Stepmom of missing Wichita boy found not guilty of child endangerment

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 17th
The case was unrelated to Lucas Hernandez's disappearance

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Some view buyer group said the hole was heavily involved. With smoke and flames after nearly an hour the fire was brought under control. Kansas Red Cross has been called into assist two adults and three children who were affected to. No damage estimate has been given authorities are investigating what caused that fire in oak lawn. The stepmother of missing five year old Lucas Hernandez has been found not guilty of child endangerment charges in the case unrelated to look at his disappearance. Emily glass was on trial for charges of endangering her one year old daughter. The jury deliberated for less than an hour defense attorney Julia death parade is a commented after the verdict. On behalf of and my glass her family and stamina Herman we are glad that this case is behind us and maybe bikini can turn back to what's really important. Searching far and finding that is Fernandez. The commanders has been missing since February 17. Wichita State University says which of our couple is donating twelve million dollars. Representing in the single a rubber setting of old single largest gift to the school the university said in a news release Wednesday that oil producer Wayne bulls the and his wife Kaye committed to a league gift of ten million dollars to building new home for the UW for important school of business at Wichita State. Wichita State's that it will name the building. The couple also plans to donate two million dollars to the university's geology department for the petroleum geology program and field camp experiences for students. When bulls to use terminal woolsey's companies and oil and natural gas exploration and production company he founded in 1978. Phil held a brand Kagan SS news. Officials in Hawaii are concerned about high levels of sulfur dioxide. As the eruption of the killer whale volcano continues but why you civil defense administrator Talmadge bank no says not much has changed today's operation pretty much the same as the last few days we continue to. Monitored in active Fisher's. Haven't had any new break outs since last evening about funny volcanic events of open in the ground so far sending lava and toxic gases on the roads and do. Residential neighborhoods. And forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The Senate Intelligence Committee is concluding that Russia did meddle in the 2016 presidential election. A senate panel backing the 2017 intelligence community reports have formally accused Russia. Of trying to interfere in the US presidential election and did so with the goal of helping one candidate over the other. I would I would readily concede that then by the number rubles they spent. They spend more supporting dropped. Republican Senate Intelligence Committee member Jim Rice speaking to Fox News following a closed door meeting with former Obama administration officials. Ranking Democrat committee member Mark Warner sane in a statement. The Natalee was ordered by Russia's Vladimir Putin himself to help the trump campaign that's in contrast to an earlier House Intelligence Committee report. He concluded Russia did not intervene to help candidate trump. But rather to divide Americans. Tom Graham Fox News K Unisys used announce a tool for portage band 6 o'clock. Good morning 97. Thirteen 38 and as news. Seated at a boring now rose 610s of 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on Father's Day. Take a look at traffic here on the month and Thursday morning commute. We do have a situation in west Wichita somebody might need some assistance and police and fire looking for. Possible situations somewhere near central rate for maple ridge kind of hard and analog stations there had a little difficulty finding it. Gaps in the evening seasoned police and emergency traffic along ridge road they're looking for a looking for situations that might need some attention personnel. Traffic updates can assess the Stephenson and on the forecast was Kate NSA's staff meteorologist Dan holiday good morning. Dana good morning with a mostly clear sky cross Wichita and south central Kansas it's going to be sunny. Warm and dry today you will likely be near eighty by lunchtime 86 for the afternoon high that's running about ten degrees above average tonight partly cloudy are loose 64. Good tomorrow system moving in from the west could trigger a few afternoon thunderstorms are high again 86 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan. Holiday help partly cloudy call that's right no wind. And 59 degrees. 