Steve and Shelly go to the movies

Steve & Ted
Monday, January 15th
We get Steve's take on Spielberg's latest.

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Breaking news and CNN SS widget because number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7:30 Stevenson in the morning. If you touch ice and our national airport we'll have to read the brits runway east into the slow but constant shift in the Earth's magnetic poles. That's altered pilots compass headings. Wichita eagle reports airport officials told members of the Wichita airport advisory board the compass headings of the airport's three runways have shifted six degrees. Change has prompted the airport to plan to re number its two primary and won crosswind runway is the first time in its nearly 64 year history. Now the forecast with Keenan says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning some slick roadways are going to be the main concern on the drive into work this morning's what may be a bit slow going for. But as a cold Arctic air mass continues to move then they'll send temperatures in the mid teens by late today. Tonight a wind chill advisory in effect. Clear with a low near zero wind chills at fifteen to twenty below sunny and fourteen Tuesday I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a light snow thirty degrees got to north wind gusting to thirty miles per hour. The attorney representing the family of Indy Fincher is a family blames the Wichita police officer who shot him not the prank collar for his death. Civil rights attorney in UM straw. Who is representing the thin Stanley said that the Wichita police department bears responsibility. For the use of excessive reckless unreasonable and lethal force. He added that while the family does want to see barest how responsible. For allegedly making the swatting phone call he wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. Since the shooting the officer's name has not been released and the only information has been released from the DA's office is at the officer is currently on paid administrative leave. Any web K and SS news. The widow of an Indian man kills nearly a year ago in a suspected hate crime in Kansas. Has devoted herself to spreading love and positivity in his name police allege 32 year old surround of a scooter potluck and Indian immigrant living in the late though was shot to death last February at Austin's foreign grilled by Adam puritan. Who witnesses say yelled for the victim to quote get out of my country. The Kansas City Star reports appearance and faces charges that include first degree murder and hate crime. Who took bubbles wife 33 year old Simeon had to Mala spoke publicly about her husband last month that Gorman worked who'd you follow worked. She says she still doesn't feel very welcome in the US but is trying to appeal to the best in people. The mullah says she's increasingly outspoken against hate in an effort to share grew to Buffalo's legacy still held a brand Kagan SS news. The governor's proposed fiscal year it's funny nineteen Kansas budget is prompting some skepticism from legislative leadership. Don Heineman is a house majority leader he says a proposed budget does put more money and areas that do need additional funding. But the problem is in the years beyond governor Brownback tenure. It works great for a year maybe two years and then the wheels fall off. And there's not enough funds to keep that level of expenditure going that's a disappointment. To them. I think essentially all of us legislators and it's an issue that we're gonna have to deal. A Hawaii congresswoman wants answers after a false text message alert. About an imminent missile attack on the island. One like this to be clearly tied to the military and the military should have the actual. Triggered you want to call it the Clinton or the ability to notify. The residents of the state. That's democratic representative Colleen won a boost up. The text message alert went out Saturday morning local time at red ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii seek immediate sheltered this is not a drill. About forty minutes for a secular to go out identifying the first message as a false alarm. Can congress and the president reach a deal on the. Cap doc that's the program to prevent people brought here illegally as children from being deported the trump administration plans to shut it down in March. Unless legislators sent him a bill making it a law so lawmakers are trying to figure out if they let it end. Or if they put it in a standalone bill. Or if they wrap up some type of doc got an immigration reform in a bill to fund the government Democrats such as Georgia congressman John Lewis on ABC this week's say. Dock up first. I so want him. Will not flow thought. Government funded until we get a deal own stock. In Washington Molly Henneberg Fox News. 736 now Steven kid in the morning today is Monday January 15 cities. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday today a federal holiday and honoring the civil rights leader the late civil rights leader to a lot of government offices are closed today it. Public we will not have postal delivery. You talk grandmother who decorator her yard with a painted Volkswagen Beetle hung in a tree. Is fighting back after the city ordered take it down. Janice example of clear field bolts of the government car into the branches of the tree in her yard at. She and her husband Roy strip the vehicle so that it wouldn't wage any more than the tree house of will be replacing. After that they seal it up so that no one could get into it painted it like a lady bug. Lifted it with the assistance of the neighbors forklift and bolt that it into place. But authorities had the 64 year old boy and a nuisance vehicle ordinance citation. And in order to take it down levels says he was just being creative and artsy a Volkswagen Beetle. In a tree and got to say that is unusual. On this date in 1882. The original rules of basketball life by James needs Smith republic for the first time in Springfield Massachusetts for the game originated. And of course. After niece ms. gravitated to Lawrence Kansas and the University of Kansas. About the game about an of the new rules and written some of the rules are now almost. At the university Kansas few years ago somebody found them and it decided it can you be good spot for those rules basketball originated on the state in eighteen. 92. A private school that a fourth graders to list three good reasons for slavery and three bad ones has apologized to parents. After the mother of a black student post of the assignment on FaceBook. To make a brown Barry posted a picture of the assignment from our redeemer Lutheran school and bought torso Wisconsin. After seeing her nine year old son struggling to answer the question. Compare the question you're asking someone to list three good reasons for rape the Holocaust. The school think brown Barry for bringing the matter to their attention. Officials said the homework was not intended to make students argue there are any good reasons for Avery but. Admitted to parents a letter that the assignment was offensive and showed a lack of sensitivity. The video. They probably were of that. In correctly maybe what were the reasons given. For slavery that to support it there are a lot of ways to run a debt that would've worked a little better for them pretty clumsy pretty clubs aren't. It's 738 now is Stephen Ted. In looking over what you've been to any of the last couple days ahead Friday often. My wife and I actually went out to moments in movie haven't been as deceit moving along college Josie went to see the post. Probably at noon showing is one of the first in town. On Friday and there are some people that you looked like most of us were middle aged retired but the post is an excellent film. Those are courts are blisters or people who are. Into the news and into history and so forth this would be very interest to you because it's. It's about the publication of the Pentagon papers yet to basically said that several presidents and misled the American people on Vietnam. And so you get to sit. He gets pentagon papers being published New York Times gets hampers the post is playing catch up Tom Hanks is in the cookies and Ben Bradley was a close. Friend of president. President Kennedy and Kay Graham is played by Meryl Streep she's a publisher cumulative Randall Lyndon Johnson's eight. Good friends of at least two of the president's that are there were so badly treated by the papers. Now they have to decide whether they're gonna publish the papers. And they have to decide during a time during a week when the Washington Post which was I locally owned family newspaper in those days. Was gonna go public took stock offering. And of course a lawyer for San hey you can't do it to get published this stuff. They you know the banker OPEC have done and it took its dog gone good. On the score tickets on an adult level you have to it's not one of these things for the got a card chase every four minutes and yeah get plastered all over the screen assist. This is a thought provoking. You know well you know freedom the freedom of the press to the people. Run the government are sure that the governor's run and if it's pretty good constitutional crisis and it. It occurred to get too good stars it. In Meryl Streep and Indian. And Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg directs. And of course I mean it's going to be a great film and it's it is a I would just says safety you can get a chance you might only go take a look at. Really really good cast Thursday night's my wife and I and a brother and his wife Jerri and Dorothy went out to eat extra outs. Orchestra out of what just the other day and I and we together yes yet Indian done grant inside and its routes couple times and passed Kevin. Our good friend his feet and at least he wasn't there. That evening he had gone home decided to seek him to say I've. Kevin if you listing we were there at end we had a good later he treated it's very nicely and then great meal of course right. I've been distressed slice down the past couple weeks of Lucas Oil. Yet you've had plenty of great you're great week I don't under a grid and gravy it's not there yet we are looking at a day some problems on traffic itself what we'll keep you posted on that right at 741 coming up. We've got to business news from the which the business journal on the way Stevens and the morning we're gonna talk about local manufacturing companies merging. That's on the waist deep into the morning on Kate and a sense.