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Monday, July 17th

Help the WPD and Crime Stoppers catch an armed robber.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. This is pretty innocent sporting news even dad I'm Steve back in time. More than a dozen people displaced by apartment fire in north west Wichita we've got the story. A man is dead after we. Weekend shooting near downtown Wichita and did what lured those details just ahead. A call for a new safety review of both feel like painkillers I'm ABC's Richard Davies. That's coming up. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday our weather pattern is fairly cut and dried over the next week where it's so hot weather in Wichita are complete forecast in minutes. Authorities say they've found my name of bodies and are only looking for one more person among your group that was swept definite furious flash flood in the. Tonto national forest in Arizona. He like county sheriff's detective David horning. Told the Associated Press all of the victims were among the group of fourteen family and friends from the Phoenix and Flagstaff area. Who'd met up for a day trip along the popular cold springs swimming hole. An apartment fire yesterday afternoon in northwest Wichita. Firefighters were called to a four plex apartment in the 9000 block of west lawn just afternoon. Battalion chief John Turner says rescue crews believe there were several people trapped in one of the units after searching the complex no one was found. Now would conduct a very thorough search of victims were found there at all it is that they're all right. The Arab wire. Firefighters faced challenges during a search as furniture was blocking doors in the residence. Turner says fire damage was extensive to all four units in the complex. In the twelve to fifteen residents who live in the building we'll all be displaced. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. Cedric and dispatchers say a shooting early Sunday left one person critically injured dispatchers say they got the call around 2:30 AM. From the lamp lighter mobile home park near McArthur and hydraulic actually the victim. Was found not breathing at the scene and was taken to a hospital. A man died after he was shot Saturday afternoon near downtown Wichita. It happened around 130 at an apartment complex in the 500 block of south Bullock played. Captain Danny's with the Wichita police department tells our news partners at KS and TV. That the man wasn't as late teens or early twenties and resided at the apartment complex. More information will be released later. Randy prize KE NN SS news. Wichita police do have one person in custody related that case. But Kansas man has been ordered to spend more than fifteen years in prison for abandoning his infant stepdaughter in an apartment complex trash compact or. A Lawrence journal world reports that 48 year old marquis young was sentenced Friday in Douglas County. That's where he pleaded no contest in May to reduced charges of aggravated battery and child abuse. He initially was charged with attempted first degree murder after the baby was found in July of 2016. In a trash bin the then nine month old suffered two school fractures but has recovered. Young's wife has testified she went to spend the night with friends after an argument and left the baby with her husband. He'd been drinking and told investigators he couldn't remember what happened during the night. Blood on his shirt matched the infants DNA Phil holed a brand K and SS news. Pamela members see a forty year old woman called 911 to report possible assault in the Alley behind her house she was shot and killed by a minister Minneapolis Minnesota police officer. The Minneapolis bureau of criminal apprehension says the officer's body cameras and the squad car camera were not on the shooting happened. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges says. I'm a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on. Questions that I hope and anticipate will be answered. A great actor is dead marked Orlando. 89 years old died Saturday of unexpected health complications. During his short stay at UCLA medical center mark the land dials breakthrough role as the villain and Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1959. Thriller north by northwest. And he became hopefuls in the 1966. Thanks to the hit TV series Mission Impossible. Blend those career kicked into high gear in the late eighties when he earned Oscar nominations for the movie stalker the man and his dream. And woody Allen's crimes and misdemeanors. Lendl finally won his first Oscar in 1994. Thanks to a supporting role as late or store bill would ghostly in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. I should show that that type champions must. No the only BC news gainers as Huston now 7055 minutes at 7 o'clock. Kansas City Royals looking for. A little luck perhaps trying to get back in the win column maybe they've got it yesterday we'll have highlights and details coming up in sports center it is putting health care vote on hold this week after John McCain suffered blood clot. That story just ahead on the day and there's this morning news was even dead. The pain this has sporting news feed it to about 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock on Monday morning. We're halfway through the year and so far there have been more than 11100 coddled steps in Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says in 9% of those cases owners had left the keys in the car. Many times we think leaving keys are vehicles as something that's is only of concern during the winter months or