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Thursday, July 12th
Not really a milestone, just a nice round number.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One new. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 6 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news even did that I came back in time. Now what we cloudy and 75 degrees. The Wichita police department is taking steps to help prevent animal abuse and cruelty the new positions has been created in the animal control division's best of it. Police handle those situations. The senate Brian's Sigmund tells Kate is in use leaders that animal control have been talking about how to better investigate felony animal abuse cases she. It wasn't a lot of effort or time for an intern in the past and that's what we wanna change. We know that we needed changes. Lieutenant segment says they're working on a standard operating procedure that would incorporate. Officer Heather Frazier into those types of investigations he says her training on animal abuse and her love of animals made her the perfect fit. The attorney representing seven immigrant children who are still in the care of a Kansas nonprofit. After being separated from their parents at the US Mexico border. Says policies recently put in place by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement or barriers to reuniting them with their family them. Ration attorney Claire Murphy Shaw said Wednesday one holed up in a Kansas case is a backlog in processing the parents fingerprints. And I case the child has been waiting at least three weeks since the mother was released from detention. Another common barrier is the 1000 dollar or more and airfare for a child in an accompanying adult who travel from kansans. A new policy requires it to be paid by the parents. Some parents are also waiting to see what happens with their own asylum claims Dan O'Neill and SS news. The lawyer were stormy Daniels says he adult film star has been arrested and stormy Daniels reportedly busted after letting patrons at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio torture that touching is a violation of state law. Her lawyers sent out a tweet saying Daniels who is performing the same act she's performed across the nation in nearly a hundred strip clubs. This was a set up and politically motivated it reeks of desperation. Daniels claims to have had an affair with president trump in 2006. When he was married. She's suing the president and his former lawyer Michael calling trying to get a nondisclosure. Agreement about it that she signed declared to be invalid. Chill NATO Fox News. Former FBI lawyer release of page did not appear Wednesday before two house committees investigating the Justice Department upsetting many Republicans. Fox's Chad paired him explained she does not actually have to testify. A witness before congress whether an open session or closed session you can always assert your fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. That's very important. The it happens frequently. Some people listen well in a we will not take the fifth and thus were granted to criminal immunity by congress. Lisa page was a key figure in the Hillary Clinton email probe she's accused of having an anti trump bias and sending text messages critical of Trump's campaign. To an FBI agent with him she was having an affair. Jonathan Hernandez had intended to one year of probation after pleading guilty to battery. The case stemmed from an incident in February when Hernandez struck the six year old son of his girlfriend. The physical contact resulted in redness and swelling in the Busch test Hernandez is also required to. Complete a court over a court approved parenting class. Jonathan Hernandez is the father of Lucas Hernandez the five year old boy who went missing in February. The boy's body was discovered in rural Harvey county in May. Kagan SS Utah now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 713 thirty KMS says came in the morning now. 6 Tim Henman passage o'clock here on the third Tuesday morning. And this morning traffic well and got the gasoline prices here in bewitched on Larry gasoline prices. Coming down kind of slowly. In 1969 I don't throw went up to unseen since station's morning if you 67. Interestingly enough to 67 right around the state average so. Analyst up pretty much right on that state average right now traffic update from Kate and assess radio. I'm hit chambers and now the forecast would stay and his his staff meteorologist and in the holiday good morning Dan and good morning it's already warm start today for us and again we will be sunny and hot this afternoon at four height 98 with south winds. He'll be clear tonight the other 76. Hot weather again on Friday afternoon with a high 97. And 88 on Saturday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday help. Partly cloudy 75 degrees just a little bit of wind south at seven miles per hour it is muggy again this morning. Another scorcher across Kansas Wednesday which does high temperature was 97 degrees. Normal high that he is 92. Record for the day yesterday was. Scheduled to gets. Out over a hundred no yet easy yes 111. Attacks that was set in 1980 the big Heatley on the. And it set pretty much all reports on this date