Steve and his Valentine's Day "jokes"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

We had to listen to them... Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


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Happy Valentine's Day in 987 and thirteen thirty K and us as Stephen did in the morning now 847. Three big things pretty basketball Kansas 83 I would say 77 senior citizens try to shout down fellow citizens are. Police shooting discussion with the diversity council meetings and Kansas has a new lieutenant governor is a line of business abandoned armored Tracy amendment. Be big things in the dead on tape and assess. And this morning and in which don't watch for a couple stolen vehicles into traffic hazard traffic is heavy there. Southbound I won 35 ranked near the north junction and just south 1596 we also have. I won 35 in the central area southbound lanes. Stole that vehicle there's traffic update from pianist says radio is brought few budget Robin throws Goodyear tire located downtown at market and Waterman. He used every street Mullen on Monica growth are not come home of the 3495. Royalties. Becoming mostly sunny and warmer today with a high of seventy degrees mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low fifty. Thursday mostly cloudy tomorrow's night seventy food. How little float little miss 43 degrees south wind at seventeen miles per hour. Kagan as his weather brought you by the monarch explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday that today with four dollars and it prevented this news. Located at 579 west Douglas in historically you know the monarch. And 48 now keep in two. It here on Valentine's Day authorities say leaping elk brought down a research helicopter trying to capture the animal the mountains of eastern you saw. Wasatch county authorities say the LP jump into the choppers tail rotor. As a craft flew low fuel that's not trying to catch the animal with a net. Moved there were about ten feet up the round of the accident occurred the people were not seriously hurt but. The elk didn't make yeah now I've moved. UPS has announced that it is ramping up its network to deliver an estimated 88 million flowers. This Valentine's Day. UPS says it will handle more than eight million pounds of looms for US consumers. Enough to fill 64 wide body 767. On a very tight deadline. To ensure flowers are delivered at the peak of freshness. UPS transports the shipments from fields of Latin American countries. Through the Miami International Airport to the final recipient in less than two days. That is moving the flowers. Able yes but no matter how good they are those flowers lobby did a week from that's right that's that's the thing about four hours that they don't plan out there there. But don't last month when chick at a mall waiting in the last thing it does a paper or plastic until although yeah those there's. They retain their. Now Lexus. The most dependable vehicle brand for the seventh consecutive year in JD power's annual service. Porsche Buick infinity and Kia. Round out the top five brands of the survey. Worst performers. Chrysler Land Rover Fiat Jeep and Cadillac. Catalyst. Survey measures problems that vehicle owners experience after three years of ownership and for this year surveyed three year our collective responses from. More than 36000 original owners of 2015 model year vehicles so they tracked him for several years. The overall dependability of vehicles increased this year for the first time since 2013 thanks to improving quality. JD powers is customers complain most frequently about problem with the voice recognition technology and Bluetooth connectivity. Nothing that the car now and it's not the tech stuff all the other player because they're bells and whistles I have no idea how to operated by new car you know. Of them that you know the cars it week by. Shelley and I. They perform magnificently. And I hit boom. Except you know look. Neither one of us can really figure out the Bluetooth but you have to do on those folks if you. Have a new car like that you can't you got to get into the dealership and for the youngest sales peak there. And you know about it yet bank and you'll notice Soria exactly four minutes he's got you hooked up radio. That's the way it should act I go to the common a human touch. I it's 851. Now Stephen Ted and a change of occupants for an east Wichita building. Editor bill raw but the which the assistant Loomis a sporting good morning bill. It morning Stephen Teddy out of building they used to be long to the sports authority and east Wichita has a new Tenet. A pharmaceutical and chemical company based in Spain says building just east of 21 of wood lawn. We'll become a new plasma donation center as spokesman says it sent two and a half million dollar investment. Double bring with it more than two dozen jobs. Which does city council's approval letter of intent or industrial revenue bonds for Textron aviation that letter rep for 435. Million dollars in Nairobi's. With the proceeds to go to upgrade facilities. As it brings new aircraft market the company made about keep its workforce at the 9000 level for the next five years. And Remington has gone bankrupt them firearm maker reached a deal with creditors to cut its 950 million dollar debt load. The Chapter Eleven proceedings were allowed to ride off. About 700 million dollars Remington sales and a 2017 with a 28 million dollar operating loss. The Ginn company is 200 years old local breaking business news every day out can assess and Wichita business journal about cop for the Wichita business journal bill Roy. Tell a grown up Remington was a name you know that elusive simply a good 22 rifle had the Tony to issue also bullets Remington right Tuesday. I would think with the popularity of firearms. In America today that they would have no trouble but maybe it's a business problem. It I'd sound like you guys had really had their revenues and sales in the 2017 with a big operating on Leno now there are some issues there today is library lovers day ten night talk about the fact through both as children at different times went to the same library. You'll boulevard theater which is and outs of venue or something righteous law. What is it boulevard do George Washington Lincoln yes right well and in the side of it there on the side of the theater itself there's a little kind of a strip center there and have. Libraries there. So my mom took my Brothers and me over there start of the summer should reach about buried. And by gosh it took I go I became a book freak. And take your library was the same one now I'm in there and Summers allows accused also they're eating is so important yep it is curious you if you go drive through Kingman Kansas and on. On the main drag 54 you'll notice. The Carnegie library right there right there on the and that's where I spent a lot of time I spent a lot of time in there is akin to that when I lived in Kingman said yeah. Laver he lovers date now in honor of saint Valentine's Day I've done some I've really gone out and found some. Really side splitting funny jokes about envoy and romance. And I thought you big connoisseur of good humor you would buy these abuse or not I'm gonna share them with you okay. Yeah all right bill well what what would probably would go out with you. That does pre acts such as I guess it have you been radio you know okay what did the haters say to her boyfriend. What did the painters in to the sport I love you would all like art. Our friend and threes and easy and her daughter Helen sent me one okay from which to art museum a political one pickles say to the other pickle on saint Valentine's Day. You mean a great deal ultimatum and forty color very small Valentine. Libya Valentine needs. Why did the banana go over the throne you ask because it couldn't get a date. We'll. A finally. If love is blind why is larger racial popular. So happy Valentine's Day joke. Happy Valentine's designing or is that just my philosophical. Lindsay uninteresting copy but thank you gentlemen 855 down to Unisys news a dying Kansas. As a new lieutenant governor's veto the morning on OK and SS.