Steve and Ted: The Air Capital Classic begins today in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 15th
Ted Woodward gives us the details in Sports, plus another win for the Royals.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first where live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case there's a sporting his new beat the dead. I was being back in time. Woman's body found in highway rest stop north of Wichita we've got the story. Wichita police taskforce focused on violent crime and gangs trying to Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday for severe thunderstorm parked over southeast Sedgwick county last night dumping heavier rainfall. It looks like more severe weather is possible again this afternoon and evening details and our forecast coming up. The body of a woman was found in the vehicle at a rest stop on the I want 35 north of Wichita. Discovery was made Wednesday afternoon in the Newton police chief Erik Murphy. Went to check on the vehicle as a follow up from what when one of his officers ran a tag on the vehicle Tuesday night. The tag belongs to a woman who was last seen in Newton Friday. Harvey county sheriff can get a sense. We've really don't have any idea what what caused the death. Which we're gonna will be doing. An autopsy. Relatively soon to figure out if we have any we don't know it was natural causes we don't know if that's. Suspicious investigators know who the person is but they are not releasing the name of the woman at this time. New concern about the political climate in our country following the troubling shooting and Alexandria Virginia. Authorities have linked disturbing social media post to James hodgkin's and the Illinois man killed the scene. After he opened fire is GOP members of congress were practicing for charity baseball game ABC news chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross describes a sequence of events that led the shooting. On March 22 he posted online trumpets a trader went on about trump we have to destroy trump and company. Two days later. He fired off fifty shots into the air outside his home neighbors called police to complain they came to investigate. Did not take his gun away said he had a valid license the very next day the day after he had enough for Washington. President trouble the first lady's last night visited the hospital work congressman Steve's Kelly's. And the capitol police officer are being treated for their injuries. Both for victims in yesterday's shooting at the Virginia park where lawmakers were practicing. Ahead of today's congressional baseball game we have more from ABC's. Aren't Travers president from canceled an afternoon speech about job training programs at the Labor Department vice president pans saucers skipping an event in order to be here at the White House. The president was very busy in the phone officials say he spoke to house speaker Paul Bryant and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. He also talked to the wife of congressman school least. And pledged his full and absolute support. Investigators are digging into the background of the man who killed two people and wounded two others inside a UPS packing facility yesterday in San Francisco. Authorities say the gunman at 38 year old Jimmy lamb took his own life when confronted by police. Lamb reportedly filed a labor agreements in March complaining that he was working excessive overtime. Judy one of lambs neighbors. I'm just saying you seem normal to me didn't see. I can see irritated agitated. Or any sane and normal. One team works during the day and another at night Wichita police officers who are members of the violent crimes gang task force. Lieutenant Jeff Gilmore says the task force has been added since early may. We've seen some great success. We will continue to respond all the violent crime. And follow up on it. It after it occurs until we solve this case. We've taken a lot of guns off the streets. I've taken a lot of my offenders off the streets and this is all working partnership with the outside agencies. To make which costs for community. Police chief Joseph Gordon Ramsay says another component has to do with providing yet you've summer activities. With the help of the boys and girls clubs and the YMCA Saturdays where they have. Evening. Youth activities. I go well into the night. For the kids stay there. And are safe in a structured environment. In an effort to reduce the violence we want to make sure that users have. Place to be. That is safe. And I we're a nation where they can't control. During the past five weeks members of the task force have made 153. Gang contacts. And made 109 arrests including two murder suspects. They've also taken 44 guns off the streets and seized more than half dozen pounds of drugs. Here's excuse I'm now eight. 