State of emergency declared in two California counties

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Wednesday, December 6th

Wildfires rip through Los Angeles and Ventura counties...


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87 and thirteen thirty KM SS widgets on three and SS MM Clearwater. Her talk radio station listen online and heinous as radio dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it is at 8 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news with Steve instead. I'm Ted what word to Steve Boyer joining us today in the studio is Steve mackintosh has the day off. It is Wednesday December 6. The announcement expected in Wichita today those details on the way to people charged with murder in the death bubble what you thought boy I'm Dan O'Neill. Unbelievable brand to peca officials are considering raising the minimum age at which people can legally buying tobacco products. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Our high temperature is expected to be near average today bit colder air is making its way and soon our forecast is coming up. Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. Is set to make a major economic announcement today. Kansas lieutenant governor Jeff collier is going to attend the event along with spirit executives and various Wichita area political and business leaders. Press conference is scheduled for noon. A state of emergency has been declared for California's Los Angeles and Ventura counties after wildfires that ripped through the region. At least 150000. Have been evacuated at least. Why has put so far scored some 55000. And because across this area this is that Thomas fire venture Arab I. And sixty miles north of Los Angeles the fire is burning so fiercely blown by fierce Santa. Ana winds which of those hawk more wins how we don't know what they usually notice destructive in December because we've usually had some rain by now not the case this season and that's why. They're causing so much destruction. That's Fox's Jonathan Hunt adventure with that report wins in the area have been gusting up to sixty miles an hour and are expected to continue. Two people are now charged with first degree murder in the dental which is Tom boy whose body was discovered encased in concrete remains of three year old Evan rule were were discovered September 2 inside of Wichita home where his mother once lived. Boy's mother Miranda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen Bo died were charged Tuesday and is now. Bolt dine and Miller lived at the home where the boy's body was found the child had been the subject of a lengthy custody battle. A landlord cling in the home alerted police after finding a suspicious concrete structure with an older. Miller boat diaries being held on 500000 dollars bail. The boy is the grandson of former Wichita mayor and gubernatorial candidate Carl brewer Dan O'Neil Anne and SS news. New numbers are coming out about Border Patrol arrest Fox's raid Logan has more from El Paso tech. This border security and immigration enforcement have seen dramatic changes in the first months of the trump administration. A new federal report says Border Patrol arrests have dropped 25%. In the last fiscal year from 4151000. To 3101000. That's the lowest number since 1971. But the acting deputy commissioner for Customs and Border Protection Ronald that he LO says the wall is still necessary in this society and all over and all of our lives we use walls and fences to protect things it shouldn't be any different on the border. Meanwhile ice arrests increased 40% from January through September compared to the same time last year El Paso, Texas rape open Fox News. Officials into peak considering increasing the minimum age at which people can legally buy tobacco products at the Peking capital journal reports that the Topeka City Council took up the issue at their meeting Tuesday night. Councilwoman Elaine sports has proposed banning the sale or furnishing of cigarettes and other tobacco related products including electronic cigarettes to anyone younger than 41. The current minimum age to buy tobacco products in Topeka is eighteen. Eleven people including many health professionals the spoke in favor of the proposal when the governing body accepted public comments last month. The tobacco sales minimum age already is 41 in more than 270 municipalities in eighteen states. Most of the Kansas City metro area has switched in recent years as wells communities and other parts of the state Phil holed a brand K yet SS news. And as legislators are headed toward considering their second big tax increase within a year because of a State Supreme Court order to increase spending on public schools. Lawmakers formally kicked off their work Monday on a responsibly court's order in October that the State's aid to public schools as an adequate under the state constitution. The justices ruling could mean came despite a new law. Phased in at 293. Million dollar increase over two years to raise it to four point three billion dollars annually. It's 805 we seem dead in the morning here on CNN says. Close and exciting shocker means basketball game last night Coke arena we'll have highlights when your coach Marshall and the one of the stars Landry she MS. Coming up in sports in just a few minutes Kagan as as news time 805. And this is news time is 809. The annual python hunt in Florida results in the bag and you were record breaking snake. He glad it was python hundred Jason Leon who came across this gigantic python and not you. Bounds when Leon says 171 he's telling us the Burmese python is. More than seventeen. Feet long. It's been confirmed he brought the State's carcass it to the python elimination programs district office in homestead Florida. And then went out on the hunt again saying now he wants to nab a 24. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Said news coming from new a New Hampshire town holiday spirits are broken nail. Broken their because an elf has gone missing police in Deerfield New Hampshire searching for zippy much love life sized version of the elf on a shelf. If he's actually a mannequin wearing a red ones and usually pops up in several spots around him between Thanksgiving and Christmas. His last known location the gate by Deerfield BC park on Monday. And if the grinch who stole zippy as a change of heart John Dubrionsky of the Deerfield rescue squad says. Because that's accurate fire station when I'm gonna ask any questions we want to get him back so we can continue to have a magic for the kids in town. Zippy last seen wearing sunglasses holding a drink and taking in the sun Jill NATO Fox News. It is 810 it was Stephen Ted in the morning here on C and as as on this Wednesday morning. And traffic running smoothly in the Wichita area at this down arguable but it is slow down west Kellogg Vista due west of I 35 at. Otherwise traffic running smoothly here on this Wednesday morning in which it's on its left fire crews on the scene of that house fire this morning. 19100 block of north. North park Kansas. Traffic here and can't assess. Now let's take a look at the weather forecaster on this Wednesday morning and check in with meteorologist Dan holidays. And good morning another typical chilly morning here in early December in which it's not that temperatures today will be close to where they should be this time of year. We'll likely be in the low forties by lunchtime 47 and breezy this afternoon here comes another shot of colder air though tonight. Our low temperature falls to 21 that you will be sunny just 34. For the high tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Think Dan right now in which it saw Ali you have the greens out of the west northwest. Right freezing mark and 32 degrees under sunny sky. Your forecast Kagan as is news time he's eight elevenths Steve instead guarantee in tennis hands on a Wednesday morning. Part of the part of this time of year this jolly old saint nick. And today is the feast day of saint Nicholas. And that's that's a feast day that is observed. In many parts of the world maybe not so much here in the United States but it's what's for dinner some days saint Nicholas. Is is the revered as very revered feast day we go all the way back to. His days as a Catholic bishop. And a saint in early Greece in the three hundreds. It's believed that he passed away on this date December 6 that's why it's feast day. He was known for his kindness and giving gifts to people and especially his kindness toward children. Which has morphed into the modern day what an outlaws in many in many ways the week celebrated man who actually exist Evan was a good man. Saint Nicholas is feast day is today December 6. Well happy saint Nicholas sculpture installed outside of California IKEA is drawing attention. It's got to in the usual shape. Some onlookers say it's quite suggestive in this culture was commissioned by is the IKEA in Burbank been compared to a bowling him. A flower of follows. A squash. An elephant's trunk a bath and a particular piece of anatomy. All of whom are just mean I think all and I think it's quite odd OK I. IKEA says it will offer further information on a sculpture when it's officially unveiled. In partnership with the city of Burbank. And it'll end up being a Coke bottle and you. Sure it's going on there and all that down. Not let me go there there's a story yesterday about a Coke bottle and I saw a tag on that later that. Since Apollo I can't remember enough of the details it's just gonna sound bad they've started so. Archaeologists. Working and sand dunes in the central California coast. Have dug up an intact plaster sphinx. But that's yes yes it's from a part of adamant Egyptian movie that was set up more than 980 years ago that is it from like. The ten commandments if there's a B Demille and was exactly. 300 pounds sinks in the second recovered from the Guadalupe they know pomo dunes. Media executive director of the new senator tells Santa Barbara news. And it's unlike other items found in previous days Gaza most it was well preserved because of being in buried in the desert sand. The set of the 1923 movie included more than twenty stinks as. And I after filming Demille ordered everything buried in and out and just but his mother to Wear it well there's to doubt they'll decide to catch up Howard on top of that's being extremely out there will be in playing there for all these decades that debt and that's going go into the end museum and dunes museum next summer. The leading cause it well I'll make up put them on my itinerary that we'll go there for saint Nicholas day when it's cold here Wii Fit and. And when marbles the punish your debut on Netflix last month was greeted with great interest and some high anticipation. But it arrived is just one of many comic book adaptations the publishers only the latest in a flood. Now a compromising so comprising rather some 28 shows across nine broadcast cable and streaming platforms no end in sight. All adds up to more spandex get up and find just about anywhere how Long Will this craze last well for more than half century TVs trends. Burst on the scene and been the only phase. Phase out men. You know Purdue. I mean some experts think that the comic inspired TV may not follow that cycle New Year's Day. That's Britain via of course we go back to a time when westerns. Where the big thing in going out now and I believe. The number. It's at the numbers have seen it like it is a little like one TV season in the late fifties. There were seven B eight westerns. On the three broadcast networks and believe that I just edit it all our old dial build their entire. Primetime roster with a western and people didn't get enough you can watch Butler on Cassie switched channel watch Roy Rogers yeah I was just it was just massive. That material that phase had its day in wore out. Now London now the big thing is is comic books and in my mama's pomegranate nations on team. My mama's big fan of the western. Cattle drive movies. And they were on just all the time and I want to sleep many many nights listening to cattle rustling in the background and that's what. No burden spurred me to sleep if John Mayer recovering from an emergency appendectomy SE mayor admitted to the hospital this week's post reform went dead and company in New Orleans last night obviously that should not go on