Steve and Ted: Area high schools already starting football practice

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Tuesday, July 11th
Wichita area in a week of very hot, dry, and potentially dangerous conditions for football practice.

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Oh dot com. Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Good point 7 o'clock this is the case in this this morning is misty was dead in the IC back in time. Refueling tanker crashes in Mississippi we've got the story. City plans to improve downtown Wichita park and hit Woodward those details just ahead until the program. School board members elected a new board president and vice president did on the ninth meeting an active duty highly awarded army soldier arrested by a swat team accused of trying to help IE six MMX downing ABC news this story coming up. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 97 for the high in Wichita but we could get into the triple digit range today. Our complete forecast is coming up. The search continues for service members on board a military plane that crashed Monday afternoon in rural Mississippi. According to county officials to KC 130 refueling tankers spiral to the ground into a soybean field. About 85 miles north of Jackson. Le floor county emergency management director Fred Randall says their could be more than a dozen people killed of us. I was six. Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell tells KMS as news plans are moving ahead to renovate master park in downtown Wichita. And trust bank wasn't around when. They built up our console it like to have some electrical workers. Pre performance space and post performance space gathering. Space for events and and trust bank in an Italian what what areas becoming. The city has announced a one point five million dollar plan to improve the park renovations including gas line and electrical hookups. Longwell commented during Monday's that the mayor on the Stephen Ted shell on Kate and as acts. Board members elected and elected a new board president and vice president on an otherwise light agenda Monday night. At the Wichita board of education meeting. Mike roading district five representative was elected as the board's new president only 43 vote. Prodi has been a board member since 2013. And served as board vice president in the 2015 to 4016 school year. Rudy replaces outgoing president Cheryl Logan. Betty Arnold district one representative was elected as vice president on a five to two vote. Arnold has served on the board since 2007. And has previously served two terms each as president and vice president. She replaces outgoing vice president Barbara Fuller. Rodeo and Arnold assume their new duties at the conclusion of Monday night's meeting still held a brand Kagan SS news. More information on a weekend shooting near downtown Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Sunday night on to peak south of Kellogg. When officers arrived they located at 55 year old male he would is staying big multiple gunshot wounds to his abdomen area. The report authors think he was asleep or apartments. With woke up by being shot by an unknown suspect. This is still open and active investigation. The man was hospitalized in critical condition US army sergeant in Hawaii becomes the first active duty soldier. To be charged with providing material support to access the FBI says he kite picked hang at 34 year old active duty army soldier has a history of making threats against his co workers and making pro Weis is arguments gang is a highly awarded soldier who has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for the US. On his computer the FBI says classified documents were found they say he tried to get military documents to Weiss is an even made videos to provide training to the group he was arrested by an FBI swat team Alex Downey ABC news. Donald Trump junior has a law ordered up after revealing that he met during the campaign with a Kremlin connected to Russian lawyer at trump tower. Who he was poll had damaging information about Hillary Clinton its journey for trump junior calls it much ado about nothing and doesn't comment on any Russian connection White House spokesperson Sara Sanders Monday I was actually saved us. Exact collude with anybody senseless Senate Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia says he wonders why Donald junior didn't reveal the information sooner if. If I was a campaign manager and had been contacted by what may be an agent of a foreign power and was told that agent might have. Damaging information about a potential candidate I think I'd remember that meeting. No comment from the White House chuck Siebert and ABC news in assist news announced 7044 minutes past 7 o'clock. Major League Baseball all star game is tonight in Miami we'll have a preview. Few Kansas City Royals will be involved it's all coming up in sports congress is back in Washington but is there any hope. Or healthcare overhaul. That story just ahead on McCain as a sporting news is Steven dead. McCain is a sporting news Stevenson now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. Congress returned from fourth of July recess Monday Republican leaders in the senate. Are hoping to revive their ailing health care bill and secure a vote before August. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says the Affordable Care Act must be repealed and replaced. Our prices. There option. Diminished hope. That if the legacy of obamacare. Or two minute. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is is Republicans have no interest in bipartisan solutions Republican leadership is not telling their members vote for this bill because it's a good bill. Know what they're saying vote for this bill O you'll have to work with Democrats. Dozens of major fires are burning in the west ABC's Matt Gutman is in Santa Barbara California where your virus so fast it trapped a group of ninety campers. And fifty counselors over the weekend a full those are finally breaking through to kids like nine year old Finnegan nick weenie. Broke her older style different us. He is true me silver. I've ever explode over with towels on their heads into tears in the rise were bused to safety. The FBI is now involved in the search for four young Pennsylvania man who vanished last Friday outside Philadelphia. ABC's either pilgrim is in new hope Pennsylvania with more. Outside Philadelphia the FBI joining the search for form that. Missing since last week officials suspecting foul play nineteen year old Jeanine Patrick was last seen Wednesday when he general Tommy EO. Mark Sturgis 22 and nineteen year old dean Korea were all last seen on Friday. Investigators feared their disappearances. Are connected. Dana says news I'm now 71010 minutes spent 7 o'clock. And so far this morning in traffic things looking good I just had a call from. One of the traffic trackers out there I hit CNET gasoline prices near 47 street south. And hydraulic rhetoric and 203 gallons a fifth striker Alan. Standard stuff which is Tom in that area 47 street south my truck forty cents resulted Broadway. Gasoline prices. 199. A gallon now about that gas so back under that two dollars a gallon threshold in some places here in Wichita thanks again for the call from traffic tracker Allen. In SS traffic central and yet chambers and now the KN SA storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Leon spend a good morning Leon. Believe it is included I'm doing fine it seems a little muggy out there this morning. But you think no matter how little you're the master of the understatement it it it takes group. This morning Lou on the airport thirty Wii and you accidentally decree. Just chips rose I mean that no other way to get around it I'm gonna be the bearer of bad news record's going to be warmer today we were yesterday yesterday I. I've got 99 equaling number we get a hundred degree between friends and probably you know light. By either way of uber hot heat index is that it ran 105 beat that. Well Lee humidity you mentioned lots of us silent and even win out well and when I'm out there so we get at all. At least a little breeze and make him feel a little cooler out there than them or less I should say less hot. And he'll move on or around that yet you know in a political look at it like. You'll like it pretty blow dryer that I don't you first look at that yet again we appeal. What is a blow dryers sets something for your. Here trousers to borrow. It and it gives oracle I. Oh. Multiple avenues once since bella never used once they ego. I had that enough of this personal stuff yeah to beat her to be that depth yet again yesterday yesterday before it got. Too warm for them work out occurs to me that of people need to understand that even if they don't work out. Even if they don't go out and run around the neighborhood and you'd just needles like crazy. You still have a problem with hydration if you've been doing very little at all this time of year. You know drink water even if you're not out there running around the neighborhood you know. That is a great play and if he gets the part we are actually Kirstie. That mean you're already dehydrated so he should be drinking water that we hear these you know you never get thirsty it is what most bank did you think what is it. Basic information but people forget and remember he is accumulative thing as we go to the day to eat that but just one day it regrets stepping up. At least maybe more. So yeah I've been hydrate hydrate. I saw it saw a piece so while on TV may have been on John McCain is in that some football practices is good going on now is that correct. Yes yes is that a fact now we analyzed at this morning on at the east football players or the high school teams are already getting up practiced. And they're good early in the morning and of course you know we have mostly inept and crack is up. You know in the recent years toasted I had to undergo a lot of training in just a lot of you know specialized skills to make sure that they're watching very closely for any issue related illness. And these kids are just you know they're they're take the water breaks out on the longer water with Elvis is at a place like I was back. Back in our day on the oil. You know age its interest in the contrast to football in high school and I was a kid we started after Labor Day. And all end all and get about like a ten days to prepare for the season. And the score I went all we did was win every game for 45 years of rule I mean. But we don't start in the middle of summer for crying out loud this is crazy I'm sorry if it's not it. I know there ripped an update so much more competitive. You know they dispute the its earlier and earlier it seems like it's a little bit earlier yeah. Well I feel like you'll curmudgeon right now yeah I idiot yeah I think you mark thank you Lee. I. Aware that Oprah. Thanks Leon McCain as a storm tracker report guest with Kansas State meteorologist Leon some of the men and some and a and its. Think practicing in the middle of summer. I'm sorry put that I told somebody one timing guy was tell me about that to me up there there's system of one of the high schools in town in new your has started in the seventh grader it's if you don't want. I know guys who admit do you blacked out for soft or football in high school and didn't know how to put the hip ads on. And two years' time they were all city and all state. In football it's not that complicate it really isn't you know how to hit you know how to tackle. That's. It's pretty easy 715 Stephen dead pay on this date. In 1993. The strongest winds ever measured at which atomic Condit airport. A severe thunderstorm produced a 109. Mile per hour gust. Panning out over a two mile wide area the destructive winds began near the intersection of Kellogg and Dugan. Where fourteen power poles were sheared near their bases in his. I've aircraft destroyed twenty were heavily damaged. Part of the roof