611 with Stephen Ted in the morning well mostly sunny day across south central Kansas Wednesday. And Wichita as high temperature was 86 degrees. Today he's at now what today's going to be close to it anyway. Thursday. These hills won a super evening last night because so gorgeous and a Thursday may seventeenth Tony AT on this date in 1792. The New York Stock Exchange. And it's burst into his beginnings as a group of brokers met under a tree on Wall Street inside of the button would agreement. Creating the stock market. As the New York Stock Exchange he just met they meet general betray you at 10 o'clock will put bill Ford this thing up while. So you mean we'll let it Spiegel folks think they can see what it is today via an I dot I don't know enough about economics to tell you. Lol why the stock market is. I know it's important because of I know it's importantly this is just it's it's a measure of all the commerce it's going on the buying and trading in our country and beat place for people. Who are shrewd militant and can get in and and you know X great advancements. Are people Lotta people have gotten rich do Annette. Wildlife experts say a male juvenile Bayer found dead in southwest Kansas might have been driven into the state. By drought conditions and surrounding states. The bear died Monday in an accidental crash on highway 56 near Elkhart in Morton county a state biologist says. Spring wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado combined with a region wide drought might be pushing bears toward Kansas. He says even in those conditions it's rare to find a black bear and cancels her last confirmed black bear and Morton county was in 2011. I think you'll remember that they. Another one was seen in 2016 just across the Oklahoma line. So over the becoming up I mean. Oklahoma in that part of the world as just like Kansas so does not and now they're coming from New Mexico forests in New Mexico or the southeast Colorado mountains down there have been immunized laundering and trying to find and find water and own a unified budget now. They don't know I don't know they just did just look at. A federal judge has Ohio cannot force a convicted killer to cut off his dreadlocks. Calling it a violation of religious rights. US district judge Patricia gone. Sided with the inmate Dion Glenn who says his faith. Of rest of the rest of very rest if necessary and how many of missile doubles and there raster Theriot does not so polite. Requires him to where he's here and rent. Don't ruling said Ohio's blanket policy against deadlock in prison violates the law because it doesn't permit or religious exemption. And the state didn't improvements here couldn't be search for contraband. Or as a safety risk. The judge limited her decision to glance at other similar complaints should be analyzed individually right. Tying up the courts for years and years over over hair you know become the guys here he's in prison quality care note that while he managed it. You sought to do. 614 Stephen did that and the result thing ill wasted. No nothing more on a still looking around for a possible location. In there I'm not rich I make sure that the now I'd be. And to be at fault caller yeah could be. Or even talk about wildlife there the better the bear in Kansas and south west can get grossed about the front door of my house this morning in justice and all fold or shut looked up and here comes. A little critter right and across easy it almost on top white vote today. Yes what are ones an impostor what does that it was an awesome. Probably more surprised to see you than you were to see out and I saw that's a solid the other day run across I think that's that may be mentioned that Tia. So on the other day run across is treated to the house frustrated so. Palin got on the living close by a couple nights ago I saw little raccoon running on the streets you wanna. Yeah. They let this is the day in the early morning hours overnight to the time they get out and run around and have a good time. I got my toss it I don't know where they where are they during the day. Are all the greater pandering and honestly don't know storm sewers in route that Orlando arena that the only hybrid you that in there. And and then when the rain comes up I don't know if of the collateral that it was a world wonder. Those critters around where that notre in the river bank or my neighborhood this disease a little or Kansas the bigger Kansas and lots of nifty little places were some of the denied that a little animal to tighten it up the possum is it. As an emotional commitment to fill build Brendan earlier this morning were talking about this. He was mentioned about his I think he's dead as a camera set up the displaced easy and he captured the coyote and his camera. A Tug of scenic coyote. In at the noon hour if Kellogg rocker. And that's a very very shy bachelor. But. A day with America barely we're we've been treated on now on their space and they're getting used to people I'm not sure that's a that's not always the best echoing you know known that a good thing. I have been talking this week he's a big week at our house and many houses because it's commencement week kids or grand valley and all sorts of things going on you've got a net I've got a graduation for nephew on Sunday. And Vietnam carnal and a two grandsons graduating this week and it's isn't happy fun time it is and a or how exciting to graduate. From high school. Mean it was a done deal and degrades and everything but it's it's a life passage I. I think that William it is a lot of party in going on of these kids tonight before you know the commencement Null at that and acted to get out of school the Somalia. My daughter's house it had some some stomach virus this week believe it or not last last week of school. The dead everything gonna straighten out and it looks like a great week it wouldn't have a nice weekend ahead with possibility of showers again in the forecasts. Beginning tomorrow and into Saturday Sunday ride in next week. So it he'll cooled a little bit but those showers and maybe we'll have some some nice rain without us. You know as I always say. Without hail stones a sizable goals now we're about twenty minutes away from our discussion with Tom left or of littler c'mon counties which we talked on every morning. 