colder months. We leave the keys in the car warmup but in reality it's a concern that's all you're wrong. So we wanna make this a reminder to all our community members and you happen help from our community members. To lock your cars. At this pace auto sense in which a double reach a six year high by the end of the year. There'll be no healthcare vote in the senate this week senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced he's putting the big vote on hold. Until Senator John McCain can return to Washington from his home in Arizona. He's recovering from a blood clot ABC's Gloria Riviera has more on the story. All we have to go on right now is from McConnell office McConnell has said that lawmakers will simply focus on other items. Wow McCain is recovering now McCain's office has said he's been ordered to arrest for the week. But they gave no concrete timeline so this could push this vote all the way to the week of July 24. And as we know a lot can happen on Capitol Hill in one week. A group of scientists says Food and Drug Administration issued a review of the safety able OP Lloyd drugs the report from the National Academy of Sciences engineering and medicine says America is facing its worst ever addiction crisis. Legal prescriptions for OP joint pain killers had become a gateway for illegal drug use by many people. The report calls for a tougher more comprehensive approach by the FDA and says progress can be made without denying opening Lloyd's to patients who need them. But the authors also say the long term use of these drugs should be discouraged by doctors Richard Davies ABC news. Innocent is news time now 710 Baghdad 7-Eleven. 11 minutes spent 7 o'clock on the Monday. And this morning and get into traffic really starting to slow down and a couple of places one of course. Pretty usual on Kellogg in the west side near nine to 35. Traffic slowing down there. Well as the north junction Iowa for the 5235. Feet on sixth. The gasoline prices at the low end at thirty to see some places it's 209 this morning traffic updates from cake and as this radio. Yeah at chambers and now they say it's a dry heat well known to wet and that's. And put us this morning but can assist our bracket report yet but with Kansas today be here all justly ons. The men get accordingly on that morning they get donated to. Let it. Like them got them that the great respect their you know there are times when did you know them the wind in Kansas and eat too much and I can't handle digital. A little breath of fresh out of breath now would but being good. It was like be it temporary and if the right. Ugly corporate turtle does start coming out now it would like that high yesterday 93 which is. Exactly follow what we should be running the typically that is associated with. Yesterday. I mean that people on motorcycles were wandering the go to north south east west and that despite the windy it you know create well yeah. Like the appliances and stopped though it just the name blue. I would say it as a vehicle we did today and we added another degree or you know that didn't even make it even worse today thank you. But it is back at earth one Mort. Or crank up the little bit yup this week is just. It's like that don't that dog gate this summer to get it right Ater that you Akron or in the port everyday at a degree at that night or today that it by the mop. The next day we're getting some cripples we have white or at least yet thank. Upper north central western Kansas starting tomorrow that you can accurately in the name. Tour and to keep the data in all so weird that. It July. Well yeah how does it gets late August is on the way. Otter get even more fun. There or. Our. This back in July. Or August going to be like and the thing we at a break and eat you know. You know cools down it appeared this time it all week and rampant I see who we've seen these photos of the Russian. From a year President Clinton didn't write news horse around topless and I'll bet you got on a motorcycle. Up. Are there currently there are eight federal vote. It's just a matter of good taste and they could actually be cheaper space by. Idly on you you be careful okay. And now partly cloudy 71 degrees all the no wind out there the key in the system correctly forecast with Kansas City me he'll just the announcement is Monday morning at 714 a crime stoppers at eight down. With a friend mr. Bobby sent to consider. Good morning to you and may proper way belated congratulations. On surviving 47 years in a very different Kobe. Really hoot. Apps are not nice article here here from neo Jim senators are orient I've got a new agents that are sure. No notion shock Nelson both Ashton and outs and all you guys. Wait a minute. Lothian is what else. These two countries like peaches and partly yeah. If fact we passed out photographs to remote police officer be aware of this person and thank you so much it and that. Not now at least I remember work it would give more years ago that I like to remember on bill. It did you give had a good run thanks Bob and diet and I really mean we're going through we're gonna go for sixty these. It matters little and maybe yes and about yeah. And about 1:30 in the morning on Thursday deported July. The guy bandage and a black semi automatic handgun. Robbed a quick shop. In this 500 block of south Oliver. There's just this guy described as it did they actuaries either wide or possibly. Hispanic. He's about 2.5 years old 56 to 58. Yet black hair any war in a pony tail or bond and have a hard time doing and that he has black mustache. To go along with a beard. And and possibly. And a Big Ten to a global war. He was