in 1951 the Kansas river valley floods like all flood reached a plateau in the Kansas neo show bear degree and Mayer is seen rivers. Inundated most of northeast and east central engines. Primed by record setting rain falls at swamp most of these areas in May and June. The flooding was escalating by an astonishing eight to sixteen inches of rainfall between July 9 in the twelfth. Some of these. Rivers were flooding at stages four to nine feet above mountain flood stage this is back in. 1951. The worst flood on record for the Kansas river. It is tributaries claimed 48 lives and caused around a billion dollars in damage in 1951. You know so there is the that was that was a bad. I today is a July 12 on the state in 1909 the House of Representatives. Joined the senate in passing the sixteenth amendment to the US constitution. Guaranteeing that we would have plenty of about tax accountants forever. This is allowing for the federal income tax and submitted to the states it was. Declared ratified in February of 1913. Just before World War II while World War I broke at fifteen. We were involved in 1918 that. The federal income tax a lot of celebrating going on today and churches we made it for a 130 years without an income tax with the exception of few years during the civil war. And the them. A lot of this goes to I think those two that's turn of the century when when Teddy Roosevelt. One it has to be a world power right and we were headed in that direction we're. We're gonna weigh now that we had transcontinental railway and nip Everett and as a progressive you. Wanted to fund programs that the reproach making big differences in Asia starting an income tax holes. As a result I mean he wasn't president by the got enacted but you're right there. Well he together now and TO was after he tried for the Bull Moose Party thing in twelve. So out of after that. Three Arkansas girls have been arrested on child endangerment charges after a mother says she saw snapped cat videos of them using a stun gun. Near her one year old daughter. And arrest report says a girls. Recorded the crying child wildly zapped the gun in her direction in Conway that's about thirty miles north of Little Rock. The report says the girls whose names and ages were not released did not use the stun gun on the baby. Ports as one video shows one girl hitting the baby in the back of her and tells me cry. Not clear what do was use to strike the trial but this three girls today said it. Stun gun advocates that closed with again that was that little baby then I today is as I said July the twelfth. We got going on today is. Well today is tended Steve potential and over 5200. And Omar Arnold why it's nothing special about except it's a nice round however I yeah Alex around numbers we hit the 5000 mark last fall. Now we've added 200 more fifteenth 200 shoes. But what are we should go another 5200. News the law that would it be another. 1920 years in the twenty years now on lecture at a fund showed twenty years from now you and me. Well I'm still around their radio may come back who knows we'll come back and talk about it today yup so it's been. Twenty years 5200 shows in mind. I don't know that it a pretty good time and remove Enron all move and about that right along. She we have some tickets to giveaway this morning over get. The concert tickets. Okay. Believe its journey to Missouri and Def Leppard. Commit Monday night we estimate a million very memorable concert for you you know I've got to. We're gonna get a pair to get to give voice sometimes morning Tuesday it is and I'll be giving away a four pack of which it following Mets tickets sometime this morning so I went for your chance to win those hoping it's going to be home this weekend. Okay the time goods in a weekend filling that gap I see him now before they leave town for two and a half weeks during the NBC World Series and that. Those tickets if you're given away though those are generic team news channels there yeah you can use those free Wi net's annual between now and the and of the seasonal stay tuned we'll be giving those away before the show wraps his problem with my my Mazda tribute yesterday and load up an office. Announces that the dealership saudis deceptive light coming on the bench the airbag and today. Left that out there who think they gave me a loner car and Glenn counters it. Is it using a long time friend of listener. And of which night we you know we go back in the afternoon picking up that this is just before 4 o'clock in the afternoon mine. Irish curse and get out that much but usually it's on the west side. With the traffic is murder at 4 o'clock in afternoon east side disable it didn't matter where you committee is starts right time to start at 5 o'clock PR get off perk you up three. Yeah 3330 it's it was amazing to me. And then the the killing I get talk about that did the plate from just east of web broad. Where that to the killer has been torn up seemingly for ever as she said went to that start I had I have no idea do you have any idea how 1920s. Now. As a guy we noted we ought to just get my entire life time in team they got to get a hold Tom hunt in from Qaeda Kansas Department of Transportation times. Great guy and he gives us DuPont I'm sure but if I don't know when that