0:4 Foreman spent 8 o'clock. Wichita as annual. Golf tournament here capital classic is under way today at a Krispy country club. And I got a little baseball action to tell you about as well talk coming up in sports you unplug it. During vacation. Maybe you shouldn't. That story coming up on McCain and SS sporting news ms. Stevens had been. It's a sporting news feed that down 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock. What items you should be included in which does proposed budget for 2018 when he nineteenth. If you have suggestions city staff is hosting a pair of social media town hall meetings looking for input from citizens. Is Elizabeth Ogletree is with the city's budget office. We know it can be a challenge to get to needs this city hard so you wanna make it easy for residents to provide comments. Please join us on FaceBook or Twitter to provide input on budget issues. Residents can light gets on base that our follow us on Twitter to get involved in the social media Tehran. Please use pass tag I CT budget seventeen. The first social media town hall meeting on the budget is at 2 PM today and there's another one next week Tuesday. All comments submitted by citizens will get a response from city staff within about a day. Officials in London are urging people to avoid the area where an inferno in goal the 24 story apartment tower early yesterday. Well people are confirmed dead but police expect that number to go up. Structural engineer has checked out the charred building and deemed it safe for fire crews to conduct search operations. ABC's James long men spoke to witnesses about what they saw. EAD if it's the wind cents from what she's saying I'm about to let my baby. Yeah maybe. The baby survived a nearly ten stories fool. Caught by a bystander. Lot of people stay connected to that electronic leash when they go on vacation one expert says. Met can be trouble do you feel like you need a vacation when you come home from one. Like Steiner says it may be because you don't completely disconnect from work especially when it comes to email he's executive director accounts. You know he's become such a mobile world that the ability to check and it's just a very easy thing to do in a lot of people eat gives her car over just to check in and make sure that everything is on course so Steiner says settle limit for when you check your work email on vacations. A week or once today and stick to. Ariel lingering BC news. Dana says he used time now 8099. Minutes past 8 o'clock received death. And this morning in traffic I think the big news out there today is that we're changing. How you get on the Kansas turnpike in the east Kellogg construction that they've got going on access to Kellogg there. From. Eastbound Kellogg now be on the front did throat. So if you exit at rock road stay on the front page road. And that we'll take you under the Kansas turnpike or else you could stay on and go all the way up 1596 mile turnpike there. Traffic updates from cape NASA has brought you by Java province Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman. East Terry street Moline on micro star dot com your home for complete or scared do what I done for years my dad taught me fifty years ago. Just get on to fifty forgo around the north side of the city and get on an elder radio. Save little money to Dirk. Up about that let's take a look at the forecast debt we can't insist that meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it is a warm and humid start to today with a frontal boundary that will be lifting off to the north. Temperatures getting to 985 for the Hyde. We think between 5 and 7 o'clock this evening that's going to be the best chance for severe storm development. You'll mainly start toward north and move southeast. Tonight's low 71. Clearing on Friday with a high back in 95 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays and today and now partly cloudy skies 76 degrees of south wind. At six miles per hour. Little warm and windy Wednesday. In south central Kansas basically carbon copy of the day before which stock is high temperature. Yesterday 93 degrees normal high 86. A copy in that sense a little less wind yesterday afternoon but still up around thirty miles per hour for most of the day. 811 now with Stephen Ted and we wanna talk with the sporting an ABC news correspondent Karen Travers at the White House. We're talking about the aftermath of that Virginia shooting yesterday and the of lawmakers and there's no I'll anymore that from both sides are getting together on this. And tried to show unity and with us this morning Karen Travers tells all about and boarding. Yes and at least right now that's what everybody is saying you know this call for unity adds to push aside. The heated political rhetoric that we've heard so much of recently. And it calls for bipartisanship then that's great in and we certainly saw yesterday members of congress are really shaken up still about tennis and the recognition that. It was a congressional Republican practice but he could've been anybody it could have been any scene where. Members of congress were gathered together so there's certainly a big concern. About what had happened and how this. Needs to be dealt with going forward tonight that game is gonna take place the congressional baseball team is still on for tonight at Nationals Park and they should be pretty emotional moment but