Steve and Ted: A big day in Wichita baseball history

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 14th

A historical sports report from Wichita in the 1950's, AAA Wichita Braves vs. American Association All Stars.


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Since 987 and thirteen thirty K and us as we should John Kerry and SS FM Clearwater. And Entercom radio stations you listen online and can assess radio dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to first we're live team coverage of breaking news CNN as best we can toss in a room. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It's like this is the case as a sporting news receded to admit. I keep Macintosh. Republicans unveiled their latest health care plan that we've got the story. Wichita police crackdown on crime on the West End east Kellogg ninth at Woodward of those details just ahead. I'm Dan O'Neill on new report questions the account over recent handles prisoners. President Donald Trump making friends in frail but controversy following post by ABC hey Norman with the president's quick trip for parents. Coming up I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we finally got to break from the oppressive heat but how Long Will that last. Our forecast for today and the weekend is coming up. A new health care plan was unveiled in the senate Tuesday we'll be popular enough with Republicans to make it to a. Oats we still don't know exactly how this new version would impact American how many could stand to lose coverage and what it could do to premiums. That Fuller picture won't come until Monday when the Congressional Budget Office releases its analysis. GOP leaders say they want to move to a vote next week but it's still unclear. If they will have the votes to even have that boat just one more know what Republicans quest overhaul Obama care. Could once again be out of reach Mary Bruce ABC news Capitol Hill. While in Paris president trump couldn't escape the controversy surrounding his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign. President Donald Trump is making friends in France but controversy following close by trump unable to shake the meeting between his inner circle and a woman his son was told was a Russian government lawyer he offered a firm defense of his oldest son calling that meeting something any politician would -- done entering his son met with the Russian lawyer and not a government lawyer with those emails released by Don junior were clear he agreed to meet with the quote Russian government attorney he was told had incriminating information on Hillary Clinton it it was all part of Russia and its government support for mr. trump Jew named Norman ABC news Washington. A published report says an emergency log book suggests the Kansas department of corrections may have downplayed an inmate disturbance last month at a Kansas prison. Kansas prison officials have reported that no violence occurred and no weapons were taken by inmates during the June 29 incident at the over it'll correctional facility. But the Kansas City Star reports a law book shows there were two fights involving several groups of inmates at least one inmate had a weapon and at least one fire broke out. The head of the union harbors any prison workers had said inmates while refusing to return to their cell houses controlled parts of the prison. Corrections spokesman Tom voting says he hasn't seen the wall but he adds that no department weapons were ever possessed by the inmates Dan O'Neill king and SS news. During the past year police have been trying to crackdown on criminal activity in west Wichita. Police Sargent Steve you are Mary says officers were constantly responding to crimes clustered around motels and hotels along west L audit mostly west the West Street. We also received information. From other area businesses. Complaints. Drug activity. Prostitution. Human trafficking financial crimes and overall. Disturbing their businesses. The police department formed a motel interdiction team and during the past ten months the team is made more than 200 arrests along west Kellogg. Recovered 44 stolen vehicles and more than two dozen stolen license plates. There's now another team operating in east Wichita concentrating on criminal activities that motels and hotels along east Kellogg mostly east that would lawn. A pair of robbery suspects were arrested in Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says the robbery occurred Wednesday night at a dollar general store at the audience southeast boulevard. Investigators at spoke with a 22 year old female employee. To a known suspects that entered the store one of the suspects. Pointed a handgun to her more demanding money. At the same time the second suspect. Begin to collect money. Both suspects fled the store on foot. Officers quickly responded this call and in doing so they've located and arrested choose us. Exley separated at 46 year old ban added 44 year old Deborah ball booked into jail for aggravated robbery. The older man was also booked for the previous robbery of a dairy queen or north rock road. Hutchinson man was killed on I 35 in Oklahoma this week Shane Miller stopped to help a person change at higher on the side of the roadway. That's when an SUV hit Miller and a seventeen year old from Texas killing them both. ASN news spoke with Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Chad Crittenton who has advice for drivers who experience problems on a highway. If for all possible the vehicles still has the power to we recommend it to turn your emergency actors on. If you're on an inner Stater highways anywhere in Kansas you can now start for seven owners are HD. That gets you Kansas Highway Patrol this. According to the Kansas Department of Transportation 24 pedestrians were killed by cars in 2015. And nearly 400 were injured. Grace vet is a nonprofit that operates twelve health clinics in Wichita plus clinics in Topeka and in McPherson. CEO David Sanford tells me and assess his grace bit was founded in 1977. We do see people have Medicaid Medicare and private insurance that's one thing that very few people understand isn't lol. Provide care for anybody who walks in the door and then our main focus is to make sure that people would have no health insurance have a place to access quality care. And we believe that every patient should have some skin in the game so everyone pays something on a sliding fee scale based upon their income. David sent resort guests this weekend and is usually 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess Kagan assessing the timeout eight or 6:6 minutes after 8 o'clock. Busy sports weekend coming up in Wichita featuring baseball. Featuring soccer featuring racing action all coming up. We'll detail in sports humans. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on the same stage in Dallas. That story coming up on McCain in his has sporting news we've Stephen Smith. We don't just feel American. As a sporting news isn't it April 9 down 9 minutes past 8 o'clock. A Missouri woman has died after contracting an extremely rare tick borne illness. ABC's Steve Decker has more. 58 year old Pamela Wilson tested positive for what doctors call the urban virus after she discovered two ticks on her body in Philly ill unable to recover. Was initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection given antibiotics and set out away. But it conditioned continued to worsen Wilson became the first person in Missouri did die from the virus since it was discovered in 2014. And just the fifth person overall. London is still coming to grips with the horrific high rise fire that killed dozens it's been one month since the grand foot tower fire that killed at least eighty people but survivors victims are still struggling to make sense at all. Still James arrived on the scene almost immediately I still and one screen was a. Blood curdling scream and. It. Yeah. There was no screaming to Joseph spoke with ABC news in a feature documentary now on These are stories of survival and loss one month later. Molly hunter ABC news in London. Former president George W. Bush and Bill Clinton appeared together on stage in Dallas Thursday. The deuce ad down for a conversation for the Tony seventeen class of presidential leadership scholars. Bush and Clinton shared jokes and memories about past political battles. No I think you disagree with and my platform was that Texas ought to take Arkansas. What I disagreed with Izzy wanted to get all of our water not favour must monitor yeah. 811 now eleven minutes tested it liked Colin Stevenson and cadences morning news. And so far in traffic this morning we've had some wet roadways out there since November to get the windshield wipers don't you have to keep those headlights on but. Traffic right now wellness the worst is in the road construction. West Kellogg eastbound especially at and its 35 threat if it can assist radio. And jets chiefs. Now look at the forecast with innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday is good morning Dan. Good morning we'll start to see showers and few storms head on off into the southeastern part of the state this morning. If that happens we become partly cloudy warming to around ninety for the hi this afternoon. But few more storms could pop up later in the day or early this evening but most of those will be very isolated. Or lose 72. Saturday looks to be warm with a high of ninety. 93 Sunday and we heat back up early next week I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan holidays. Currently mostly cloudy 72 degrees not much wind southeast at five miles per hour. 812 down with Stevens and senate Republicans are released everybody's health care bill. And the hunt for support is on with us this morning from Capitol Hill Mary Alice -- good morning nice to have you with us. In my soul. What's the chances that they'll finally get something passed on this version of the health care Bill. Clark. Not looking great this morning but there's a chance. Already two senate Republicans have said that they are not voting for this bill. One of more conservative member of the party Rand Paul and one more moderate member of the party Susan Collins. So Mitch McConnell cannot lose any other members or this bill won't even go to the floor for the next round. So can Buchanan passed with those two not aboard then burials. Yes exactly there are 52 Republicans and he needs fifty about it so if it used to be only two holdouts he might just get by. But we still have a number of Republicans saying that they need to review the bill and undecided at this point so they still didn't look it over there for the next couple days anyway. Exactly they're planning on a vote of some sort next week how many Democrats are they planning on lightening up. Exactly zero to know when we had no it Democrats willing to come onboard while repeal of the original Obama relies on the table Democrats are saying they'll play ball if it's more of I am re figure readjust improve obamacare. But right now the proposal is still to repeal major parts of the lot and Democrats don't part of. And of course and we we are focused on the center right now but even if they pass something deficit we have the house to contend with that right. That's exactly right the more they make changes to the senate bill and especially if they make big changes to appeal to more moderate senators. The harder I'd be to pass legislation on a house. In the house that that's led the Al. The house understands that the senate is really where there's a slim margin. So I imagine if they pass something in the senate house will feel a lot of pressure exit to get on board. All right thank you Mary Alice appreciate your time this morning ABC news correspondent Mary Alice park's center Republicans releasing the revised health there bill. And if it can only afford to lose to a Republican votes and that's it and and now our. Interest health care light rain in southern Kansas overnight effective at once and the what much but then it started raining a little more here in the early morning hours and a which does high temperature yesterday 101. Degrees. Normal high for the date is 93. And I'm just taking a quick look at the innocents mothers that are radar. And there still a large area of showers but now it's generally to the south and down to the southeast. Pretty good pretty big area down near coffee bill in the southeast corner of the state but. There's a line of showers moving in the east but it's basically to the south of which thoughts it's going on southern Sedgwick county now. And in Sumner county and so forth but it's all moving to the east but that there are some echoes out there. There is cement on the radar showing that that we could still get some rain here and it will keep you posted on it that. Looking good for that maybe a little more moisture today as we into weekend. Tomorrow dead as you noted tomorrow is Saturday that's beginning weekend that is correct. A union has filed a grievance in response to western Michigan university's hiring of goats. To clear fifteen acres of woodland on campus the Kalamazoo gazette reports. Kathy Babbitt