of the FAA approach tower was peeled off and blown into the tower itself. Resulting in 145000. Dollars in damage nasty. There was only state in 1993. I'd I'd forgotten about that little windstorm there in in a row our debt and Stephen tit hurricane. Tidbit stopper dot com poll the fine for seatbelt violation in Kansas has tripled how often do you buckle up. It's never 0%. Sometimes 6% always 984%. That is our ploy can do it a webpage is at radio about. And I kind of have suspicions about that with a being honest about always buckling up. Big story in the national news this morning it KC 130 tanker. Refueling tanker crash in Mississippi in all sixteen people down there. And it reminded me of the and we were talking earlier about it a tanker crash that I covered in the news it. At McConnell air force bases was in the seventies. And they lost I think five crew members on that one. The plane just came up short of the runway and in and crashed to the and I remember covering that going out and India had to drive my car for about six checks checkpoints. And all the armed people there are saying go over here or there finally got to the placement of the interview and covered the story. Ted and I said I don't remember anymore crash as well. Had forgotten about the biggest crash of all the want it to 16 January 1965. Right. Right northeast Wichita crashed in Ireland nap populated neighborhood well now. 24 people lost their lives on the ground seven crew members and now and yeah how can I forget now. It was a probably the single biggest tanker crash anywhere if at any time. And that interest you weren't there but I remember that date that I think it was a basketball game at Wichita State that day there was a big shocker game that. Afternoon. My dad never going to it yeah and it. We're down somewhere around thirteenth street in the water. Which is coming down and streams from up there on the hill were the sudden appointment neighborhood a tragic tragic day. So yeah updated you're talking about a an air and air force jet in this case got to Mississippi a marine jet. Loaded with fuel use. And if some man goes and personnel and a so our our condolences and feelings for the families of those people in Mississippi in all of you who operate the tankers. I know that render compliment the at the what's in the annual Blarney breakfast yap every makeup from talk to them for a little bit a couple of guys who who serve on those tankers and we talked for ten from. Camilo dangers 718 now Steven and Ted it is sports I would did Woodward and this morning Ted talking about. We'll start break right to witness the Major League baseball's eighty eighths version of the all star game it's tonight in the first time ever being played in Miami. There will be some Kansas City Royals represented including third baseman Mike who stalkers who was on the American League roster. There's only one other royal ever third baseman who made multiple all star game thinking yeah I know who that person has yet point to a liquor George Brett. Toward Britain Mike was stopped as the only. Royals third baseman made multiple all star appearance in good company about a guy named Jason Vargas who has a man. Who is having this season of his career this year yeah as he makes the all star team for the first time ever he's got a career earned run average. Over four. This year he's at two point is these years about two and a half he's having a great season and see if he gets some action tonight at the American League bullpen. And it. The starting catcher for the fourth year in a row for the American League is Salvador pariahs of the Kansas City Royals making his fourth straight start no other royals catcher is ever. Appeared more than once in a row all star game starter when it's on the Darrell Cordero Porter was remember him royals starter Patrick. So. Why let's be sure to listen to the all star game live coverage at 6 o'clock tonight for pregame against our laughter seven. Listen live to the all star game on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. At them last night if you were listening to K if they'd you've heard the home run derby. Which involvement. Mike we stock as of the royals. He was so involved in the first round of the home run derby last night that he was he was right there in it. In a match and neck in neck match in the opening round. He had thirty seconds left to hit one home run to try to tie things up in advance to the next round. That's out now here. Yeah that was well done by you. Who else is Noelle advances in the 54 match up. Oath on all its ads as well as the announcer get enough time doing a buzzer sound time that was yeah. There you go that was crude was stock is almost made but he fell short 1110 in the opening round Aron judge for the New York Yankees and of winning home run derby last night. The football news for the Kansas City Chiefs have a general manager they've promoted Brett beach become the seventh general manager in chiefs history. These two former assistants under chiefs head coach Andy Reid back in the Philadelphia Eagles days. Beach most recently has been Kansas city's cold Coke co director of player personnel. We just two and a half weeks ago the general manager John Dorsey was fired by Clark Hunt now Britain beach is the new general manager of course don't forget. All chiefs games starting this fall now live right here on. 987 and thirteen thirty K in essence and little pro baseball action Florida after a day off the first place Wichita wing nut to begin a weeklong homestand tonight downtown at 7 o'clock at Lawrence Dumont stadium hosting Garry South Shore rail cats. This game will mark the halfway point of the season for the wing nuts who have 812 game leader right now atop the south division and the best record in the league. Fort Stevens said Kate and SS it's and when he won now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats are advocating it. Single Payer health care. Steve into the morning on Kate in a sense.