Steve and Ted: Actor Rob Lowe fears for his life during Bigfoot encounter

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Thursday, June 29th
Lowe says he knows it makes him sound like a "crazy Hollywood kook."

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The K there's a sporting news receiver instead of Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. Tuesday afternoon Wichita police arrested a 34 year old man in the 4500 block of south Broadway. Or buying stolen property and drug violations. Police believe this suspect is related to many criminal cases dating back to 2015. In bowling aggravated burglary auto theft and multiple cases of larceny from vehicles. Now the forecast with gay and as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning were seeing a few showers and thunderstorms developing in south central Kansas this morning. Those will likely wind down we'll see you break in the clouds and windy and hot this afternoon with a high 94 south winds at fifteen to 35 miles per hour. Another round of thunderstorms likely later on tonight some of those could be severe with a low seventy and in scattered storms Friday afternoon with a high 85 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday to extend almost. Mostly cloudy 74 degrees southeast wind at nine miles per hour. But we're stuck police department has partnered with Starbucks. To create a safe harbor for victims of LG BT discrimination or hate crimes. The program began last year in Seattle and is designed to provide anyone who has been victimized a place to get help. Police Sargent Don Kimball says the staff and every Wichita Starbucks. Has now been trained to help those who are in need and to contact authorities this initiative. Is it is just a furtherance of that to improve those relationships. Between the LG BT community. And and with the switched off at least. One of the goals is to help members of the LG BT community feel comfortable. Making Paula police reports and report any type of crime to authorities. Surgery county commissioners and which atrocity council members. We got together Wednesday afternoon to discuss the agreement for ambulance services. Part of the discussion focused on outside vendors providing ambulance service. Here's Wichita City Council member Pete Meissner. There's a group in Kansas City that contacted me. There's a local one operating today that is contacted me. There's one another adjoining states and analysts say which state that it contacted an all three of them basically it was a frustration and it bit them when they try to visit with. EMS or county officials are definitely don't even get to me. It appears there's going to be further discussion on this matter leading to a delay in contract talks. A former Kansas Highway Patrol trooper has been indicted on a charge alleging that he used excessive force. Earl grand jurors have to peak or return the indictment Wednesday in the case against James Carson. The indictment says Carson quote physically assaulted and cause quote bodily harm to a person identified only with the initials RT. It says the alleged June 2013 incidents deprived RT of civil rights of due process. The US Justice Department provided no weather information about what happened. Carson worked for the agency from July 2000 until August 2013. Panel Neil king and SS news. Skate and SS nationally is time 834. The congressional investigation into Russian election interference moves closer to president trumps inner circle ABC news has learned investigators want to talk to his longtime bodyguard now Oval Office director Keith Schiller. The president has predicted a great result on Health Care Reform Republican leaders are scrambling to revise their bill before tomorrow's July 4 break. And ABC's Stephanie Ramos tells us the house is taking up immigration. The house is set to debate two bills the first its case law which would impose harsher mandatory minimum prison sentences on deportees who re enter the United States for those who have been convicted of non immigration crimes stronger penalty increases. The second bill is being no sanctuary for criminals act which would bar federal dollars from Sanctuary Cities. The president comes executive order on immigration takes effect today refugees and those from six Muslim majority nations must now prove what the Supreme Court called a bona fide relationship that the US and Aaron gets her ski ABC news. 98713. 38 and is says Steven and Ted in the morning. Are you ready for golf boating and all the other outdoor activities that come with a time of year don't forget your hat for ultimate sun protection. You'll see the best selection in town in the best service attack and Jack's. Clock tower in delay no ant man next 835 Steve and did some changes in the cast could be coming from fast and furious. Entertainment years now the worry Ted Woodward Tenet again. Now maybe one actor maybe thinking about pulling out of that franchise and the latest on games thrown. Or maybe not Michelle Rodriguez has been a part of the fast and furious franchise from jump which she says at the movies don't start making women more central to the action she may say so long she posted on minster Gramm quote I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one or I just might have to say goodbye she had she's grateful for the ride and the fans fast and furious nine is due out in 2019. We already knew game of thrown season seven will be the shortest yet but show writers DB Weiss and David Betty I'll say it'll feature the longest episode ever at ninety minutes they also tell Entertainment Weekly they're about done writing the eighth and final season game of thrown season seven returns to HBO July 16 at a C. Tuesday's pretty little higher series finale ended on a high note it pulled at one point four million viewers the biggest audience and a year but nearly four million viewers shy of the series record. I'm Christopher Watson. Rob Lowe says he thought he was going to be killed during an encounter with the bigfoot creature while filming his new a need ducky series. Lowe's has the counter took place in the Ozarks. In the area of ground Arkansas Missouri and Oklahoma. Mystery. So sort of creature down any of those are low says he and his sons were camping there too investigative bigfoot like creature known to locals as a wood eight. During a shoot for the low files. When something began to approach their camp. Explosives he was lying on the ground thinking was going to be killed the he adds that he's fully aware of the story makes him sound like a crazy Hollywood Kook and wrong. Below files follows the actor and his sons Matthew and John Nolan as