is the chief Steward of the American federation of state county and use of municipal employees local union and she's not happy. Abbott wrote in the July newsletter that the grievance had been filed in relation to subcontracting. And the unreported use of goats. University where do you go to better reports the university hired the team of goats after a half acre trial run last year fairly they did not tell ya must've been successful. The favor on goat probation there for awhile. Officials of goat rental company. Marchers on who's. Davey animal consumes three to five pounds of vegetation for day. And leave behind natural fertilizer Malario course university spokeswoman Cheryl Roland says no school workers have been laid off. By the go project. So it'd be hard for union workers to match that kind of performance. Exactly. Because I believe union workers could probably get that the level. Of grass down but right. Another part of it about the droppings now not only knows you have to buy that most users members won't go through that but then and now. Distributed themselves there's just something that we did have a side business may be united yet we get somehow figure out what it's a goats rounded up and impala. Stephen Stephen Ted's monitors children's or. I don't know that we've already got an almost like crap here in this town again. Useful now that I don't see any money and Internet at all. Canadian in building. What do you hope we can beach sheep goat herder. I'm except for retirement. That's an immediate treatment and much of the time maintenance to me. I all right via puppeteer who was fired after 27 years as Kermit the Frog. Says he is devastated and have failed Muppets founder and his mentor Jim Henson. Steve what buyer who took over his covered after Henson's death in 1990. Wrote in an emotional blog post at. He's leaving against his will and would never consider abandoning Kermit. Says he was told in October that Kermit was being recast. And he kept cited as he has tried to address the issues that led to his firing though neither he nor pop Muppet studios have given reasons for his departure. Hollywood reporter and ABC news reported Wednesday that long time Muppets performer mad vocal. Will take over as Kermit. So what could he have done wrong. You know it's via voice of Kermit pro what do you do brawl noble you know. Make him so glad they'll fire you subs don't Ross Sutton is going on yeah he's been up to something so think there's more to this there's got to be so much more. Now the Kermit the Frog voiced what exactly does that sound like. It's kind of ironic isn't it this carrot and Emily. I don't do it from its basically Jim Henson yeah it's him and Jim Henson's voice is a little bit higher. I don't do I'd I'd like to I think would be have a good time doing voice overs for cartoons one on heavy fun get me off some of the font yeah. I'll play for 818 now Stephen dead on Cain is just the all star break down all over. It's back to baseball the major leagues and that gives golf course is right now it would Stevenson have a on innocent stats. Getting back at it after the all star break Kansas City Royals are home but at Kauffman Stadium this weekend hosting the Texas Rangers. Both these teams are right in the thick of a wild card chase in the American League the royals only game in halfback in the wild card. We get the all star second half the season going the royals did lose three in a row prior to the all star break in Los Angeles against the Dodgers trying to snap that string tonight. Royals and the Rangers tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon with all those games live on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM 975. FM. Wichita wing nuts in pro baseball or home this weekend if Wichita one last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium beat Garry South Shore rail cats tend to force snapping a three game losing streak. We know it's her home this weekend as the Sioux Falls canaries make their only visit into Wichita this season. We know it's on the top team in the league they had an eleven and a half game lead atop the south division. These vitally the last three home games totaling notes prior to their three week long road trip during the national baseball congress World Series. So three more chances seem to witness before they leave town for a long time. Tonight. Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at Lawrence Dumont stadium fireworks after tonight's game. We have soccer action here in town tomorrow night. It's the finals of the heartland conference at C Wichita hosting Tulsa athletics 7 o'clock tomorrow night at the 29 green with a striker complex. It seemed Wichita is unbeaten. At home in conference play this season. He pulls on Saturday night. Huge weekend for racing needs the 61. Annual Hutchinson grand nationals. It starts tonight heading into championship action tomorrow night for all of the big cap. Half mile old pull up the state fairgrounds in Hutchinson. 61 annual grand nationals. And this weekend marks the sixtieth anniversary of one of the biggest games baseball games ever played in Wichita sixty years ago this weekend. The crowd of 9939. Showed up at Lawrence stadium downtown. See the AAA Wichita braves host the American Association all stars all stars won that game five before. Many future Major League players participated on that night that game. Imagine a crowd of 9900. At Lawrence stadium that is in the fifties. That is loaded in and stuff out there must have been just people everywhere. Downtown Wichita at night. And you've been a lot of fun. It was that there is a very young boy living on spruce street in east yes apparently did not notice that left and I didn't know that by Brothers and I percent. Earliest memories playing baseball the backyard. And then the first game ever went to with my dad at large stadium walking up that ramp right behind home plate. She in the Greengrass settlement beer and cigars and look at but I was hooked on baseball life. To see them that which I'll braves play off. Bring him back. That was quite a deal on this pretty fun got visas have. Big league players AAA ball and boot first thing back then. Mourn stadiums only twenty years old path but it only figured out fairly new stadium and back again. And it's still there bill it's still there what you'll get a new and there you go. That's sports seem intent on Kate in as at ace money can doubt either for the Hannity morning minutes. Sean looks at she enhance coverage of Donald Trump junior and Russia. Stevenson in the morning on Kate in a sense.