started to you know and you look at tyranny gets his big holy ground. And there are in a in a four miles there's two guys were erroneously and is anybody in a hurry about this or Tuesday that the north there's no reason B honor. Say a lot to me it was murdered an eagle on the west side and you get to about. Old meridian Luke and its traffic just tennis lose to stand up for miles because of got everything Bob collect on the west side. And you know all why don't people wanna move to Wichita well I don't know if that's part Jeffrey got over the you even started and August of 2015. All really made millions of dog and web project started in August 2015 all that's only three here's. Expect to be completed by 20/20 16. Years in a project of the big project. Part of it's going to be down below little in outright dislike Oliver. That got 4050 didn't seem like longer you only go wrong. Critical flyover thing I don't know in the whole flight over started did did the deal or he go back to 1980s of that yet. And that's terrific as if you're too if you don't you know from south lit courses. And or use operatives. And the lightest often grow any good matches left Washington you'd have to stop at Broadway that stopped to speak and it have to stop the market you have to stop and main topic and you have to stop the senate candidate. The fly over you don't play well you know all the streets that day yeah he's up there it. And nobody can look over and at east and I. Baseball diamond you see me play butch guy elks. It was in settlers were stranded Turkey's alike and it takes eighteen Steve did let's do lead off which now with. With Ted Woodward and get a slice of the royals were playing in it for them not pay a lot of attention together when they play Minnesota. OK day actions for the wing nuts and the royals and big doings of the Lawrence yesterday of the formal introduction of the new athletics for Eric KUAEU's. Fifteen athletic director. Jeff Long. Named the posted his official welcoming to the Lawrence campus yesterday. Opening comments from Jeff Long. I have a vision for KU athletics. My vision starts with a student athletes. And it starts with a three c.'s. And those three c.s for me. Our compete. Compete and compete. We're gonna compete in everything we do NKU athletics. Our student athletes are going to be eight begin by competing in the classroom and there's nothing more important than striving to reach fair degree. We will compete in all eighteen sports. I love each and every one of them are not every student athlete that's in our program and we're gonna compete and each and every one of them we won't win every contest. But every one of our student athletes will compete with every fiber of their being to win for their crimson and blue. You heard that news conference yesterday I'm KFH new guy new job a lot of enthusiasm assurance so is that islands there's all right so yeah. And there's a CAD at Arkansas Atlanta for a decade yeah how okay we'll look pretty good these KU. He will officially start his duties on August 1. Yesterday the press conference in Lawrence. Day baseball yesterday Kansas City Royals in Minnesota taking on the twins the royals trying to put together back to back wins that did not happen started out good for the royals. As a Salvador Perasa three run home run on top of the first inning but the royals pitching could not make that three run lead hold up well. We got outscored eight to the rest of the late twins won that game eight I have. And take two out of three in that series so royals offense put up five runs but this time pitching didn't help out right so on the oil dropped two out of three in Minnesota an off day today for the royals their road trip continues. Which style wing nuts had a win those kind of snatched away from yesterday couldn't close the door had a big had a five to two lead going into the ninth inning and then gave up six runs in the top of the ninth. The Fargo Moorhead redhawks came back and won that game 85. We know explore a three run lead in the ninth inning and let one get away there. And that we. Marks the halfway point of the season for the wing nuts and pretty good shape there ten games about 530. And twenty. But they're on the outside looking in for a post season spot. For three games behind for a playoff for the third best record in the league but they're the third best record in the division out of as the top two in the division in the playoffs okay. So that's ground to make up in the second half of the season. Wing nuts welcome in the Texas air hogs for a four game series starting tonight 705 downtown. Lawrence Dumont stadium. And the FC Wichita men's soccer team advances to the conference championship. Many in the semi finals last night at a community academy beat Saint Louis club athletic know Ford and nothing. Exe which is toss in the heartland conference championship game for the second straight season and played Little Rock folks Little Rock Saturday. You're in Wichita. Wichita advances in the playoffs that support the Stephen Ted K and ask it's actually once you've been here for Fox News commentator Einstein's. You gonna talk about a dying teachers special wish. Todd Stern's coming up Stevens at the morning on Kate in a sense. And Stephens head. Mornings on Guinness says.