perhaps cathartic for everybody after a really tense day yesterday Karen this is probably the first game they've ever done rather grip. They'll really get some national average. Absolutely says the fun of that has been happening for a hundred years but certainly a huge spotlight this week and this is this is an effort to they sneak the raise a lot of money for charity don't. They really do their three charities that are already getting the funding from tonight's whatever was raised the Boys and Girls Club and to local DC charities. And now they've added a police law enforcement fun to that certainly a lot of compliments yesterday. And the huge expressions of gratitude toward the capitol police who jumped in engaged the suspect and ultimately were injured themselves. The you know Leah and you've been around long enough to know that these politicians there in their people and there. And Lotta times able public purse Sauna and a private precisely say things in public that seem real SE. Then their go to that same person say hey let's go play golf and it's kind of the way it is it. Yeah and I think. That's certainly how it's how it's been firm many decades here in Washington you know politics is politics that a lot of these people are very good friends. Off the senate and house floor but the sense that that's changed in recent years that. Members use to move to Washington before and Mary they lived in Virginia or Maryland your DC and their children knew each other. And now many members community and it's a little bit different and you know the ability to. Telecommute you know you have to be in Washington he could go back to your districts. In some ways you get a sense from talking with staff long pen staff that. They did tell is a little different you don't have that socializing like used to and maybe that's part of the nastiness that we've seen because it was don't know which apparently they did but tonight is to be great event. Were they can put partisan labels aside even though is Democrats playing Republicans and they both very much want to wind I think it's going to be quite amendments. Nice I'm sorry but I note and doubled. I just have a feeling it is to tone it a little bit of skepticism in your voice at this this. I don't let us down a series cynical and jaded and but you know we've seen these calls for unity before and they certainly last for a couple hours. Then the politics comes back are. Health thank you for your time this morning we appreciated ABC news correspondent Karen Travers live from the White House this morning. We've Steven Ted in the morning and a they're friends now they're showing unity right now would be nice if they kept it together and I don't know the general public that sometimes I don't think he understands that that relation to be used you know it's it's similar to what Ted. A to a nice to see you in covering courts. And court cases in that the lawyers. Would go into the coal you know going to in front of the jury and just go Ameren to identity chip. And you thinking they couldn't stand each other than they take a break and they're back here in the judge's chambers have a cup cough it. It's just it's at two different personas but. You know the rhetoric gets pretty harsh now and then and we certainly hope this. Is this is an isolated the last issue did the incident this won't happen again. A terrible transient and again saluting the capitol police my goodness. Couple of those officers. They went toe to toe this guy and took him out and and they were they were both voted. Yeah process if if they had not been there this would have been an eight terror massive massive tragedy. Well the City Council in that Jacksonville Florida was meeting Tuesday when a two year old pit bull mix named Elvis. Bit the ankle of a man who stepped on him. But makes it ought to use the reason the dollar was at the meeting today in the first place lawmakers were considering. A plan to promote pet adoption. Since shelter dogs were raring take me home vests. So Elvis approach won't get it taken home as you might expect city officials are not sure whether. That program will continue one no one else's fault a lot of got stepped on dogs react money it's that are gonna you know you staff dog's fault yeah that's the lamp. We have this story is going to just got to make well makes me cringe. It's about a 21 year old North Carolina man. Who suffered severe burns after he fell into a hot spring in Yellowstone national art. If you've ever been there it is very impressive because like ish said earlier Ted. And Yellowstone park is on the top one gigantic volcano is that what it just yeah out some similar to that and some in all this time there's very hot yeah. Thermal areas that are usually way underground are very close to the surface deals right and they're very they're bubbling all the time is steaming boiling water and also. Mud pit smug boiling analyst notes is very impressive but did you know we get close and back it up as. That you can't get close have a two most of the time park officials say Jervis Dylan gets heat. An employee of a park concession air