Tony thirteen Honda Civic license plate is 958. HCF. The new leader of the Kansas department for children and families has promised a thorough review of the State's Foster care system. But the bigger capital drummer reports secretary geno Meyer humble was hired December 1 to lead the agency. She met this week with a legislative task force studying witnesses in the State's Foster care system. Task force members say the agency needs to improve how attracts children who left their assigned Foster homes without permission. The agency says its searching for nearly eighty children considered absent without leave. Buyer Hubbell says the agency has quote. Really great staff attending to this need. She also emphasized improving public transparency. Adding that she'll review internal land contract in operations. Dan O'Neill came and. SS news Americans may notice a difference in their paychecks starting early next year of congress approves a Republican tax cut plan the IRS says taxpayers to begin seeing less money withheld as early as February. Voters in a major election chose none of the above. Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says that more than 22000. People voted for writing candidates in Tuesday's highly contested Alabama sent an election. That number higher than nearly 21000 votes they gave Democrat Doug Jones the victory over Republican Roy Moore. A billboard in Dothan urged voters to right in the name of former senator and current attorney general Jeff Sessions. A Birmingham man told Fox News he would write in Luther strange the man more defeated in the GOP primary. And several others wrote in the name of the University of Alabama football coach nick Sabin. Mike Kantor. Fox News a letter from the US attorney's office down confirms the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the harbor. Over accusations of corporate espionage. A federal judge overseeing the litigation between Hoover and Wayne though Google's self driving car unit. Unsealed a letter sent to the court by the US attorney's office. When most suing Lugar for stealing trade secrets one of the star witnesses in all of this Richard Jacobs. Set in a letter that Hoover would use devices that erased messages to keep their discussions secret. And it Hoover had a spy team whose goal was to acquire trade secrets. Jacobs was Hoover's former manager of global intelligence and he said he was unfairly fired the person Jacobs was trying to extort money from them but settled with him for millions of dollars. Overs alleged to have acquired the trade secrets from Anthony eleven Dow ski. He worked at Google before starting his own company which uber later purchased. And Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. 834 now Stevens of the morning on KN SA has and it's time for entertainment news the blur with Ted but bird this morning. Talking about yet to edit another meat to food story writes to us Salma Hayek and her Weinstein. Hash tag meet two story. Some high credit emotional essay in the New York Times op Ed section calling Harvey Weinstein my monster too. The actress Dee Taylor meeting in subsequent deal she may with Harvey for passion project Frida about the Mexican artist pretty callow. What was thought to be the beginning of her being validated in Hollywood became the beginning of a torrent of inappropriate never ending request by the mobile from everything from massage is. Two showers to sacks each refusal made Weinstein Morin raged until five weeks into shooting the film he started making demands. She beat topless in the film or do with sexy with a woman. She bargained and eventually added kissing scene with Ashley Judd the show Leno Fox News. We have some breaking news this morning the Walt Disney company announcing today it's going to buy 21 century fox the parent company of Fox News radio. For more than 52. Billion dollar at sale includes 20% treat Fox's film and TV studios. Cable entertainment network San international TV businesses. Appearing today on ABC's Good Morning America Disney CEO Bob. I eager we believe that this is the way of the future to be able to reach consumers. A directly this clearly value proposition associated without was also something that consumers want because in doing so. You can tailor the offering to consumers therefore far more customized way is more personalized ways. Disney buying 21 century fox and I thought Disney owned ABC. They do. OK so it does is okay twentieth century fox and time is at the same as the Fox Network lines of the Nelson. One of thinking do that in other movie studio and forgetting to get get the approval on that from Africa and they got the money make a deal being given bought. It's Star Wars it's finally here Star Wars the last jet I hits theaters tonight. Fresh. When last we left our hero she was climbing a mountain in search of Luke Skywalker. And that's exactly where this story begins. Ray joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure she begins her lessons with the force. But she has competition the dark side. In joining her on her journey pro sports. Lay and Finn together they unlock the mysteries of the force in secret to the pastor actor Ryan Johnson takes the latest Star Wars installment the last and I. Into a new orbit. Michelle Paulino Fox News. And that's died in a little more with cast of star awards discussing this installments. The horse is getting stronger Star Wars the last that I cast members Donald Lee then went billing Christie and Andy Serkis defined what they feel the force is in modern day terms. Yours is little. It's universal and team it's. The collective consciousness. In the good way. DC Ridley shared her take on that is loud what's interesting is I think because ever timing is terrible. On the world wide scale and my assistant he is very key in energy and things that we told you how to Anna Julia those bit off. I think it's not like everyone can see in the end that something's a little bit off because too much of odds of this happening in on pocket so that movement is simply I think with a forces John Blake I had another interesting definition. Why fight connects a soul you have access to it if you pay. CB did the jet I go to