Steve and Ted: Drought is good for New Hampshire Moose

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Tuesday, April 11th
Drought is bad for ticks, fewer moose were killed by tick borne disease.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 731. This is Tuesday April 11 I think in 987 and thirteen thirty Kate and as best. About 23000. People have already voted ahead of today's special election to replace now CIA director Mike Pompeo here in Kansas in the. Fourth congressional district. Republican candidate Ron Estes tells KS in news he's hopeful for good turnout. I do the country upon us in Kansas and looking at how we it turnout mean they're they're motivated Democrats are motivated to disrupt. President Chung and disrupting the Republican agenda. Democrat James Thompson spent the day yesterday making personal appearances around the area the working class people of this state. Have not had somebody representing them a long time in the end. What we're seeing is people are tired they're ready to get back to common sense. And libertarian Chris Rock cold says he can make a difference we are different voice for the people believe offering them a real. Option. The polls are open they will close at 7 o'clock this evening Richard listen for election results right here on Kate in as best. Take a look at that weather forecast here on a Tuesday morning. Meteorologist Dan holidays what does damn. Well good morning an area of high pressure is gradually going to be moving across south central Kansas today temperatures cool to be in the upper sixties around 68 but the light southeast wind. He will be clear overnight are low 47. And in breezy tomorrow wind stays high 720. By Wednesday night and Thursday are rain and thunderstorm chances will increase I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now in Wichita sunny skies breeze out of the north northeast he is 39. Degrees. Board members learning last night that it decision on the school calendar for which top public schools for the coming school year could take another month or more to. For intended John Allison told board members that the lack of a new school finance formula combined with the chaos of the State's current budget have left a big unknown. And we continue to get to this point in time in the year without any idea of what our budget will be. What our finances. Look like on a state level. It makes it very very difficult for us to do the planning we need to do in the timeframe in which it should be done. Alison said that the decision on the toll 1718. School calendar and start times could be delayed until sometime in May or later Phil Noble brand Kagan SS news. Which its laws tenth homicide of the year occurred Sunday night at 12100 block of south Minneapolis. Police lieutenant Tonto Giles says the 31 year old who was killed was outside of a friend's home when he was shot numerous times. This victim was transported Saint Francis hospital. Where he was restive surgery and was later pronounced dead at 12:30 this morning. The victim has been identified as James walker the third. There's an investigation. Detectives learned that there were several polls and young children at the residence but we're just get together. Several vehicles were outside in the front yard when three to four and no mills walked up on foot. It began firing striking mr. walker. After firing shots suspects all fled northbound book. A 28 year old woman was also injured she was hospitalized. And ozone alert has been issued for Wichita for today Bailey Cunningham is an air quality specialist for the city of Wichita. On ozone alert days we asked residents and businesses to take action to reduce emissions that create ozone. Some actions you can take are to refuel when school after 6 PM. Walk or ride your bike to work delay mowing her any paid projects that you may have. Stop fueling at the clinic and turn off your card don't idol. The largest contributing factor to this alert is the burning it's being done in the Flint hills and that's adding to existing pollutants. The number of cases of mumps at Kansas State University now up to fifteen since February. Manhattan Mercury reports that the Kansas department of health and environment is recommending people in close contact with others. Diagnosed with moms receive a third dose of the vaccine for measles mumps and rubella. The recommendation is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is operate control guidance. The university says three students were diagnosed in February forcing the school to consider the situation an outbreak. The CDC says that some of the symptoms for the illness include fever exhaustion and swallowing glands under the years. Bombs is an airborne virus like can be spread by sneezing and coughing. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley one of the opportunity to debate alcohol policy and provide amendments to a bill that ultimately passed. It will allow grocery stores to sell strong beer and liquor stores those stores to sell mixers and other supplies. I've been here for 25 years and we have had one debate in 25 years on for the senate on this issue now the senator from Johnson senator land's houses that this is she's been around for 23 years and I won't coral with that have barrel may be the case but in the 25 years and I've been here in the senate which had one debate we've had one opportunity. Hensley then expressed his concerns about the viability of small liquor stores at the bill passed it did. And bill is now going to governor Sam Brownback. KM SS news time 730. Six. Ordinary Iraqis Tillerson heading to Moscow for talks the G-7 fail to come up with any ideas for sanctions following the Syrian chemical weapons attack eight members of extremist cells arrested in connection with last week's deadly Saint Petersburg Russia's subway bombing. United Airlines continuing to face backlash over its response to video of the passenger was forcibly removed from a flight. He got paid for his ticket was allowed to board but then taken off to make room for a united crew he didn't want. How united was completely within its legal rights to tell somebody they have to get off the aircraft is in the fight for when you buy a ticket that's called a contract carrier. It allows them to do this but a lot of people say what united is done is created just a huge PR nightmare. Five this video going viral around the world TV. She's David Curley at Dulles airport in Washington. Vigil held last night for the San Bernardino California teacher and her eight year old student who were shot and killed the teacher's husband. Who then and friend the other students killed himself Jerry Preston ABC news. Seven Stevens said in the morning. 97 and thirteen 38 and as fast here on Election Day south central Kansas. The lesson is never trust a snake. In this is happened in Florida. Man was in a hunting ground in Central Florida bitten by a snake he thought was dead. Apparently somebody had spotted the snake and shot it. The guide in Bob the snake and until but he found out otherwise he tried to pick it up. And it bit him on the hand yap. Boo not a good idea he was airlifted to a nearby hospital treated with anti venom. And venomous snake he got to be careful Wu case the and a I'm not in that situation very often no. I'm not I'm not the guy that's going to pick up that snake really I'm walking away whether it's dead or alive and if it's a lot of bright running a one. Guess for me it would depend benefits venomous or non venomous and don't go anywhere near as. Otherwise makes it really bother me that such a stray cat found in a New Mexico was confirmed to have died of play gave. Luke recent case of plague in a dog is in the same area of New Mexico could indicate re emergence of the bacterial infection. In the part of the city where it was no longer thought to be. The bill of health officials want people to report any pets wildlife for Ferrell cats. Appear to be sick or who have died without obvious physical trauma cats particularly success of the susceptible to the plague. The course of humans get it could be fatal yes. I'm gonna play it played in New Mexico. Now killing a couple of animals at least. Last year's drought very tough on farmers and towns in New Hampshire. But it was good for a moves. Able lingle. Early numbers from a tracking report shall only one path died from winter ticks this year in New Hampshire 75% of the animals last year died. So the moves are doing all right thanks to the play not the play the drought. A moose biologist says the drop. Deprive the blood sucking parasites of the moisture that is a ya so's that for the ticks good for the moves while in New Hampshire. Good I think I'd rather have moose and ticks all of mr. That's that's a large analysts. Big critter that they it's and its. Wichita man indicted in a scheme to steal mail and forge ID documents. He's now been sentenced to almost four years in prison. He used a stolen I need to take out. 43000. Dollar loan for a jaguar. Iraq yes 32 year old man sentenced for one count each of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft it. I he obtained a loan from Wells Fargo in another person's name and by presenting a victim's Social Security number identity. Here's my Social Security number may I have a a 43000 dollar loans likened by jag. Now it worked for awhile but again now he's going to prison he also showed a driver's license with this picture but the victim's name. Fake ID yeah so it's hard yeah counting the irony. Body had a thought he had the perfect crime right there may cut up more than he applied for a loan for the 2012 jaguar from CarMax. And this guys among thirteen people indicted last year in the scheme to steal mail and and shop for expensive things the stolen IDs and and to have that jaguar now now. Sorry. Jacob a Marten yup. The you have been indicted. No fancy car for you know not not anymore it is 741 a Stephen says. 987 and thirteen 38. In SS here on Election Day. I had him rapping firefighters go viral. With and voted to oppose. Yes that's stories coming up Stephen's head on eight and as fast.