Steve and Ted: A busy sports weekend in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 16th
Wichita hosting the Air Capitol Classic, Wingnuts Baseball, and a Nico Hernandez boxing match.

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CNN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news Stephens says ninety Macintosh. And neither of strong storms across central Kansas we've got the story. I'm penalties the governor Brownback signs of school funding bill for the Supreme Court to review. Congressional baseball game last night in Washington I had what word those details just ahead two escaped inmates from Georgia captured after a high speed chase. I'm ABC's Richard Davies that's coming up. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we had quite an active night last night was severe weather could we see more this evening our forecast is coming out. The Democrats won Thursday's congressional baseball charity game in Washington it raised more than a million dollars. The crowds stood in Florida what a hero throughout the first page special agent David Bailey on crutches. Walk to the mound a broad smile across his face to more than 20000 fans. It was Bailey and another wounded capitol police officer who shot and killed the gunman and the Republicans practicing for this charity game. Grateful he and the others who. Every field ABC news Nationals Park Washington. Strong storms rolled across the sunflower state bringing heavy rain large hail and strong winds that left the widespread damage. In Reno county a tree fell on an SUV as a failing was heading home. It happened in the 7600 block of Tobacco Road Reno county sheriff's deputy Mike morale tells tea send news two adults and two children were in the cart time they are. Banged up a few cuts and scrapes but nothing bad. Kids Earl should go but I'm everybody was good considering it whatever. Wind gusted to more than eighty miles per hour in the Wichita area with tree limbs downed power outages and street flooding. The National Weather Service reports up to an inch and a half of rain across Wichita. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has signed into law a measure to increase the State's funding on public schools in response to a court mandate. Rombach active Thursday on the bill which would Fay is about 293 million dollar increase in aid to public schools over two years. Kansas Supreme Court ruled in march of the State's four billion dollar a year in education funding was inadequate. The court is expected to review with the new law. Attorneys for four school districts suing the state and so they won't challenge the new law because they believe is still falls hundreds of millions of dollars short. Of adequately funding schools. But the justices did not sort of figure when they told lawmakers to pass a new school funding law by June 30 Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Two armed men robbed a taco Bueno restaurants and roughed up an employee in the east Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Thursday at central hillside. Police contacted the victim a 22 year old man. He stated he was leaving the business and approaching his vehicle. When he was confronted by two unknown suspects. Armed with handguns. The suspects demanded money. The victims Walt was taken and the victim was better before the suspects then fled on foot. Suspects were wearing black Moody's and black pants hitting the victim with their guns and kicking him. Who escaped inmates wanted for killing two guards on a Georgia prison bus are back in custody authorities say police in Shelby Ville Tennessee responded to a call about a home invasion. The escape he's held an elderly couple captive Stoller car. Situation sued aware of that car that they are stolen Bedford canning. Sheriff Howard sills and Putnam county Georgia shots were fired during their pursuit speeds of over a hundred miles per hour. Wrecked the car somewhere on their state. Got out and flipped it couldn't rule twenty minutes later say authorities that two men came out with their hands up and surrendered Richard Danzig is ABC news Houston police are looking for the man who shot and killed a ten month old boy Wednesday. Police say messiah justice marshall's father got into an argument with the gunman outside his southwest Houston home. Before they opened fire Houston police chief art Acevedo says. The big gunmen were probably gang members doing a ten month old boy being held last father. That's outrageous. And I promise you. We are going to come out for these people there is a 5000 dollar reward for information leading to the rest of the shooters there and Houston. KE NS has used time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Which Exxon's annual pro golf tournament heads into the second round of play today out of crest view we've got a big fights tomorrow night in Park City tell you about. Thought coming up in sports. And the jury deliberating for a fifth day in the build couples the trial that story all the way Stephen dead on Kate in a sense. The candidates won't do you keep the kids healthy 088 minutes after 8 o'clock seventy degrees. Bill Cosby jury will deliberate for a fifth day in his sexual assault trial after telling the judge they were deadlocked Thursday. After the judge ordered them to keep trying jurors enter their fortieth our deliberations which prompted koskie spokesman Andrew Wyatt to say enough already. Only imagine the emotional and physical home. This is taking on the junior. Called on the judge to declare a mistrial the district attorney doesn't retry the case that means caused he would walk free. Gloria Allred who represents other kospi accusers including one who testified for the prosecution that he needs to let deliberations run their course Brad Nokia ABC news north town Pennsylvania. Still waiting on a job offer you may need to brush up on your interviewing manners is a good time to look for a job especially if your college graduate employers say there are ready and willing to hire. But if you have any offers may be time for a quick course in interviewing a thicket. Paul McDonald at Robert half says you can't underestimate the importance of a good thank you know hiring manager that I speech you still today low opening up their piece of self addressed mail or even if it's a heat an email plus handwritten thank you in other words you can't bank a prospective employer too much area all the -- ABC news. Cedric county manager Mike schools sales came Unisys news he's holding the line on the county spending. With the budget process moving toward a final draft in August. 