you and Gary is on a ticket here. Appendectomy I'm not I still have my appendix all. About ticket. John Maier in the hospital. There's they're they're going to make a film about the queen met the director of the film about the band is denied clashing with the actor who plays Freddie Mercury but. Director Bryan Singer does say he said creative differences with. One actor but they successfully put those differences behind them has been apparently knew a lot of complaints about a month on professionalism on behalf of the cast. Us actor. All the director failed shall onset several times and it's this kind of sounds like it's a mess. But they're trying to finish the project and fox is having trouble getting things done and now they say that Bryan singer's no longer directing the film. Trying to make a film about the band queen and you know can't anybody at all on an obviously they've got a great story to tell on the music will be fantastic but. Just got to get along just have to figure out ways to get that. It just seemed like nobody can get louder than anybody anymore well course that's that's what makes the world go around so I guess it is 817 with Stephen to add on KN SAS. And let's check out what's going on in sports we start out shocker in basketball last night Coke arena sixth ranked shocker is taking on South Dakota State. Now yesterday if you were listening to Steve intent of course heard Gregg Marshall talked about back very worried. About the Jack rabbits they should a lot of threes they're good at. And its debts. That prediction was right on the mark because South Dakota State made 83 pointers in the first half. And so at age fifty to 42 lead into the locker room now. Could the shots come back in the second path. Well when he got guys like Landry Shannon checked mowers on the floor that seniors and upper class leadership you get it done here's some of the action last night Mike Kennedy. And Dave dog call the action on the 103 point seven KEY him. Hesitation dribble shovels in the baseline to Kelly out front more snow taken. AA. Well that helps. And Jack Morris had a big second half fifteen of its money after halftime Landry Shannon. With 21 points and dishing out eight assists. Shocker were down by thirteen points in the second half but they came back and won it 9580. By ever. As the crowd was pretty pumped by the second half effort by the shocks. And Jack war's leading the way you're soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. In the second half about Shaq finally. Give us some really good minutes first half he was frustrated heroes. You know just blew slob Italy and then. We wouldn't get very many good for our performers as at all in the second half. He was going it will downside at all Landry was really aggressive off the balance. The rebounds by brown and Kelly in Toronto nurture. Really we just clean the glass in the wood in the glass like ten after losing by two in the first stamps were plus twelve in the second half. All in all I'm I'm just glad that game's over. And the Sox get the win in the come back 43 straight nonconference wins for the shocks now on Coke arena. Landry Shannon like we said 21 points eight assists he spoke after the game we Dave doll on shocker radio. And you were down even thirteen points in the second half but not only chipped away you just overwhelmed them with the press and turn them over went on an eighteen to three run in the second half judges you know we. You know retired said a few things are Pearlman were real with each other and touch underweight each other when you couple guys out. And got the job done shocks with the win now seven and one on the season. CU basketball tonight jayhawks are undefeated ranked number two in the nation and they will be hosting the Washington Huskies. And he will be at the sprint center in Kansas City tonight jayhawks are favored by twenty and half points going into tonight's game. Live coverage of the jayhawks begins at 630 tonight's game will tip off at 8 o'clock that's on Sports Radio KFH. But 40 AM 975. FM. Kansas State picking up another win in men's basketball the wildcats in Manhattan last night beating South Carolina upstate. No problem in this 18649. Come out stokes seventeen points to lead the wildcats eight states now eight and one on the season. And four game winning streak. Hockey action tonight downtown Wichita the first place under on a four game winning streak hosting the Kansas City mavericks 7 o'clock tonight downtown in trust bank arena. -- go basketball tonight in L radio for Butler community college hosting sixth ranked Hutchinson the defending national champions come over you tonight Hutchinson is in and one. On the season. Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of Butler men's basketball at 715 tonight this could live right here on 97 and thirteen 38 and as test. Pro basketball in the NBA last night the Washington Wizards out west visiting Portland it. Washington getting a big win and former Kansas JR Kelly Bilbray a big contributor is the sixth man a for the wizards one. A Ford added to the scored thirty seconds left Fulbright was able to swipe Hawaii. I had the Bradley bills. Great swiped it away when she did what appealed a slam that's an excellent support. Points towards fitness girl I want you know it's always exciting to. Who bray one of his five steals right there along with fourteen points. The wizards. With the win on the road. And at home last night in Toronto the raptors beat Phoenix Suns won 26 to 113. Coming off the bench for Toronto former shocker point guard Fred van bleeds. Thirteen points six assists. Fred is really starting to come through off the bench for the raptors. Find themselves among the top five teams in the NBA right now fourteen instead paid into SS. Once you choose you instead of here on CNN SS. On Wednesday morning. For being with us this morning we'll take a look at traffic weather had that update and that's. Network news ignoring a major component of the Russia probe will find out details on Sean Hannity is morning minutes. They can ask. Hi this is doctor Joseph the delicious join us this weekend for another take your health heart radio show Saturday morning.