Steve and Ted: Breaking banking news with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Equity Bank to acquire 2 Oklahoma banks.


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97 and 3030 KLM says we are deep into bed in the morning you. At 747. On the Monday. Three big things need health care vote delayed after Senator John McCain suffered a blood clot. One man dead after several shootings over the weekend in Wichita fly for the dozen people displaced by apartment fire in north west Wichita. Three big things Steven dead on K in a sense. Heavy traffic right now else especially southbound on I 135 minutes is up at the north junction so. Brown 37 street north 1996 that area. And the traffic really starting to slow down south found their traffic updates on hate and as a as a radio on gas chambers. Sunny and hot today with a high of 985 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 73. Tuesday sunny an hot. Tomorrow's night. 96. Now partly cloudy home no wind out there 71 degrees. Are you ready for golf voting and all the other outdoor activities that come with the summer in Kansas. Don't forget your hat for ultimate sun protection. Goes to the best selection in town and the best servers that had been jacks at the clock tower into Leino. Pat and Jack's. One when a thousand dollars. You do it four times today with a hot Temps cool cash contest. All you have to do is listen and text as a special code word we give out on K and assess its 7-Eleven. Two and five started it up this morning at 7 o'clock. Keep lists indicating and assess each weekday salmon 112 and five for your chance to win a one. Thousand dollars. The grasshopper mowers an early pioneer and leading producer of zeroed turn commercial grade turf equipment and family owned business. Or present Kansas at the made in America product showcase eighty hosted by president front of the White House today are right my eight. Even highlights and celebrates American made products and encourages other companies to manufacture. Their products right here in the US represent. Accompanying president trap of this event will be the vice president cabinet secretaries members of congress members of the president's senior staff. White House grounds keepers rely on grasshopper for its year round burst only all hands on that easily change from mowing to debris collection to snow removal. That it product and grasshopper. You see in a groundskeeper at the white counties and that's pretty good now that's that's that's real. 749 now Stephen Ted and he had several major stock indices are writing new highs. Gained by big technology and healthcare companies. Push stocks modestly higher Friday yeah PS and 500 the Dow and the Russell 2000 index of smaller company stocks each set records. As a market posted its third straight day of gains. The S&P 500 gained eleven points and Dow rose 84 the NASDAQ added 38 points. And that Russell 2000 picked up three point but you know. I'm I'm a little scared and inspected the stock market has really been going really well past treatments. And of course you know I'm I'm a little Mandy candy I know it's gonna happen next and that looks like he's going OK for now we'll just keep right and a oil futures moved higher Friday. Benchmark US crude rose 46 cents to 46 dollars and 54 cents per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. And a boat dead fuels itself is setting off around the world from Paris on a six year journey. That is designers hope will serve as a model for emission free energy network to the future op. Energy observers what they call this craft and uses solar panels. A wind turbines and hydrogen fuel cell system to power its trip. The boat heads off Saturday from Paris toward the Atlantic Ocean to start this big trip six years journey. But the stop now on the and it supplies sign up for that well on all I had. That nobody kind of funny look and vote with all that stuff Syria out looks like quite contraptions that no look like when the US supposedly they're. Not leaving much of carbon footprint not at all in early humans that are on a moderate if they get out there and there's no wind in in sun's not shining it yeah what happens then you just give me up to prolong the time that happened you know you start rolling it. It's 751 now I know there's always hydrogen. I didn't aren't a part of it runs on tiger's always started up you know always got to an item order reruns on seawater to that would help. One of legitimate that. 751 now Stephen dead bit editor bill Roy which style business journal with us this morning and he's got some. Local breaking banking news right bill. That's exactly right in morning Stephen deploying equity Bancshares of which atop the parent company of equity bank announcing that it is acquired. A pair of Oklahoma bank holding companies. It will acquire Eastman national Bancshares of new Kirk Oklahoma in the transaction valued at 46 point six million dollars. It would acquire patriot bank and its parent company cash holdings of Tulsa Oklahoma. In a deal valued at fifty and a half million dollars once the deal's close by the end of the year. Equity is going to be having consolidated assets of more than three billion dollars. Equity is one of two publicly traded companies in the Wichita area based in the Wichita area should say it's traded on the NASDAQ at. EQBK. Just a coming out this information this morning we will have more information that as the day goes on including. Some comments from mad chairman and CEO Brad Elliott who's going to be talking about it at 9 o'clock our time. Interest appears to be growing in the May's industrial park Kyoto usually manufacturing America bought nearly twenty acres in the park plans building. 80000 square foot facility. It's the third manufacturing plant commit to the park in the past four years developer Dave Larsen says he may add another forty or fifty acres to the park because of the interest. An Airbus has delivered its first a 350 aircraft to Delta Airlines the carrier moving toward an October launch of service. That means it'll be the first US operator to fly that yet the 8350 competes mainly with Boeing's 787 dreamliner. Delta says it'll use the wide body aircraft for flights across Pacific. Airbus America's engineering does work on the game 350. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and at which it. Obvious mr. not come for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role that's quite a banking. Acquisition you're talking about there tournament that's right have that we've watched equity has throughout the years. It's specially the past five years or so really acquire a lot of properties around the midwest and operates in Arkansas Kansas Missouri and now what these acquisitions Oklahoma. Growing concern. Today is peach ice cream today. I don't want anybody would sing you single out peach ice cream I'm not a big fan and a peach ice cream that. It is peach ice cream day input via any feelings on that bill. I'm OK with PH I prefer others top Clinton than all of them yeah so chocolate Vanilla stay with the basics Ted now Ted what are you liken your racecar it's time a year and a we'll homemade peach ice cream is delight. And Paul may really use your dad's still make homemade ice yes you crank it with a hand and now they bought one with the electrical death when we're kids though we had to crank it by hand yeah yeah the kids left home they bought the elect those like you know. Via a summer day out there it's like the rolling in the Ben her yes that's the. And even the. Aaron two hours later I had four arms the size of pop I look like atomic nice thing and you know rammed into another ice cream maker you're sinking right now apple. My dad used to do that when I was young. He was even had that for about two Summers and then he said inadequate. Of a cost or I'd buy that now. Hold late if I had to have some peach ice cream them case are you got it all right to 755 now Steven dead. Coming up McCain is a sporting news received at 8 o'clock top of the hour. More than dozen people displaced by the Hartford fire northwest which talks being content in the morning on face and a sense.