425. Million dollar budget for four this year that we've been working went. And working on the budget process so far this year. Is going to be about the same budget I've been able to probably. Once again it's pass is going to be a close to flat if not allow us. Mike's golds is our guest this weekend and if you 20:17 Sunday morning at eight on K in a sense. It is it is time now 81010 minutes as eat a lot. Continue to expected traffic slow down and we've got an accident it's on southbound meridian and it's right at Kellogg's slowing things down. On Kellogg in that area to traffic update on CNN has fronted by Joseph the province Charles Goodyear tire located downtown market in Waterman and he's very street mall. And on my Carl's tire dot com your home for complete dark hair and now forecast with K and assists that meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan coded warnings of storms that moved through yesterday also brought us some heavier rainfall we had just over one point three inches of the airport. This morning who scored a state drive but we quickly he does could be around ninety by noontime 96 and breezy later on this afternoon and it. Any thunderstorms have formed this evening could become severe over the loose 75. Sunny hot tomorrow with a high near 101. K and assets meteorologist Dan Holliday. They today and help partly cloudy seventy degrees we have a south wind at ten miles per hour. Stephen dead on king and has sent ascend with us this morning from. Dallas ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan talking about them election officials saying that Russians targeted Dallas before the November voting good morning Jim. Good lord Stevens maybe it's a good thing they did they were not successful in getting into Dallas county's voting records state that voter rolls one point three million voters who live in the county. But according to county election administrators they say the FBI has assured them that indeed. There were Russians tried to get into the system that they found that seventeen times there were attempts to access. Former information role here in Dallas County. That again I didn't get an not for the reason you might think it's not a doubt caddie has such. Stringent security measures are such out to date computer systems its that the system is soul old. The clout technicality like editors visit. Because it's not even a web based sort of system you couldn't get into the first place that is good thing about that I expose a breakdown occasionally but that the same time. It's the unwittingly protected itself from acting. You know with all of this stuff that debt we've been hearing about the hacking into the voting. I keep thinking it's him that are we headed toward the time when we say pencil and paper Kirk. Those somebody suggested that maybe it's not such a bad idea that seems to be the one thing that you can't hacking into a ballot there's Marco with a pen and so. You know we may go back to that but did he speak once secure method of casting a ballot. Glad to help people are working all the time to try to invent new ways to protect computer systems like this web servers and and did your personal information and and voters across Dallas County to them at a and they've been there but they're also people out there are trying to invent ways to hack into it having pretty good success. If you vote Lou vote on computers here and said we can is it almost everybody does I guess but. I'm wondering. He had that's still one of thinking get into the it. But they count the votes then they can Alter the whole thing minute them and think you name that steps probably almost that's very difficult because nobody I don't think done yet. Morning well we don't know that there have been pretty successful kudos but but it's really unclear what the intent of these folks might event. But did you don't beat the FBI based on the IP addresses to Internet protocol addresses of the people who were trying to get into the system here. Say that they're they're pretty sure that these were Russians who were trying to get your urging police testimony the one thing about which he had no doubt at all. Asked about whether he thinks that Russians have been tried to manipulate the American electrical the electoral system he said absolutely. Well I don't know if nothing else they would try to get access to what one point three million registered voters personal stuff in it if these guys are. If they're not Russian government agents there might be just Russian thugs looking Incredibles. Absolutely all right in that information wanted to out its output they did not again. Penetrated very antiquated system. The reason is that as you are using Playskool computer from the eighties up there. They can dip. That's ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan in Dallas saying the Russians tried to act at the Dallas. Election rolls but dead or morals but they couldn't because. The computers were too old yet what are you about that ballots it's easily possible that a computer can be too old or just you know to antiquated earlier. There really be acting to that is possible I'd split the two things that age can do to a computer can make it way easier to act or almost impossible and that was it. I was being facetious when I said Oregon back to councils on paper and he said it had been suggested and wouldn't be amazing. The go back to pencils and paper 815 now Steven and Ted and just the little bit more about the the weather coverage last night we had a minute operation storm watch in full coverage and have for for quite awhile there. And this is an interest in storm that came our way last night from the northwest. Moving to the southeast at times rolling in about forty miles an hour and then. I irishman in my storm coverage I was up northwest about 53 and of meridian. When it went for started I mean it was called Mittal said wham here's a game. And I saw. But one of those trash receptacle stead them of the corner of the Meyer writes citing silkworm my and I hear it aimed. And just barely missed that thing was traveling about I don't know toward thirty miles an hour and it literally pop history. That would have been terrible I'd been you have to