fell into his spring in the lower geyser basin Tuesday. He was taken by ambulance to west Yellowstone Montana and was flown to the University of Utah hospital in salt lake city hospital spokeswoman Suzanne Winchester said. He was in critical but stable condition don't if he fell and Poland springs while. And missed an awful but again he or she she says sometimes that waters near the boiling point and yet. So it's like you got a lobster into a bone doctor almost. If I mean cloak the best for government Yellowstone it's very impressed of course you've been there I've been there. Just want search like I say yes once when I was a very small village young kid. And then now I took a drink here are my kids up there several years ago. We've got pictures of old old faithful. All gleeful guy from what goes off what about every eighty minutes or something like now. Like clockwork but it's a beautiful place if you death haven't really amazing a table in the summertime they gets a little bit busy up there. In Yellowstone but it's beautiful and you're not far the other place right next door the grand teton national part of the what I think are the the most beautiful mountains that I literacy. Possibly isn't. And it up and Wyoming. My grandmother and her family. Oxford Kansas opt in model T and went to Yellowstone park back in one human being done now if action. Law erodes popular rose Arlo then but. And is it it's it's secure it's got to be on your bucket list if you're an American Scioscia and bill aren't 818 Steven dead it sports time with. Ted Woodward here on a Thursday morning where. Pick up the big golf tournament today thanks to an Alley got the nice hot day for all of the culprit here and widgets on the 28 annual air capital classic instant Web.Com. Tour. Makes its annual stop in Wichita. We're going to have 156. Golfers out on the course that Kristi country club but today for the first round tomorrow the second round in the time for the weekend. We are underway at crest view of the air capital classic. And we are under way in on the PGA tour for the second major of the season it's the 117. The version of the US open. It is underway at Erin hills up in Wisconsin. Opening round play today. Major League Baseball yesterday afternoon in San Francisco where the giants were hosting the Kansas City Royals. The royals would pound out sixteen hits on this day another good offense today for the royals and I tell you what Mike when stock is. Got things going on right away for Kansas City yesterday. Putting the ball in the drink you heard the game on KF eight. Sling and a high fly ball ended deep right field Mike and his stock is hits it out of AT&T park he may have hit it out into the baby dead and the royals take a one nothing lead in the second inning. About that. In McCovey go out there coming today now and the royals would end up. Hitting three home runs on the day as the royals beat the giants 72 yesterday afternoon and sleep for the brief two game series. Which Kansas City now just three games behind a playoff spot they won four in a row that's the longest winning streak right now in the American League. The royals West Coast swing now continues in Anaheim going to take on the Los Angeles Angels. For the rest of the weekend at the royals. In the angels tonight live coverage begins at 8:30 this evening game and start after 9 o'clock stay up late tonight listen to the royals and angels. On Sports Radio KF eight at 12:40 AM. 975. FM. Pro baseball yesterday afternoon at Lawrence Dumont stadium on summer camp day the kids were up in the sunshine. The willingness though got off to a slow start got behind five and nothing by the second inning and could not come back T bones one at seven to five. Snapping Wichita six game winning streak. However the wing nuts still have a two and a half game lead atop the south division. We nets hosting the Kansas City T bones again tonight at 705 downtown and Lawrence Dumont stadium. Sports with Stephen Ted K and SS. Actor William Shatner is going to be in which it's off on Friday November 3. Huge appearance at or at the or beam theatre downtown. That's part of his tour shatters your world we just live in it but the the bill Shatner is coming to Wichita a boy tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Don't think it's selective seat dot com. Guess what we already have two tickets we do see William we general and we're going to give them right now. The day to one of our lucky listeners. About lucky number seven. Only now makes it 69. At thirteen thirty color number seven the it's two tickets to go see William Shatner at the orpheum and I'm going to throw in a twenty dollar gift card Freddy's frozen colonial steak burgers you have a little. Pre show dinner already he's been Nazi bill Shatner the or beam in November on color number seven. Calling out 8693. Dean thirty dead would you go ahead and does he intend what you think. It. Very good at at 818 T two activity or for vanity morning minutes. Baseball field shooter telegraphed his intentions. Is that John got good weather coming up seated in the morning on cape NF things.