Steve and Ted: Apes overtake Spider Man at the box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

A look at the weekend box office on The Blur with Ted Woodward.


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OK I SS which it talks number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 8:30 Stevenson in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted good words of one man has died after crashing played county of Milford lake. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol told a nine year old James Jenkins of Junction City was eastbound and take 82 when he drove off. Roadway rolled down an embankment early Sunday the case HP says Jenkins was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Now is to look at the forecast with K units as staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning you may wanna grab an extra called bottled water and spend as much time in the shade as you possibly can today with temperatures climbing again into the mid ninety's with plenty of sunshine this afternoon and and it looks like this pattern is wanna stay the same throughout this week. Clear and 74 tonight tomorrow sunny and hot with a high ninety seven's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 76 degrees we have a south wind at seven miles per hour. An apartment fire in north west Wichita is left over a dozen people homeless. Fire crews were called to a four plex apartment in the 9000 block of west lawn near 21 in Tyler just after noon Sunday. Neighbors indicated there were several people still inside one of the units rescuers made search of the conflict but. Where unable to find anyone inside. The ten shy but I am fire chief John Turner says. There's several evaluated those saying and we had one notes transported to. There hospital for heat related. Injuries. Talked about several firefighters there turner says fire damage I was extensive to all four units in the complex. And a twelve to fifteen residents who live in the building will be displaced prosecutors till trying to determine. Odds of that apartment fire. Central Kansas woman is convicted have been convicted of shooting her husband last year. The Kansas attorney general's office says that jurors found 36 year old misty Salem guilty Friday of one count of second degree intentional murder in the death in march of last year of 41 year old Samuel Salem at the couple staffer home. Police who responded to reports of gunfire found Samuel Salem on the living room floor with a gunshot wound he died at the scene. Take TV reports that Samuel Salem stuff was the first homicide in more than forty years and Stafford a town with a population of around 1000 people. Misty Salem sentencing is scheduled for August 25. They'll hold a brand can get SS news. A Washington attorney chosen to serve as president Trump's special counsel to handled by now's responsible Russian probes. Hails from Kansas. White House announced rate band of native Ty cobb's hiring Saturday the move reflects the president to growing acceptance of the Russian. Probes role linger over his tenure for months or even years Abas. Georgetown University Law School alumnus and former prosecutor who lately has been working as a defense lawyer and partner. At the Washington term hold and low levels. Samantha Adams and her fiance are planning a 'cause make wedding news August during the total solar eclipse. Adams told the Kansas City Star she couldn't dream of a more perfect setting in for wedding. Then during the eclipse because she loves the stars so the ceremony will be held outside on August 21. At 12:30 PM in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Adams beyoncé Cameron cannon says he's happy to go along with the clips wedding because. It makes his bright happy. The couple's entire ceremony will have an eclipse theme and every guest will be provided with a pair sold or glasses. During the wedding and a couple plans to watch the eclipse with our guests before taking their valves. Ronnie Price can SS news. Longtime Kansas State University football coach bill Snyder's planning to write a children's book. The Wichita eagle reports publisher Craig and books says the 77 year old Snyder is writing a children's book called take it from me. Few other details about the book were released immediately. K and incest national news time 834. The White House plan to repeal and replace obamacare his hit another roadblock majority leader Mitch McConnell says there will not be a vote this week is promised. He says it's because one key senator Republican John McCain. Is still recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot from above his night ABC senior White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is up the White House health. Care vote of course has been delayed because of senator McCain's. Surgery. Senator McCain's going to be at least a week recovering perhaps longer. I think it's a very real possibility that this health care vote gets pushed off until after the summer that we don't actually see a vote on this until September. A new ABC news Washington Post poll shows a 36% approval rating for president trump two thirds of Americans. Also say they disapprove of the president's frequent use of Twitter. Two homes swallowed up by a giant sinkhole its 225 feet wide fifty feet deep considered a Hazmat situation because a number of household chemicals in the air. Jerry Preston ABC news. 98713. Thirty days CNN says Steven Pitt in the morning. And it's time for entertainment views of what is going into details about. Couple of and entertainers who have been passed to intent no big Hollywood names no man known as the father of the zombie movie genre has died. George. In 1960 Coke classic night of the living dead that was the beginning of a long list of low budget but profitable gore fest from Romero including the 1978 sequel dawn of the dead in 2009 ball screening survival of the dead Romero admitted that there are those who don't appreciate his approach to cinema my films have gotten sort of mixed reactions from. Intellectual crowd is producing partner says Romero died at 77 after a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer gave packer ABC news. And the death of actor mark in the land now at age 89 mark land l.'s career spanned more than half a century on stage film and television. His breakthrough role was the villain and Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1959. Thriller north