wearing a black short sleeved T shirt. And half white in major and writing of some kind of on the front you know black and gray shorts. Black and white bandanna. And had a black and white Jews and inappropriate pictured this guy if you go on our web site. Which is Wichita crime stoppers dot com. And somebody might recognize lamented what factors went shocked as tech summit on there. He got a way with. Call an unknown and Medicare patient at the last time they saw him he was kidnapped and make it and get away. If you have any idea. And it can take a look at photo of the sky might be. We'd like to hear from and so we can pass that information along to the police. And if the information you provide turned out to be accurate and someone is arrested. We'll play you up to 2500. Dollars in K ish. And no one would ever ask her name when you call. Remember that number. 2672111. You provide information. It is good information. We provide UK pretty good deal. In just a reminder that we're talking about these rewards that offered by crime stoppers we're not talking about taxpayer money. Who are trying not to government financing. Not a dime they know every penny that we play and rewards. Are contributed plunged more. Our Arab as a result of some fundraisers are we hope from time to time I try it's it's all. Contributed money. No tax money is involved whatsoever. And if you like but at the art guys you've got a pretty good debt. But a lot of art and. Web site you know which are crimes covered or Wichita or should new accounting crime shopper dot com. And tackling yards in unity and we've spoken before the fact that. During a number of cases on news that have not been salt. And photographs of people that were involved and I'm. Like you'd like to insert. She did did get guided used to work quip or boarding a neighbor's somebody or what are your children you can never tell. Now. Thank you Bob as always and yeah it's going to be hot and easily you yeah I don't want you moving around to muddle I can worry both the F there's plans. All things are planned. We'll be accomplished inside the GPS there stirred things up okay no one asks. One thing you're if you're worried about that I ordered to leave you today crying and thank you Bob that's a crimes take care front covers up they would buy. He's got don't forget the phone number it's always 267. When he won eleven. 07 picked us up on 7:19. Stevens in the morning and it it is against sports die within corporate you know. This season the royals I think the Texas Rangers have just as their number. They have had their number all season. And this weekend up in Kansas City the royals were they had enough I guess they do little help from mother nature's help somebody Deborah Roberts courts that. Yeah on that frustration leads the Rangers going back to last season when Texas started beating the royals regularly. It's carried over to 2017. Was certainly the case Friday and Saturday the royals have lost twelve straight times to the Texas Rangers. And yesterday it was another nail biter right to the very end neither team could really seemed to get an edge in this one it was still tied 33. In the bottom of the ninth inning with the royals stranded somehow manufacture a run. They ended up getting the bases loaded. Then it looks like we're going to head extra innings with a fly ball in the bottom of the ninth you heard the game on K great and now the 21. Swung on lifted her right field going back his June. With a sign up for the. Yeah. Only needed summing happen and it did royals take advantage of the mistakes can be the Rangers four to three snapping. A five game losing streak as well the royals get back in the win column were ninety games then that puts the royals at 45 and 45. They are only two games out of first place in the division. Their long homestand continues the next four nights against the Detroit Tigers have been Kansas City. Live coverage of the royals and tigers begins at 630 tonight featured it was a lie on Sports Radio Kate at age 12:40 AM 975. FM. Pro baseball yesterday afternoon downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium first place Wichita wing nets going for sweep over the Sioux Falls canaries. But that did not happen soon falls got a home run in the fifth inning the only run of the entire game canaries when it won the nothing. Wichita grounded into three double plays and missed some chances to score. Still the wing nuts of the top team in the league they have a thirteen and a half game lead atop the south division today's off day for the wing nuts. Will spend most of that day packing. Putting clothes and trunks and suitcases. The last home game probably nets in three weeks. He'll be leaving town during the national baseball congress World Series. Some of the best young golfers in the world are in the Wichita area this week for the US junior amateur at the seventieth annual. Tournament one of the most prestigious junior tournaments in the world. That'll run today through Saturday at a Flint hills national in Andover. Wanted to watch salt free ER 156. Of the best young male golfers in the world. Eighteen and under here in town this week US junior amateur. NASCAR racing yesterday up in New Hampshire Denny Hamlin winner. Kansas native Clint Boyer finishing in seventh place at his clients eight top ten finish of the season with a pretty well New Hampshire. He remains a Clint Boyer remains in tenth place in the overall NASCAR's standings. Sports Stephen Ted KN SSI dead 721 now keep it ever Rush Limbaugh morning update. Like candy conspiracy report from the Washington Post room. Stephen dead in the morning Don Kaye in a sense.