do a story about by car being wiped out play my trash out the trash dumpster and that it was one of those really. Strange weather incidents but they have unusual every couple three or four years one comes in that way to you in straight line winds and you know. Toward reducing was doing a lot of our our anchoring last and that usually in the anchoring him kept comparing it to. Mean you got eighty mile an hour winds that's like us that's Smart tornado hurricane force tornado or wind. And can be very very dangerous what. We didn't have anybody was serious injuries. Not any really major damage. So you know then likely we did pretty well last night. And we get better body covered in elaborate but told about it now. Big Father's Day weekend coming old AS. And it's like going on. And I've got on my Father's Day shirt there it is. It's you. One huge belliard is countered dear children it's kind of timeless remained this shirt did you could Wear and when I've eaten and it was purchased forming in the eighties or. You might see this on in the movie. From here to eternity where right. Fat so it literally is a weekend at Bernie's the bachelor prison guys up going to the bar there is a life and got a tropical themes and the courts and it and I mentioned it. Many years ago and Dillard at my family listed a look at catcher in that beautiful. But I can't afford it is Paul. And this churn up my children it's not mind the retarded bought it forming. I finally you know he's still paying that off paid for now I get it done an update for about eight years after that 817 coming up on 818 misty hates to add a sign. Marking their crooked hill road exit off a suburban New York parkway has been altered to read crooked Hillary. The pranksters Newsday says the defaced to green traffic sign a on Long Island was reported to the state Department of Transportation Wednesday a spokesman says the site has been removed. And quote defacing public scientists are legal as right now supposed to do that to do that identity don't know. 88 teams now Stephen dead and it's time for sport to Ted what rejecting this it's a. Busy weekend coming up here in south central Kansas Wichita area when it comes portrait delegates and super activities coming up this weekend. Including the conclusion of the air capital classic is the Web.Com tour makes its annual stop in Wichita that 28 year in a rope the year capital classic Krispy country club up. Last year a young man at Oregon named therein lies the individual NCAA champion. You men's golf. Your first round leader at the air capital classic he shot an eight under par 62 yesterday I think two stroke lead. He was out there in the morning group yesterday it got out there on the course before got super windy in super hot. He birdied his first three holes at least three under right away and carry that momentum on in for an eight under. There were still fifteen golfers on the course when and had to call the weather last night. So those fifteen want to finish up their first round and everyone will play their second round of action today. The senate when he anyway Eric capital classic at that will make the you'll have to cut. And then we'll make it into the third round Saturday afternoon in the final round on Sunday that means once again. The 28 here enroll live radio coverage of the year capital classic right here on pay and assets Mike Kennedy and this into the golf tournament right here on 987 and thirteen 38. In SS. The big boxing match tomorrow night in Park City apartment arena it's the third professional fight for Wichita is Nikhil Hernandez the bronze medalist. In the Summer Olympics last year Nikhil. Is off to a two and oh started his pro career with a pair of knock outs for his take on. Jose Rodriguez who was one and knowing his career with a knockout. That'll be it'll be six round fight in the flyweight division LB at 9 o'clock tomorrow night. And it Hartman arena in Park City elite nationally televised on the CBS sports network. Nikhil Hernandez. Make sure you head out that fight them. Hartman arena will be rocket tomorrow night when or knee goes third professional fight. The guy in pro baseball to Kansas City that the a Wichita wing nuts in the Kansas City T bones got rained out last night at Lawrence Dumont stadium. And is now the wing nuts will be home the rest of the weekend taking on the Fargo Moorhead redhawks tonight tomorrow night and father's day afternoon those games at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Kansas City Royals in Anaheim last night taking on the angels in the royals winning streak continues and the big home runs continue and the big RBIs continue here the game last night and database. Here's the pitch. Mosul groundout up the metal they sit in this court comes 'cause her personally won't waved her breasts around third and so we will store. To work eminent there is the royals beat the angels seven to two that's now a five game winning streak for the royals that is the longest in Major League Baseball right now that your health when you get the bats go the royals are just two games behind for a playoff spot now. Planes ended baseball and they've scored at least seven runs or more in every game in this five game winning streak. Last time the royals did that was in the late 1970s. Great it's been a little weak. Re the royals often asked now Kansas City in Anaheim the rest of the weekend tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon was all those royals angels games live on Sports Radio eight at 81240 AM. 975. FM. And we have racing at 81 speedway up in Park City this weekend. Regular racing schedule on Saturday night at 7 o'clock and on Sunday evening with a Father's Day special with the NC RE sprints in the annual Bill Hall memorial. Racing Saturday and the Sunday night's. But 81 speedway in Park City and congratulations and you go softball. The Butler community college sophomore bring in the minor the national ju co player of the year wow. She is from Goddard Eisenhower high school led the nation slugging percentage and extra base hits this year. All in his pictures she was thirteen and knows well well that's almost perfect back to back national champions. Butler Butler each College Softball team through ripped terrific. Sports was even Ted K in answer to get a 22 now given their for the Hannity morning minutes. Sean salutes to. Brave capital. Stephen did in the morning on K in his stance.