they explore mysterious phenomenon across the country weird to conclude. Joy juice they got it down there Gallagher that do. Now they could probably ran into a couple of the ball bumpers down probably France eyeball number approaching their city say where they were bear tour. I think he's smoking corn cob and mounting the bright dark. It's serious. What's going on there rob low apple scared. Hey it's time for battle of the network star also like the seventies and eighties celebrity competition series returns tonight on ABC. USC champ on corrales he is one of the team captain she said it was hard getting the celebrities to check their vanity at the door. Ellen first they'll want to make its turn on the fairway and I think it's it's it it's a great relief to actually take that where real way. And so I I kind of feel like that's one. Formative staying that we can do during his daily realities people. Is to have them let let go all of that that weighed on them that weight of perception and everyone seems to be much happier for a buy in today. So legacy is is Adrian Barr vote going to be there I I understand that some of the old competitors from the seventies and eighties are coming back. So you never know David Hasselhoff you think you'd be in there. Moon or he wasn't on the original. Anchors delegates. No David I think it was the I've heard Charlene Tilton is coming apparently until now from from Dallas now. The old Charlie Sanders sees the and one of the old timers coming back. And they can lose it poll. Law on the use BO tonight shall all the time. Season and Tom yet Suzanne tonic it's an entirely sure she'll be back. And they're bringing back some of the old guard him. I wonder Dave Kaplan will come Dave Camp wonder if he still has an ending our hero Bo Derek might show there and I'd actress Denise Richards is not on this first episode she is on one of the teams this season she tells ABC radio she loved the show is a kid. Now our first there on it was like one of their first reality shows. And you got to see celebrities completely out of their own and you got a glimpse as to how they really are. And I think that's what the show and did so well back then. Yeah. Course there is one component of those in winning slogan yes. One component of the show the will not be there. Well and and that's the X-Factor I think is that Howard Cosell. Was the guy that did the announcing today yet no one. Battle now than when she actually added a gravitas and humor at the same time everything that was going on tongue in slightly hard to find that person this time noon we'll see how it can connect battle network stars. Tonight on AB those who never seen it. They just take it in there he just hated track and field taste TV stars and put them in like little amateur athletic competition swimming and a the bicycle races this. Hang him and they're completely out of their element they're ruled out other element is usually something you know he's we see him do it in the news this is kind of fun. Back in the day you know Seattle sea island the reboot does here in the 20%. It's considered the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction all to come as no surprise that pieces from one of the most popular and lucrative movie franchise has ever star war. And went for nearly three million. Dollars. Auction house profiles in history says the 43 inch tall unit was cobbled together from parts used in the original trilogy don't know who bought them let's adroit. Robe on old game. Non human non human number other big ticket Star Wars items sold off as well Luke Skywalker light Saber from the first two Star Wars movies went for 450000. Dollars. Now Darth Vader helmet from the original sold for 96000. Dollars wrong. These things put together by the prop department that probably cost about. Forty or fifty bucks to cobble together different an exclusive talks apart from both acting and eat you up and selling off hundreds here honey. Hey lots of new voters for the Oscars and some late night TV viewers. A record number of invitations just went out to one of Hollywood's most exclusive club membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or people get to vote on the Oscar used to one seed and while. Wonder Woman gaga dope is on the list as is too in the rock Johnson Jordan appeal Chris Pratt and the oldest name this year 95 year old Betty White. 744 invitations and all the biggest class ever and the list is 39% female and 30% people of color in an attempt to correct decades of under representation by women and minority. Scratch that win for Jimmy Fallon Tuesday NBC Croat about winning the late night wars last week in total viewers for the first time in five months but they didn't count DVR viewing those numbers are in and col Baer regain the lead. It's a boy for action star Jason stayed with him and model actress closely Huntington Whitley you posted to pick on instead Graham revealing the name Jack. Oscar state it's the first child for the engaged couple he's 49 she's thirty I'm Jason Nathanson. Last night was opening night downtown music theater Wichita for a second shall this summer seven brides for seven Brothers and last night. These theater has six more performances. On the next four days I'm missing a lot of pride for seven Brothers and fantastic dancing in Rancho. That will definitely entertain you know laws and shows tonight tomorrow two shows on Saturday two more on Sunday. That was about seven brides for seven Brothers downtown music theater which is wrong. And happy birthday today. Actor Gary Busey is 73. Today. Steve you and I beat Gary do you see live at the orpheum theater probably using Luke duke football down coffee build Inco bomber announcing he gained it. Daddy put on a big majority or via -- played a Buddy Holly in the in the gathering data showing of the Buddy Holly story in Gary Busey was there you know buddy Holly's widow was there and and in buddy started singing songs after the show nobody. DR Gary I mean yeah Gary. And we've got about halfway through the first song and he couldn't remember any of the lyrics and a and Leslie and I and that's when he has doesn't cut it commodity. And again. Too many accidents falling off motorcycles or something that you get old scary areas 7030 today amazing the accurate this year obviously that's entertainment isn't a blur rock of our good friends at pizza John dinner is just head on right down there on cape fifteen to 208 south Baltimore. You get yourself a super tasty pizza and pizza Johns in a 843. Now local health facility is expanding and her deploy it. Of the Wichita business journal has details on the way Stephen to death on tape and as fast.