for them to have access to the power they don't pay with a sacrifice something yeah. Actually park and Fox News that I I've been corrected and as competitors it is Disney does not this deal does not include nuisance. These sports networks known as injuries is it going back films Disney buying yes when he first century fox. Does not include Fox News Channel Fox Business Network fox broadcasting network that statements have been told that that's now. Northerly at this one FS two and Big Ten you know export market gas at said that those all be spun off into some sort of the new company interest. A look at this. The lawyers Earl and Adam you know lawyers season. Hey we got some noteworthy films making it into the national film registry what. The film's field of dreams. And Titanic. Haven't come then there among the 25. Movies and into this year is a Library of Congress national film registry. Other films that made the cut Guess Who's Coming to Dinner love bombed us. Think Younis and die hard there's also Superman and dumbo the library selects movies every year for preservation based on their cultural historic or artistic importance. As of this year that total number of films in the registry is 725. Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Laguna surf Nazis must die here and there I think. I like some of those movies did not unless there's been a lot of rhetoric is there a best of my favorites are a team all bowl is getting into the television business. So the country's third largest wireless carriers launching a new television service in 2000 an eighteen. In acquiring television technology company layer three TV to help build out its service T-Mobile CEO John only share says that this is a logical next step for T-Mobile given the general dissatisfaction. Of customers with traditional cable TV offerings. The announcement comes a month after T-Mobile and rivals sprint and it deal talks. Layered three TV integrates television online video content and social media. And is available in five cities across the US Hillary bar ski Fox News we've got another musical Christmas tradition on TV tonight. Even Harvey host tonight it's festive fox special showtime at the Apollo Christmas. Featuring performances by snoop dog and boys to men. It harmony and DS Max plus new acts India Apollo is famous talent competition. Harvey says the Apollo audience is very honest. W if you hit one wrong no they'll boo you if you miss a word in missile. They'll boo you if you if you too much. They'll boo you if you are not enough you don't know. But they've seen so many talented people they just know how to beat. Actually Clark and Fox News. Little history for you today is sixteen years ago today coming out Wichita movie theaters the bridge on the river why aren't great film. Powerhouse movie and number one movie 1958. Though was. You're soundtrack once he's ever seen it Oscars including best picture that year. It's been added to the national film registry it's been included on the American film institute's list of best American films ever made did. It was an American British co production. I and then the British film institute voted at the eleventh greatest British film of the twentieth century brick by David Lee is started him off on it quite straight care large Ravi gave here. Lean on the Oscar for best director Alec Guinness won for best. After argue he's moment there are now love great knowing. This and photography as well yeah bridge on the river Clyde cannot sixty years ago today. Also coming out sixty years ago today it rabbit Romeo. Warner Bros. cartoon. Bugs Bunny Buckman England in interesting plot counting donor receives a large package in the mail. From his uncle Judd just fine judge thought I had a judge in a letter Elmer is asked to take care of the closed rabbit. A slut boldly and rabbit named Millicent re promising 500 bucks. And where to take care of children feel that Boxee discovers that Millicent is a huge unattractive female rabbit with a eastern European Slava accident. Or seen in the Russian or Friday then decides to get bugs do it about this. Definitely rattle goes downhill from there now opposite. Rabbit Romeo and it came out sixty years ago on the same judge. Eden. Fifty years ago today in the world premiere of the movie in cold blinding about the murder of the clutter family Holcomb Kansas. Some scenes were filmed act in the new hope gardens in Holcomb Kansas Kansas State penitentiary. And and the clutter residents to. That film has been added the national film registry is well in cold blood fiftieth anniversary today. And a forty years ago today a release in Wichita movie theaters of close encounters of the third kind. Stephen Spielberg movie editing it and scifi movie on a budget of 200 I'm sorry budget of twenty million dollars. It made 300. Million worldwide a little void that what are we in dirt there will return on the investment there yeah is on the national film registry got nominated for eight Oscars only won one. Cinema targeted a doctor you're close encounters of the third kind fortieth anniversary today. And we'll finish up with some of the late night funny about Bryan Cranston filling in for James Gordon on CBS. Is the story came out today that George Clooney. Once held a dinner party for fourteen of his best friends this is true. Where he gave each one of them their own suitcase filled with a one million dollars in cash. I guess all the time I spent with George on the movie Argo wasn't a special event. It. And the topic also came up for Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Yes there but this apparently George Clooney once gave his fourteen best friends in million dollars each. There were thrilled laws fifteenth best film makes doubt that. Entertainment news in the blur has brought you are good friends at pizza Johns and nerve pain just drive on John McCain fifteen. Pull on and a 208 south Baltimore and get yourself a tasty pizza. Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM pizza jobs in me 844 Stephen did keep it here for the which Bob is in upstate. With editor bill Roy Kansas congressman Estes sponsors a security bills that's all the way Stephen dead on tape and assess.