638. Tom just posted on Twitter oh yes an inspirational message may be sending you a message to use it for me it says no matter. How you feel get up look up show up never get a well Tom words of inspiration from Tom Loveland eight assists getting our people and I haven't beaten in bed right now. I don't know wanna get up. Share those kinda words the words again dated the remains a priority clicked open OK get what is it. No matter how you feel get up look up show up never give up. That's kind of entry or Idaho and no we don't give up all right there it Don. And we'll check in with him on the commodities coming on the homily about appointment if I don't what the weather's like in Butler county because turkeys are Butler county weather again to. 618 now Steven dead tie for legal sports content Woodward the royals in action. Last night and they were playing. They were in action yesterday afternoon and the Tampa Bay again. Yeah yeah and let's start out shot six shocker against soccer baseball right for the next three nights finishing the regular season Wichita State on the road visiting the last place Memphis Tigers. Finish of the regular season. Let's check in with the play by play voice the soccer's Mike Kennedy along the shocker head coach Tom Butler. In this series Wichita State will be facing another one of these top flight pitchers in this conference Jonathan Boland of Memphis. You get this USF team we just aren't they could hit the heck out of that all. Speaking to run on four hits no walks and eight and eighteen so again in the can yet. So always on the phone with a protein today Sierra director. Vietnam another scout car. In that at least it's Saturday. Entities own. Watch out though still well hopefully not on the the he's really good eighteen strike are yet some games where are our line. That'll be good challenge. That'll be one of the pitcher's locker full face in this series Wichita State at Memphis game one of that series is tonight. Mike Kennedy you'll be on the air with coverage at 6 o'clock games start about 630 points right here on 987 and thirteen 38 and as best. Steve you were talking about the royals who were in action yesterday afternoon at Kauffman Stadium. Royals lose to the rays five to three as the rays get a three game sweep their first sweep in Kansas City in nine years. As the royals are now thirteen and 38 on the season. They are six and sixteen at home. Their worst start in twelve years. He sealed a five game losing streak right now they've lost seven of eight overall in a day off today. Pro basketball NBA last night's game two of the Western Conference finals in Houston Rockets hosting the Golden State Warriors. Rockets looking for a win to tie up this series. And they got it coming off the bench late for the rockets former Kansas Jayhawks Tarik Black humor of the game last night on TFH. Has. Offensively. Part flag goes up strong score. Go to our black had a bucket there couple rebounds rockets beat Golden State won 271 old spy ever. Series in the Western Conference finals now tied at one game apiece as best seventh. Pro baseball last night at Lawrence Dumont stadium Fargo Moorhead redhawks beat the Wichita wing nuts nine to sue. In the final pre season game for the wing nuts who dropped three of their five pre season games opening night for the wing nuts is tomorrow night downtown. Huge win in men's soccer last night for FC which it's off playing in the second round of that national tournament the US open cup. FC which it saw comes back with two goals at the end to beat the Tulsa rough necks on the road afford three. In that battle of unbeaten teams FC Wichita is now three you know on the season and they advance to the third round in the US open cup for the first time ever. Big win for FC Wichita last night they'll play in the third round of that tournament next week in Dallas. You go softball the national turn and it's getting underway yesterday and games today in the first round for Butler and Cali. In the division one national tournament out in Saint George you saw. Back to back national champions Butler opens up with a a nine to one win over Walters state of Tennessee. Butler is now 142 of its last 43 games. As a second round game this afternoon against southern Idaho. In the division two national tournament in Mississippi. How Lee wins its first round game shutting out Madison Wisconsin three nothing tally in the second round this afternoon against LSU Eunice Louisiana. And in men's golf congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks. They won that there NCAA regional in Stockton California yesterday. It's the first time the KU men's golf team is ever won an NCAA regional. And means they advance to the NCAA championships for the first time in eighteen years decay at a men's golf team to go huge win yesterday. That's for the Stevens had paid an SS six what he do now given to for Fox News commentator Todd starts you're listening to. Even just the morning on and ask us.