by northwest. And he became a household name in 1966. Thanks to the hit TV series Mission Impossible in which he starred with less than one vulnerability. And once last Glen dull what they did that shall live here. Mr. cinematic this turned stylish and groups and changed I don't know how much fun filled. That's kind of filled in from feeling it. The tool also co starred in the seventies told scifi series based 1999. Lend l.'s career kicked into high gear in the late eighties when he earned Oscar nominations for the movies talker lamented his dream and this one woody Allen's crimes and misdemeanors. She. I don't think got ceased to. So much cash. Mark land bill finally won his first Oscar in 1994. Thanks to with supporting role. As late coerced or bella Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. I should showed up that type champions class. In his Oscar acceptance speech Len Nelson what a nice what a life like a moment what everything. I talked to Jim Burton today it I want to finish a conversation. Thanks Tim for giving me the part. Of my life. My goal for them. Nominations for his role in the TV series on to Roger and without a Trace no deal ABC news. Martin land now I was also in pork chop hill. Cleopatra the greatest story ever told. He did he worked he worked you know honey to study is 89 he still working out still and stuff. Heartland has died at the age of 89. Apes battled spiders for a weekend as summer blockbuster movie goers money is. Worth money like really no loser big weekend at the box off. According to industry sources more for the planet of the apes took down Spiderman homecoming apes opening on top at weekend box offices of an estimated 56 and a half million dollars in ticket sales but despite these investors won't miss any meals at number two with 45 million after its 117. Million debut last week. Yeah. Claimed romantic comedy the big six open wider making over seven million in third place took secrets and ABC news. Why is Oprah Winfrey excited Oprah Winfrey was certainly excited I think we set on the last day was like yeah yeah. She got to show off the first look at the trailer for a wrinkle in time over the weekend it deep 23 Disney's big fan convention where we also got a first look at the upcoming Mary Poppins seeking an historian and I was actually reading the whole time and our first glimpse of Simba in the Lion King read. That'll be out in two years Mary Poppins and wrinkle in time next year. Cast of the upcoming Star Wars film also won and mark Hammel telling ABC news he couldn't say much about the film but I didn't I love the anticipation. This period is over we're excited. To me the last jet eyes out in December I'm Jason Nathanson. And anniversaries today eighty years ago on this day. Warner Bros. released the cartoon a head at rides again moon first appearance of the character egg head. Would eventually. Evolving to Elmer fud. They did made his debut eight years ago today seventy years ago on this day the release of The Three Stooges hold that alliance. This is not worthy they it's. It was. It was a there's cameo appearance by former student currently the younger brother of shampoo Momo you know. This was the only. Film ever that featured all three of Howard Brothers Moe curly in champ then in the same film. It also marks the first time the curly was ever shown on camera with a full head of hair weeping and it was ball yet you always shave yet at the end this was his only appearance on film of following a stroke. And in his career. Through the three that were related real curly and chances to Larry was Larry Larry I was not one of the what number our brother who. Again so little piece of sneezes history there zany trio curly hair and her there pulled that lie down came out seventy years ago that line 25 years ago today the release of the movie honey I blew up the kid. That is the Rick Moran asthma inhaler I've never seen. The sequel to you know of this in the first movie they shrunk the whole family and the second movie on one of his babies grows huge and yeah he blew up the baby in the baby is humongous. Causing terror and it's a big baby honey I blew up the kid yeah in 25 years ago today. It was fifty years ago on this day. The monkeys at a concert in New York. The opening act was a guy's name yeah you need areas. Yeah. Jimi Hendrix opened for the monkeys would that be it. And it the fans are there to see the monkeys were really don't like they they didn't give us having a very cool. Our reception I was a kid then and it was completely different audience for the yes. All the monkeys love giving and they did. They were crazy but that's an answer Angela. Give us the monkeys. It was fifty years ago on this day happy birthday today to actor Donald Sutherland who is 85. And I feel one of the more underrated actors in Hollywood Canadian unity yes in the in the movie version of Mac yes he was trapper and math for you spoke. I think he's good everything he's this yeah I'd love Donald Sutherland. When he's 85 today. And I think veggie though Jimi Hendrix comes out those fire or you know let me stand next to your fire followed by. Think the next train just of course I example. I'm sorry now. And we'll finish up with a at Centennial she was born 100 years ago on this definitely comedian Phyllis Diller oil. He was house while I'm on trial and a five kids. And she seeks to do that California she's starting a radio show or she and it it's off and advice people start figuring out it's funny. Before the fifties or oversee was the big star. News on TV all the time she was a forerunner in stand up comedian Johnny Carson we wanted to know. He loved her she work and everybody ya and she turned herself into a her straight the media very funny Eric Phyllis Diller she was born 100 years ago on this day and the if you go to marks per restaurant downtown Wichita Douglas and Moseley and see. Phyllis Diller artwork on the walls there right now trying to the next in the Wichita. Bill Stiller. Centennial of her birth. Entertainment news and ours brought to you Larry good friends at pizza John's end army and every now they have lunch specials every day from 11 AM to 3 PM check him out just drive on down to cape fifteen. 208 cell Baltimore you'll have a tasty pizza pizza Johns and 843 Stephen dead killing at Vanderbilt law that would style business and with war. On the east bank acquisition making news this morning seated in the morning on CNN Santa.